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San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays take on the Twins in game two of a three game set that… yeah.


Richard Griffin tweets a link to his own piece on Dustin McGowan, whose role out of the Jays’ ‘pen is increasing, and who says that next year he wants to go back to being a starter. Weighted balls to the rescue! Er…

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets a link to a piece from the New York Times on today’s starters, R.A. Dickey and Mike Pelfrey, both friends and former New York Mets.

Benny Fresh also tells us that John Gibbons says Steve Delabar has been dealing with some wear and tear on his arm, though it’s not a major issue, apparently. Weighted balls to the rescue?

He notes, as well, that Todd Redmond indeed seems to be in line for Sunday’s start.

Chris Toman tells us that Neil Wagner is likely unavailable today out of the bullpen, and also notes the stuff about Delabar, quoting Gibbers says saying that he’s “hanging a little bit.” Yeah, but how’s his arm???

Gregor Chisholm tweets that Gibbons says he expects Edwin Encarnacion to be on the AL All-Star roster, which is announced tonight.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

2B Brian Dozier (R)
3B Jamey Carroll (R)
C Joe Mauer (L)
1B Justin Morneau (L)
LF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
DH Trevor Plouffe (R)
RF Chris Parmalee (L)
CF Aaron Hicks (S)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)

RHP Mike Pelfrey

Comments (369)

  1. Happy Saturday, drink and be merry.

    Lets kick the shit out of this sorry team.

  2. I can handle McGowan starting. If the guy can throw 98 mph he could be devastating. And he’s got Aug, Sep and half of Jul plus next spring training to build himself up for it. I’m sure it’s probably already occured to the Jay’s staff, but does anyone know if JJ has started with the weighted balls?

    • In an article by Griffin.
      No word on JJ in anything I read.
      Everybody seems to think his velocity is okay,It’s that he’s not using his heater as much.
      In another piece,when Evans was hired, I think they said some minor leaguers were interested in trying it.

  3. When I say TOOT, you say BLAN!


  4. C’mon Cloobs

  5. Cletus’ batflip after that walk was really in mid-season form.

  6. TOOT…

  7. Remember when drabek through about 8000 pitches in 4 innings vs minny last year?
    yeah, pelfrey

  8. Jesus, Jays are beating themselves today with shitty baserunning.

  9. Were just letting Minnesota off the ropes

  10. This game has some of the worst baserunning I’ve seen and it’s only the 3rd inning.

  11. Twins say “OH YA! WE BASE RUN WORSE!”

  12. Wow, like zero rotation on that pitch.

  13. La balle Papillon: It cuts both ways.

  14. Mike fucking pelfrey

  15. Good Lawrie can’t come back soon enough.

  16. Oh yeah, Dickey had a good start last time, so he’s obviously going to drop a huge steamer today…

  17. When does the fun quotient of the game commence?

  18. So here’s what I’m seeing. Dickey’s knuckler isnt going anywhere near 82 and the Twins’ batters are squaring it up fairly easily. PLUS! Once a-fucking-gain, they don’t seem to think the roof open or closed matters. And I think Dickey has already said closed is better.

  19. Im going to shit my pants if this dusty pitcher gets the win

  20. Im better than Dickey and I wouldnt have cost you Noah and Travis .

    I dont require a dome to pitch well.

    I dont require a neck massage or a manicure.

    But I do drink and drive.

  21. Fire AA

  22. This fucker Pelfrey had given up 94 hits in 70 inning with 38 k’s and a 6.11 ERA coming into today.

  23. Alright, nice infield hit, could be a start of a rally. Just don’t swing at bad pitches

  24. Nothing seems to be working today…

  25. three guys thrown out on the bases ..three balls hit to the wall…..by us.

    not working out for us today

  26. The missing magic mitten has lost it’s mojo.

  27. Mike Pelfrey fucking blows. Jays should be embarrassed if they lose this one. They look a little lost so far today without their fearless leader in the lineup

  28. Dickey settles down pretty quickly, Most of his lackluster outings had these one or two innings marked by runs earned in droves.

  29. Someone nail Maicer to the base.


    I know, I know, but he has 2 hits.

  31. Bah could’ve tried bunting there

  32. I can say so many things about the blue jays but the thing that always comes to mind is frustrating!!!now I no how L.A Fans feel.

    • The Jays are an absolute pleasure to watch.

      Interesting characters on the team.

      Excellent play at times.

      Dramatic storyline.

      It may be your expectations, or something else within you that is frustrating you, because baseball is fun.

