Feminist Jose Bautista?


“Say hello to feminist José Bautista, an insightful take on glass ceilings, rape culture and patriarchal oppression,” writes the Huffington Post, and…

Hold on… what???

That’s… interesting. And, actually, if it gets passed around by some folks not used to some of these concepts– as one would assume is the intent– maybe it’s a useful tool for spreading the gospel of smashing patriarchal oppression like Jose on a steaming meatball right down the dick. So why the hell not, right? And in that spirit, check out a couple more examples after the jump, or the site itself on tumblr.

Not in that spirit: whatever ends up happening in the comments on this post, I’d bet.




Non gender-specific crotch grab in the direction of @danemcburnie for the link.

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  1. He does realize he plays in Canada and therefore should make at least one Margret Atwood reference.

  2. HAHAhahah, that’s gold. Thanks

  3. I wonder what Nikki thinks of this.

  4. My irrational overreactions to bad calls by the umpire are a metaphor for a woman’s… um, never mind.

  5. Feminists are gay

  6. I’m a feminist. And n-word, you’re an ignorant asshole. You probably aren’t aware of it though. Self-awareness requires intelligence.

  7. This is the greatest (distraction from them sucking right now)

    • The JPA kerfuffle with Zaun/Dirk didn’t do anything to distract attention from the team’s suckage before they went out and got reamed 11-1.

      • Why shouldn’t employers extend dental benefits to employee’s wifes?

        Because they’ve already had their teeth knocked out. And if they haven’t, they’re not a real man

        • Oops, replied to the wrong thread.

          • Advocates criminal act of violence – please delete.


            • That joke was meant to be a parody of the appaulingly dumb joke above. Its designed to be so shocking as the embarass the original commentator.

              Obviously, you don’t understand parody.

              Unfortunately I responded to the wrong thread

              • “Obviously, you don’t understand parody.”

                Actually, there’s no evidence that the commenter doesn’t understand parody. Because no reasonable person would have thought that was parody. The onus is on you to make that clear, dude.

                • Wow, so by your logic, all great parody art would have to begin with a disclaimer.

                  Guess what asshole, so many works of art speaking truth to power would be lost and/or destroyed if they had to begin with a disclaimer to serve the purposes of the feeble minded assholes like you who can’t understand parody.

                  I don’t know about you, but I would not want to live in a world without Orwell.

                  Fuck off loser. Go back to highschool English!

  8. Smash Patriarchy?

    Because of patriarchy, men throughout history have fought to the point of giving up their lives to protect women.

    Somehow it’s evil and oppressive.

    No matter, women are now realizing that having a career is not a means to “find yourself,” rather being able to stay home with your kids is the true privilege.

    Essentially feminism is for bored rich women. The average woman’s life (of working a shitty job like the average man) has not gotten better.

    Thanks feminism!

    • I think women should ahve freedom to work.

      But having two income families has actually really hurt our economy. Eseentially it lowers wages for everybody, making it impossible for families to survive on one income. Yes, two income families have more purchasing power than 1950s male-income households, but its not double. More like 20 percent more.

      I don’t think the answer is to have women stay at home. But I do think society would be better off if one parent could.

      • The fact that real wages have not increased is likely the reason why there are more two income families not the other way around.

        The lack of increase in real wages has more to do with Reagan, Thatcher et al breaking unions, the tax system becoming increasingly regressive and the concentration of political power in the hands of the uber-rich than a simple increase in the labour supply.

        • I’m not a fan of Reaganism, etc. Don’t lump me in with those fucks.

          But you cannot discount that having a larger labourforce reduces wages. Yes, to a certain extent it also increases economic activity. But growth in econmic ouput is less than growth in the labour force. As a result, real wages go down. Simple supply and demand.

          Again, I am not opposed to women working. My wife makes more than me, I’m fine with that. But my wife and I would struggle seriously if I wasn’t working. We could get by, but barely.

          I’m just saying, the whole “women should have the right to work” has turned into “women can’t afford not to work.” All I think is that couples should have the right to survive on one income. For fuck, make everyone part time or something.

          • LotLizard I certainly didn’t lump you in with Reagan and those “fucks” as you put it. I am simply telling you that from an empirical stand point the factors I listed (decline of unions, decrease in taxes on the highest income brackets, increase in political power of the very wealthy) have had a much greater impact on real wages than the increase in labour supply from women moving into the labour force.

