Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

The Jays send their ace… [deep breath]… Esmil Rogers to the hill tonight to take on Justin Verlander and the Miguel Cabrera-less Tigers. Cabrera has played six straight games on turf, and apparently that’s too much for his poor widdle legs back to bear, which… actually, the turf here is a fucking disgrace, so who can blame him?

Anywho, the Jays, with the eleven game win streak now firmly in the rearview, look to salvage a split in this four-game set before the Twins come to town for the final home series before the All-Star break begins in about ten days (the club will travel to Cleveland and Baltimore to finish off the season’s nominal first half). So… I don’t know… let’s do it!


Nothing to see here. Move along.

Oh! But also, Edwin Encarnacion is back and in the lineup. Munenori Kawasaki, mercifully, is at second base, too.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
LF Andy Dirks (L)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (S)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
C Alex Avila (L)
2B Ramon Santiago (S)
3B Don Kelly (L)

RHP Justin Verlander

Comments (299)

  1. Jays gonna fuck Verlander up.

  2. Holy shit, our line-up is back at full strength.

    We got a chance.

    • I guess you forgot about Melky and Lawrie?

      The 2013 Jays lineup has NEVER been at full strength, imagine this team day in and day out healthy, with Happ and Morrow and even Romero pitching….


      • Get real. Lawrie can’t put it together at the plate and Melky had a power outage.

        Morrow has not been consistent, Romero just flat out sucks and Happ is a #5 at best.

        • I will do no such thing sir.

          Melky won the batting title in the NL last year. He has been hobbling all year on those bad hamstrings. Lawrie has also been injured. He is great defensively and has the abilities to be an all-star.

          Morrow has been a disappointment but has ace potential.

          Happ looked great before he went down and could be a #4 SP on any team.

          If Romero gets his shit together he would be the best #5 man in baseball, or at least an upgrade on fucking Wang or Ortiz…

          • Lot of “ifs” there. Lawrie provides incredible value defensively… but I’m not sure the bat will ever come around. Melky gets off the juice and immediately falls into a power outage… Occam’s Razor?

            Who knows what Happ’s confidence level is going to be on the mound after a terrifying injury like that?

            • I’d say he gets over it.

              I know Lawrie was pretty brutal this year but I think it’s a bit early to write him off, don’t you?

              • Listen, I’m not writing the kid off. I’m just irritated with people acting like if we only had all our regulars on the team/in the line-up we’d be golden right now. That’s not the case. Not only were a lot of these players playing like shit, but it’s also completely unrealistic… all teams have to deal with these fucking injuries during a long season.

    • Except for Lawrie. Doesn’t look to bad at all!

  3. Too bad Verlander isn’t bringing his (alleged) ex-girlfriend Kate Upton to the game…

  4. Y’know…I really, really like that lineup.

  5. This is bullshit. How the fuck is boni ever going to get into a rhythm? Gibbons plays him one game, gets two hits, then sits next day. Fuck, does gibbons not realize the talent he has wasting on the bench?

  6. I would like the lineup better if bautista was batting third and rajai was batting second, how about some guys in scoring position for our best hitter

  7. In what inning does Rasmus get beaned?

  8. I need a belly full of Bar Hop before this game.

  9. Damn. There goes the no-hitter.

  10. uhboy

  11. and game over….

  12. The logic side of my brain keeps asking me if I really want to watch this.

  13. That’s what I call “leadership.”

  14. God, Detroit is in super revenge mode.

  15. Don’t anybody say a fucking thing. That was a wild pitch and lets leave it at that.

  16. Hmmm, Jack seems rather CRITICAL of JPA’s performance on that missed breaking ball… maybe a little payback for this morning’s outburst?

  17. Nice pitch

  18. Brutal schedule as of late

    3 vs the o’s

    3 vs the rays

    4 vs the sox

    4 vs the tigers.

    having said that. we are supposed to be one of those good teams so i expect a little more.

    • A win here puts us at 6-6 through that stretch. Given the competition, Id say just about evey team in baseball would be ok with that. Especially when it was orefaced by an 11 game win streak

      • It’s respectable… but unfortunately the Jays need to be playing a *lot* better than that if they hope to make the playoffs this year.

      • actually, we won three in a row vs bmore. after that, its been shit. 1-2 vs tb, 1-3 vs bostone, about to be 1-3 vs detroit.

        3 and 8. not good. if you count the o’s, then its 6 and 8 which is more paltable.

