Esmil Rogers takes the hill in Cleveland tonight, looking to start wrestling the Jays back towards the track, after they squandered last night’s excellent– if tough to watch– outing from Josh Johnson by being unable to put any runs on the board. They don’t have a great track record against tonight’s Cleveland starter, Justin Masterson, and Rogers had his first blip as a starter the last time out, so… yeah… might get worse before it gets better.

Might not though! Let’s get this thing rolling again already!


Gregor Chisholm tweets the message we heard from all the reporters who were around the Jays today, telling us that it sounds more and more like when Brett Lawrie comes back following the All-Star break, it will be as a second baseman. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to move him off a position where his defence is elite to one he’s so untested at over the last three years, given that I really don’t think Maicer Izturis is that much more capable at third than he would be at second. Of course, if the club wants Melky Cabrera to return as a DH, with Edwin Encarnacion taking more reps at third, or if they have their sights on acquiring a third baseman (or an outfielder, who would then displace Jose Bautista as he moved the hot corner), it makes total sense. Shit, maybe they just want to bluff some team into thinking they’re not that desperate to pay the price being asked of them for second base help. Who knows, but there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of downside here– provided Lawrie can handle the position– and there’s a lot of flexibility added to the lineup if he becomes positionally versatile.

Lawrie is, indeed, back at second again tonight for the Bisons, according to a retweet from their radio voice, Ben Wanger.

In other news, the Bisons have activated Jeremy Jeffress from their DL, according to a tweet from the club.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Esmil Rogers

The Clevelands

CF Michael Bourn (L)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (S)
2B Jason Kipnis (L)
1B Nick Swisher (S)
LF Michael Brantley (L)
C Carlos Santana (S)
DH Jason Giambi (L)
3B Lonnie Chisenhall (L)
RF Drew Stubbs (R)

RHP Justin Masterson


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  1. Can’t lose this game. It would be so deflating.

  2. I don’t want Wagner in this game. I really hope they dont bring him in even if Cecil walks him here

  3. Even though he missed there, I love how Cecil has the confidence to throw that breaking ball on full count.

  4. Game over

  5. Time for Brett Cecil to show he deserved that All-Star nod.

  6. fuck reyes

  7. cecil has been getting pwned since his all-star selection

  8. Wagner and his flat fastball??? Are you fucking kidding me gibby?? Where is delabar?

  9. So why did Cecil pick now to turn human? ( I should add Reyes in there too)

  10. wtf was that shit by reyes. just get infront of it, knock it down, and you have all year to throw out giambi. that olay shit was bush.

  11. Noooooooooooooo!

  12. Simple when you know how!

  13. Hey everyone!
    Almost got to see Delabar’s junk there…lol

  14. Razzmatazz takes what’s on offer.

  15. Some Cleveland fan getting tossed?

  16. Attaboy raz. Way to work an AB agaisnt a tough lefty.

  17. Wish I saw Rogers deal, though. He had good stuff tonight??? Line looks good.

  18. why the hell are the morons in Cleveland chanting “USA”??

  19. You might be retarded if … you’ve ever chanted U! S! A! in a match where the USA is not playing.

  20. fucking USA! chants. What a bunch of losers.

  21. oh sweet, here comes the K machine!

  22. Gibby just couldnt resist the jpa/ boni duo back to back.

  23. Oh, great. Let’s go to Cibia in a clutch situation with the potential game winning run on. This probably won’t end in a strikeout.

  24. error-chibia

  25. We were there for a Jays game a few years ago and a few idiots were chanting U-S-A. Apparently they’re under the impression that this is the Olympics.

  26. error-K-ibia

  27. Dear Leader will save us.

  28. JP….K or dinger?…what will it be….hmmmmm…let’s see….

  29. No way bonerfellatio can get two clutch hits in the same game right?

  30. Yay JP

  31. ok we’re back to Bizzaro world again…wtf is happening???

  32. Clutch walk. I will take it.

  33. Saki-slam????

  34. If Saki hits a slam…i may have to slam some saki

  35. Awesome


  37. Kawa-fucking-saki!

  38. Saki Slam(ish)

  39. It’s raining nuts!!!

  40. You guys, that was just Arencibia, Bonifacio and Kawasaki all coming through in the SAME inning with 2 outs!

  41. kawa-bunga!