            Productivity growth has outstripped real wage growth and that is because it is accruing to the very wealthy rather than the majority of workers. The effect you are talking about would be a temporary effect and though it is real (all else equal) it simply isn’t to blame for declining real wages.

      • I was raised by a single mother and had a very comfortable upbringing.

        Parents are going to be primarily concerned with their own self-interest, not what is best for “society”. My wife and I don’t have kids yet, but the fact that we have two incomes leaves us in a WAY better financial situation than if only one of us was working. That will continue to the be the case when we have children.

        Do you have a reference for your claim that two-income families harm the economy? Same thing for the only 20% better than when one person works? The split between my wife and me is about 60-40, and she will likely pass me in the years to come.

        • I’m glad to hear you had a comfortable childhood despite being raised by a single mother. Guess what? I know many people who didn’t.

          I’m glad you are your wife have two incomes and could forgo one. But guess what? That’s not an option for many people.

          Glad you have it all figured out rather than the rest of the idiots who have to work hard just to make ends meet. I’m sure you attribute it all to your own moral superiority and not luck or anything.

          • I’m not claiming moral superiority. I’m simply challenging your blanket statement that it’s impossible to survive on one income. Of course I know that there are people who struggle financially and that both partners in a marriage are forced to work. I also am questioning your assertion that society is better off if one parent stays home. Because I serious doubt that and I want to see the data.

            And I fully acknowledge that a person’s ability to succeed in society has is largely if not primarily determined by the family they’re born into.

            I apologize if my reply came off as arrogant. Like I said, I was merely trying to challenge a couple of your assertions. And even if I don’t agree, I totally respect your view that it’s better if one of the partners in a marriage stays home. There are a lot of good arguments to be made in that regard. And I hope that you and your wife are able to achieve that in the very near future.

            • Thank you.

              I’m not 100 percent sure if its better for society or not if one partner stays home. What I”m saying is that there are consequences re: labour market, declining birth rates, etc. Moreover, there is a very strong social pressure on women to work and some people look down on stay at home mothers.

              • LotLizard – you’re based all your comments on your own opinion. Some empirical support would be appreciated. I only need to look at Japan which is a nice petri dish for the attempt to maintain a one-earner household with the women staying home to raise children. Didn’t help them from 1990-2010. Especially the Lost Decade between 1990-2000. They had negative economic growth with your utopian family structure in place. Didn’t work. Next.

                • Talk about empirical arguments! They Japanese economic crisis was about greed and speculation (very similar to what we have right now). Would have occured regardless of household composition.

                  Moreover, I don’t want Utopian households. All I’m saying is supply and demand. If you have a larger workforce, wages go down. Men can stay at home too.

                  All I’m saying is that if we had one-income households or shit, shorter work weeks, real wages would be higher.

                  So ya, feel free to go and dismiss me for my lack of empirical arguments by throwing a Japenese Red Herring. I just made fucking sushi out of it.

    • Puny trolling effort. 0/10, would not read again.

    • You are a fucking idiot, patriarchy has nothing to do with who fights wars it’s who commands societies which has been OLD men not at all the same men who go out and die in wars.

      • Huh?

        Due to a patriarchal system women were kept in the homes and MEN went to war. in an equalist world both sexes would have gone to war because roles are interchangeable.

        so no sir, you are the fucking idiot

        • I think it has more to do with upper body strength and the division of labour.

          • No it had to do with two things:

            a) women are the bottle neck in human reproduction. 1 man can impregnante several women while 1 woman can still only have one kid. If you’re trying to replicate society, women dying in wars, performing hard labour (which is how most humans earned a living throughout history) would be disastrous.

            b) (Most) Men are innately designed to care for women. Society was shaped around their preferences. Ask your sister/gf/wife – if they were born during the industrial revolution, would they rather have their great great grandfathers labourious job working in a factory or their great great grandmothers job of managing a household plus children?

            Most would pick the latter.

            • Truth Teller – what I’d rather have is the choice. That’s the entire fucking point.

              • It’s not possible to have choice.

                Women who choose to be stay at home moms are now frowned and looked down upon by mainstream society. Essentially they are being groomed to chase careers just like men. now 3 women enroll in university for every 2 women. What we merely have is the illusion of choice.