    • If only these games were played on paper, the Jays would be undefeated this year.

  19. Rocket Ishmael is shutting them down the rest of his start.

  20. RHP Roberto Osuna 1.2 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 7, ER, 0 BB, 3 Ks

  21. JPA fucked himself with that outburst this morning. Now EVERYBODY is going to be watching his peformance closely. He had slipped thru the cracks so far. I realize he has obviously taken SOME criticism, especially of late. But if he criticism hes gotten was actually proportional to the actual performance, it wouldve been way, way, way worse.

    He still has a decent amount of defenders and even his detractors has spoken more like hes a decent player whos slumping. But in reality this is a guy who would be on a very short list of worst regulars in baseball. His criticism so far has not nearly reflected that.

    • You’re bang on with this assessment. Earlier today I was hearing some scuttlebutt from [female] fans who were shocked @ JPA saying this stuff + acting this way. They fully admitted they had been taken in by his nice guy routine + had been overlooking his horribly bad baseball playing.

      • In their defense, his rugged good looks and swaggering #leadership have pulled the wool over many an eye

        • Heh.
          Granted, I make more than my fair share of superficial remarks – but it’s stuff like this that gives female sports fans a bad reputation [+ not the fun kind of bad reputation either].

          The thing that really bugs me about Dear Leader’s remarks is that he stated he was speaking for the whole clubhouse. I most sincerely doubt that. Just because you think you’re speaking for everyone doesn’t make it so. Bully.

          • I actually thought the most offwnsive part was the “nobody in that clubhouse respects anyone who did PEDs”.

            Obviously many will have those feelings. But considering Melky is now your teammate, it just seemed like unecessairily throwing him under the bus and potentially creating a big rift.

            • A reporter actually asked JPA about Melky, given the remark about PEDs. JPA claimed that he discussed this with Melky + that Melky agrees with him. Hmmmm…
              My thinking is that even if people agree to your face – that might not be their true feelings. It can still sow seeds of discontent.

      • Okay, I don’t this. Granted, I’m not a chick, but how can they overlook the horribly bad baseball? Arencibia is almost nothing but horribly bad baseball.

        • Think about a really hot chick. Now imagine her with a crummy personality. Or maybe she’s lousy @ her job [in a way that doesn't directly affect you]. Is she still hot?

          We are none of us perfect.

          • The infuriating trait that you left out is “said hotchick/Arencibia” ignorantly thinks she’s great at her job and won’t accept any advice.

            • True. Je suis desolee.
              But see? People don’t tend to care if someone is good looking enough.

          • There’s only one job she’d have to be really bad at to negate her hotness.

      • Amen to all this shit. I grabbed a magazine at work this week, JPA is on the cover. Slipped through the cracks is a correct statement of TRUE TRUTH. Like you’d ever see a magazine using an exclusive interview with Bonifacio as LEVERAGE TO SELL THEIR PRODUCT. You know why? Bonifacio sucks. JP sucking barely hurts him for some reason. Girls like him though. They should be embarrassed.

        • This is gonna bite me when someone links the exclusive behind the scenes interview with Emilio Bonifacio.

  22. Nice try Cletus, would have been sweet to see him jack that.

    • The man is a boss though.

      In this context, going up against a guy who can throw high 90′s, and he still crowds the plate and isnt afraid to dive after the heater away.

      It was unlikely Verlander beans him here, I realize….but stilll has to be in the back of your mind.

      • I was thinking the same thing, I’ve been in that position and anyone who tells you that they don’t let the bean ball creep into your mind is lying.

  23. Grind out those at bats guys!

  24. 7 pitch inning….way to wear em out boys!!

    • It doesn’t matter against Verlander anyway, he routinely throws 120 pitches.
      May as well see ball hit ball.

        • Against the best in the business you may as well. Throws high 90′s with an ungodly breaking ball. If he gives you gas over the plate early may as well hack.
          He get’s strikes on you and you can’t protect against the hook and catch up to the heat.

  25. Is lind still hurt or what? Its not like him to be just swinging through shit so much like jpa.

    • Probably still hurt… or he turned back into the Adam Lind we know and love.

    • I dont want to be a wet blanket. Or a dry one.

      But I have a gut (nothing more then that) that Lind is gonna become the Lind we had been used to. I would love to be wrong.

      We saw a 1st half almost as good in 2011 too. We know how that turned out.

    • The Lind we saw earlier this year was like a unicorn…..a beautiful vision glimpsed in a dream. Alas, we have woken up.

