I can’t blame Jays CEO Paul Beeston for doing his best to shine up the turd of a season his club has turned in so far this year, nor would I ever expect him to publicly regret the team’s big off-season wheelings and/or dealings– which is exactly what he did and didn’t do on an appearance this morning on Jeff Blair’s show on the Fan 590.

Slightly less expected– I say slightly (it is Beeston, after all)– was him laying down the pointless crazysauce quote of the year. Here it is, as reported by Ben Nicholson-Smith over at Sportsnet.

Beeston says it’s just a matter of time before the Blue Jays’ plan works and the losses turn to wins.

“If we don’t win this year, we win next year,” Beeston said. “ If we don’t win next year, we win the year after.”

No, really. He said that. Though… if the photo above, which comes by way of the St. Catharines Standard, gives us any kind of window into his mindset, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by the comment, or… y’know… if we one day hear that he spends most of his free time in a dirt floor basement ravenously gnawing on bugs and chicken bones.

And the picture isn’t even the crazies thing about that article! Two comments in– on a piece about baseball man Paul Beeston and his Welland, Ontario, roots–  reader “Ryan” hits us with this non sequitur of a full-on fucking cranial meltdown:

well ive lived here for a year now and i think it sucks there is to many old people that cant drive and the speed limit is like 40 again the older people do 30 and for some reason the people driving stop at every train track in the city and the 406 all you have to do is go to the mall get a blue light put it on your hood and you can drive on the schoulder cross yellow lines and ya those stupid train tracks that make all the buses stop is dumb the bus is empty the cab behind him is driving 5 kids to school but he goes right through the lights school guards that can barley make it across the road are being trusted to help the kids and older people crossing the street well there my opinion on welland after 1 yr


Maybe check your water supply, St. Catharines. I’m sure that’s a real pain in the ass of a task, but if it’s any consolation, you’ll at least have some winning baseball to watch when you’re done. Y’know, one of these years. Paul Beeston said so!

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  1. I hear that Beeston is rumored to play The Penguin in the next Batman movie…

  2. Hey, if RA Dickey is mediocre this year, he will be great next year or the year after that! Ditto Brandon Morrow! And Brett Lawrie! And Josh Jo-oh, well, maybe he won’t be around, but J.A. Happ will be back!

    • Brandon Morrow was playing through injury you nitwit.

      • So what’s his excuse for sucking in every other year of his career except 2012 then? The high hopes for the Blue Jays hinged on a lot of players repeating or at least approximating their career years, which doesn’t happen that often. That’s why they’re called career years.

      • So? If he’s so hurt that it so dramatically alters his performance level and played anyways then either he or the team (or both) are idiots. Neither he nor the team should get a pass if he played that hurt.

  3. I didn’t really understand what he was saying either. Is the only explanation for what he meant that they plan to keep adding talent and dollars to the team in the next two offseasons?

    • … because, as others point out, this does not look like a pitching staff that can be good enough any time soon.

      • Ridiculous.

        Which others? I want to call them ridiculous too.

        • Maybe “good enough” was the wrong word. But like others in this thread (like the one above me)… are you confident in a Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Happ rotation?

          • Not right this second, but there’s enough track record there I think that it’s reasonable that these guys (Dickey and Morrow in particular) can recover from their turd seasons to turn in decent seasons in the near future ala the BoSox rotation from 2012 vs. the rotation in 2013.

            • Brumfield – You are calling Morrow’s 21 starts in 2012 a track record? Aside from 2012, his ERA since the beginning of 2010 is 4.76.

        • Wrong string Stoeten?

  4. Beeston is so full of shit.I dont beleive one word that man says. We’ll be talking about installing grass for a decade under his watch.

    • Mark my word. There will be grass on the field in 2014. After Melky’s injury there will be. Plus, Dickey’s woes may be partially attributable to the lack of humidity coming off the grass.