                This has a really negative effect on children as a whole with both parents working. Ever wonder why shitty face food exploded? Well it’s because now both parents come home exhausted and just want to feed their kids food quickly and as cheapily as possible. Now we have a society filled with latch key kids who live off junk food.

            • No offence, “Truth” Teller, but you’re a moron.

              • Yes men fought in wars.

                But guess what? Those wars were started by men (yes women supported them, sometimes).

                Not saying women wouldn’t start wars, saying “I fought for you” you owe me is kind of like a man who buys a chick flowers then uses it as a justification for rape.

                • Well don’t worry, now that women are no longer under the authority of men, men no longer feel a responsibility to them.

                  Marriage rates are in decline.

                  Divorce rates are high.

                  Men as a group are losing interest in marriage while women still want to get married.

                  Heck, did any of you guys see that crazed naked guy in the SF subway system harassing women? Notice how none of the men stopped? Guess why?

                  • Divorce is actually going down for the first time. Partly because people marry less, but those that do are better suited for one and other.

                    • Suited for one another?

                      Google “female hypergamy”

                      Women naturally want to marry men above them in status. So as you raise the status of women, the number of men they consider suitable declines.

                      A woman who is a partner-tracked lawyer would not be satisfied married to a construction worker.

                      Furthermore, women enter the workforce has killed western birth rates. Good luck with that

                    • So there are less unwanted pregnancies. How is that a bad thing?

    • I’d be all for feminism if I thought women could do anything ANYTHING as well as men.

      • there are definitely some things women can do better than men

        • Very true. I was second in my high school graduating class. The first was a woman and the third was a woman. Also, more women are millonaires in the U.S. than men and earn more bachelors and doctorates degrees as well. Men should be happy that women are more equal. Why wouldn’t they want help carrying half the load? Also, if they didn’t shame us for what we wear and how much we have sex, they’d be getting laid more. I never understood why men slut shame.

    • When’s your tumblr, Men’s Rights AJ Burnett, open?

    • “Because of patriarchy, men throughout history have fought to the point of giving up their lives to protect women.”

      And, having protected their own proper– I mean, their own women, they proceeded to rape the prop– I mean women of their enemies. In pretty much every war, ever. Yep, real dashing.

  9. 90% of advertisements these days:

    1. A confident, attractive, smartly dressed woman with her shit presumably together
    2. A slovenly, inept man-child
    3. Man-child says/does something completely fucking idiotic
    4. Woman gives him an icy stare/rebuke
    5. Man dejectedly lowers head, obeys
    6. Jingle for whatever product is being advertised

    • Good point.

      Check out the book

      Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters


      Helen Smith PhD (Author)

      • Let me guess – you also think that the white man has it the worst out of everybody because minorities get all the hand outs?

        • I thought this was a discussion on feminism?

          Race-bait elsewhere.


          • Although my query did have to do with race, it was really meant as ignorance baiting in general. You seem to have that trait in abundance.

            • Other than actually refuting my points, you’ve only called me ignorant and resorted to name calling.

              Are you even capable of forming a cogent thought?

        • at least asian girls still like white guys..

          theres another one i see in ads alot these days.
          asian woman/white man couple.

          although i do live in vancouver lol

          • White girls as a group have bought into the feminist belief that men have been “oppressing” them.

            While Asian women have much less so and are still on average more submissive and feminine. As a result the market has adjusted and white men are choosing Asian partners over women of their own race.

      • Lol, it’s women who are boycotting marriage. We don’t even need you guys to reproduce anymore.

    • Ha. Very true. It’s the new affermative action.

    • Great point, because commercials are the definitely the best thing to look to in assessing gender inequality.

      • Right. So when the richest entities in the world fabricate gender roles as a backdrop when convincing people to buy their products, no one should pay attention.

      • As if you wouldn’t be the first fucking one here to bitch about a commercial that was sexist against women you fucking hypocrite.

        • It’s strange, the very mentioning of men’s issues bring such vitrol.

          If you want to talk about women’s issue, start your own comment instead of hijacking this one, k?

          • The reason that “men’s issues” brings vitriol is that most of the people who believe men are more oppressed are so vitriolic. Yes, affrimative action is hurt me in some rare instances, yes men are no longer sole bread earners. But people who rant and rave about men (white men) being oppressed are only able to do so by ignoring problems faced by women and minorities, who earn less, etc. They also glorify the era when women were at home. Guess what, men could also beat their wives back then?