      • All true famous, if you like watching a losing team.

        • Outside of an infamous All-Star Game, have you ever watched a baseball game without a winning team?

          Also, given that the best teams are going to lose something like 65-70 games each and every season, baseball might not be right for you. Put another way, you might not be right for baseball.

  33. way to work the count Muni…..

  34. FFS

  35. That ump is Salvador Dali of strike zones. Along with Buck ‘fleshy sound connoiseur’ Martinez

  36. Yeah, Muni is rapidly turning back into the pumpkin I’m afraid. Here’s a 214 hitter with zero power facing a shitballer who is having a little trouble throwing strikes but we need to get out of the gamee ( he has a 100pitch limit today apparently) and he swings at the first fukin pitch for a DP. Jusr saves Pelfry about 8-10 pitches right there. Just another shitballer lookin good against the jays-this is starting to llok like 2012 again I’m afraid.
    Nonetheless, at the moment this whole game is revolving around our other shitty catcher who cannot hit and whose PB on a strike directly led to the 3 runs the Twins got. MAybe we should grab olivo from the scrap pile and complete our collection of shit catchers. Fuk I’m going out to the fields-I need to fight for my meals.
    Forward Soviet!

    • Poke around in that scrap heap and see if you can locate a better attitude fukstik.

      • Very frustrated with our perpetual flirtation with mediocrity ie a 500 team. Yes we have injuries but so do others, and they seem to carry on better than we do.
        The fact of the matter is we have some players that are in the upper echelon like Bautista Reyes and EE, but some in the 95th decile like Izturis, Boni, derosa which negate the good ones to a large extent and we saw it off in the middle ie. 500
        Just wonder what the Jays scouts look at some times, I really do.
        I follow the AL religiously, the NL not so much, so when we got Boni and our guys were raving about what an exciting player he was, stupid me, I didn’t realize they meant for our opponents. He’s fukin awful-made it to Gold Fukstik in one year when it normally takes 2
        ahhhh-end of rant. Goin out.Take off them rose colored glasses ,spuds. I think 20% of this team, about 5 guys will be gone by Mar 1 plus Oliver of course. He goes by July 31 to Stl or some place. Ciao babe

  37. Here we go.

  38. What if we just put a bag full of sand behind the plate, and the ump can throw the ball back?

  39. Pelfrey looks nervous as hell out there. As if he himself does not quite believe what is happening.

    • Hahah, yeah it’s true. Can you blame him though? I mean generally you can’t just keep throwing crap up there and 3 hit a team.

  40. You know who would feast on so called ‘shitballer’ like Pelfrey…the veritable leader who stays away from HGHs and swings with aplomb whether it hits something or not

  41. Agianst the red sox at fenway this piece of shit wouldnt make it out of the 2nd inning. Against the jays, hes a cy young candidate.

  42. ugh

  43. And that’s all she wrote..

  44. At least he is giving the bullpen a break.

  45. Oh man this is bad. Isn’t this like a lineup of replacement players? I so wish we hadn’t made the Dickey trade: we already had Morrow to be completely inconsistent.

  46. Some hard hit balls that simply refuses to carry, must be a very humid day in Toronto

  47. I’ve stated this numerous times, but it seems to be to be very evident when Dickey sucks. So are games so unimportant to win that we can just leave him in to get 3 innings of rest for the bullpen? Isn’t that why we have 8 guys out there?

    I feel that if there is one thing Gibbons has totally mismanaged this season, it’s Dickey.

    • Gibbons basically said that the bullpen regulars were unavailable for this one because they have deadarm.

      After that walk in the sixth Dickeylooked done but John wasnt going to waste anyone today
      The way the offense is going it wouldnt havemade a difference anyway….

  48. Well this series is a failure.

    I guess it’s better to know the Jays will be out of it and can be sellers at the deadline than make a futile attempt to buy and still fail.

  49. What’s AA doing at the break? Buying or selling?

  50. Just let the bullpen start from now on. This is horse shit.

  51. This team is the worst team in baseball. They would lose to A ballers in a rout. This offseason the while front office needs to go.
    Fire AA his incompetence, in bringing in a garbage manager in gibbons, trading away god prospects for marginal upgrades to the rotation and overrated and overpaid players.
    He has hamstrung this team going forward and needs to be responsible for the failure of 2013. The rest of baseball will be laughing at us until they do so.

    • DERP indeed.

      Is this meant to be comic relief?

      • Derp, stick to saying herp and derp.