  26. Missed the first inning. What the fuck is with the pink sleeves on everyone?

  27. RADAR you have a DM.

  28. This team really misses Jesse Carlson

  29. Well this series has gone exactly as expected. One pitching matchup advantage in game 1, one win.


  30. ok somehow Ishmael you need to gtfo of this inning without another run scoring.

    Never thought Id say this, but if Rogers turns back into a pumpkin, that will be devestating to this team.

  31. Might be wise to walk vmart here to set up a double play.

  32. Id totally walk Vmart here. If he ends up scoring, we done anyways.

  33. what else is on TV…..

  34. Well, fuck.
    That’s a wrap.

  35. As long as the Jays do not give Verlander another no hitter, I consider this a win.

  36. Alright 4-0 is very tough but not insurmountable against verlander. Esmil cant allow another run though.

  37. With some adjustments (lay off the hihh fastball) I think Verlander is hittable. We can get 5 in 7 innings.

  38. The Jays are a perfect 41-0 in games where they have scored more than their opponents.

  39. i just hope that they can get enough innings out of rogers so they dont waste the pen on sure loss

  40. EYE CANDY!….only reason worth still watching this game

  41. Colby’s wife.

  42. Damn megan rasmus is fiiinnnee

  43. She sounds exactly like anybody would imagine Colby’s wife would sound like.

    • yeah…perfect accent

    • And there was Buck perving it up with his awkward questioning of what Colby is like “out of his uniform.” Mrs. Cletus paused for so long I thought she was going to reveal something of a truly personal nature!

      But seriously – I would sort food or whatever if I had the privilege of being a Lady Jay. Or Lady Whatever.

  44. At least there’s the Twins next.

  45. All you detractors don’t get it do you? It’s still early. The Jays have won ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of games in which they’ve outscored their opponents.

    I don’t care if you have your so called “stats” in front of you when you call my show. It’s MY show!!! What the hell would you know anyway. Don’t like the team? Don’t watch!!!

    The advertisers love it when I say that.

  46. just not our day…..or yesterday…or the day before.

  47. Colby was clearly distracted by his hot wife in the broadcast booth.

  48. You guys just wait until JP’s RBI abilities bring the Jays back in this one.

  49. Yeesh Colby

  50. when was the last time we got a hit off this guy?

  51. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Cool, there’s the hit. I’m satisfied for tonight.

    Hope for a better result tomorrow.

  53. ominous feeling about Lind………increasing…..

  54. the real lind has returned the last few weeks

  55. Lind does not look good at all. I want to belive its his back but could just be some hard regression.

  56. Lind literally looks like a different guy swinging the bat up there. But which one is the imposter?

  57. Wilner is always very concerned about fans catching baseballs, which is pretty funny.

  58. Great at bat, love Cletus.

  59. Oh Buck and his weazy laugh

  60. Dfa jpa

  61. I love Rajai

  62. I hate JP

  63. suddenly jpa has warning track power

  64. We need at least 1 here. Badly.

  65. that LEADERSHIP!

  66. even homestar von ronnerberger can’t cheer me up tonight

  67. A few days late, but does anyone remember this amazing moment in Blue Jays history:

    We need something to lift our spirits.

  68. Either the Jays are hot or they are cold no middle ground with this team

  69. facing teams like detroit who have two legit number one starters and then two legit number 3 starters makes one realize how hard it is to win in this league without dominant starting pitching .

    in almost every series the tigers are in, they will be favored to win two out of the three games just based on starting pitching matchups alone.

    so you kind of see what AA was thinking with his desire to get a front line starter.

    its just that he may have gone for the wrong guy and he may have given up the wrong guy.

    • Its so hot in the D. Seriously, this season is closing in for the Jays. Lose tonight and we’d literally have to win every series for the rest of the season. (.660 ball for 92 wins). Detroit has shown what a good team is all about, and so did Boston when they took 3 of 4 recently.

    • AA has not been able to secure one reliable starter in 4 years.

      • I’m trying to think who has been the most consistent SP for us over the last 4 years, and I’m at a loss……

      • Really JC???? Is there anything anyone could ever do that would ever meet your approval? Your not a fan, your just a really unhappy person who likes to sit back and criticize every little tiny thing, because it helps you forget just how miserable of a person you are. Seriously dude, you must have a black lightening cloud following you around to have such little optimism about anything. Keep trolling, cause you ain’t no fan.