      Argoes can easily be moved to Varsity Stadium on very short notice. Seriously, Hamilton Ticats moved to Guelph for a season. Agreement wasn’t reached till November 2012.

      There will be grass in 2014 or my name isn’t LotLizard.

      • you are the lizard king. and I hope you’re right.

      • ….Lawrie will be on the disabled list again for hitting himself in the crotch when he slams his batting helmet….

      • You realize 2014 is next year, right?

        • Yes, I realize next year is 2014, I have a Calander, you know!

          I honestly think that the Argoes will be way less of a barrier than many people think. After Melky’s injury I seriously think the Beest will reconsider. They’ve done so many improvements that I scoff at the fact that they’d not do the grass just to save the Argoes feelings. And honestly, Varsity stadium is perfect for them.

          • If it was that easy, why wouldn’t it have been done already?

            Plus, they already have the Argos scheduled until November, the Bills in early December, and Disney On Ice booked for around Christmas/New Years. Hard to imagine they could get the project done so quickly.

            • God damnit, I forgot about the Bills!

              But seriously, I sincerely believe that the Argos will benefit from a move from the Rogers center. Move them to varsity stadium. Seriously you guys!

              Unlike some of the commentators here, I don’t hate the Argos. Yes, I see them as a nusinance from a BJ grass perspective, but I like CFL. but seriously, look how well the Alouettes did when they moved from Olympic Stadium to a smaller venue. The Rogers Center is too cavernous for the Argos.

              And, fuck Disney on ice. Its probably super lame and won’t sell out. Move it to somewhere else.

          • No ‘e’ in Argos

      • I hope you’re right about grass on the field next season as there’s no fuckin way that the Jays should be tiptoeing around any potential issues with the Argo’s. Get the Argos outta there ASAP – no need to be polite, no need to be overly respectful of the Argo’s “tradition/history” or worry about optics or a public backlash (nobody cares about the fuckin 8 team CFL) The Jays are a big revenue professional sports organization with international reach while the Argo’s are more like a corner lemonade stand run by 10 year olds. Nobody except TSN and Rob Ford truly takes them seriously as a professional sports entity. Bottom line is, nobody gives a fuck about the Argos while millions of revenue-generating people DO give a massive fuck about the Jays. Money talks, the Jays are a bigtime and them and their fans deserve the best possible playing surface/stadium experience achievable at the dome. Conversely, the Argos should be thankful that they even still exist. After the Argo’s are kicked out, they’ll find a way to survive – maybe they can share the field in Guelph with the Ticats (that would be classic CFL) or go play in some back alley in Etobicoke. Go Jays, fuck the Argos/CFL!

        • agreed.

          • @The Argo’s Can Suck A Huge Cock

            Fuck off and learn some respect.

            • Sorry if you were offended, but sometimes the truth hurts. Its pretty fuckin hard to take an 8 team league full of seventh-string NFL wannabes, Division I rejects and part-time Subway/call center employees (true story BTW) very seriously. Why is it you feel the Argo’s deserve or are entitled to my respect? They’ve done nothing for me and mean nothing to me or anyone I have ever known for that matter. I’ve never been or intend to willingly go to an Argos game (although I know there’s always tons of cheap/free tickets available!)

              The biggest allure of PRO sports is being able to observe and appreciate skill and competition at the HIGHEST level. When it comes to baseball, as an MLB franchise, the Jays compete at the HIGHEST level on the planet – that’s what drives widespread/passionate fan interest, ratings, revenues, crazy high salaries etc. Even if the Jays are not playing well, there’s still a base-level of interest and respect that exists for them due to the fact that everyone knows that they’re competing on the biggest stage against the best competition in the world The Argo’s would be hard pressed to compete with the vast majority of NCAADiv I college teams.

              MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, European Soccer Leagues = The Beatles, Stones, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Beethoven, Hendrix, etc.

