Ho-lee! We’ve got something to actually talk about, as the Buffalo Bisons have posted (and tweeted) the lineups for today’s game in Syracuse, which find Brett Lawrie making his debut for the club at a position he was once a whole lot more familiar with: second base.

I’m not going to say this necessarily means anything, but it’s interesting nonetheless. In all likelihood though, we’re just seeing the Jays just getting Lawrie some extra work in at the position in order to maintain positional flexibility, should they find a third baseman on the trade market. Or even an outfielder– the acquisition of which would then likely see Jose Bautista move to third base, when the lineup is fully healthy– or a 1B/DH, which would see Edwin Encarnacion spend some time at third… assuming the club was willing to stomach that.

Take it as a signal that something may be imminent if you really want, but it seems far more likely that Alex Anthopoulos is simply trying to keep his options open as he scours the market for precisely the right deal overturn the flagging fortunes of a club that’s full of talent, but just hasn’t been quite able to click. Whatever that means.

I’d tend to think acquiring pitching would seem to be more in order, but what the hell do I know?

No you feel guilty about not posting more today.


In other Bisons news, the club has released catcher Ramon Hernandez, which… I still think he’s better than Arencibia, but oh well.

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  1. I could live with Lawrie at second base, and see if they could slide JBats over to third base on a full time basis. That might open up some options in the field – either internally (Gose, maybe?) – I don’t think Rajai’s got the arm for RF…..or AA to work some magic and grab a guy someplace.

    • Gose needs to learn to hit AAA pitching first. Then he needs to learn to hit MLB pitching. Then we can think abiut him on the 25 man.

      As we can clearly see from Bonifacio, even a guy with great speed is useless if he cant get on base. Personally I dont think Gose is ever going to hit and I hope we trade him while he still has some shine on him.

      As for Lawrie….Dunno why youd want to move a guy whose defensively on of the top 5 3B in baseball and tur him into what will likely be a well below average 2B.

      Lawrie was a 2B for a few years already. Theres a reason why just about everyone projected him as a future corner OF. He wasnt very good there.

      The skillset req’d to be great at 3B is completely different then the one req’d to bw great at 2B.

      Lawrie has a cannon arm, very quick reflexes, and is fearless. These are things that make up a great 3B. I dont believe he has excellent footwork or great hands (things that make up a great 2B).

      Youve got gold glove caliber defense at 3B. Dont try to get cute. Keep yihr 3B and look for a new 2B.

  2. I’m not at home on my computer and can’t find a link for the zaun segment on 590. Really interesting. Must hear. Does anyone have a link or hear it? Sounds like zaun is pretty pissed about the jpa comments.

    • Hes clearly left the door open for a potential libel lawsuit IMO.

      “he may soon regret those comments” sounds pretty ominous.

  3. well they’re obviously getting chase headley now

  4. Sure seems like AA is maintaining positional flexibility. But….

    WAIT FOR IT…………….

    Does this mean that a move for a 3b or outfielder is imminent……..OR………DOES IT MEAN THAT HE’S LOOKING TO MOVE LAWRIE?????????

    As the holes in our IF have been exposed in Lawrie’s absenece, I’m somewhat skeptical, but, it kind of makes sense. I’m sure he’s attractive to others. He’s controllable. He’s high ceiling. Just saying, could go both ways!

    Here’s to hoping:

    Cliff Lee anybody? Yes, I already said, here’s to hoping!

  5. I’m not particularly fond of it, I would rather Lawrie get a full handle on 3rd in his recovery, he’s not that solid there yet. Plus who knows if the extra pressure of a different position, albeit one he previously has experience with, hurts his concentration on batting, which is sorely needed right now.
    I would be totally comfortable with Izturis at 2nd on a full-time basis.

    Also, heard a rumour somewhere about a Jansenn/Johnson trade for Cliff Lee. I don’t quite buy it, especially from this guy at work.

    • In what world would that make any sense for the phillies. Why would they want an under performing SP who is set to be a free agent and they wont get a draft pick out of.

      • Clear money off their books? And why wouldn’t they get a draft pick once he turns down a qualifying one year offer? Did that rule change last year?

        • Any player must be on said team for at least a year. Mid-season acquisitions cannot be qualified…

  6. Dont get this at all. Lawrie is great at 3rd. Jbats is great in RF. Fucking leave them there. No need to mess around. Yes, 2b is a blackhole, but they can acquire someone that would be an upgrade.

    • I agree. Leave Jose in RF. Bring in Kinsler for 3B!

