Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

Well here’s something that probably won’t turn into a regular feature, but that I’ll make to look like one anyway in order to keep from having it seem too terribly out of place: a collection of random thoughts on this weekend’s series with the Twins and whatever else was going on!

- A series win is a series win, and not half bad, even if it feels like they should have done better. If not for Dickey’s turd inning (see what I just did there?) on Saturday, and Chien-Ming Wang’s get-Doug-Fister-off-the-hook implosion, things might not be so bad right now. Treading water will do, I suppose, but the Jays would do well to find themselves another big streak to go on. Everything but the pitching seems primed for it, but… y’know… pitching.

- Seriously, the horrid Dickey starts really need to stop. But call me crazy, or a completely irrational apologist: I still think the best is yet to come. Yeah, Saturday was another blow-up, and yeah, this league is unforgiving on shitballers, but I still kinda believe in the velocity and the way the knuckler moved for most of the outing. I’m even willing to not lump this clusterfuck in with all the other clusterfucks we’ve seen from him so far, and look at this period of increased velocity as a fresh start. But holy fuck, it can’t keep happening. (Not that, y’know, there’s a choice but to keep running him out there for the next two-and-a-half years.)

- Credit where it’s due: Todd Redmond (it is Todd, right?) was much better than I expected. Lucky number 13! Can’t say I think it’ll last, but… shit, he’s already proved me wrong once this year. Go for two, Todd! (If that is your real name.)

- More credit where it’s due: forget all the hand-wringing, here and around the ol’ interweb, about which relievers could go to make room for Munenori Kawasaki to stick around the other week– the Jays look like they might have been on to something by keeping Juan Perez and Dustin McGowan around. For now, at least. After tiny samples of work. But still. It’s almost like they know more about these guys they work with day to day than we do.

- Uh… Jose Bautista may not be a very good baserunner. And that’s fine.

- Josh Roenicke, everybody! Remember when he and Zach Stewart were the keys to the Scott Rolen deal? Much better prospects than that throw-in scrub, whatshisname, eh?

- Edwin Encarnacion is going to the All-Star Game! So are Jose Bautista and Brett Cecil! And Steve Delabar is on the ballot for the Final Vote thingy! (And thanks to social media, MLB.com tells me, he’s got an early lead!) I’m not 12-years-old, so I couldn’t possibly care less, but that’s nice for them, provided they weren’t too keen on a little mid-season vacation.

- Is Munenori Kawasaki going to play second base regularly against right-handers until Brett Lawrie is back? Because that would be just peachy, thanks.

- I’d like to be a little more confident about the Jays hitters turning it around after yesterday, but… Scott Diamond and Anthony Swarzak. So… y’know…

- Dirk Hayhurst tweeted yesterday that Colby Rasmus is having pretty close to the same season at the plate as AL All-Star Adam Jones of Baltimore. Defensive metrics like him, so he’s actually well ahead of Jones when it comes to fWAR (3.0 to 1.6), and after a big Sunday, he now stands fifth among CFs in fWAR, and is the 27th most valuable position player overall. Still seems crazy to me.

- I guess at first I thought he would be too much of an avatar for his own bullshit Hall Of Fame case, but no, Jack Morris has been a real pleasant surprise on Jays broadcasts this year. (No, really, Twins fans, he has.)

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  1. Not sure why Jose was trying to steal third.

    • They were going for the double steal. He and EE have pulled it off a few times this year.. but yeah.. complete mental lapse taking off when he did.

    • Jose makes one bad decision and all of a sudden he’s a bad baserunner. Fuck, I’d say he’s the team’s SMARTEST baserunner, he’s always heads up and taking extra bases. Plus he’s got a great arm. And smashed HR’s like a champ. Fuck off already.

  2. One thing to keep an eye on this week.

    Phillie play the Nats for 4 games.

    A sweep (or 3 of 4) for Wash and hopefully RA Jr. will be open for business.

  3. Don’t we all wish that Jose is a very god baserunner.

  4. Totally agree on Jack Morris and glad it’s posted here. I was dreading him based on teh comments pre-season.
    But he has been really good to listen to. Not afraid to call players out a bit without being overly critical. Not afraid to poke fun at himself occasionally. And there is something to be said for a pitcher who played the game (very well) for almost 2 decades. He knows his shit.

    • One minor correction although I mostly agree..

      He played the game very well, but not for his whole career. Only when the score indicated to do so.

    • Agree on Jack. Completely different than Ashby. And a nice surprise.

      • I’m not a fan of the Jack but at least he doesn’t salivate over Lawrie’s athletic prowess. I’ll give him that. Thank you, Jack.

    • Yeah we’ve definitely been relatively spoiled over the years over the radio.