        • Prove me wrong. Pro-tip: you can’t.

          • I don’t need to prove anything to you you dumb shit. Your venom that you type all over these boards and constant negativity shows three things:

            1. Your not a fan.
            2. You don’t know shit.
            3. Well, at least your consistent.

            Now, fuck off.

            • I’m not seeing what is wrong with my above statement, sorry. It’s the truth?

              • Ricky was reliable until last year. Marcum was reliable after he came back from injury, and was flipped while healthy for Lawrie. Carlos V was reliable when called upon. You could make an argument that Buerle and Dickey have been reliable, as they have started pitching later in the game and have made all their starts. But, thats why there is only 5 guys with 100 or more wins in the last 8 years.

                • Marcum is a hold-over. Ricky is already almost two years removed from a good year. Buehrle has gotten a bit better, I’ll give you that… you really can’t hope for much from a left-handed shit-baller in the AL East. Villaneuva is a good relief pitcher/swingman, but did not exhibit sustained success over the course of the year.. he always seemed to get “dead arm” after a few starts. Dickey has been absolute shit save for a couple starts.

                  • Here’s a question to you. How many reliable starters have there been in major league baseball in the last 4 years. And Wainwright is out of there, because he missed a season, and that isn’t reliable. Halladay broke down. Weaver has been less than spectacular as late. Bucholz suck last year. So did Lester. Licecum has gone down the drain. There are very few big dominant pitchers who you can march out there on a consistent basis, and know you can win that game almost every time. To expect AA to find you immediately, when there are gms that never had the luxury, is ridiculous.

                    • The ability for a pitcher to stay healthy definitely comes into play… but that is something that there may be limited control over. I’m more concerned with skill-set… pitchers that take the mound and you know that they are going to give you a chance to win, more often than not. What pitchers have the Jays seen over the past few years that have done this for them? You’re probably right that RIcky Romero is the closest they’ve had… from 2009 to 2011… but that really wasn’t someone AA brought into the organization anyway.

            • You people criticizing JC are just wallowing in your self pity. Yep tmrw will be the turn around day. Too busy blowing Wilner me thinks.

              Btw I love the jays but they are the bigger bunch of under achievers!

  70. Not quite deep enough.

    Not quite enough pitching

    Just not quite good enough

  71. I could be wrong about this, but it just seems like we allow waaaay more groundballs to get through the infield than our opponents

  72. Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

  73. I’m calling it now: the Jays are done, and I retract my Jays-win-the-series April prediction. Sorry guys, I’ll keep watching, but I’ve resigned myself to another year of meaningless late-summer ball.

    • Jays have been done since May. There was no digging out of that hole. I don’t think next year is really going to be that much better.

      • Now you have a crystal ball. Troll.

        • I’m not saying I have a crystal ball, I’m looking at the roster and I’m just not seeing it. A lot of the core players are getting older and further from their primes… I can’t imagine there is going to be much payroll flexibility for AA to work with, due to the massive raises that players like Buehrle and Reyes are going to receive. You have to figure that the money they will save through losing JJ is already earmarked for this shit. There are ways they can save money… but is it going to make the team better? Like… getting rid of Colby and calling up Gose?

          Sorry, I just don’t see it. The starting pitching is not very good and the bottom half of the line up is an absolute nightmare. I have to admit that the bullpen is fucking nails though.

          • Ohhhh…. There are players in their early thirties, late twenties. The bullpen has depth, yeah they might lose JJ, but still have guys coming back from injuries, young players quickly developing, and don’t think that payroll is going to be frozen at where it is right now. They will try to get better, and don’t really need that much. Get rid of Boni, try to trade Isturis if they can, and get a second baseman. Get a major league caliber catcher. There starting pitching could be a lot better with out making any moves, and the options will be plentiful if guys get healthy. Baseball is fickle, but they are not far off from a winning recipe.

            There are almost 80 games to go, there are so many things that haven’t even happened yet, so to start to speculate about next year is ridiculous. And shows how little faith you have in “your” team, which proves your not a fan.

      • You’re right, of course. They’ll be awful next year; there is no room for improvement, only the inexorable crawl downward, and any moves made in the off-season will be for naught.

        So if you could do us all a favour and not show up next year, that’d be great, thanks.

      • Without absolutely any idea what moves will happen in the second half of the season, let alone during the off season, that’s a pretty telling observation for a troll.

