So… about the slide on which Colby Rasmus took out Omar Infante last night.

It looks kinda bad from the angles like the one above, with Colby’s foot going in high– of course, it was actually the back leg of Rasmus that knocked into Omar Inflated, causing the Tigers second baseman to exit last night’s game and to miss tonight’s– and had it not been for the JPA stuff today, it seemed like something maybe worth talking about, perhaps mostly as a precursor-in-vain to some nonexistent fireworks tonight, provided the Tigers were still as hot as today as they were when they came off the field after yesterday’s win.

At one point I thought I could just skim over it in a Daily Duce post that isn’t going to happen, by simply pointing you all to the GIF at Gamereax (which, because I’m lazy to go get a higher quality one from MLB.TV, is where the still above comes from), and the quotes from the Tigers last night via John Lott of the National Post. (Gregor Chisholm also has some good stuff on it up at North Of The Border).

Oh, but then, for a solid 40 minutes now, Tony Rasmus has started weighing in. And while he hasn’t said anything particularly inflammatory or patently ridiculous– in fact, he’s kinda nailing it– it’s still pretty good for a larf. And a mailed-in post!

To wit:

*Slow clap*

Yeah, it was a high, hard, and late slide. But… uh… that’s baseball. Maybe I’d feel differently if my team was on the receiving end of it, but I’d certainly like to think not. And hopefully the Tigers feel a bit differently about it now, too– though I’m glad they were all frothing about it last night, as it gave us this awesome Colby quote about what might happen today, as found in Lott’s piece.

“I’m going up there ready to hit,” Rasmus said [of the possibility of retailiation]. “If they hit me, that’s part of the game, too. Take it, put some ice on it, and go on about my business.”


Of course, it’s kind of hard not to like anything Colby’s doing, with his .342 wOBA and the whole top-10-CF-in-baseball thing he’s had going in the first half of this year.

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  1. There should be a youtube video of people getting taken out like that doing everyday things.

  2. too bad Colby cant find a way to take JPA out of the lineup.

  3. That’s our Cleetus <3

  4. Wait…..Tony is on twitter. Awesome.

  5. The only problem I have with it is that it didn’t happen against Boston and it wasn’t Dustin Pedroia being taken out. Keep doing it Colby and maybe it’ll happen someday!

  6. That slide was for Tony Fernandez. Took almost 26 years but they finally got the Tigers back.

  7. Ok he can hard slide, but he’s also 5th in baseball with 101K’s.

    • So?

      Top ten among qualified CFs by fWAR, wOBA, wRC+. By fWAR for all position players he’s 38th in baseball, and by rWAR he’s 27th.

      • This coming from the guy who used to smack talk Rajai Davis…

        • Rajai Davis is a fourth outfielder, so… why is he above reproach when it comes to smack talk, exactly?

          • Because he is hitting .300 and steals bases at will.

            • ok davis is doing that now…but before? tbh i would seriously question someone’s intelligence if they had not made fun of rajai davis at one point or another. used to be shit save for his speed and stealing.

      • Holy shit! I had no idea he compared so well. Good for him! I have always liked him personally as well (well, I don’t know him). He just seems a funny guy with an interesting character. Kind of dry sense of humour. I could be way off.

  8. if it was jose reyes who got hurt we would be going crazy

  9. Tbats the way the game is played. Anybody who thinks Rasmus was trying to hurt him is crazy.

    And Rasmus said today “thats the way I was coached my whole life, thats the way I play the game. And if I get hit tonight, well, thats part of the game too. Ill put ice on it and carry on”

    Thats a ballplayer.

  10. I liked the slide (other than maybe keeping his foot down a little lower and being a little too far past second) and had no problem with his aggressiveness overall – it’s his job to make sure there isn’t a double play regardless of who’s running the bases. Maybe that aggressiveness could have helped spark the team, who knows.

    Tony’s got a point, though… if Torii’s squawking about Cletus’s slide, run out to CF and settle the issue instead of giving the impression he’s pissed about being hit by Redmond.

    I’d pay to see Tony Rasmus rush the field after Cletus gets hit in tonight’s game. See if he can karate-kick Verlander a la George Bell on Bruce Kison!

  11. Fucking love Colby’s approach & personality. Seems to just play the game the best he can. No barking at umpires or other players. Occasionally makes awesome plays and hits bombs. Strikes out with regularity. You always see the same Colby, though.

  12. Was watching the Tigers broadcast and the announcers said the slide was clean.

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  14. A guy sliding thru the base like that is not something new. What is new is a second baseman loading up to relay a throw to first while standing ON 2nd base. Thats peewee baseball 101, catch on the base and get out of the way to make the throw

  15. Tony Rasmus for Blue Jays coach.

  16. If you watch the replay on the mlb site, even the Tigers commentators said it was a clean play and Infante made the dumb move by trying to turn the impossible double play.

    The Tigers are blowing this way out of proportion.

  17. Bill Madlock, Tony Fernandez, 1987. Tigers fans, fuck right off. You lost a second baseman for a little while. We lost a shot at our first World Series.

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