            And don’t tell someone to start their own thread! That’s what chat rooms are for.

            Good luck with your severe case of “angry white men syndrome.” Or have you already sent in your order form for a more “desirable” wife.

            • I posted a reply with links, unfortunately I’m not sure if that’s allowed on the comments. But I have supplied the googling info

              1) Hate to burst your bubble, but I’m not a white male. Seriously, why are you guys bringing race into this?

              2) I’m not saying white men are “oppressed” merely men are not oppressing women.

              3) Women do not earn less, that’s a lie. The Gender pay gap is a complete myth.

              google “gender pay gap cbsnews”

              4) of course I glorify the era where women are home. It was a period of time when women were actually happier. Since happiness has been measured, women’s happiness has been twice that of a man’s up until 1970′s. After that period it’s been on a steady decline. Strange how that works?

              Google “the decline of female happiness”.

              5) hate to break your crap, but domestic violence is a gender NEUTRAL issue. Women commit roughly 50% of all domestic violence.

              • Oh the old “I’m not white and I agree with angry white men thing,” ya right!

                Yes, ’cause I”m going to go on one article by CBS news. If you really think that there is no gender pay gap, then you have no credibility.

                Domestic violence is not gender neutral. Men can hurt women way more. Women cannot rape men! Oh wait, you’re probably one of those who thinks there’s no such thing as domestic rape.

                • BTW, I agree that people are less happy then they were in the 1970s. I also think that having two income households hurts our economy.

                  The difference is that I don’t think women should have to be in the home. Also, in teh days when women staid in the home, they were oppressed. They were essentially forced to rely on their husband’s income.

                  I know women form that era who staid with abusive husbands for fear of poverty.

                  I don’t think women are that oppressed in our society. They sure as fuck are elsewhere. Moreover, the fact they are not oppressed has much to do with the gains they have made

                  The still are underpresented among the most powerful offices in our society and boardrooms.

                  • I didn’t say people are less happy, I said women are. Men’s happiness has remained steady. You’ve essentially killed female happiness.

                    It’s funny that you think women were oppressed being reliant upon men. Men had to work 7 days a week 10-12hrs a day performing back breaking labour because they were OBLIGATED to share their income with their wives and children. Men sacrificed greatly for women.

                    Women are underrepresented in boardrooms because they do not have the desire to work long hours as men do, and prefer to spend more time with their children. Why is that such a hard concept?

                    • Men were “obligated” to pay for their families?

                      FUCK OFF

                      Do you know why they brought about probitition? It was a partly a big concern for feminists. Men were too often out drinking and pissed the money away. Outside of their husbands, women had no form of support.

                • It’s funny how, that even when evidence is presented, they still ignore it .

                  Google “More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male guardian”

                  “Men can hurt women way more. ”

                  Have you ever heard of something called a weapon?

                  And yes I fully believe there is no pay gap. Women are super serious about their careers during their 20s. Then when they hit their 30′s have a kid or kids, they choose low trajectory careers that allows them to spend more time with their kids.

                  They don’t get paid doing the same jobs because they don’t put in the same hours as men do (because of the family CHOICE).

                  • So you are basically admitting women earn less. Yes, it has to do with their career choices (also old boys networks) etc. But they still earn less. The point is, men can’t have babies so its les sof a choice. We need babies to keep our economy from imploding. So even though women earn less cause of their career choice, etc, they still earn less. You have fallen on their swrod.

                    BTW, 1 article from CBS and the Guardian, doesn’t prove your case.

                    Go back to school and become statistically literate.

                    Also, answer the question, do you think that rape should be illegal in a marriage?

                    • “So you are basically admitting women earn less. Yes, it has to do with their career choices (also old boys networks) etc. But they still earn less. ”

                      Yes, they earn less because they don’t deserve more since they don’t put in the same amount of time. A gender pay gap exists because of WOMEN’s choices, not some invisible oppression.

                      “The point is, men can’t have babies so its les sof a choice. We need babies to keep our economy from imploding. So even though women earn less cause of their career choice, etc, they still earn less. You have fallen on their swrod.”

                      Uhhh… women are no longer obligated by society to have children. Many do not, it’s a ya know a choice.

                      “BTW, 1 article from CBS and the Guardian, doesn’t prove your case. Go back to school and become statistically literate.”


