San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays take on the Twins in game two of a three game set that… yeah.


Richard Griffin tweets a link to his own piece on Dustin McGowan, whose role out of the Jays’ ‘pen is increasing, and who says that next year he wants to go back to being a starter. Weighted balls to the rescue! Er…

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets a link to a piece from the New York Times on today’s starters, R.A. Dickey and Mike Pelfrey, both friends and former New York Mets.

Benny Fresh also tells us that John Gibbons says Steve Delabar has been dealing with some wear and tear on his arm, though it’s not a major issue, apparently. Weighted balls to the rescue?

He notes, as well, that Todd Redmond indeed seems to be in line for Sunday’s start.

Chris Toman tells us that Neil Wagner is likely unavailable today out of the bullpen, and also notes the stuff about Delabar, quoting Gibbers says saying that he’s “hanging a little bit.” Yeah, but how’s his arm???

Gregor Chisholm tweets that Gibbons says he expects Edwin Encarnacion to be on the AL All-Star roster, which is announced tonight.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

2B Brian Dozier (R)
3B Jamey Carroll (R)
C Joe Mauer (L)
1B Justin Morneau (L)
LF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
DH Trevor Plouffe (R)
RF Chris Parmalee (L)
CF Aaron Hicks (S)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)

RHP Mike Pelfrey

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  1. Looks like a freaking gigantic crowd. Against the Twins.

  2. Lost golf yesterday by one fucking shot on the last fucking hole. DO YOU FEEL THE PAIN

    • Isn’t golf one of those things where you are only truly supposed to compete with yourself? Or something? I dunno. My ex was a golfer, but I lacked the patience.

      But sure, I’ll feel your pain. If you can feel my pain of missing the only game that Mauer caught because I had to endure SHOPPING.

      • Golfing with my buddies I want to beat them every time. Need to have TWTW

        buy anything nice?

        • I had to shop for my upcoming holiday. I needed new luggage, a handbag, shoes + an umbrella for the [hopefully] rainy Pacific Northwest. I actually bought all these things, so it was a tremendous achievement. Generally speaking, the idea of me + Eaton Centre on a summer Saturday should have gone like the end of Carrie…

          Alas, I have to return later this week to pick up shoes + a new nose ring.

          You should try to channel your inner JPA to demonstrate domination/leadership on the golf course. And never stop playing with yourself.

      • KyleZ plays with himself enough already, bean.

        Don’t encourage him.

      • Every time I compete with myself I always lose!

  3. Pat Hentgen is such a boss

  4. Wilner drives me crazy. He tries to make it sound like the Jays are accomplishing something huge by taking the series……against the Twinkies. He should know better than anyone that the Jays will have to win EVERY game, for the REST OF THE FUCKING SEASON just to snag the 2nd WC. What a knob.

  5. sorry, meant to say every series for the rest of the season….

  6. Any ladies here want to talk to a real man?

    Come on, baby. Come and talk to A Real Man.

    I will romance you.

    • I’m sure the ladies want to believe you but they’ve been let down before.
      Do you have any letters of reference?
      Also list your short comings including your modesty.

      • Are you a woman, RADAR?

        If you are, I’ll give you some RADAR LOVE, baby.

        Come coo in my ear, baby. Let’s make a film.

  7. The Man from Muncie needed that.

  8. I was all-in on Dickey at the start of the season and have cooled somewhat recently. So I decided to check some stats.
    He’s the best of all the Jay’s starters in terms of innings pitched at 122. (Buehrle 110, Morrow 54, Johnson 53, Happ 33, Rogers 65)
    Dickey has the 3rd best ERA (4.77) after Rogers (3.84) and Buehrle (4.50). Happ, Morrow and Johnson have higher.
    Dickey has given up 19 HRs which is worst on the rotation. But I’m thinking that that’s a biproduct of being a knuckleballer whose knuckleball doesnt.
    And Dickey has the best whip of all the starters at 1.29.
    The Jay’s rotation is pretty bad. In fact their fWAR is 2.9, among the 4 worst in MLB. And their ERA is the 3rd worst in MLB. But Dickey isnt the worst pitcher on the Jays

  9. I don’t make love to dudes.

    I was a high school prom king.

