Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

It’s the Twins. Could we maybe win a damn series here please?



TV: Sportsnet

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Minnesota Twins

2B Brian Dozier (R)
DH Joe Mauer (L)
C Ryan Doumit (R)
1B Justin Morneau (L)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
LF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
RF Chris Parmalee (L)
CF Aaron Hicks (S)
SS Pedro Florimon (S)

RHP Kevin Correia

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  1. Kevin Correia. Another one of these Twins guys. Righty, doesn’t walk anyone, doesn’t strike out anyone, gives up a lot of hits.

    • Well, let the hit parade begin. It would be nice to be moderately entertain by them for the first time since Monday.

  2. Can we win a damn series here please?

    Now steady on there, hoss – let’s just start small and see if we can get out of the second damn inning with having to look at a 6-spot on the scoreboard.

  3. Derp

  4. game sucks already! cmon gibby

  5. come on milton buerhle

  6. JPA batting behind Izturis. Haw Haw

  7. Its the goddamn Twins.

    I’ll be disappointed with a sweep.

  8. I was just thinking we haven’t seen Reyes stealing much, though on base quite a bit.

    Then I was like I remember him stealing that one ti…….oh ya.

    • First thing I thought of tonight too.
      “Come on Jose. Steal second,” I thought. Then I watched the video of his ankle getting mangled in my head.
      I now would prefer Jose tip toes between bases for the remainder of the year.

  9. Bautista’s back looks like it’s bothering him. Must be from carrying the weight of the patriarchal oppression on his shoulders.

  10. I doubt Jose actually tries to outsmart himself Tabby.

  11. Only a sweep would make me happy here. Goddamn this team…

    • No, it’s the Twins.

      I need a sweep with at least a RD of +15 to be satisfied.

      • I Ain’t Ever Satisfied

        Last night I dreamed I made it to the promise land
        I was standin’ at the gate and I had the key in my hand
        Saint Peter said “come on in boy, you’re finally home”
        I said “no thanks Pete, I’ll just be moving along”

  12. Adam gets two fucking corner shots to open the AB. All after wasting two hits with a GIDP. Hope our offense doesn’t get this shitty end of the stick all night

  13. C’mon Lind!

  14. Those Twins unis are not attractive. There’s nothing wrong with each component- just not all together.

    • If you have attractive enough players, the uniforms don’t much matter. Besides @ home they wear pinstripes.

  15. Now that’s what I call a game threat.

  16. They stink!
    They’ll be lucky to win 1 against stiffs from Minny. Christ, they just appear to not give a crap. They don’t EVER put on a hit and Run, outside of Davis, they don’t steal. it’s just stand around and hope for a blast. Surprised Boni not in there to make the f/up complete

  17. I’m gonna hit a dinger to save you money on trucks…

  18. It looks like the bean weasel wore Mauer out last night.

    I was hoping she’d take one for the team.

  19. Jose, Jose Jose Jose
    Jose Jose

  20. O’Day O’Day O’Day O’Day

    O’Day O’Day

  21. C’mon Cletus

  22. C’mon Rajai

  23. Dead in here tonight. Guess the Detroit series allowed the boat to take on some water

  24. In other news….go jays sweep these twinkie fucks

  25. Calling a 5 run inning

  26. JP has to come around to score. Can’t waste those walks

  27. We have a shifting of the stars right here people. A blue moon.

    Arencibia just walked. On four pitches.

    • 4 pitch walk is believable. Means the pitcher couldn’t find the zone. I’m shocked when JPK walks after having gotten it in his head to start swinging

  28. Kitten face’s mohawk is pretty dope

  29. The Joses are on fire.

  30. I <3 joses

  31. Correira almost lost his leg there. Nearly had another smelly peg-leg pirate hooker in the world.
    Too bad.

  32. C’mon Kittenz!

  33. While I’m excited about winning + everything – it does kinda suck that the Blue Jays must beat up on the Twins. I watch a lot of their games + have really grown to like them…even though they suck…it’s in a more charming way or something. I feel bad for them.

    • Lovable losers gotta lose.

      It’s their one and only charm.
      It’s their thing.

      • You make a valid point. Lovable losers need consoling + such. I’m generally not such a softie, but the Twins are coming off being swept by the Yankees in four.