              Venezuelan Baseball League, CFL, Arena Football League, NBDL, ECHL, MLS = shitty cover band from Whitby playing “Mustang Sally” at the dive bar around the corner (you know the band, the one that invites the drunk, loud, chain smoking 60 year-old woman to come on stage to contribute vocals on “Mustang Sally”)

              • Unlike most of the other people who think the same way, you choose to voice your opinion in a puerile offensive attack on the Argonauts and the CFL in general.
                Besides occupying space in Rogers Centre, what did they ever do to you?
                You may think the Argos, who’ve been there since 1873 dont deserve your
                respect but there are people who do and we don’t appreciate that.

                I’d like to see the Jays play on real turf too and I’d be surprised if the Argos weren’t
                actively searching for a new venue. But why would you think that such a vile
                diatribe would get them out any quicker? Or were you looking for more friends?

              • Great rant.

        • There is one possible glaring issue with what you are saying about this whole “who cares about the argos” shit… its called a contract. I have no idea when it is up, but if they are under contract, they can’t just kick them out. Plus, Rogers definitely cares about the Argos to a certain extent, it generates revenue! That’s what businesses do, generate revenue.

          • If you read my comment, you’d see that I acknowledged the fact that the Argo’s do generate revenue – about as much as a couple of ten year-old girls running a lemonade stand. I’m pretty sure the standard CFL signing bonus is still a coupon for a free medium sized coffee from Tims. Maybe they’ll upgrade to a large size sometime soon if their revenues can justify it.

    • Serious question: what is he full of shit about exactly? Seems pretty candid to me.

    • We’ll get grass the next time he wears socks….

  5. Yeah Stoeten. i don’t see the quote as “pointless crazysauce “.
    I see it as a commitment to improving.
    Some of the changes in the team have worked, some haven’t.
    Everything can look good on paper but don’t come to fruition.
    Then you tinker.
    On paper, the jays were picked as a favorite to go to the WS.
    If they don’t, Beeston is prepared to make the adjustments.
    That’s a good thing.

    • I agree with this.

    • I also, agree with this.

    • How’s that Kool-Aid tasting, guys?

      • Says the guy who was giddy about the offseason improvements.
        Sorry they didn’t all work out as expected.
        I’ll steal your own saying.

        “but I want my championship now!”

        Thought you’d believe in what you’ve been preaching from the beginning of the year.
        “baseball is hard”
        That’s what you believe?Right?
        Beeston has followed through with what he’s said.
        I think you should check what’s in your glass,before you guess what’s in everybody else’s.
        Your sarcasm’s a bit off today.
        Try harder.

        • Way to extrapolate a phony position for me from absolutely nothing.

          Hey, kind of like you extrapolated what you wanted to hear from Beeston’s comment.

          Did I say word one about disliking any of the moves? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??????

          I’m simply pointing out that it’s a joke that Beeston bothers to insist he can see the future. I’m not disagreeing that the moves haven’t worked out well or that tinkering is bad– of course, he didn’t say that, you made it up, but… whatever.

          You really, really, seriously, MUST stop making up thoughts, putting them in other people’s heads, and then dumbly arguing against them. As usual, you are beyond fucking clueless. I’d feel bad about shitting on you for this if you didn’t do it constantly, after my numerous pleas that you not be a fucking moron. Please, the next time you want to comment on something, take a goddamn second and think about whether what you’re responding to is something that exists in reality, or if you’re just talking out your ass on someone else’s behalf.

        • +1.


          • Stop +1′ing fucking idiocy just because it’s adversarial to me, thanks. You have a brain, use it.

      • So Stoeten, you’re ok with AA but not with Beeston? I’m not one to accuse anyone of red mouth, but I think those two serve from the same punch bowl at the current moment.

        OH YEAH!

      • They go all in, to the surprise of everybody, and 6 months later you’re accusing people of drinking the kool-aid?

        I think it’s fair to say that management has shown that they’re committing to winning.

    • Agreed.

      they’re taking steps in the right direction, though this year seemed more like a stumble.