  74. Pat Tabler just made a very quotable comment: ” This team is hitting like a bunch of professionals ! ” (Hint: he wasn’t referring to the Blue Jays)

  75. Can someone please get fired tonight? Do something for the love of mercy!!!

  76. Don’t be so hard on these guys! They’re doing their best! #lovethisteam #bluejays #likeyoucoulddobetter

  77. Nice play by Verlander on that comebacker. Johnson, kindly take note.

    Also, fuck!!! This game sucks balls.

    I feel some front-office moves coming soon. In the words of the immortal Shea Hillenbrand, “the ship is sinking”.

  78. Verlander hitti g 98 now, after throwing low 90′s early in the game.

    Has anyone else ever been loke this? How weird is that?

    • Hasn’t he always had the ability to add/subtract velocity from his fastball? Fuckin awesome shit, that.

      • Yeah its not new, hes done it for a while.
        Its crazy tho. Im jot sure theres been anybody like that before.

  79. is it me or does it piss anybody else off when you see the jays players on the bench laughing and smiling when they are getting their asses kicked!

    • Not really. Okay, sometimes. Depends on my own level of bitch-itude. It’s a long season + they can’t + shouldn’t be fucking miserable whenever they are behind or in a funk. That kinda dourness doesn’t really inspire a winning attitude.

    • Brad Pitt agrees with you, if that helps stan.

    • Would it make you feel better if they were sitting quietly, all sombre-like?

  80. I fucking hate armchair gm’s like Jesus “I know everything” cristo

    • I know, eh! Well it’s half way through this season, might as well start writing them off for next year too. What a douche!

      • Going to need to make a lot of moves to turn a <500, last place team into a World Series contender. I just don't think they have the assets/wiggle room to make that big of a turn-around.

        • The last place has more to do with the division then the record, and nobody cares what you feel, when a lot of “fans” have been following this game for many years, and know only 1 out of 30 teams are the champs at the end of the year. The “fans” wanted to increase their chances of winning, and have added some good players. We could go into next season with the same roster(except JP, please), and win 95 games. We need some luck, some timely hitting, some better starting pitching, and then it could all come together.

          I, for one, don’t think their season is over. They are just going to have to get the most out of their players to sneak in. And if your going to get hot, it’s better to do so in September, October then April, May. But I’m a “fan”.

          • First off, I think most Jays fans aren’t saying it’s “WORLD SERIES WIN OR BUST”… most fans just want a competitive team at this point. A team that could make the fucking playoffs.. or at least a God damned run at it. This was supposed to be “the Jays’ window” when the division was at its weakest. That didn’t really pan out did it? I’m not sure how someone can expect to run out virtually the same fucking team and get a different result next year. Granted, some of the roster is going to change, and other teams will be dealing with their own issues, but this team isn’t even fucking close at this point.

            Yeah, the team getting hot in October would be great. Problem is you have to actually win some games in April/May if you want to even be playing baseball in October…

            • @Jesus.

              It’s frustrating to watch the team get blown out by the Tigers. Not sure why Janssen is in the game.

              Perhaps the Jays could get lucky with respect to injuries in 2014.

              Santos could pitch more than 5 innings per season.

              Romero could be OK. Morrow will heal. Drabek & Hutchison will be available.

              I prefer the Jays operating with a 125 million payroll going forward to 70 million & hope that the prospects get lucky.

              Jays need to learn how to develop prospects. Rogers should hire the entire Tampa Bay Rays scouting & development staff.

              • I don’t know why people keep talking about Drabek. He wasn’t very good when he went down… he’s coming off of a second TJ… I sincerely doubt he’s going to get much better. Hutchison was showing improvement before he was injured, but I don’t see him as the Jays’ saviour. Morrow will never be what we want him to be — a consistent starter. His ass is always going to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

                I hate when people act like if someone is/was against the Marlins/Mets trades, then they must have wanted to just keep the prospects and develop them internally. I’m not saying that those players/prospects should be untouchable, I just wish that AA had explored players that more “fit his mold” — young and controllable. I also really wish he would have pursued players through the posting system/Cuban defectors…

                • @jesus.

                  You have valid concerns but Drabek should be better than some of the random starters we had this year like Ortiz, Wang, Nolin etc Drabek was the centerpiece of the deal for Halladay.

                  Morrow has not pitched well this year.