  42. Holy Kawasaki!!!

  43. Fuck yea

  44. Kawa is fucking clutch!!

  45. That announcer wants to break into a chant I can just feel it

  46. Holy fucking shit! That was awesome!

  47. holy fucking shit

  48. lol even Kawasaki is annoyed by Lo Viste…….he’s like, yeah yeah guys, Lo Viste, here’s your goddamn sign….

  49. Devlin and Kawasaki 9th-inning heroics go hand-in-hand.

  50. This announcer is so bland. I actually miss Buck.

  51. may as well hit a dang ol dinger Jose….or at least get that lil’ feller ‘cross the plate

  52. CA-NA-DA! CA-NA-DA!

  53. Man you gotta hand it to Jays fans; I can’t think of one team other than the Yankees that can make it feel like a home game in an away stadium. That is crazy. Also, the people chanting USA are fucking morons.

  54. Those fans are hilarious. I love them so

  55. the Janssenator….

  56. C’mon Casey lock it down!

  57. …apparently not…ok maybe he’ll ‘Caseyfy’ the next guy….that doesn’t sound as imposing…damn

  58. So, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I feel it’s a perfect time to get what we can for kittenface. He’s had a good season, but can we really count on it continuing? I like him, but this could be the perfect sell high opportunity and it might not come around again. I am also in favour of moving Janssen and Johnson.

  59. Kipnis a little late on that pain in his foot?

  60. Is it wrong to hate defensive indifference?

    Like, I get “focsuing on the hitter” but why can’t you focus on the hitter AND not let the other team turn ant single/walk into a double? Ya know, the way you do every game.

    Now you’ve got a situation where with only two singles, if they get another one here, they’re down by a run, because you let them put a man in scoring position twice already.

  61. jonson yes janssen no

  62. I take it Kipnis murders balls outside?


  64. sheesh…why is it never easy….

  65. These assholes need some more leftie hitters

  66. Swisher will get a homer here because I hate him so much

  67. The caseynator…..

  68. Nick Swisher always looks like he just smoked a big fat joint in the clubhouse.

  69. 22 pitches Gibby time to yank him or at least give him a breather

  70. OUCH

  71. Kawasaki had about 10 times as much time as he apparently thought he had.

  72. c’mon gibby get ur ass out on that mound Casey’s gassed

  73. FUCK cmon

  74. had so much time to make that throw… are you doing? Muni letting this stardom go to his head trying the jump throw

  75. Honest to god…I’m gonna buy a gun.

  76. Ive got a bad feeling about this game…..

    Delabar better have brought those weighted balls…

  77. Dont like using Delabar but fuck Maybe RAD will have a good game tomorro

  78. David Cooper is asking why didn’t he just set his feet?

  79. Woo YAY!

  80. ok raise the frakin bar please…..

  81. Come on . Admit it. This is fucking hilarious.

  82. Whew!

  83. All’s well that ends well.

  84. Thank freaking god!

  85. well….that was anticlimactic

    But great

  86. Raise the fuckin bar

  87. Oh thank fucking goodness

  88. …bar raised…thx dbar…now time to head to the bar

  89. Hey, it improved their one-run game record

  90. Janssen got a Hold for that shit?

  91. Ok! Drink beer and relax!

  92. Wagner throws 4 pitches and gets the win

  93. Studying English every day like a Boss.

  94. I thought there was no way in hell Brantley was going to make an out there. I mean…it’s Michael fucking Brantley, like a .800 hitter against the Jays.

  95. Delabar is badass. One pitch one out. Next time it’ll be one half a pitch for an out.

  96. Man, Janssen just lowered his trade value a little bit.


  97. Boni’s road to redemption begins

    • The road is long, but I’m glad somebody at least noted his contribution.

      People certainly aren’t shy when it comes to shitting all over him.

  98. Man, really sounds like they are going to put Lawrie at 2nd. Hope they have someone in mind to play 3b that is significantly better than izturis

  99. Jays-Angels wild card game. Book it!

  100. It seems as though bos and tb are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the division. TB has great starting pitching. I dont how bos is this good this season. Their hitters are very patient but that only takes you so far. Im so sick of these fucking teams at the top of the division.

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