    • Agreed on Jack Morris – I was worried he’d sound like a lot of his HOF boosters, but he’s nothing of the sort. He shares a lot of good insights and knows how to present things to his audience. I thought I’d sorely miss Alan Ashby (who is great as well) but Morris has stepped in and done a great job

    • Morris has been alright, I don’t mind him on the broadcasts. He occasionally has the tendency to wander back onto his own career, projecting his own skills onto what he’d like to see from other players, but he’s made some good points.

    • Jack has had moments of idiocy, but overall he’s been very good. His banter with Jerry is great. The only time it’s a real disaster is when they do the Buck-Pat-Jack 3-man booth, which is just a total clusterfuck — and even then there was one point where the 3 of them were just bouncing old stories from their playing days around the booth, and that was fun listening. Certainly a pleasant surprise.

    • agree. Jack has been good.Either he improved a lot or the critcs had a grudge or a tin ear. He has given some interedting anecdotes from his palying time in Detroit

      • I think the dread we were all feeling had put the bar so low for him that even ol’ pitch-to-the-score Morris has managed to clear it.
        It’s not like he can pick anything up from his brilliant co-pilots, Tweedldee & Tweedledumbass

    • I prefer Jack to Ashby.

  5. The constant proclamations of not caring about the allstar game here at DJF and over at Getting Trouted are starting to wear me down

    • Ha Getting Trouted, I like it.

    • Sounds like some poor pleb’ here cares about the silly All-Star Game.

      • sort of odd that there was a big to do about miguel getting mvp and not trout, but no one cares about the all star game… certain accolades are cooler to get worked up about i suppose

      • It’s not the game per se. Although it is a little boring. It’s the horseshit and hype that surrounds it that I detest. Oh, and also that it takes for fucking ever to get through it.

        • And….real baseball is gone for a week. That pisse me more than anything. Does that mean I have to listen to fukin Hockey central and hockey minutiae for a full fukin week>?

    • The game and the HR derby are so painfully slow and so painfully meaningless.

    • I agree Briano.The preteniousness of some people, over the fans having a bit of fun watching the AS game is ridiculous.
      The hype bother them?The conversation about the game bother them?
      Then they should ignore it. It’s not their cup of tea.
      It’s a fun thing. The critics should get over it ( and themselves).

  6. I feel like Colby’s been rather quietly having a pretty good year so far, and no one’s really noticed. Mind you, no one’s really been shitting on him either, so I guess it’s somewhat of a victory.

    • pre season we had to beat off the Gose lovers with a stick…..it was like Colby was the weak link (Lind may have gotten more there) but now that he is playing well, and really has been doing well since the end of April, it all goes away.

      we should shit on everyone preseason….it seems to work.

      • DFA Cecil! play Gose! Lind sucks! Its almost like we’re not that great at evaluating talent before any games start.

  7. “Is Munenori Kawasaki going to play second base regularly against right-handers until Brett Lawrie is back? Because that would be just peachy, thanks.”

    Yes please. There is no reason for Bonifacio to start at 2B. If you want him in the lineup so badly, let it be in LF vs. a RHP to give Rajai a blow. Izturis/Reyes/Kawasaki vs. RHP, and DeRosa/Reyes/Izturis vs. LHP.

    And Todd Redmond still sucks. BABIP won’t be so kind next time out. I don’t want to see the team considering him for a start after the ASG, but using him two days before the break when you can empty the bullpen anyway at the first sign of trouble aint too bad.

  8. More credit where it is due: Rajai Davis: could you ask much more out of your 4th OF?

    • Guy cant hit righties at all. Against lefties, cant ask for more though.

      • He’s picked it up a bit vs RHP…..267 BA
        Over at BSBLL REF it’s broken down into RH starters
        and against them he’s got a .234
        But compare that to some others.

    • I want Rajai to be better than he is, so fucking much. He’s got the speed of a superstar, and if he could ever figure out how to get on base more often (not to mention the righties thing), look out.

      • Rajai has hit over .270 3 times in his career.
        One year he went .305

        • I know, but he couldn’t do it consistently. It’s always been in little spurts. The problem is he’s 32 so he’s not going to be any more than what he is now, but man he is blessed with some kind of speed. For whatever reason he just never put it all together, but when he gets on these hot streaks I watch him and wonder what kind of player he could have been if he had some consistency.

          • IMHO, It’s a glass half empty thing. He needs the work to get better and right now he’s getting it and has improved; including hitting righties. I think platooning him against lefties was a good idea because it gave him confidence and now that Melky’s away he’s doing better against both. I dont think it’s a stretch to say his fielding has improved too.

    • .300 BA AND I steal bases at will.