    • As I said in the post, it’s to increase positional flexibility. You can’t just acquire guys like they’re cans on a supermarket shelf. You need to be able to make the pieces fit to make a trade, and limiting yourself to looking for only second basemen, when you can do this and open up the possibility of acquiring an outfielder or third baseman who might be a better fit or come at a more palatable cost, makes zero sense.


  8. Thanks for acknowledging your lack of posts today, btw.

    You rawk!

  9. Gose batting 8th at AAA? Not promising.

  10. Makes no sense to me.

    I assume the thinking is play Lawrie at 2B, move EE to 3B and get another 1B/DH? Seems like you’re betting that the 1B/DH hits better than Izturis and that he hits better by enough to negate the huge defensive downgrade – not likely.

  11. If the Jay could get an outfielder with a big bat, an infield with Joeybats, Reyes, and Lawrie with Edwin/Lind at first would actually be pretty interesting to watch. The only thing is, to make it worth while, this so called outfielder would need to possess a cannon of an arm. Bautista is great at throwing out runners, but also gets a lot of respect from opposing managers, not wanting to run into outs. With Lawrie’s range, and the way JB played third in the past, I think there would be some highlight reel plays almost every night.

    • Altho thats a pretty impressive sounding lst of names, on the field defensivle it would likely be pretty middlng without a plus defensive player on the field.

      Lawrie was below average for two years in the minors. Reyes is not a plus SS. Bautista is serviceable. And EE/ Lind are both average to above average, but nothing special.

  12. Ugly looking at Gose batting 8th and our 2012 opening day starter pitching in AAA.

  13. 20 players to be suspended after the all star break oh no please tell me its not the melkman

    • Unless he triwd to get more juice after the suspension, he cant be suspended again. If they merely have paperwork relating to him buying gear he was already suspended for, hes fine.

      And does anybody think Melky is still juicing? Not very likely imo.

      • No offense, but if they’re considering 100 game suspensions against A-Roid and Braun, all Melky bets are off. Getting coerced testimony from some sketchy Florida doc doesn’t raise my confidence in them all that much.

        The only good sign in the tea leaves is that Melky hasn’t been a big headline. Moreover, I do think the fact that he’s bene previously suspended will possibly save him from suspension. If not, it will save him from a 100 game suspension. After all, how can they suspend A-Rod and Braun for 100 games, but also suspend Melkman for 100 games. In effect he’ll have served 150 games in suspension.

        But, to be sure, Melky isn’t safe.

        Fuck, I hope they suspend him soon if they’re gonna. That way it can overlap with his hammy recovery.

    • It’s not the Melkman. Just telling you what you want to hear. In all seriousness, I can’t see Cabrera getting suspended again for PEDs without the MLBPA throwing a fit and challenging it. He already served 50 games, so that should have been that.

      • If MLBPA doesn’t throw a fit for Braun and A-Rod, do you really think they’ll defend Melky? Just-saying!

        • MLBPA helped Braun avoid a suspension on a technicality. I doubt Melky gets 100 games. He got caught and served 50 games.

          • Ya, over 2 years ago. Since then, they’ve taken a much more anti-PED tone.

            One of their ppl gave a presser at Jays Spring Training. Seemed non-committal.

  14. This means one of two things.

    Either its nothing and they just want to keep Lawrie sharp in case you want to use him there at some point. Good to keep options open.

    Or AA has a deal in place for Giancarlo Stanton.

    Could go either way really.

  15. Nick Castellanos, please.

  16. I’d feel guilty if Stoets was posting more what with Torontonians being asked to unplug any nonessential electronics (I’m outside the GTA, BTW, so I can make useless comments all I want).


    • what about all this fucking Green Energy ^TM that we are paying almost a fucking dollar per KW/hr for? Fucking McGuinty and those thieving fucking corrupt incompetent fucking Liberals????

      • Well asshat the problems in TO seem to be of a Toronto Hydro nature, especially in Etobicoke – where good ol’ Ford is from – where their hydro transformer units are hopelessly outdated and inadequate for normal usage…let alone an emergency situation.

  17. Although this year he has been injury prone and a pretty awful hitter, I would still rather have him at 3B over Derosa or Maicer. Put Lawrie at 3rd, Maicer at 2nd! Also, when melky comes back I wonder what our outfield situation will be like. I am liking Rajai and he is a much much better fielder than melky. I would even suggest putting EE at 3, Lind at 1 and Melkman at DH.

  18. yeah, guess their looking at options to upgrade our infield. Easier to find a decent 3B or outfielder than a 2B.

    I totally agree that SP has to be our absolute #1 top priority. we just won’t be competitive until we improve our SP.

  19. I would never have imagined Marty Brown had a signature that could be described as ‘fuckin gorgeous’.

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