        • No AAneeds to go

          • Do you think it is AA’s fault that the last 2 years, the Jays have had 7-10 pitchers on the dl for the majority of the season?

            • Hire better trainers

            • No, it may not be AA’s fault directly that those players/pitchers are on the DL. But every team in the majors has injuries and they cope with it. Good example this year is the Yankees. I don’t see them crying the blues in last place.
              AA went “all in” for this year. He boldly made trades that sent a lot of future talent elsewhere, and brought in huge salaries that will impact the club for years.
              He thought he could get away with minor league caliber players at 2b, 3b, c.
              He keeps bringing in re-treads for starting pitching.
              He hired a manager who he can easily control.
              The best players on the club he didn’t even acquire, some “dummy” before him.
              But he has one helluva bullpen!
              The plan failed miserably.
              He’s the one who has to answer to his boss what happened.

            • 2013
              Get off injured players
              Complain about injuries

    • Okay … As frustrated as I am with what transpired since the 11 game win streak, Dickey, Johnson, and Buehrle certainly made the pitching staff better on paper. It’s not like we had fucking awesome starters last year anyway, save for Morrow who seemed to have turned a corner before he went out with a strained oblique. Otherwise, the 2012 rotation was crap and I bet you, like everyone else, were as happy as a pig in shit when AA pulled the trigger on the Miami trade.

  52. oh well can’t win them all

    • When you can’t win a series vs the East, you better sweep the dregs of the league like the Twins. This series is a failure already.

  53. That Prius commercial is starting to have the same effect as Bargnani’s Primo pasta commercial…the urge to tear my hair out and weep for the sake of my sanity

  54. Saw a stat earlier that said hitters facing Pelfrey were batting over .300 this season. I know Dickey wasn’t great today, but I’m more disturbed by the Pelfrey shutout of the Jays offence-fucking disgusting.

  55. I keep trying to be hopeful, and this team keeps kicking me in the nuts.

  56. This inning needs to end ASAP so I can get to BBQing.

  57. Fuck 2013

  58. Go for the series win tommorow, hope the Jays finish the first half on a high note

  59. AA has made horrible trades

  60. Time to start closing the Dome every day and blasting the AC. Dickey’s knuckler will dance like a butterfly on acid and further hit balls will benefit us more than anyone else since I’m pretty sure we’re the only team that only tries to hit homeruns.

    Also time to trade Bonifacio for some escalators to the 0.500 level. How are fans supposed to climb up there when it’s this hot and humid out? What am I, an athlete?

  61. Say, does anybody have something to plug the holes in our boat?

  62. That was one of the most poorly executed games I have ever seen. Three (yes, 3) times Thole came up with nobody out and a runner on 1st and not once do we even attempt a bunt. Wtf? I actualy think Gibby is a pretty decent manager, but c’mon, Thole and his 133 average have to attempt a bunt there. Every single time he went out, so why not go out doing the right play?

    Reyes gets picked off at first in the first inning and then the Twins walk three in a row … Could have been a run in.

    At one point Maicer is at bat with Rajai on first and two out. Rajai gets caught stealing for the final out so for the next inning, instead of coming around in the batting order with our 8-9-1 batters, we get to see Maicer again with our 7-8-9 batters! Ca-rap! Wtf was Rajai thinking? If Maicer gets on, Raj is on second anyway,and if Maicer goes out, the inning’s over, so what was the point? Arghh.

    • Why bunt and give up outs with such a trash pitcher on the mound? If it’s not a pitcher hitting, try to get on base. Blame the Jays hitting for missing pitches and not drilling the hell out of Pelfrey.

      • Thole is not a great hitter, so bunting could potentially advance the runner into scoring position while he makes the out that he’s going to anyway. Did I mention that every single time he went ot which left us with a runner on first and one out? Do you understand the advantage of having a runner in scoring position?

        • Do you understand the potential for having a runner on 1st and 2nd if Thole draws a walk, somehow gets a hit or maybe just gets drilled with a pitch? And still having 0 outs? I’ll take that over a 90% chance of having a runner on 2nd with 1 out. Especially early in games.

          Don’t give up free outs.

          • Absolutely – if Thole could get on with no outs, that would be great. In fact, if he could get on bunting, that would also be great. But the fact is, he never did get on, so at least advancing the runner would have been a benefit. Alas.

        • This fucking guy…

          You only get 27 outs per game. Giving one away on purpose is 99% of the time a bad idea.