  9. Colby has been really good this year other than april. I dont mind the strikeouts that much as long as jpa is not playing or on the team for that matter(fingers crossed!). Plays
    good d also. Never understood the love for gose. Dude cant hit, strikes out a ton like colby
    and d is not that much better. Lastly, redmond sucks and has business starting against a quality offense like bal.

    • Have you seen Gose play? If he could put the hit tool together he would be so much fun to watch.

      • To put it another way: if Colby isn’t hitting (and you gave up on it coming back), then Gose is in many ways a more electric/exciting player to watch because of his speed and arm.

        (Granted Colby does seem to run the bases well and quietly play very solid D)

        • I think it’s possible to like both. I wish Mottola would take a week and go to Buffalo to work on Gose and possibly get him up to .250

  10. If someone told me before the season started that the bullpen would be lights out and that Lind and Rasmus would hit and the Jays would still be in last place and below 500 I would have been like HOW!!?!

  11. At the All Star break I meant to say

  12. Colby has been very pleasant surprise this year. And it’s not like he’s even having a career year so far. When you break down his WAR, his wRC+is 118, his UZR is 8.8, and Baserunning component is 0.6. He has always been an above average baserunner, even though he doesn’t steal bags. Advanced stats can’t make up their mind on how good he is defensively though. He oscillates between good years and bad so the truth is he’s probably average or a little better than average. His hitting might be slightly BABIP-driven (it’s .326) but that’s not completely out of line with expectations.

    Overall, you have a guy that’s probably above league average in every aspect of the game and he’s entering his prime. He’s not the superstar that some people hoped for, but this is the kind of player you need on your team to support the superstars. I hope AA gets a contract extension done to lock him up for his prime production years.

    • “Advanced stats can’t make up their mind on how good he is defensively though. He oscillates between good years and bad so the truth is he’s probably average or a little better than average”

      Fielding stats generally need multiple seasons to paint any sort of reliable picture of the player so, yeah, average them out and see what you get.

    • I have no problem with “locking him up,” but it would be much preferable for it to be on a Lind-esque deal: 2 years $18 guaranteed with two or three options, totally maybe 5 years $55, something like that? Seems like a lot of money, but CF are not easy to come by and, sadly, Gose clearly sucks and Marisnick plays for the Marlins . . .

      • If he keeps it up 5/55 is going to be light considering the FA years being bought. He maintains his pace and he’s a 5 win player that’s going to command something close to Adam Jones’ 6/86 deal. Jones and Michael Bourn are making around $13-$16 million for each of their FA years.

      • I think he has 1 year left of arbitration. So an AA-special where he buys out the last year of arbitration, plus 2 guaranteed years, and then 1 or 2 team option years would be great. I have no idea what to expect on the value of that deal, but one would think Colby isn’t the personality that would want to go to full on free agency. If he’s comfortable in Toronto, maybe he would sign a team friendly deal.

    • I personally dont think he is in line for a decrease in BABIP as he swing for hard contact (hence all the k’s) and so it should be expected that he has a high average on balls in play due to the high number of line drives and hard hit balls

      • what is his career BABIP? I doubt it is .326. it is very likely to come down….

        • His last couple of years were horrible, BABIP-wise. I think a reasonable BABIP for forecasting might be 0.290 or something like that.

    • yeah, he is an average CF. empirical evidence supports this. he makes some plays but also gets bad jumps and takes bad routes sometimes (also drops fly balls sometimes…should put some stick ‘em in his glove lol.

      • What “empirical evidence”?

        • actually watching him play CF. too many instances to count of bad jumps/reads, bad routes, dropped balls. he is a pretty average CF. which is ok. he is not a star, but he isn’t hurting us either.

          • He has great reads. I’m not a huge fan but he is an above average CF. pPease name 12 CF’s that play better d.

          • You’re fucking crazy, Colby gets the best reads and jumps of any Jays OF since Devo. I don’t know how anyone can complain about his defense.

  13. Wish a few guys on this team would take the All-Star Break to think about smarter baserunning. These last few games have been as bad on the basepaths as when fuckwad Farrell was here.

  14. When you compare Saturday to Dickey’s other stinkers, it really wasn’t awful. Not that he was throwing a gem, but it wasn’t bad. And how different does that game, and Dickey’s start, look if the Jays get to Mike fucking Pelfrey in that first inning?

    I think this team can finish the first half at or over .500. It’s doable. The Indians are a decent team but those games should be winnable (though Johnson’s game makes me nervous), and I think (hope) that the Jays have shown themselves that they can play with and beat Baltimore when they swept them away. Maybe I’m giving myself a false sense of hope here, but I don’t see why they can’t break even by Sunday, at the very least.

    • In watching the game,Dickey’s knuckler started to rotate in the third inning.