                      I have done my research on this topic, there’s plenty of evidence showing the pay gap is a myth. How about you do some research instead of assuming ideas that go against your sacred belief system are incorrect because they make you feel bad?

                      “Also, answer the question, do you think that rape should be illegal in a marriage?”

                      huh? Brutally attacking a person physically in any form should be illegal

                    • Last time a checked Googling something and selecting evidence that you agree with doesn’t count as “research.”

                  • I wish people had to post videos of themselves saying the comments for blogs. I am really cuious if ‘truth’ teller looks how I visualize him(or her) to look.

                    • Agreed. I bet you he wouldn’t have the balls to show his face

                    • That’s the thing about anonymity.

                      The message must be argued, not the person delivering the message.

                    • Ya, well since your message doesn’t stand the smell test, you might do better via YouTube.

                      Hopefully your face isn’t as ugly as your thoughts.

                      I feel sorry for you

                    • LotLizard, your final comment pretty much undercuts everything you’ve been trying to build. Take the high road.

                  • FYI…
                    -Women are twice as likely to be murdered by a domestic partner as are men.
                    -99% of all people charged with rape are men. (Which includes man-on-man, sure.) So, even if you assume that all women who are raped report it and, at the same time, that men fail to report 98% of all rapes by women…

                    You’re doing cartwheels to save your argument. It isn’t working.

    • i just LOLd cuz this is so true.

  10. Above was only an observation, not in any way affirming the dumbass shit you two are posting.

  11. 90% of advertisements in, say the 50s:

    1. A confident, attractive, smartly dressed man with his shit presumably together
    2. A vapid clueless idiot of a woman with a forced smile etched on her face
    3. …
    5. Man solves everything, formerly hysterical woman sighs in relief
    6. Jingle for whatever product is being advertised

    • Ya, and a commercial that was in reversed rolled.. holy fuck shit would hit the fan.

    • What so, because something was bad in the past it’s completely okay to be just as ignorant and non-progressive in the future, so long as it’s in the other direction? What kind of moron are you?

  12. Ahhhh debates about gender on the internet…

  13. Get your Wikipedia’s out boys!

  14. Whoa, who scheduled a trip from the YouTube commentariat? I don’t think we have enough cookies and juice for everyone…

    • This. I can barely even stand most baseball fans’ opinions on baseball. I hate myself for reading the comments to find out what they think of feminism.

  15. Look, I say put women to work, they can be good bosses, and bad just like any other man.. but they shouldn’t expect to be treated different then a man if they are going to try and behave like one.

  16. JPA: “My swing is like Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: too long and fucking terrible”

    • That book just made the Entertainment Weekly top 100 books of all time and I almost vomited. I’m assuming it was included to pander to the right wing “I think I’m smart but I’m actually an ill-informed fucking idiot” segment of their readership.

      • The “I think I’m smart but I’m actually an ill-informed fucking idiot” is an excellent description. The notion that Ayn Rand was some profound thinker is a hilarious one.

  17. Man some of the anti-feminist comments are a stark reminder of how fucking dumb some baseball fans are. I thought these people were all Bob McGowan and Greg Zaun fans. Jesus fucking christ.

  18. Soooooo…
    How about them Jays?!

  19. When did this blog turn into a York University political science tutorial?

  20. Aaron Sieve-ia could use some hookers and blow right about now.

  21. Generalization generalization. blanket statement. Judgement of others. Morally superior attitude expressed while accusing others of having a false sense of moral superiority. Generalization. Blanket Statement.
    Swear words.

  22. Hey..maybe JPAs girlfriend could step in and play some Catcher for the Jays?

  23. Mailbag me please.

  24. This was funny and it smells like someone spilled a bottle of whine in here.

  25. Slight oversight on one of these:

    “Treat your girlfriend like a low and outside curveball – Just because you have power doesn’t mean you should ever, ever take a swing at them”

    ….unless of course she’s got two strikes against her. Then you’re obligated to swing.

  26. Anyone else think Stoeten has pulled off the greatest troll job in history here (I haven’t clicked on any of the links for fear of disproving my theory)?

    • with the way the BJs are performing do you blame him?
      need to get some hits somehow..(Stoeten and the Jays)

    • I think I saw him (+ company) heading into a pub when I was grabbing lunch. I amused myself by imagining that they were chuckling about dropping this bomb, then sitting back to observe the damage.

      • This tumblr was twittered all over the place late yesterday. Stoeten is just relaying the message.

