A fresh report from T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of says that suspensions related to the scandal surrounding Tony Bosch and his BioGenesis clinic, in which Melky Cabrera has been implicated, may be very shortly in the offing:

Commissioner Bud Selig’s office is expected to suspend Braun and Rodriguez, along with as many as 20 players sometime after next week’s All-Star break, several sources told “Outside the Lines.” As OTL reported, MLB started building cases against the players last month after Bosch agreed to cooperate with investigators.

I wrote about the possibility of Melky not being protected by the notion of double jeopardy last month, and it certainly still seems plausible, given the way MLB intends to go after the big fish, Braun and Rodriguez.

Today’s report continues:

Sources said the commissioner’s office was considering 100-game bans for Braun and Rodriguez, the punishment for a second offense, even though neither player was previously suspended for violating MLB’s drug policy.

The argument, one source said, would be that they — and possibly other players — committed multiple offenses by receiving performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch and by lying about it.

Melky was suspended 50 games for his positive test, but the attempted cover-up that followed– which seems rather similar to what it sounds like they’re going after Braun and Rodriguez for– was not punished as a separate offence. Could it still be? If MLB were interested in applying justice fairly, you’d almost think they’d have to revisit Melky’s shenanigans/ Yet, if they were troubled enough by being lied to, it’s hard to comprehend why they wouldn’t have gone after him for more games in the first place.

Possibly– perhaps even likely– they’re more concerned with lying in the course of the investigation, and the fact that Melky quickly and publicly admitted to “use of a substance I should not have used” will save him from further suspension.

We’ll simply have to wait and see, I suppose, though the Jays have been steadfast in their belief– at least publicly– that the matter is closed and that Melky’s name showing up in the BioGenesis records was due to the PED use he has already been punished for.

“My understanding is there’s no issue,” Alex Anthopoulos told Jayson Stark of at the start of Spring Training. “My understanding is that, as of today, we really don’t have anything to be concerned with. He served a suspension and right now, that’s it. His suspension has been served.”

Interestingly, the new report says that “as many as 20″ may be suspended over their involvement in BioGenesis, yet the names listed in the original Outside The Lines report numbered just fourteen, including Cabrera (as well as Bartolo Colon and Yasmani Grandal, who have also already been suspended). The piece noted, however, that there were “a number of other players who either are identified by code names or whose names appear in other documents not obtained by ‘Outside the Lines.’ ”

And if Bosch is talking, it’s not going to be difficult to break the code. There may be others– maybe not Blue Jays, but the impact on the league, if we’re talking about that many players, will be dramatic regardless. Assuming anyone ever misses time, after what you’d have to believe will be an intense fight from the players union. Though… not necessarily. As I noted in last month’s piece, union head Michael Weiner had this to say to Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star:

“It’s a tough and complicated legal question,” Weiner said. “I think the commissioner’s office could take the position that if they had evidence of a separate violation, that conceivably they could seek additional discipline. We might challenge that.

“I will say this. The players’ association has an obligation to represent any player who’s subject to discipline. The players’ association is also a signatory to a joint drug agreement, and the players’ association also has an obligation, not only to the players who are subject to discipline, but the vast majority of players who want a clean game.”

Indeed, the P.A. won’t want to look too much like they’re protecting drug cheats, so maybe it’s more complicated than those of us who expect a fight have assumed. Interesting…

Update: Richard Griffin has a piece up about this at the Toronto Star, and notes that Alex Anthopoulos seems to have changed his standard response:

Whereas on previous occasions, Anthopoulos was forever willing to offer his opinion on the Cabrera matter, on Tuesday, via email, he merely wrote, “MLB is handling all comments.”


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  1. Cabrera sucks anyways so if he gets suspended then it’s no big deal.

    • Well, that’s a but harsh, but I don’t think they would miss what he has been providing for them so far this year.

      • People that say Melky sucks clearly haven’t watched many Jays games. He is what our 3rd best average? He has also been playing injured most of this season. I am guessing the op’s favorite player is Aaron Cibia

        • The fact that you’re basing his season solely on his batting average makes you a fucking retard. Yeah, his .684 OPS is AMAZING. Go learn something you dumbfuck. And no, Arencibia is the biggest piece of shit on this team.

          • Oh your a troll, sorry

            • Actually no, I’m just not a fucking idiot like yourself. OMG yes Cabrera and his .278 AVG have been so good for us. Let’s not look at anything else like his ability to hit for extra bases, defence, or speed… all of which are non existent. Fucking idiot.

              • lol your funny. I will let you be as I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

              • He has been playing hurt all year, you have to assume the added speed and strength of healthy legs would help his power, baserunning and defence.

                Avg isn’t really a terrible stat to look at for him because it shows he is still able to put the bat on the ball

                • How do you know Cabrera is going too be any faster when he comes back? What happens is he is just as slow when he comes back? Two weeks off aren’t all of a sudden gonna make Cabrera a player with speed.

          • You’re adding two fractions with different denominators like that and then you’re calling someone else an idiot?

            OPS is a decent heuristic guide, but it’s not a great thing to base analysis on.

            • So are you trying too argue that Cabrera has been good this year? Please, tell me you are so I can also call you a fucking idiot.

            • Break down that .686 into any combination of OBA and SLG.

              Can’t find a feasible solution that results in a productive left fielder? Yeah me either.