  10. Jesus fuck! I just looked at score and I’m coming to the conclusion that whenever I don’t watch the Jays, they always seem to be on track to win the game. That’s my extremely unscientific, superstition-bound analysis and I’m sticking to it!

    • Well, you know what you have to do…

    • Well try to work around it, like finding an internet feed or going legitimate MLB.TV route, or radio with Morris’ verbalisms to lull you into stupor. Superstitions and their conditions can be parsed and selectively justified to work for you if there is a will!

  11. Love it Dusty!!!

  12. There’s probably a few things more lonely than rehabbing alone…
    Like me, sitting unwashed + somewhat slightly dazed in my pajamas on the sofa. Drinking cold, stale coffee + eating cold, stale popcorn. And possibly thinking impure thoughts…

    • You’ve been thinking of me again, I see.

      I just have this effect on people.

      • I tend to prefer fake men. Je suis desolee.

        • Why settle for artificial when you can have A Real Man?

          I’m the kind of real man women giggle about when they have girl talk with their moms. Sometimes the mom will even giggle. Until she sees me, and she has to pick her jaw off the floor.

        • Possibly thinking impure thoughts?

          Bean Weasel!

          Be agressive!!

          • Okay, fine. I just didn’t want to offend any sensibilities around these parts. It’s my last chance for baseball impurities for a little while, so I’m trying to make the most of it.

  13. Holy fuck mcgowan

  14. Im completly ok with extending Rasmus ( I dont think hed be too expensive) and trading Gose before the rest of the league realizes hes never gonna hit.

    • But Gose will be a Hall of Famer if we trade him! They all become HOFers once the Jays trade them!

  15. Is that jerk kid wearing the Nationals hat behind the plate bothering anyone else?

    • Yes, I just tuned in and he already bothers me. Then again, I don’t like children in general.

    • People who think it’s okay to just slap on any old baseball team when going to a game are The Worst. And no, it’s not excusable if you’re a kid.

      When I go to Safeco @ the end of the month I’m choosing my outfit carefully.

  16. More Maicer magic.

  17. This is SO much more civilized without the trolls.

  18. So nice!

  19. Man this lineup has the potential to be so fucking devastating.

    I still think we should be buyers (if we can get solid pitching).

    This is a team that can go on a 10 game streak at any time, as long as the pitching is on.

    • It depends on who is available. I don’t want the Jays to go after rental players like Garza or Utley because the playoffs are a longshot for this season. No point in wasting assets for this season. But someone that will be around for a run next season? Sure.

  20. I am the kind of real man women doodle about in notepads, with little shooting stars, hearts and whorls.

  21. Toronto fans. Interfere with your own players but move out of the way for the other team. Fucking idiots.

    Next time I see NIck Markakis or Longoria going into the stands, I want their gloves to be ripped from their hands.

  22. I am the kind of real man women check out on TTC platforms.

  23. I still think Jays should be buyers too.

    One option I heard floating around was to trade Gose to the Mets for Daniel Murphy. That would be a tempting trade, basically gives you a solid 2b option to platoon with Izturis until 2016, around the same time as all these other players are under control for.

    Murph can also spell some 1b and LF making him a versatile player for a team full of injury prone stars.

    Personally I’d prefer to keep Gose at this point, but Rasmus has done nothing to lose his job in CF and Pillar deserves a cup of coffee soon to see what he can do. Jays would be in a good position to trade some OF depth and Gose would be the ideal player there.

  24. LIttle late, but watching Dusty mow down big leaguers gives me all kinds of warm and fuzzies. 100% $1.5 mil of someone elses bucks

  25. I blame bean.

    • As long as we win I’m ok with bean gettin’ all sweaty for mauer one last time

      • Mauer looked pretty sweaty himself…
        But see? I use my powers for good, not evil. What’s a pointless double when they win?
        Now I’m off to have a cold shower + hit the gym.