      A starting rotation largely has to be built organically due to cost considerations. The kids will start trickling in soon enough to fill out the rotation.

  6. The crazies in St. Catherines don’t put fluoride in the water supply because of all kinds of stupid, or patently false, beliefs, like that it was the Nazis who first conceived of fluorinated water as a way to “brainwash” people. I shit you not.


  8. As a summer student working on a watermain replacement in St. Catherine’s, the “check your water” line may not be as far fetched as intended…

    • Your butchering of the name of the city might be a sign you are getting too close to your work.

  9. i know this is “literally” what beeston said on Blair’s show this morning, but i heard the interview and I got the feeling what he actually MEANT was that we are going to be competitive and TRYING to win the world series next year and 2 years from now.. i guess im cutting him some slack.

  10. Seems that the core of this team is signed for the next year or two. So if they were “good enough to win” this season, it stands to reason – that with a titch of tinkering – they oughta be good enough to win next season.
    Seriously, WTF else is gonna say? “Well, fuck it….if we can’t win it this year with this lineup – we might as well line everybody up and shoot ‘em, because we’re never winning it.”

    • I agree the core of the team is solid and signed, but we do have holes in the lineup and starting rotation. We’ve have to play .627 ball to 90 games this year. No team in the majors is playing that well up to this point.
      We don’t much to trade with, so we’d have to spent cash on free agents to fill up the holes and rotation.
      We can’t depend on Happ, Morrow and the other injured starters because they’ve never survived a full season.

      • No shit

      • Agreed we can’t depend on Morrow, but Happ has previously survived a couple full seasons (including last year, albeit removed for a time from the rotation).

        Also, I feel that 1 of 3 Drabek, Hutchinson or Romero will survive. My money is on Hutch or Romero as Drabek is a shitballer with daddy issues (I base that purely on the fact that his dad played in MLB).

        So ya, Happ isn’t half bad. You know what you gonna get from him.

        • Romero? There’s almost no hope for him. Jays just keeping him around because of that damn contract he has. Too much money to dump. I just posted this on an earlier message:
          For all you Romero fans hoping for a September call up. At AAA Buffalo, Romero has started 11 games, averaged less than 5 innings and has a 6.62 era. He has not won a game yet. I think the Jays are on the hook for $7m for each of the next 3 years, and if not mistaken he gets a huge raise in 2016.
          I also believe that Romero had shoulder problems shortly after he signed out of college. So there is a history of arm problems.

          • *sigh* pitcher wins? Really? Because he causes all that run support to evaporate on his own, right?

            • Danny you idiot, I think the fact that he has a 6.62 ERA in AAA was more the point he was trying to make. Romero will probably never be a successful (i.e. league average) starter again.

          • I would guess that last year you would’ve written off Lind, due to his shitty numbers too? How about McGowan? A guy goes through a rough patch, and he’s done? Sure they may have dumped him if he didn’t have the big contract, but that doesn’t mean he’s done. The guy had great stuff, he can get it back. His issues seem to be mental rather than physical.

            • Bro – guess what, Rick Ankiel had great stuff too. So did Steve Blass. Chuck Knoblauch used to be able to throw the ball to first. History has shown us that the mental blocks that cause these things are much harder to come back from than a physical injury.

              And if you’re counting on McGowan for anything more than some nice feelings from his story of redemption and perseverance, you’re a complete moron. The guy’s pitched 30.1 innings in the last 5 years for fuck’s sake.

    • @ fastball, that would be the best quote ever. ‘might as well line em up and shoot em, cause we’re never winning” that made me laugh.

      • Thank you. I’m here all week. Try the borscht.
        Just sayin’, what else is he gonna say…considering Mr. Murphy once again has taken a gigantic crap on the team’s health all season?

  11. Not sure if it’s that crazy. Just means that, at least while he’s still GM, the team is looking to win now, and not a return to small-time build from within stuff. That’s good.