              Nice attempt at elitism, but your insight is meaningless.

              FYI – just because some statistics are of the “quick and dirty” variety, doesn’t mean they’re useless if skillfully used. Accountants use Quick Ratio, don’t they?

              • I can never seem to respond to the right comment on this site. Frustrating…

              • Tools of Ignorance:

                A slash line of .000/.684/.000 (OPS of .684) results in a wOBA of .490, which is better than Miguel Cabrera’s mark of .473.

                A more realistic slash line of ..283/.400/.283 (OPS of .683) results in about a league average wOBA for LF of .319.

                each percentage of OBP is worth about 1.5 percentage points of SLG.

        • You’ve probably picked the wrong place to be making your arguments based on avg. His OPS+ is 86, which is bad. His defence has also not been good. I’ll take Rajai, but would prefer him in a platoon.
          What’s “op’s”?

  2. Jonah Keri on 590 right now. Says that his understanding of CBA and drug agreement is that players already suspended, like Melky, can’t really be suspended as second offense. But that MLB will try.

  3. MLBTR: “An MLB spokesperson tells Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (via Twitter) that the news on Braun is premature and no decisions have been made.”

  4. When is Melky coming back? Sadly he is one of our top hitters this year at around .270

    • LMAO, his OBP is .321 and OPS is .684. Couple that in with the fact that he can barely run and he fucking sucks.

      • Uh… couple that with the fact that he can’t run and it becomes a little more understandable, dontcha think?

        He wasn’t running out any infield hits, and he turned a bunch of doubles into singles. The hits his OBP and SLG took from that were perhaps marginal, and I’m certainly not trying to claim he was GOOD, but I think they’re related more than they are compounding negatives.

        • So you think because he got two weeks off he is going too be a good runner now? I would bet on him not being able too run much faster than before his DL stint, if at all.

          • Yeah, but you can’t stop saying dumb shit, so I think betting against you is pretty safe.

            • Okay Stoeten, too bad Cabrera wasn’t elected to the all star team because everyone knows he certainly deserved it. I can’t wait until he comes back and hits .400 for the rest of the year! Should be good!

              • You had a good run. Adios.

                • Did you ban someone for saying that Melky has been bad? But but but …. he has been bad! Quite bad!
                  I am somewhat new to the advanced stats, but it seems Melky hasn’t been a “good” baserunner for a couple of years. Have his legs been bothering him all that time? Likewise with fielding.

                  • Of course Melky has been bad. Nothing wrong in pointing that out.

                    I banned someone for chronic idiocy.

      • except he’s been hampered by hamstring injuries for weeks and weeks

      • How to look at stats and still have no understanding

        a novel by kelvimescobarstaint

    • Melky’s been pretty terrible. It’s about the emptiest .270 you can get, with horrific defense and no speed.

      Seriously, batting average?

      • He has been an awful fielder I will give you that, but when we have Kawaski, Derosa and Thole dhing the past 2 weeks I think we can forgive him a little.

  5. Rajai is fine

  6. Seriosly gays,Rajai is fine if he does not try to pull everything,specialy after he hits a occasional home run.Thats when he goes on a slump and considering the home run on sandy I think he is going on a mini slump.Hope to get 4 out of 6,but more seriously is going to be probably a split 3 and 3.

    • He cannot hit right-handed pitching.

      • I’ll take Rajais occasional hit against RHP with his speed any day against singles hiting slow fuck that is Melky

        • You will make a bad choice, then. Melky has been hurt all year, in case you missed it. You might be right about hurt Melky being worse than Rajai, though.

          • Striktly talking about this year

            • Well what’s the point of that? We can look at the numbers to see who’s been better. Don’t think it’s going to stay that way, though.

              • Can’t see Melk coming back after ASG and lightning the world on fire. You have to much hope and faith in him Stoeten.

                • A healthy Melky > Rajai.

                  • I honestly think that’s debatable. Is it going to be the Melky of the last two years or so, or the Melky of the 5 years before that? Or possibly even worse than that because of advancing age and declining health?

  7. Hoping the suspended players are Chris Davis, Ben zobrist, John Lester, David Ortiz and other noted AL East Jay killers

  8. These suspensions could completely alter the trade deadline, something that AA might be able to take advantage of re: Josh Johnson.

  9. I wonder if there will be any players from the teams above the Jays in the rankings… Maybe a few suspensions will help the Jays climb back into things.

    Or maybe the Jays have a few suspensions coming their way.

  10. doesn’t seem that AA has changed his tune. he’s just being smart legally. he was probably advised by the Jays’ lawyers to not say anything until the facts about Melky come out, MLB lays out the suspensions and then what the Jays decide their strategy will be.

    in the spring he probably spoke before the lawyers had a chance to tell him to be cautious.

  11. If they’re going to go after players who have not been banned for 100 games, I don’t see why they couldn’t ban Melky another 50 games.

    Melky did have a not-so-great season so far for the Jays, but given that he hadn’t played ball in 1/2 a year and was playing on a hurt hammy, the Jays might need to give him a break.

    But the thought might be that Cabrera DHs at home because of the turf for the rest of the year and sit Lind at home. Adam Lind is starting to retrograde anyway – he’s 2 for his last 26 and is looking like the Mr. Hyde version of himself. Better yet, trade him while he is still looking good.

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