It’s really surprising how much the Jays could be making off of player t-shirts, but maybe it’s a good thing that they are left in the fans’ hands, because some of these are gold. Ever since the debut of TWIJM a couple weeks ago, y’all have been sending us links a ton of shirts. It also helps that the Blue Jays subreddit is a goldmine for these types of things (amongst actual good baseball discussion). Here are the ones that myself, Stoeten and Zubes have found to be the best. As usual, if you see any cool Jays merch, send it to me on Twitter.

JAYS WIN! shirt: My favorite so far. This is from the same guy who made the Kawasaki shirts. Also good that he left out the face of the 3rd outfielder, because that carousel wouldn’t make for a consistent shirt.

ON BASE MACHINES – PINK: You’ve definitely seen this here at DJF from time to time, and the dude who created the image now has it in t-shirt form. I would definitely buy this shirt if I was still in my Cam’Ron all-pink everything phase from 2004.

Brett Cecil Goggle Shirt: No words.

And lastly, my own humble creation, the Two Wolf Colby moon shirt. It’s too exclusive to put up for sale… that, or my design got rejected for having too many colors. One of these days, this will come to fruition.

As usual, send your Jays designs my way, and I’ll put ‘em up in the next instalment.

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  1. Hoping for a Colby/Bob Bannerman Chrysler shirt next week. These are gold.

  2. Shame about that last one…i’d probably buy it, wear it, love it.

    • The Colby shirt you’re calling the “Two wolf shirt” should be called the “Howl at the moon” shirt. Just sayin’.

  3. I still want a Edwin Parrot shirt. Missed out on it last time. :’(

    • I ordered two shirts, they should arrive any day now… and I found out my buddy also ordered a shirt.

      What would it be worth to you to take one off my hands?

  4. OMFG that Colby Wolf shirt is the greatest.

  5. it’s kind of awesome all of the best players on the jays this year are guys that in years past people would have killed to ship out of town for free… maybe thats why jpa doesn’t care about the negative stuff.

  6. Wow, those are cool. I think I have to grab the Jose/DFA shirts in blue. Still kicking myself for missing out on the Edwin shirt.

  7. OMG that Colby shirt. Yes please.

  8. Can you please make that Two Wolf shirt with the cornrows version of Colby?

  9. Can we get a Mellon Colby and the Infinite Rasmus shirt?

  10. Shouldn’t I get the wolf shirt treatment first?

  11. If you could produce the Wolf shirt and sell it in Giant Tigers across the province it would sell like hotcakes. At least in the Niagara Region anyway. Skids love wolves and Rasmus is pretty skidly (looking anyway). Go Jays Woooo…

  12. * Due to an affiliation with Bob Bannerman Chrysler all likenesses to myself must include Bob’s Chrysler dealership logo *

  13. We can’t be too far away from Keyboard Colby at this point. Can we?

  14. Heads up: The DFA /Jose shirts won’t be printed unless 30 get ordered. I noticed the clock is ticking. Only 6 hours to go and still only 24 ordered. So if you were thinking of getting one, get on it. Or nobody gets one of these works of Art!

  15. The Colby Wolf shirts needs that picture of him with the hair cape.

  16. I’m not seeing anything for the female fan: size, cut or design wise. Can somebody get on that?

  17. Thanks everyone who ordered a DFA shirt! We hit the goal for both the blue one and the pink one!


  19. I’m willing to pay anything for that colby wolf shirt. Please let me know if I can find it anywhere or buy it from you

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