    The Jays are now pulling some of the best crowds in MLB, and their TV ratings remain excellent – and the envy of other teams who don’t have national appeal but must rely on regional loyalty. The recipe is there for the Jays to be a perennial contender (once, you know, they master that trick of actually contending at all). I think that’s probably what he means by ‘if we don’t win this year, then next’. In essence it means … there’s no need for a Houston or Florida style firesale in Toronto, because the economics mean you can always look to build a decent team for next year. The Jays can play the economics of Yankee style baseball if they’re lucky.

    • Agreed. I don’t know what the impact is on the bottom line, but ratings and attendence is way up. I know so many pppl who haven’t been to a Jays game ever or in a decade who now go. I think the Beest and AA have proved that fan interest is there if you spend money.

    • @Ben


      The Jays have built a window to compete 2013-2015.

  12. damn that’s one ugly mother fucker

  13. Quasi-related, but is Sam Cosentino actually this fucking stupid or did someone at Rogers tell him to stir the pot with Hayhurst by saying the silliest things imaginable?

    • He’s that fucking stupid.
      Doesn’t really get it.
      Today was a gold star for his stupidity.
      You couldn’t make this shit up.

      • What happened?

      • Agree totally.

        Also, someone needs to tell him to quit yelling. Making silly arguments while shouting only makes it worse.

        • Totally disagree.

          He had some good points on players paying homage to etiquette, attire, self entitlement and team respect.

          Plus, isn’t that what good sports talk is about, stirring the pot and getting heated conversation?

          Good on Coz.

          • I don’t remember him shouting.

            He was passionate about his points.

            Hey, he has us talking right?

            The other chumps like Lott are like watching peat moss grow on Peskies Pole.

            This is good shit.

    • +1. He’s whiny. He was ranting for the Jays hiding from him in back rooms in the clubhouse.

  14. Wait til’ next year…or the year after…or two years from now…

    • About 15 other teams are saying that right about now.
      29 teams say that EVERY year.
      At least the Jays seem to have a decent chance with a couple of health breaks on their roster. No one needs to have a super-breakout year. Just have an average year…and things should be OK.

  15. Well, as the old saying goes, if you are 5 honey at the Ego Break, than you still have a chance.

    And, we have shown we can string 11 in a row together.

  16. Go Jays. Fuck the whiners and crybabies. Baseball is hard. Baseball is fun to watch. Have a drink and calm the fuck down. Or have you not enjoyed watching baseball the last 20 years?

    And whoever replies with ‘that’s whats wrong with our club, we’re satisfied with mediocrity’

    Here’s a preemptive FUCK YOU

  17. Welland is not St. Catharines, Stoeten. St. Catharines has it’s, uh…issues, but even we hold the right to make fun of Wellanders. Those cigarette-smokin’, Metallica-lovin’, Blue Ribbon-drinkin’, front lawn-sittin’, mullet-rockin’ are the ones with the tainted water supply.

    Just saying.

  18. “Those cigarette-smokin’, Metallica-lovin’, Blue Ribbon-drinkin’, front lawn-sittin’, mullet-rockin’ are the ones with the tainted water supply.’ Are you talking about ‘Murcans?

  19. I didn’t know Welland was known as the “Rose City”. Is that where the expression “Someone dropped a rose…” comes from?

  20. I agree with Radar that this comment really isn’t that crazy

    • Thanks for comment.
      I see others agree also.
      Beeston’s a smart guy.He says what he says for a purpose.As the Jays President during the glory years and MLB’s President and COO for 6 years, he has a unique pedigree to get things done.He’s no doubt has Rogers support or he wouldn’t be here.He doesn’t need the job or the aggrevation.
      Even from a business standpoint, the success of the Jays,produces content across 5 platforms for Rogers.And 100′s of millions in revenue.
      IMHO,he has incorporated a business plan to succeed for the beginning.I am speculating, but from the hiring of Cito, to the hiring of a rookie AA,to playing vetrans to gain prospects,to waiting for the right opportunity to raise payroll,he has used his knowledge to try to improve the team.
      MLB even changed the rules because he and AA “gamed” the system too much.