  35. The last two strikes were on balls.

  36. Jose Reyes is amazing.

  37. Boy, I missed this Jose.

  38. I love that beautiful man

  39. Well that was unfortunate (as well as wrong.)

  40. The Man from Muncie was justly concerned about marring ‘the face that launched a thousand yips.’

  41. Nice to see a starter make it into the seventh inning. FFS

  42. Drinking a Captivator Dopplebock, as recommended by someone here (forget who?) Damn tasty stuff.

  43. Wow the Twins are fucking terrible. I’ve never heard of any of these players, and I watch a lot of baseball…

  44. To be fair, the Twins aggressively promote from their own minor league system to give players a chance to prove themselves. They get the most out of their player development system. I often advocate that the Jays should do this also (outside of absolutely going for it seasons).

  45. when you watch the jays play a team like the twins, it quickly becomes clear as to why teams like cleveland and the royals win as many games as they do. they get to play these fucks nearly 20 times a year.

    holy shit the field is not level

  46. Anyone know the story on why Jose Reyes puts his arm over his head when he gets a hit? Looks like he usually does it rounding second on an extra base hit.

  47. Kawasaki is a serviceable second baseman. The lesser of distance between first and second compared to short and second really helps his weak Japanese arm. Doesn’t need a running start anymore!

  48. When he was injured it was easy to forget that Reyes is potentially the best player on the team. A legitimate superstar. I’m excited for the next few months.

  49. More Goggles goodness.

  50. Save that homer for Bobblehead Day, JP.

  51. Zaun is all excited about the quick game tonight. He’s clearly got plans @ For Your Eyes Only. The rest of us will just be in our homes, drinking tea…

  52. Gibbons pulls starters too early, in general, I’ve noticed. Buehrle should have been allowed to try for the shutout.

  53. DId you guys see that?
    Kawasaki almost hit it out of the infield! :)

  54. Trevor Plouffe must be the least intimidatin name ever.

  55. It’s nice actually getting to see McGowan on the mound and pitching. Seen him so little.

  56. Now than Dusty is ok, wonder if Texas wants Oliver back?

  57. Dusty was great once again.

  58. Good game.

    • Great game. Made the beer taste that much better.

      • The diet cherry Coke tasted pretty good, too.

        • I was just looking through the comments. Earlier you said you were drinking tea. And diet cherry Coke? Crazy night for the bean weasel…certainly unbridled and unbuttoned eh?

          • I’m trying to replenish myself. Hydrate the temple, so to speak. After a fast + then having a lot of blood taken, I’m not in the best shape tonight. So I’m double fisting the soda + tea. But yeah – it’s going to be a wild night. As wild as I can get with one functioning arm.

  59. Is it wrong for me to wish that some of these guys spent less time creating and memorizing individualized high fives and celebrations and more time on their plate discipline?

    Great job tonight though boys!
    Let’s hope for a sweep here and we’ll be back at .500!

    • It’s wrong to bring it up after a much needed win, but I feel your pain.

    • The celebrations are funny + it cracks me up to think of them rehearsing [I like clubhouse shenanigans!]. However, unless they are all exceptionally uncoordinated + quite stupid I’m sure they’re smart enough to not have to spend too much time practicing.

    • I think youre wasting your time thinking about that.

      Baseball should be fun
      high fives are fun

      makes sense to me.

      • YES. FUN. EXACTLY!
        But I do hope you weren’t saying I shouldn’t waste my time thinking about clubhouse shenanigans.

        • Bean, what is your dance with Cleetus? Banjo strummin’?

          • With Cletus one must get into hoedown hootenany mode. WIth jugs with XXX on them that one can blow into to produce a soothing sound. Now THAT’S a celebration.

            • I don’t know why, but I never pictured you with XXX jugs bean.

              • Then you’re picturing me all wrong. It’s been noted time + time again that the TWINS are the finest thing about the bean weasel.

                • Not that I wouldn’t love to blow into the twins to create what would undoubtedly be a soothing sound, but I was under the impression just recently that your gorgeous mane of hair was your best feature.

                • Apparently I need to pay better attention.

              • I think somewhere along the way someone made an assumption here.

        • Oh no, I was saying don’t worry about that being a negative thing. Clubhouse shenanigans are fun. So long as we have no hillenbrand evil shenanigans

      • I agree with you all! In fact, it actually seems like the team gets along pretty well. I’m happy about this. With all the huge egos in sports, I’m sure it is uncommon for a group of egos to all get along. I’m sure we don’t see it all but at least it appears that they are having a good time and this makes me have a good time.
        Good times.

