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MLBTR has the details on Chien-Ming Wang’s accepting of his outright assignment to Buffalo.

At ESPN.com (Insider Olney), Buster Olney suggests that the Jays will be one of the suitors should the Phillies consider moving second baseman Chase Utley, which… obviously. Assuming the Jays don’t tailspin their way into “sell” mode, of course. Shit, someone tell Ruben Amaro what a great run producer and RBI man J.P. Arencibia is!

Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet pivots off Olney’s report and looks at what Utley could bring, and what his no-trade clause says.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports thinks that it’s already clear that being buyers would be a mistake for the Jays– that is, if their sole focus is the 2013 playoffs. “Anthopoulos doesn’t need to trade stars such as Reyes or Bautista or Dickey, but the supporting cast must change — if not this month, then at some point before the start of next season,” he says, which… is easy to argue on the surface, though I still think it’s too early to say that this will never work, as opposed to it having simply not worked to this point. (No, really.)

Josh Johnson “doesn’t seem to trust himself to throw all his pitches to all batters in all locations,” writes Dirk Hayhurst at Sportsnet, seeming to get to the nut of the issue. “Not every pitcher can do this, of course, but when you add it all up—a big pitcher who doesn’t come in the zone, doesn’t announce his presence inside, throws his out pitch early and often and in specific areas—the result is much like what Jays fans have seen so far.”

The Tao Of Stieb nails it with some P.R. advice for J.P. Arencibia.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun says that J.P. Arencibia needs to stop being so immature.

Meanwhile, John Lott of the National Post nails it in his summary of the Arencibia ridiculousness.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman insists, rightly, that the Jays need insurance for their unpredictable rotation, and suggests some solutions, both short- and long-term.

Richard Griffin has a new mail bag up over at the Toronto Star, so… I know what I’ll be avoiding hijacking all weekend!

David Laurila of FanGraphs made the most of his time around the Jays recently, apparently, as he checks in with another Jays-related piece– albeit one that is less so than others linked here– as he speaks to Pat Tabler about his time in Cleveland during the 80s.

Lastly, Scott Lewis of Getting Blanked has, in two parts, his Best GIFs of the First Half. (Part 1, Part 2).

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  1. Yay, Stoeten lays a Duce!

    Man, you really should weigh in the feminist thread. Its AMAZING

  2. I did some quick work on JJ this morning. I noticed a big difference in approach and pitch selection. The article by Hayhurst there inspired me to do it.

  3. Seriously, unless we can get Utley for peanuts, why would we give up anything for 2.5 months of him?

    Wait till free agency in off-season.

    Jays have a good core for next year, but need to add pieces. The trade chips we could use of Utley will be more valuable in the off-season.

  4. For anyone that wanted one a while back: http://teespring.com/JOSESPINK

    • FUCK off. If you want to make Money off the blue jays start your own fucking blog

      • Uh.. I made the graphic a couple months back for one of the ‘Photoshop Friday’ posts. A bunch of people in the comments said they wanted t-shirts, after a couple other posts about t-shirts I found out about this site that makes it easy for everyone to get one. If the main goal was to ‘make money off the bluejays’ I really don’t think this is the best way to go about it… Just wanted fellow fans to be able to grab a shirt.

  5. LOL at Zaun saying that JPA “may come to regret [those comments] at some point”. So, Zaunny, you are either going to sue him or you’re insinuating that JPA himself will either take some form of PED in the future or already has. I love it! Catch da Taste!

    • At this point does a chase utley help turn things around?

      the issues at 2b have been compounded because the team hasn’t been off to a good start and lawries injury.

      the reality is, with lawrie at 3B and izturis at 2B the team is fine.

      If Happy and Morrow don’t come back strong and dickey and Johnson dont get it together the team is not fine. So if he were to acquire anything I would hope it would be a starting pitcher.

      • of course that should say Happ and morrow not happy and morrow.

      • Izturis has hardly played any full seasons and he’s ageing. But yes, if Lawrie gets back then we’re fine.

        Or, if Lind keeps being tits, I’m not opposed to EE ot Bats at 3b and some outfielder signings

        • Adam Lind last ten games vs BAL, TPA, BOS, DET:

          34 ABs, 6 Hits, 1HR, 3RBI, 0BB, 15 Ks, .176

          Defibitely NOT tits. In fact He’s turning back into The Linda
          That’s been plaguing the Jays for the last 3 years.

  6. Chase Utley is more likely to be New York Mets’ Alomar than the hall of fame second baseman he was with Philadelphia.

    Alomar was 34 when he fell off the cliff. Utley is… 34.

    And he’s having his best season in years. But with that said, Utley’s BABIP (.290) is higher than any season since 2009, which indicates he might be getting lucky.

    In other words, if we’re buying Utley, it’d be for this season, and that makes it a dumb proposition unless the Jays get into the race.

    • Yeah pretty much. It isn’t worth it for us to give up much for Utley (or as George W. liked to call him, Otley) if he’s just here the rest of this year, considering the standings. But to extend him would probably cost too much in the money and years departments.

      • Utley has an AAV of 12 MM. The Phillies could conceivably hold on to him and make a qualifying offer. That would get them an extra draft pick. So they wont be willing to trade him for nothing.

  7. 3 Games under .500.

    All other ALE teams over .500.

    4:5 games out of 4th in the division.

    6 teams to jump over for the wildcard and 6,5 games out.

    2/5ths of your rotation is stopgaps for another month. Other 3/5ths has been disappointing.

    I’m not giving up on the season with these comments…. Just don’t see why this is a team looking for a rental player. Eapecially ones that command some premium prospects like Utley and Garza.

    Maybe things change in the next three weeks but at this point AA should be looking to move a couple bullpen pieces and acquire players under control next year.



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