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Brett Lawrie has moved up to Triple-A, according to a post from the Buffalo Bisons, joining the club in Syracuse– a city whose airport is “bush,” apparently. “0 cabs .. Figure ur life out,” Lawrie tweets.

“An AL East team with a 5.06 rotation ERA, this deep into the season, is not on its way to the playoffs. Period,” writes Jon Morosi at Fox Sports as he writes that the Jays need to focus on 2014. Thing is… um… we don’t expect that number to get a whole lot better?

Mark Hulet of FanGraphs gives us a rundown of the best prospects remaining in the Jays system– one that doesn’t incorporate the disheartening tweet on Matt Smoral this morning, who relayed this mini-report from @StatsKing: “88-90; straight; minimal command; CH 81-83; minimal life.” Ugh. Great stuff, as always, from Hulet, though.

Dirk Hayhurst writes at Sportsnet that the time is now to trade Casey Janssen, and he’s probably right.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Michael Grange looks at the club’s dominant bullpen, Shi Davidi looks at Dustin McGowan, who isn’t going to be rushed to the starting rotation any time soon, despite his recent success and weighted-ball-related health, and Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at the Jays top draft pick, Phil Bickford.

In a piece ostensibly about J.P. Arencibia, Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun adds a note about Bickford, and relays this information from an anonymous scouting director: “We had him down as a hard sign. The family wouldn’t meet with us until 48 hours before the draft and they wanted $3 million US.” The slot value for the tenth pick is $2.9-million, so…

Elsewhere in the Sun, a trio of piece from Ken Fidlin, who writes about Jose Reyes being tentative when it comes to “opening it up” on the basepaths, about how the Jays need their starters to step up in the second half, and about hard work paying off for Steve Delabar.

John Lott also writes about Delabar’s amazing story, over in the National Post. Aaaand about Dustin McGowan’s long road to recovery, too.

Richard Griffin has a Delabar piece over in the Toronto Star, as well.

Elsewhere at the Star, Mark Zwolinski looks at how the Phillies and Jays and the various characters involved in the 1993 World Series have done in the twenty years since, while Brendan Kennedy has a wide-ranging chat with readers in Griffin’s stead, and writes about Rajai Davis, who is making the most out of his opportunity with Melky Cabrera out. Meanwhile, Griff has a new Bullpen piece up, which, among other things, features his take on the clowns who were tweeting at J.P. Arencibia about sitting behind his mom at a recent game.

At BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm looks at how social media has helped Steve Delabar take the lead in the Final Vote thing-y, as fans try to get him on the All-Star team.

Holy shit, people, no matter how hard you want to make yesterday’s Paul Beeston quote into some magical unicorn of positivity about putting the best team possible on the field, uh… one, of course he’d say that so it’s pretty laughable to be heartened by it, and two, he didn’t say that. He said they will win. Which is why it was dumb. This wasn’t difficult.

Holy double shit, people. Check out the collection of Steve fucking Bartmans we’ve got in this city in a GIF from Gamereax. Figure ur life out.

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  1. Trading Casey for assets now is the right move as one of Cecil, Delabar, McGowan or stroman could be the closer next hear

  2. Leave me alone.

    • Steve Bartman works for the company I work for, at our CHI office, obviously.


      figure ur life out, bros

  3. I hear St Louis needs bullpen help… and I want Kolten Wong in the Jays’ system
    …. no idea how to balance that trade out….

  4. Could we package some “last year of contract guys who can contribute in the stretch” people for a strong 2B prospect who could help next season, say, to teams who are contending and need a closer and other assoted help, like Janssen-Johnson-Oliver for Cord Phelps from the Indians or Elian Herrera in LA (since Brandon League is struggling quite a bit)?

  5. why do so many douchebags bring gloves to games? … i just answered my own question. horrible people.

    • I never do at the Rogers Centre, but I sometimes do (for protection) is smaller stadiums (i.e. AAA or AA). You’re closer and the net is not as big behind the plate. I realize you need to be pretty quick to catch anything, but I prefer that to nothing. That being said, I hate people intefering with the play. I can’t see how I’d ever do that. You have to be aware of the game.

  6. I always shake my head when I see fans doing a “Bartman” – but then again, the fans do a “Bartman” pretty much EVERY time in that situation, at every park. As much as you’d love to see fans get out of the way of the home fielder in those situations, they never, never do.

    • This is pretty true.

      • It’s also… I’m imagining… hard to go against your instincts and NOT go for the ball. I’d think a lot of these people are just caught up in the moment and don’t really realize that they are potentially interfering with the game.

        We can all pretend we’d react differently… maybe we would… but there’s a good chance we would get caught up too and do something dumb.

        • I think in New York they’d challenge anyone for a ball in the stands but I bet in Boston the social humiliation would be too much to bear. Look what they did to Bill Buckner.

          • Boston in the 80′s yes. Nowadays in Boston most of the fans there are more likely to partake in the wave then to know who which team is currently at bat.