  60. I watched some of this game, it was a good time.

    Way more Fun than hearing all the knuckleheads babble about bad hockey contracts all day.

    • Oh, the hockey. It truly never ends.
      It was too quiet tonight. We should try to be just as rowdy with a win as a loss.

      • WAY too quiet!
        Where are all the regulars?
        And, no, I don’t really consider myself a “regular,” but it was dead in here. Most of the people posting I have rarely seen them on here.

        It appears that people actually have lives outside of this message board. Which makes me sad because I have no life outside of this message board. I have an 8 month old. This makes me social life a -1

        • I have no social life + I’m not afraid to admit it. I probably should have some shame, but it’s really not my style. Also, I don’t know anyone IRL who likes baseball.

      • Sometimes papa gots to work

        • Strangely having a girlfriend who enjoys baseball has become a bad thing for me. Due to…uh…disagreements with my only cable provider I’m streaming games now. It’s great except for the fact I lose my computer during game time as she wants me to hook it up to the TV so she can watch too.

  61. No more hockey , tonite please!
    I don’t care if Andrewe ference can turn the Oilers into a playoff team or not. It’s fukin July and he’ll play 2000miles from here and never be heard from again FFS. Mckenzie has made a careerer of endless blather about 4th round draft choices and palyers to be named later . FUCK TSN

  62. adding a jose of a lot is helping the spirit, the vibe and the scoreboard …

  63. Anyone notice how Zaun complimented the game’s pitch calling?

  64. yankees pull another one out of their asses. least talented team in the league save for minny and houston and yet they are doing just fine .

  65. Good win for the lads tonite. That’s the buerhle we need to see. A crap team and he just went after them-nofucking around or nibbling-looking at you JJ!
    He has trouble with the patient teams like Boston but at least he attacks the crap teams, something RR could learn to do too-no walks!!
    The offence still a little on the crummy side as we just cannot seem to pile up a lot of hits against even against shitballers like Correiera et al. Well maybe we can win 9 in a row-huh??
    Oh yeah, forgot , AAA pitcher on Sunday and then JJ in Baltimore. Hmm back to my merlot!
    Forward Soviet!!
    DA DA DA!!

  66. Cubs want a lot for Garza. Asked the O’s for 2 top 100 prospects.

    Jays equivalent would be something like Sanchez (top 50) and Stroman (top 100) for Garza.

    Would you guys do that?

    As much as I want an upgrade on starting pitching, that is way too much. Would rather take on money than shell out that amount for a decent pitcher who may end up only as a #3 with very few years of control.

  67. Missed the game, had a game of my own. Highlights it seems were pitching and Beans sweater potatoes?

  68. who is the sunday starter??!!!!!

    • Fuck the Twins.

      Could you imagine this team, the way it’s been built, in the AL East?

      • Hah. I was musing aloud on twitter the other day. Put this Twins team through an AL East schedule for a year, and what kind of record would they throw up? I’d say 110 losses. 105 at least anyway.

  69. Nice to see McGowan back and pitching effectively, especially after all the short sighted comments about how stupid AA was to give him a contract. At this point, he’s got every bit as good a chance to be in next year’s rotation as does JJ.In Mar. whoda thought that.

  70. Hey look! We won one!

    Bean Weasel I hope you’re ok. That sounds like a lot of medical stuff to be going through.

    In other news, not Garza please. I’d rather stick with the shit we have until the off-season. If we were like 2 games back in the division then maybe. But the WC is too long a shot right now to give away our best prospects this season. Especially since we’ve got a bunch of the original rotation from last year and this on their way back.

  71. Thank Christ for this site.
    Didn’t see the game last night because of our annual blues festival. And when I check the Globe and Mail sports page website this morning to catch the particulars – there’s not even a mention of the game anywhere. Finally found a line or two in an article about J. Morneau.

    It’s nice to read the comments here….both on the game front, and on bean weasel’s attributes.

  72. And this just in.

    Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB 34m Gibbons said #BlueJays would like to avoid using Delabar today because he has experienced some soreness. Not supposed to be serious.

  73. You trade for me please. I throw hard. I drive fast. I drink and drive. I cool. I can do the Lo viste thing too.

  74. Since no game threat is up yet, I will say it here … Fuck these 1 pm start times!

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