            • The players on this team are a lot better than you give them credit and they are capable of making a run. But I’m a fan, not a cynic. This is just over 1/2 way through the first season of 3 in the window of oppurtunity with this core, so basically 1/6th, and you writing them off for next year. There will be a lot that happens in the next three months that will effect what the team looks like next year. Just give up the black parade dude. Your worst then my 15 year old step daughter who thinks everyday is the end of the world and act like you know everything, but have been barely following the sport for 5 years. Ok, buddy. You know better then the Blue Jays brass. Your going to go far kid, especially with all that optimism you possess.

  81. At least we made Verlander throw more than 7 pitches that inning. Huge.

  82. We play shitty teams, we go on a 11-game winning streak, we play good teams and we get our asses handed back to us as origami-nice paper hats

  83. The Tigers are a very good team. I’m shocked they only have 45 wins.

  84. I read Rasmus’ lips to another BJ player, but not in this game. In the dugout he says, ” Fuck, I need a smoke. ” What a disgusting face he has as well. At least he’s hitting….a little.

  85. That’s why your potatoes are so small.

    • Hilarious!
      I’m in awe!

      Need some help with utilizing the ‘Reply’ option?

      sincerely yours, Spud

      PS-Cletus can catch too.

      • Trolls are in fine form tonight. I’m going to hang out with Kate Upton and the unicorns. See you next game.

        • I want to go to there. Well, I don’t much care for unicorns…

          Don’t forget – it’s unbridled + unbuttoned weekend!

        • I love being a troll. Sorry too busy coaching my kids t ball team. Not sitting night after night alone drinking and watching this horror show. I feel sorry for some of you guys here.

  86. At this point I’m only watching because the Tigers are going to start a brawl in the bottom of the 8th, and that will provide some entertainment.

  87. Is it wrong that I’ve gone from frustrated to enjoying the comedy that is this clusterfuck? Part of me wants to believe that this will give me license to drink excessively at the SkyDome and act like a general asshole in the stands — not that I’m any less of a general asshole when I’m sober. It’s moot, I suppose.

    • I feel like it was funnier when the Blue Jays were losing last year. Funnier on DJF anyway [with the Coco guy - which one of you was that?]. This year it’s just sad.

  88. Im sorry, but why did Toilet Monkeys put Jansenn in?

  89. Janssen looks like he absolutely does not give a flying fuck on the mound tonight.

  90. How can you guys call yourselves Blue Jays fans as you say bad stuff about this team? Theres still plenty of time left in this game!!! #lovethisteam #likeyoucoulddobetter

    • True. As Dennis Eckeresly says ( and I paraphrase) “What does Jack Morris know? Hes not even in the Hall of Fame?”

      • During the Yankees/Twins game this afternoon the Yankees broadcasters were talking about Jack Morris + his “pitch to the score” mentality. Not entirely favourably.

    • Sarcasm? They could come back against a shitty Detroit bullpen.. it would be pretty epic though not impossible.

  91. Nothing to see here folks

  92. This is torture to watch…the boys in blue need to step it up!

  93. Hey, I called 4 hits in the third inning!! I win my own pool.
    I’m buying a SuperMax ticket for sure!

    I’m a glass half-full kinda guy.

  94. Ummm…so Tabby says that the Twins are likely already in town. Does he have the inside scoop on their exact location?
    Just asking for a friend…

  95. Get out your rally caps!

  96. Woot Thole!

    • That pinch hit was pretty sexy. Should have probably taken more pitches though – more face time.

  97. All ya’all hatesr on J.P. Aarronceebia don’t understand baseball. You dont play baseball so how could you know what its like? I’ll bet you don’t have a GF! #dontplaydonttalk #lovethisteam #jpasoocute

    • Don’t have to play in the major leagues to state the obvious.. don’t even have to be in the hall of fame.

  98. Lind must have a bad back still, isn’t that 7 strikeouts in 2 games?

    • Must have had a bad back in 2010, 2011, 2012…

      • yup. something is up anyways.

      • jesuscristo, born under a bad sign.

        Born under a bad sign.
        I’ve been down since I began to crawl.
        If it wasn’t for bad luck,
        I wouldn’t have no luck at all.
        Bad luck and trouble’s my only friend,
        I’ve been down ever since I was ten.
        Born under a bad sign.
        I’ve been down since I began to crawl.
        If it wasn’t for bad luck,
        I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

      • JC, when are you going to change your name to Debbie Downer?

  99. Izturis comes through when it counts the most!

  100. I just might listen to Wilner tonight to hear what dumb shit he’ll have to say. My money is on: “You know, take away the 11 runs that the Tigers scored and Toronto would have won.”

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