    • I’m actually in this gif, though fortunately I’m not one of the morons going for the ball. Bonifacio was seriously pissed after this though, he probably looked over angrily at our section 3 or 4 times over the course of the inning.

    • Don’t think you can blame them either. There’s a fucking baseball flying at you – your number one concern is getting your hands on it, rather than letting it hit you.

      FWIW, what happened to Bartman is a fucking disgrace (ESPN 30 for 30)

  7. Yeah, there’s a lot to be said for trading a reliever for some kind of second base help. Unfortunately the Tigers have nothing to offer there.

    And at least when some fan stole a foul ball from Bautista the other day he got thoroughly roasted for it. Think the guy was bright red by the time the cameras left him alone.

  8. Re: Paul Beeston quote

    I don’t think that we see unicorns.

    I think that you shit on the guy for no reason other than he talks funny.

    • I agree,
      I read it as this wasn’t a one year shot, their plan is to put a contender together on paper every year… to take it negatively takes some creative thinking

      • If you go back to what he said during the last State of the Franchise, he wanted to win within three years and create a perennial contenter from that point forward. That would jive with what he said during that recent interview, as weirdly worded as it was.

  9. From Griff’s piece:

    “…Arencibia should remember the feeling of Sunday when the silent majority of Jays’ fans showed how they feel about him — warts and all. He’s sometimes overly sensitive, but not in this case…”

    Yeah, as a human being I like him too. And the little creeps who tweeted are sadly indicative of a growing trend.

    • Forgot to mention. Nice piece by Griff too.

    • Give me a break. They would get 40k in the dome by giving away a Farrell BobbleHead. JP is a sad joke and got trashed coast to coast in the media accordingly.

      The only time he dared venture out onto the field alone he was sure to bring a young cancer survivor with him to quiet some of the boo’s.

  10. The point should be made that there’s nothing wrong with stealing foul balls from the visiting team

  11. This post is bush.

  12. Re: Casey Janssen trade

    The Coz rebuffs the Dirk reasonably well. Go to the 8:30 mark (bonus* a babe walks by the window around then).

    Unless Janssen can be the avenue (either by overpay or package deal) to get a significant piece, I don’t see the upside in trading him.

    If the team struggles next year they can trade him then in his walk year.

    As for relief pitchers burring out after a few years, Janssen appears to me more as a Scot Downs type who actually pitches, as opposed to being a fastball/slider guy who lives and dies on everything going perfect.

    • Well yeah, you only trade him if the return is good. But I think the argument is that the return will never be better than it would be right now. And the loss might never be less impactful.

      • Agreed, value is peak, but…..

        What about the impact of Janssen not being a Jay next year? He has a an option at a good price.

        To me that’s a loss considering the “win now” personal.

        If he was a free agent sure, or if we’re having this same conversation next year at this time.

        What if he is excellent again next year? Price may go up because now he’s a “proven guy”, possibilities of qualifying offers, etc.

        Also, although it will be tough, even if the Jay create the illusion that they are still in it come August (I’m talking wild card here). The way the fans are in this town it would mean the difference of drawing 20k or 35k after Labour day. That is real gate money that could sway a baseball ops move.

        I just think that their is more to than trade at peak here.

        • I think you’re vastly overestimating the potential impact he could have on next year’s win total.

          • I may be, however, I think that many are underestimating his value as a baseball asset, specifically to the Jays.

            • Probably less valuable to the Jays than he would be to almost any other team.

              Dirk is right. Jays have a tonne of great bullpen pieces and more returning from injury. Janssen is great but wouldn’t be missed much.

              Janssen and Oliver for Kolton Wong? Yes please.

    • Janssen may be different than Scott Downs in that he’s got pinpoint accuracy with great command and throws a 92 mph FB. But like Downs he may go on for a long while

    • +1. Don’t trade casey janssen unless he is part of a package to get a solid 2B or young starter.

      I don’t trust santos as a closer.

      I am sitting in an airport lounge awaiting a flight to France. I will miss the Jays for a few weeks but will try to check in from time to time.

      Go Jays

      500 by the all star break or bust.

      A bientot!!

      • That’d be the ONLY reason I’d send Casey anywhere. I think it’s pretty much understood.
        A la prochaine!

  13. I hate these vacuum “we need to trade a guy right now” articles. We have no idea what people are offering or how Janssen is valued by other GMs. Why would AA even think of trading a lock-down reliever who is still under team control next year at a very reasonable rate for anything less than 1:1 value? Especially considering that many of the new “superstars”in the Jays ‘pen dont exactly have a long track record of success. And if you do get value for him, the opportunity cost is pretty high as you will still need to replace his production next year (in addition to finding a new Darren Oliver). Not impossible, but chances are you dont do it for less than $4 million.

    Frig, just keep him.

    • Darren Oliver is the one who should be on the block.

      • Hell trade em both.

        Santos and Luis Perez will be back soon and need to go somewhere.

        Seriously. Is this that big of a drop for our 2013 bullpen that we wouldn’t take some solid prospects in return?