  26. I write the songs that make the young girls cry.

  27. I think it says a lot that 4 Jays could make the ASG with this current record. Shows that the MLB players and coaches respect (maybe even fear) the potential TO has and what AA has built.

    If Reyes wasn’t hurt, guaranteed he makes the ASG too, much more likable than Hardy or Peralta in a very weak SS class in the AL. 5 potential all stars on a sub. 500 club. Think about that. Hopefully AA acknowledges that and makes some good moves to shore the team up for a champ in 2014 or even make a calculated and smart playoff run this year.

  28. Was that Jose Reyes or Tony Fernandez? Nice play!

  29. If we can get a nice piece for Casey, I say we trade him . “Proven” closers seem to bring back more than they’re worth and several playoff contenders are in need.

    If there is one thing we are not short of its power arms in the back end of the pen

    • Like I said elsewhere, closers are fickle. You get a good year or two out of a closer and then they shit the bed. Get value out of them when you can. Having said that, I do like Janssen a lot and would miss him.

      • Absolutely. I like Casey because unlike other closers, he’s not a flamethrower. His accuracy and command are his secret weapons and that approach could give him a long career. So unless the offer is huge, say a very talented C or 2B, I say hang on to him

  30. Jody Watley once asked for my digits on Bay Street.

    • Yeah, a woman usually asks for a guy’s number when she realizes that he doesn’t quite get that she wants him to leave her alone.

  31. All of a sudden, the rays are 49-40 and 2nd in the East. Wow, this division is unbelievable. The only constant this year for the division has been the jays in last, unfortunately.

  32. The Rays are supposed to be good though. Elite pitching and defense.

    O’s are riding high mainly because of Davis’ historical season and Machado developing quicker than expected. Otherwise, they aren’t a 90 win team. Yanks have been hanging in with a raggedy ass team of geezers.

    Dont know wtf is going on in Boston though

  33. Arash Madani
    Gibbons says Redmond has earned another start. Said the key was getting out of the first inning unscathed.

    Come on gibby, its the fucking twins. One of the few teams redmond can shitball through 5 innings. Strating him against bal or any AL east team is a baaaddd idea.

    • +1. Pretty much was shitballer vs Shitballer and we were better today. I wouldn’t pitch him against Davis and company either-he’ll get lit up like a cheap cigar.
      Man that Reyes is some player. I think playing at the RC he could hit 25 homers ayear if he didn’t get injured. Has good power for the park unlike Citi in NYC which was too big for him. And.. he hits 300+ pretty much every year.
      Now we need to find someone who can play D at 2b and hit at least 250 so our keystone combo can avg out at about 285 or so. Well, that is one thing we need, of course

    • This is fucked. It’s going to be Wang all over again.

  34. Boni is getting pretty close to the end of his contract and I’d be amazed if they renewed or extended him. But given the way it’s happened before……

  35. Redmond will get eaten alive against Baltimore if that’s indeed his next projected start

  36. Lawrie taking his walks in AA.

    Gonna need all hands on deck.

    • Lawrie taking walks will make a difference. He’ll get better pitches to hit. Happ and Santos are projected to return after the ASB. Santos is doing the weighted balls programme.

  37. Another good start for Stroman.

    • good news on both fronts-thx for the update.
      It’s important Lawrie regain the concept of “getting a pitch to hit”. You do that by not swinging at shit out of the zone most of the time. EE became a dominant force when he learned to lay off the down and away slider and wait. Hopefully Lawrie can do that and increase his OBP which the team desperately needs.
      As for Stroman, I think he may help the starters in the 2nd half, especially if we trade one.
      Thanks for the update. BTW,nay news on Morrow. FUK 8m and I dunno about this guy

    • Pillar had a big day too.

  38. DJ Davis, Marcus Stroman and Mitch Nay were all mentioned in Baseball Americas Weekly hot sheet for last week. They all had monster weeks.