      • @RADAR.

        I agree. It looks like Rogers has decided to spend 100-125 million per year for the next couple of years.

        Obviously, we all expected better results,but the team has shown signs of being able to compete.

        The attendance has been very good despite being a last place team. There i hope for better days ahead.

      • I was surprised that someone with the soulful, sartorial elegance of Stoeten would stoop to belittle The Beest’s looks, but the photo and the comment did allow for a bracing bunch of pithy posts on Welland, ‘Mericans, fluoride, the Argos and even Sam Cosentino. Go figure. It’s all good.

        And then came the “crazysauce quote of the year.”

        Beeston says it’s just a matter of time before the Blue Jays’ plan works and the losses turn to wins.
        “If we don’t win this year, we win next year,” Beeston said. “ If we don’t win next year, we win the year after.”

        Now I also suspect that Beeston can’t actually ‘see the future,’ although I didn’t get that he actually ‘insisted’ that he did. A man who gives himself a 3 year window for his prophecy to come to pass is obviously hedging his bets to a degree.

        However, I’m willing to go out on a limb and guess that he knows a fuck of a lot more than I do about the hopes, dreams and intentions of the owners and management over the next few years, and because of that I was heartened by his prediction. It’s exactly what I want to hear, music to my ears. I’m also willing to wait and see what happens at the trade deadline, and then again in the off-season. That’s when we’ll start to see whether Beeston’s “crazysauce quote” was just so many empty words and promises, or perhaps an honourable man’s laying down of the gauntlet to the rest of the league.
        Either way, I enjoy watching baseball.

        • Forgive me for actually looking at Beeston’s words and not concocting a fantasy of what I wanted to hear.

          Jesus christ, you people.

  21. at the end on april jays were 10 games back allstar break coming up 10 games back. Still early andrew.

  22. What Paul was saying is this: We finally started to try to win now. We made some moves and it didn’t workout yet. Hey, it might never with this group BUT IF NOT, WE WILL KEEP TRYING UNTIL IT DOES. To me, it’s not BS. It took five or six years in the late 80s/early 90s to take the team to the WS. We had great homegrown talent and much of that was the pipeline to the DR. But, Gillick had to learn how to put the finishing touches on the team. We struggled putting that sucker together many a season. But you know what? The owners said fuck it, lets buy it. This year marked the first time since that time in my memory when the owners of the team said fuck it, were spending and we are going to win now, or next year, or the next…in other words, we WILL NOT BE DENIED! Paul is simply saying the owners are going to win and they’ll make the appropriate changes, just as Gillick did to make that happen. It’s all good.

    • I agree. And Beeston just sounds like a salesman with a hangover.

      • +1. But Beeston’s plan puts fans in the seat. Ratings are OK, but could spike if the team competes.

        They are building a new fan base. I work downtown & see tons of people wearing Jays merchandise.
        I realize that the revenue from merchandise is split 30 ways, but I assume if you are willing to buy Jays gear, you must follow the team on TV or buying tickets to the game.

    • He did not use the word try. That’s why what he said was stupid.

      • With all due respect Stoeten, I think we’re talking about different things.

        As a longtime and loyal reader I feel you really need to unpack your comments from this article and the comments in the comments section. Your sentence in today’s Daily Deuce didn’t really clarify it.

        To me and to many fans, it just sounds like you’re shitting on Beeston. I don’t think you are, but you really need to unpack this in a full article.


      • Semantics man, pure semantics…One can only try in baseball, nothing, from pitch to pitch is for certain. If the Jays keep falling, they’ll be changes and the evaluation process is always ongoing. Right now, we need to upgrade starting pitching, catcher (this will get done this time around), 2nd base and LF. It’s doable in the first year of actually ‘trying’ to win now.

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