      • I just want to note the center fielder for the Twins, Hicks, made a couple of amazing plays that robbed a couple of hits, one of them being from Thole.

        • A bunt isn’t a guarantee advancement. I have seen many runners thrown out at second on bad bunts back to the pitcher.
          Let’s not talk about thole bunting as a guarantee. It’s simply not.
          I also could not disagree with you more on all your comments. I let rajai steal whenever he wants. His % is that good. I do not give up outs with zero out early in a ball game. Maybe a tie in the 9th but definitely disagree with thole bunting. Not sure what the statistics say a manager should do. Those just my 2 cents.

  63. Well, looks like the QQ brigade is out in force today

  64. This team isn’t good

  65. Blue Jays = MLB’s worst team! Does anyone still watch these losers?

  66. Heyy, for all the shit we talk about how bad the Twins are, they are only 3.5 games back of us! While we’re currently behind 11.5 to Farrell for the division lead. UGHHHHH.

  67. Wish we had a true ace like Pelfrey. Instead, we got IM Shitty. What’s the excuse today?

  68. Can’t wait for Jays players to start saying things like: “hey, nobody on this team thinks its over….”. Translation: its over.

  69. Bautista, Edwin & Cecil are going to the all star game!

    Very good news.

    Batista will be starting in the OF

    • Good news indeed, especially after the circle jerk of knobs preceding you spent their spunk all over each other.

      • @small potatoes.

        All 3 Jays all stars in 2013 were considered washed up a few years ago.

        I would not be shocked if JPA or Ricky Romero get back to the All Star game one day.

    • O’Day O’Day O’Day

  70. So its time to plan ahead for future seasons. If you are AA what is your first priority? Making the lineup deeper to compete with other teams in the AL East (i.e adding a competent every day C or 2B.)? Or, do you make a trade for somebody like gallardo with hutch, morrow, happ coming back? Me personally, I think the depth of the lineup has been a huugggeee fucking problem this year. Just too many easy outs in this lineup compared to other teams in the division.

    • Gallardo has Toronto on his no trade list

      • you keep bringing this up as if it means he cant be traded here. its much more complex than that.

        • I’m responding to someone who keeps bringing up the idea of trading for him. It’s possible you could get on the phone and strike a deal with Brewers management contingent on whether you can convince him to change his mind. And then you’d have to change his mind. But among MLB players Toronto is among the least desired places to play.


          • I think in the bigs some knuckleheads are just ignorant towards the idea of playing in canada. Very small percentage though. However, I think the MAIN reason for those poll results is they play in the AL East and management has not shown they are capable of building a winner in this division. As for Gallardo, the no trade clause is no biggie. Im sure he can be convinced with some extra $. In fact, his agent just probably put them there as a team likely to trade for him.

            • Given that he had a full no trade clause from 2010-2012, and thereafter it was probably management that negotiated in the 20 teams/cities that they could trade him to, I ‘d guess (and we’re all just guessing here) that he REALLY doesnt want to come here and probably would block a trade. Dont forget that there are 20 teams he must accept trades to. Moreover AA and Beeston have openly acknowledged that players do not want to come here and they have to pay a premium for any FA’s, which they are against.
              I will grant that it’s mostly based on ignorance of Canada and the Jays less than winning ways. But the poll asked a number of related questions all of which returned negative answers. The most telling question was: “What team would your NEVER play for?” And the Jays were 3rd from the top. That’s NEVER. In fact The Pirates, ASTROS, Indians, Mariners and Cubs were more popular.

    • AA needs to pay Miguel A. Gonzalez whatever the fuck he wants to come pitch for Toronto. I’m sure he’ll pass though. He scouted him personally in TJ, but that doesn’t mean shit… this guy went out and scouted Darvish and stated he was nothing special. Good call brah.

    • yeah, if only we could roll out Jayson Nix, Lyle Overbay, and Vernon Wells like the Yankees.

  71. You start with the rotation. Tampa has the best pitching programme in the league (minors and majors) and The Jays’ would be a helluva lot better and healthier if they had something like Tampa’s programme. McGowan Cecil and Delabar have all been on the weighted ball programme and it’s no coincidence that they’re all doing so well. They’re much stronger because of it. McGowan’s throwing 97-98 and Cecil is throwing 94-95. Who the hell ever expected to see that out of either of them?
    I was thinking of posting all kinds of little weaknesses to fill (the most glaring are C and 2B) but if the rotation had performed the way we all expected it would, we wouldn’t be even talking about this.
    AA if you’re wondering about your next step for the rotation, get the guys you have already on a strength/velocity programme.