    Davis looks like he’s the real deal.


    Gotta say this is a very good idea.

    Jays rotation woes are not just short term. Happ has yet to have a full season, let alone a half-season as the club’s #5. Morrow’s regression and injuries makes you wonder if you can count on him being more than a #4 at best. Romero and Drabek are both still big works in progress. Johnson has been awful this year and who knows if his transition to the AL ever works out or if he stays a Jay next year. Dickey may be more of a #2 in the AL, then a #1

    I can handle a rotation full of #2′s and #3′s if they are all former aces, wouldn’t be the first time a club has tried that. Peavy’s money is ok. The prospect’s the Sox will want probably won’t be on the same level as the Garza trade.

    This deal wouldn’t be a slam dunk for playoffs this year, but for the next 2 years, this is a pretty good option, and a decent replacement for the seemingly increasing notion of Johnson not sticking around

    • It’s ok if they dont want Sanchez or Osuna. I’d throw Hutch in there too but he cant be traded while he’s on the DL.

    • The jays and white sox do have a history of dealing so I do think peavy is a realistic target for AA. As much as I like peavy my concern with him (like johnson and morrow) is the injuries. This guy is on the DL quite a bit for different stuff. He would definitely be an upgrade but ideally the jays should look at adding a reliable pitcher like buehrle (with better quality innings).

      • yea, the injury thing definitely would be my main concern

        he has also pitched to a 4.00 ERA in the AL but his WHIP has been under 1.3 consistently, hard to make much about that

        unfortunately not many injury proof guys like Burl available

        • The only reason Peavey is even possibly going to be available is in part because of his injury history . Teams are looking to trade guys with his stuff who are reliable in the health department.

  40. Win the next two series and the Jays are .500 at the all star break. Wasn’t that a thing or something a while ago?

  41. Yes that was their goal before the 11 game win streak. They have regressed since reaching the .500. They can’t beat the teams in their own division. Spells disaster. Way too inconsistent. If they get the starting pitching, they can beat any team. But many teams can also say that. We’re in the second half already and still floundering in last place.

    • Yeah it IS the SP. You can talk all you want about the C or 2B or depth. But the SP as a unit is near the bottom of the league. These guys just have not performed to their career averages . Injuries have hurt Morrow Happ Dickey and JJ to one extent or another and Buehrle looks to be coming back but it may be too late.

  42. Delabeast is currently in 1st!!!!

    Keep voting until Thursday.

    Also interesting to note Freeman is in first in the NL, b/c the Jays made a pact w/ ATL to vote for Freeman if they vote for Delabar. I’m down with that. Even though Puig has been sensational, Freeman has been equally deserving.

  43. For all you Romero fans hoping for a September call up. At AAA Buffalo, Romero has started 11 games, averaged less than 5 innings and has a 6.62 era. He has not won a game yet. I think the Jays are on the hook for $7m for each of the next 3 years, and if not mistaken he gets a huge raise in 2016.
    I also believe that Romero had shoulder problems shortly after he signed out of college. So there is a history of arm problems.

  44. No Deuce

    No Game Threat yesterday

    Skipping podcasts as often as possible

    Barley any Morning Afters

    Some of us still follow the team, and don’t let the unachieved expectations of other writers and talking heads from the off season ruin the enjoyment of following the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays.

    Yeah, yeah I know…. I get what I pay for, but still.

  45. You know who should go to the Allstar Game? Colby Rasmus. Even though I may be permanently damaged from seeing him in HD, the guy is having an amazing year. Just saw some interesting comparisons to Chris Davis who for some reason is regarded as way better even though I thought batting average and RBIs werent supposed to be important anymore.

  46. Since there is no new content in two days, Ill give you some.

    In Keith Law’s latest espn insider contribution, he states that Cecil should not be in the ASG because of his shitty career. His contention is that the ASG is not supposed to be a reward for one half of a good season.

    He also states that Puig should be in the game based on creating casual fan interest.

    Note I am not stating my opinion on his article, just putting it out there for discussion.

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