      • If you want to get something good back, you have to trade the one with value, though. Obviously none of them should be moved if they’re not bringing back anything decent.

        • Thing is, with return of Santos, and the cheap found money currently in Wagner and Perez, moving Oliver may be the best way to free up a roster spot.

          Not sure what Old Black Magic will get you, granted, but roster construction is kinda an issue in all this as well.

          • Casey is a “lock down” closer? Based on what? 1.5 years of success? He is a solid reliever but he has been quite lucky and his results have exceeded what his peripherals suggest his expected production level should be.

            He has not had very many clean innings after the first 6 weeks of the season and in fact has been giving up quite a few baserunners.

            He is the classic reliever that is suddenly highly successful and then suddenly is just ok.

            I dont think he turns into crap, but I think right now you strike. Some regression is due

  14. I love that Lawrie chirped an airport.

    Many hate this kid, I like him more everyday.
    He’s oblivious to criticism and as much as that can be a players
    undoing (see JP Strike3bia) I think it will propel Lawrie to stardom.

    • He HATES the minors with a passion which is a good thing. This will be his “learn-how-to-take-a-walk” tour. He learns slowly but he does learn.

    • I have no idea why people care so much about these guys are in their personal lives.

      I assume most are cocky assholes and that if they don’t assault women and DUI every other weekend you should be grateful. That leaves them room to laugh at commoners, turn down autographs, get girls phone numbers during playoff games, be homophobic, laugh at fat people etc.

  15. Janssen to the Tigers for Nick Castellanos

    Thank you very much

    • I love the idea of getting Castellanos but I think it’d take more than Janssen. How about Bonifacio, Arencibia and Janssen + their pick of another reliever (Wagner, Perez, even Loup?) for one of their catchers (Avila/Pena) and Castellanos?

      I know it seems like a lot of garbage leaving our way, but the Tigers could get improved pop at the C position, versatility if not really anything good from Boni (esp since Infante is hurt), and really shore up the bullpen with not just Janssen, but another arm.

      We get one of their top prospects, and really one of the best hitting prospects out there, and a catcher that could either use a change of scenery (Avila) or one that is filling in capably right now (Pena) to split time with Thole. It doesn’t leave us looking that great at the C position, but really, it’s not that great to begin with.

      The trade could still work sans the catcher swap, depending on the arms moved. The x-factor in how teams value Janssen could be that cheap option for next season. I may be underestimating his worth. I still don’t think a quality closer nets a top prospect unless you’re dealing with a desperate idiot.

      • you just said it would take a lot more than Casey to get castellanos and then you suggested we add a bunch of shit and get back not just Castellanos, but a solid catcher.

        • Actually, I suggested we send them an additional quality reliever to sweeten the deal, and personally, I am not sure after two struggling campaigns if Avila is a solid catcher anymore. He’s doing worse than Arencibia without the homers, and is oft-injured. Bonifacio is at the nadir of his value, but the Jays are not alone in believing a guy is not as useless as his worst season suggests. Boni may be a terrible player who had just one good season, but he wouldn’t be alone if he turned it around elsewhere.

  16. If you can get long term position players or starters for short term bullpen pieces you do it.

    Every. Single. Time.

    You know. Unless your Tony Larussa.

    Mark Rzepczynski blows but flags fly forever I guess.

    Would love to see the WAR values each team has gotten from the Rasmus trade.

    • I think that it’s pretty much established that AA is a “value whore”, so if a good deal comes he will pull the trigger.

      I think the determining factor is, what is a good deal considering what he has built?

  17. Stoeten et al – what do you think a fair return would be for Janssen?

  18. I would hate to see Janssen traded, but if the right deal came along I’d live with it.

    Don’t trade him for some random prospect though.

  19. Wait Gose has been benched?

  20. RE: “Holy shit, people, no matter how hard you want to make yesterday’s Paul Beeston quote into some magical unicorn of positivity about putting the best team possible on the field, uh… one, of course he’d say that so it’s pretty laughable to be heartened by it, and two, he didn’t say that. He said they will win. Which is why it was dumb. This wasn’t difficult.”

    I think I get what you are saying. You’re saying that while Beeston and ownership may yet decide to give more money to the team, etc, etc, his comments yesterday did not say that. Thus its silly for fans to read payrolls expansion, etc, into his comments. Is that right?

    Moreover, as his comments did not address payroll, etc, they are nothing but speculation. Is that fair?

    I honestly think that you really should unpack your thoughts a bit more. Right now it kind of feels like you’re shitting on him. But I think I get what you’re saying.

  21. Zauny is speaking about jpa on bob m on 590. Very interesting

  22. What’s Zaun saying for those of us stuck at work?

  23. http://www.sportsnet.ca/590/prime-time-sports/
    Skip to 16 minute mark – 5 o’clock hour
    Greg Zaun on JPA and douchebaggery.
    Must listen..

  24. 731178 190479Hey I was just searching at your web site in Firefox and the image at the top with the link cant show up properly. Just thought I would let you know. 221090

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