    • you are correct. you build from within, supplement with free agency where needed. Someone like Syndergaard would have been perfect as he would be in the mix for next year. Guys like him dont come available too often. If you are to trade him for someone, you trade him for someone who is on the right side of thirty not approaching 40.


        Face it, AA did what he needed to do. He went out there and acquired that True #1 Gimmick Pitcher that this team desperately needed to cement its excuse rotation.

  72. we do need a competent MLB 2B though. I’m not going to go thru e’thing again but my gut ( no proof) is that every starter has had roughly .5 to 1 full run added to their ERA by our “leaky” 2b and 3b ( absent Lawrie).
    I pttched many years ago and love agood 2B. Helps your ERA and e’body thinks you’re a better pitcher than you are. Reverse is also true. Yes the pitchers won’t publicly say anything but they are seething at the lousy D in the infield ( based on my personal feelins when I played A ball_).Get one that can hit some and we can help out that pathetic bottom 1/3 most night that is a bit of a laughingstock. Fuck thole @133 or JPA210 both wiff and KAWA at 213 is what he is-not much. It didn’t pan out -we got work to do-time to get at it

  73. I’m not mailing it in yet. A number of teams at .500 by the All Star break in 2012 were able to win 90 games last year and reach the postseason or come close. Just off the top of my head, Tampa, Baltimore, and Oakland were no more than 5 games over .500. Common thread running through all those teams?:

    Strong bullpen

    Jays have a top 3 bullpen and I don’t see that drastically changing post AS-break. Even if one guy gets hurt, they have incredible depth and another solid arm will be slotted in.

    Let’s not forget the Red Sox were .500 last yr at the break and then only won 26 more games after that, thanks in large part to an atrocious bullpen.

    As has been said by many people, this team has yet to have it’s full lineup of regulars. Once Lawrie is back, the real season begins. If AA can add an extra arm for the rotation and one extra bat/defender, I don’t see why the Jays couldn’t duplicate what the O’s, A’s and Rays did last year. AA doesn’t even need to make a big trade, just shore up the poor defense, starting rotation, and maybe an OBP guy

    • @dildo


      Plenty of time for the team to get into the race

      • Yeah like for next year, plenty of time for that.

        • Delayed gratification is just not your cup of tea, is it Robert?

          “I want it all, and I want it now!”
          Have a Pepsi, man.

          • SP, in your honest opinion as someone who doesnt fly off the handle and sees the big picture, do you really think this team is good enough to compete in this division as is currently constructed even if you assume healthy happ, morrow, and lawrie?

            I think they are still short in the rotation and at 2b, ss, LF. Melkey is a guy who can hit for a decent average but its empty without power or on base.

            they need to improve the team through trade or free agency and those moves have to be moves that make sense three years from now, not just next year or this year. I would argue the Dickey trade was a high risk one due to age and the labile nature of the knuckler. I dont understand why so many people just assume that because he throws a knuckler, his age doesnt matter. that is complete and utter hogwash. it might not matter quite as much, but it fucking matters.

            • Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
              Bagism, shagism, dragism, madism, ragism, tagism
              This-ism, that-ism, ism ism ism.
              All we are saying is give AA a chance
              All we are saying is give AA a chance.

              Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
              Minister, sinister, banisters and canisters,
              Bishops, fishops, rabbis, and pop eyes, bye bye, bye byes.
              All we are saying is give AA a chance
              All we are saying is give AA a chance.

              Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
              Revolution, evolution, masturbation, flagellation, regulation,
              Integrations, mediations, United Nations, congratulations.
              All we are saying is give AA a chance
              All we are saying is give AA a chance.

              Let’s see what happens during the next few weeks, now that trading partners will actually exist. Let’s see how those changes impact the second half of the season. Let’s see what happens when our walking wounded become healthy enough to return and contribute. Let’s stop whining and just watch baseball for the next 3 months.

              My hope during the last off-season was meaningful baseball in September. My hope hasn’t changed. Regardless of where we finish, AA will have another off-season to make changes, both large and small, and I still trust that he’s plenty smart enough to have learned from a difficult season and will do what’s necessary to right the ship.

              Don’t get off the boat.

              Jam tomorrow. (Just kidding.)

          • Do you ever talk baseball on this site, loser?

  74. Yep that’s all. shouldn’t take him more than a phone call or two. Solution coming right up!
    C’mon your looking at a max 81 win team here-no more fantasy land..please!