        • Oh, I know, I saw it yesterday and it brought me a serious amount of joy. I meant about dropping it among the DJF readership, and subsequent comment hilarity.

        • Seems to be doing a lot of that these days.

          I’m actually a little worried about him.

          I feel the season and the trolls may have taken a toll on the poor guy

  27. This post has Parkes’ fingerprints all over it.

  28. Pickles. A big jar of sweet mixed pickles.

    • Sweet pickles suck. Dill pickles are far superior.

      Why the fuck are you doing this?

      You trying to troll or something

      If so you are doing a terrible fucking job.

      Canning is cool and shit, but what does that have to do with feminism?

      Are you implying that women should can? Cause guess the fuck what? I’ve canned with my wife too!

      Any no, I ain’t no pushover faggot! In fact, we repeatedly have sex with other women together. Threeways baby, ya!

      • Dill Pickles definitely rule over those childish little sweet pickles.

        • We’re probably gonna fuck a chick this weekend. When I do, I’m going to shove big dill pickles up both their pussies and think of you

  29. Updates on Morrow? Lawrie?

  30. Log off idiots today

  31. Okay,

    A) That’s not a very funny meme. Unless I’ve totally missed the point.

    B) This is why YOU NEVER PUT POLITICS ON A SPORTS BLOG. Worst post ever because of this comments section.

    • A) yes it was. humour is subjective
      B) it was meant to be humourous. And to actually take it seriously is the flaw of the commenters

      … and C) what do you expect from a comment section?

    • You realize by categorizing feminism as “politics” you too are being political. Yes, to some feminism is political. But for it to be political, its opposite, patriachy (or, as some may believe, the “status quo”) is also political.

      Have I lost you? Here’s a more relevant example. Most people have stayed mum (until the last week or so) on the obvious connection between the Calgary floods and climate change. The few who have (courageously IMO) brought it up, have been accused of “politicizing tragedy.” Yet, those who are not bringing it up are also being political.

      Moral of this post, any action or inaction can be seen as political.

      I actually have found it refreshing. At least we forgot about what a shit-bag JPA is.

      • Sources say JPA is being waived and they have signed Jane Fonda to take over regular catching duties.

      • Go to the Globe and Mail comments section if you want to condescend to people about how super smart you are about current events and the history and ramifications of gender relations.

        It’s not that I disagree with you. I just don’t give a fuck what people on Drunk Jays Fans think about anything but the fucking Jays. I remember the Yunel Escobar shitshow last year. Current events make the people around here insufferable fucking assholes. As you have eloquently shown.

        • Yes, because Joey Bats feminism tumbrl counts as a current event.

          Seriously, what the fuck is your problem?

          Also, waiting till 9 10 pm to respond, what’s a matter, afraid someone will call you out on your fucking idiocy?

          You’re worse than the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC as us current event insiders call it) when the released the result of their internal investigation related to the GoC’s (Government of Canada for us insiders) communication of internal constitutional negotiations to the British Government.

          Thomas Mulcair was right to be pissed.

          Anyhow, I’d have to pay for the Globe and Mail, so no, I’ll stick here.

          FUKC YOU

  32. Also, FUKC OFF

    What the fuck kind of name is Ray?

  33. After slogging through all these comments….I feel much smrater now.

  34. Fuck – if you’re going to allow comments without logging in, at least also allow a ‘report’ button for the flat-out abusive, racist, women-hating, hate-speech, actually illegal stuff.

    • who are you, sargeant of the fucking internet police?

    • I think the point is to let the idiots talk until they embarrass themselves into oblivion, highlighting the stupidity of their own views by repeating them. The more they talk, the less people will believe what they say.

  35. Yes, some of the comments are offensive, but that’s the nature of the commenting system they have.

    I personally welcome the format. It works well as most discussions don’t get crazy like this.

  36. can we talk about what useless catcher Aaron Cibia is some more now?

  37. Love Feminist Jose Bautista sooooo much.

    Not a fan of comments threads like this. Not sure why people even try (in a forum like this). Passionate/emotional arguments with no nuance, and passionate/emotional responses with no nuance. Sounds like Twitter!

  38. Very disappointed in this thread…we’ve come a long way in looking at how baseball really works (statistical analysis and what have you), but man, we’re still in the stone age when it comes to respecting one another…just awful…

  39. This was a helluva read for an occasional guest.

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