    • well, the Thole PB cost him 3 runs. His outting looks a lot different if Thole didn’t miss that one.

      • Precisely!
        I mentioned that in an earlier post as well. If thole doesn’t fuck the ball he gives up zero that inning and 3ER for the game.
        THe first run allowed was unearned until carroll hit the double then it became earned as did the other 2. All year, and I have posted on this, our D has added to our pitcher’s ERAs. I’ll leave it to the math wizzes to conjure up how bad it has hurt, but that was a good example, Boni fuckups alone are killing us, never mind the othr guys

    • the HR he gave up…I dont think it was a knuckler…slider maybe??

      • No, considering he doesnt throw a slider. It was an 84mph ‘fast’ball down the middle

        • I thought it looked inner half and had a bit of movement. yeah, it must’ve been a fastball though. not sure what he was thinking there…big brain cramp.

  15. Dickey’s start against the Twins wasn’t that bad until he grooved an 84 mph FASTBALL straight down the dick, which turned into a 3 run HR for Dozier. Why he’s throwing a fastball 1-1 I have no clue.

    • ya, his sneak a fastball by the batter trick doesn’t seem to be working that well this season. He doesn’t seem to control it well enough to get away with the cases in which the batter picks it up. An 84mph fastball over the heart of the plate is just too damn easy for any major league hitter.

  16. Also Stoeten, go get Griff’s bag. It’s a doozy.

  17. it is really our starting pitching and D that has been killing us this year. we have a couple of black holes in the lineup, but then again most teams do.

  18. Hey Stoeten:
    When are you stealing that new Griffbag??

  19. Ashby >>> Morris. there was no hope that Morris could fill his shoes though.

  20. Ashby is one of the smartest/best commentators I’ve ever heard. sucks that we lost him.

  21. Thanks Stoeten, for not mentioning my shitting OBP and 101K’s

    I’m gonna talk to Bob Bannerman about getting you a Chrysler!

  22. Would anyone here not do Gose for Daniel murphy if the trade presented itself?

  23. Cleveland Indians announcer Tom Hamilton continues to shit all over the Blue Jays, even when the Jays aren’t even around. In recent weeks I’ve heard him refer to the Jays in every negative way possible. Saturday, he went off on Colby Rasmus. Calling Rasmus slide into Omar Infante “dirty” and saying Tiger players were livid and were promising revenge against the Blue Jays, probably as early as next spring in Florida. I have seen video of Rasmus slide, and all I can say is “bullshit” At the end of 1987 when Bill Madlock (who was ironically, playing for the Tigers) took out Tony Fernandez and ended his season with a broken elbow, the Blue Jays were referred to as “crybabies” for lamenting Madlocks slide. Nevermind Fernandez was one of their two best players. We were told this was good old fashioned hard-nosed baseball, that it was the breaks of the game and we had no excuses, so just live with it. Madlock retired after 1987, so the Jays never had a chance to drill him. Oh, they could have in that late 1987 showdown, but they couldn’t take the chance of a home run being hit in back of him or it starting a big rally. No, Madlock never had the balls to face the Jays again. So if the idiots out there want an apology for Rasmus slide, they can go fuck themselves. It was nothing more than good old fashioned hard nosed baseball. They said so themselves, 26 years ago.

    For anyone who can research Hamilton’s comments, he made the bulk of them in the top of the 7th inning Saturday. I can’t wait to play the Tribe this week. I hope we shove a bat up their ass so I can listen to Hamilton cry.

  24. I had some pretty sweet seats for the game Sunday, but what is it with people getting up in the middle of the action to take a piss, grope a stranger or whatever? Used to be the ushers wouldn’t let people return until there was a break in play but people are running up and down the aisle the whole game. Numbers are up, so I guess the dumb quotient goes up too.

    • …uh I would hazard a guess and surmise that maybe they needed to use the washroom…

      • Yes, good for you!
        But when they return it would be common courtesy for them to wait til a break in play.

  25. BTW, I’m patiently waiting for “Doug Fister” “Gets Fisted” on the next Buck Martinez soundboard…

  26. Seems like those announcers in Cleveland are real losers. I wonder if they ever even played the game for FFS. Yes Rasmus’s slide was a bit late but it was a long way from dirty. Guys get taken out like that a fair bit. In another conversation even Leyland alluded to the fact that the SS was a little slow in getting the ball to the 2B

  27. But it sounds like a particular hate-on for the Jays. Jim in Ohio has brought it up before with this guy. Of course it’s classless but I dont know why some of these guys cant aspire to higher standards. I have fond memories of listening to Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth from years ago. I doubt seriously if anyone in Cleveland will ever remember this Hamilton loser a week after the season ends.

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