  75. Is it just me or does John Gibbons not know how to make a batting lineup. Some of the worst batting orders I have seen all year. With the line up that was in today it should have looked more like. Reyes , Davis , Bautista , Encarnacion , Lind , Rasmus , Izturis , Thole , Kawasaki. Just a thought.

    • that lineup looks equally shitty just in a different order. i dont have a problem with his lineup. I have a problem with some of the players on the team.

      • Agreed but the object is to generate RBI opportunities. And Gibbons has a hard time understanding that. Your second best RBI guy should not be batting second. There have been multiple occasions of this. Work with who you have. The Red Sox have found a way to win. And they were not suppose to be this good. Gibbons strength has always been pitching. So let’s let hitting coach make the batting decisions for a while.

        • The Red Sox have “found a way to win” by pitching well and scoring a shit tonne of runs. They have a team OBP of .351 going into yesterday. THAT is what creates RBI opportunities.

          Batting order doesn’t matter so much if there are a lot of low OBP and low power guys. It’s just rearranging deck chairs.

    • You are ridiculously stupid

  76. Why are constantly seeing Bautista batting 2nd. With all these stupid batting orders that they are using and trust me look back at them and you will have your reason why at times the jays can’t generate the runs necessary to win. Just take a look at Bautista and EE RBI totals and it tells all. Solo homers just won’t do it.

    • Jose has tied 4 games this season in the 9th with homers?
      Had he been batting cleanup, he likely wouldn’t have got to bed.
      I believe the idea is that you want your best hitters to get up as much as possible. I at least applaud Toronto’s staff for trying something different, and unorthodox to see if it works. Being a trend settee I guess…(see weighted ball program also.)

    • 2nd is generally where your best hitter should be. Bautista should stay at #2 all year.

    • You’re an idiot.

  77. Actual quote from Wilner..not joking.

    “Dickey was sensational in the five innings in which he held the Twins off the board”

  78. Wilner talked shit about Darvish. He had a 4.9WAR season last year and already has 3.0WAR this year. He’s a fucking idiot.

    Darvish is a huge bargain because you didn’t have to give up prospects to obtain him.

  79. It should be interesting to see if there are scouting philosophy shifts coming up. It definitely should be examined as transactions roll in.

    • They already let a few go I think about a month ago but since it was one of the larger scouting staffs in the majors, I think it was more cost cutting than anything else.

      • Even though their fate is decided he won’t make any decisions until after the next 7 games until the all star break

      • It was eight scouts let go.According to Law most. of them were very respected.Elliott says thay were let go because the new SD wants to put his own guys in place.

  80. Dear jesuscristo,
    Please go to the Orioles message board and stay there. I believe you will fit in beautifully. Your negativity and sarcasm is really starting to get to me.

  81. No game threat?

  82. JPA showing his leardership skills early

  83. can we hit balls harder right at people

  84. Man, im getting sick of seeing izturass in the lineup every day. It seems that every time we have risp this fuckhead is at the plate and he fails to bring them in 95% of the time.

    • Having said that, he still better than boni and jpa which is sad.

    • Hitting .318/.347 in the last 30 days.

      He’s playing way more to his true talent level.

      • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

        3 hits I believe yesterday, but let’s just ignore that as inconvenient. After all, he wasn’t able to bring himself in once.

  85. Sam Cosentino sure is selling me on never listening to his show.

  86. watching this lineup vs redmond really highlights how shitty dickey is

  87. ‘Bama Blast.

    Thanks Clete

    • They cut off the celebration dance with Cletus + Bautista but I swear it looked a tad hoedowny! Exciting!

  88. Love me some Cletus!

  89. Sweet Home Alabama

  90. bahaha…..Pat and Buck, you dummies. Cletus and Lind are most definitely not having “interesting conversation” or discussing weaknesses to be exploited.

    Theyre talking about how mad they are their ribstain camo shirts havent come in the mail yet

  91. Twins have a guy actually named Clete, haha, unfortunate

  92. Tabby is like my perv surrogate out there. Talking about how drenched in sweat the players are in their soaking uniforms…

  93. I think Reyes might have a parrot of his own hidden beneath his helmet. He certainly has to hold it on during his home run trot.

  94. Sweet, Rajai!


  96. I love rajai vs lefties.

  97. Rajai is playing well overall this year. Melky better watch out

    • Rajai is still shit vs righties like he always has been. Melky doesn’t need to worry much about his role.

  98. Good for redmond in line for the dubya

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