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Scott Lewis’s oral history of the 1989 Cleveland Indians over at Getting Blanked. Read it.

When you’re done, go back three posts at Getting Blanked and read Drew’s outstanding new entry in the My Approach series: Miguel Cabrera.

Interesting stuff from Richard G. Johnson at Sports Law Blog, as he approaches MLB’s new foray into the PED mess from a legal perspective, considering how the players union may respond.

Ex-Rockie Ryan Spilborghs, currently playing in Japan, weighs in on the complex issue of PED use in a piece at the Denver Post that they actually titled Spillin’ the Beans. Get it? Good post, though.

Sticking with the PED stuff, I updated last night’s Melky Cabrera piece to include an Alex Anthopoulos quote via Richard Griffin. “MLB is handling all comments,” was all that the GM would say yesterday– a decidedly different response from earlier in the year, when he would insist he believed the matter to be closed.

I could have also updated last night’s Brett Lawrie piece, to include another possible reason why the Jays tried Lawrie– who tweeted today that he loves being back there– at second base last night: the fact that it may be necessary to move Melky Cabrera to DH in order to preserve his wonky legs when he returns.

Ben Nicholson-Smith wrote about this latest Lawrie experiment today at Sportsnet, speaking to John Gibbons about it, who says that Lawrie’s days at third base aren’t over, though he likes how Maicer Izturis seems to have settled in at third base. I don’t know about all that. Unless it’s to accommodate Melky or an upgrade at third or in the outfield, why are we moving Lawrie, exactly?

Two excellent ones from Gamereax, as Chris Toman does some rosterbation, wondering what the corresponding moves will be when Brett Lawrie and Melky Cabrera return (Sergio Santos isn’t far off himself!), while Dan Toman looks at the sometimes-still-dominant Josh Johnson.

The All-Star Game would be Steve Delabar’s Hollywood ending, writes Gregor Chisholm, in a lengthy profile of the Final Vote leader over at BlueJays.com.

Elsewhere at MLB.com, Gregor writes a notebook post, in which he talks about the quietly impressive season Colby Rasmus is putting in, as well as the experiment with Brett Lawrie at second base, and gives us an update on Brandon Morrow (just had a 25-pitch side session but no timeline for beginning the three-starts rehab assignment he’ll require as yet), and Sergio Santos (pitching at Dunedin today for the third time– his fourth rehab appearance overall).

Santos has already thrown for Dunedin, actually, and Chris Toman notes that he allowed one run on one hit.

A trio of gems from John Lott of the National Post, who looks at the second base woes that necessitated the club experimenting with moving Brett Lawrie over there, then looks at the minor rotation shuffle that will see R.A. Dickey finish the Cleveland series, rather than starting in Baltimore. He also takes a look back on last night’s disasterpiece.

Nick Ashbourne of Bluebird Banter looks into one of the Jays glaring areas of weakness: their catching situation. He examines the incumbent, the most plausible internal options to replace him, and offers a couple potential targets from outside the organization as well.

Jim Shonerd of Baseball America writes about Asher Wojciechowski [note: still got it!], who sounds like he’s turning himself back into a prospect in the Astros organization, having been traded there last summer for J.A. Happ.

Lastly, at Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.net, we can see the Jays record this season based on which uniform they’ve worn. They are 2-13 while wearing road greys, and eight games above .500 wearing every other iteration so far. Burn the damn grey ones already!

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  1. Re: “MLB is handling all comments,” was all that the GM would say yesterday…

    Let’s just hope that AA is just speaking the party line (remember, MLB and the commish works on behalf of the owners), and let’s hope that the Melky somehow slips through this giant net designed for big fish.

    That said, this gonna be cluster fuck.

    Stay tuned.

  2. Rough weather down here in Ohio right now. It’s heading for Cleveland. If you want to check a weather radar, go to http://www.weather.com, When it ask for a zip code, use 44115 and you’ll get a radar for Progressive Field.

  3. Delabar for Thames Morrow for League

    When AA calls the Mariners next time, Jack Z is not going to even answer the phone. (assuming he is still around to answer it)

    • You’re right. Even though the Jury is still out on Morrow’s health and Delebar has not spent a full season with the Jays and could come back to earth (relievers can be fickle), AA fleeced the Mariners. He basically got years of control and high upside for nothing.


  4. I never thought I’d care enough to even ask this.. but when is Happ coming back?

  5. Re: “Loved playin some 2 bag last night…..”

    Let the outfielder trade and free agent rumours begin.

    • Alex Rios 2012/13


      Enough arm for right field.

      One more year and a team option and cheap buyout.

      Just say’n

      • trollcomment

        • Why?

          Length of contract is good.

          Price a little high for salary, but that will lower the cost of trade.

          Has been good to very good for second year in a row.

          Can defend his position well.

          Kenny Williams has traded for injured pitchers before ( see Peavy), might have interest in Hutchinson or Drabek.

          AA knows him, as both a player and person, and often that is the opposite of what the media and casual fans think.

          Bold yes, troll no.

    • Putting Rios on waivers and letting him go for a salary dump is still the low point of this team’s transaction history.

  6. Here comes the FREE Lawrie at 2B movement. Until…. his .500 OPS makes everyone feel sick.

  7. Could the Jays be tipping their hand a bit with Lawrie playing second, possibly hinting they are looking at trading for a(nother) good third baseman? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have him at 2nd when Maicer is better there than at 3rd, and vice versa.

    I guess they could also just be experimenting as well, but seems funny to experiment for just the sake of it.

  8. Unrelated to this post: does anyone know what came of the Skydome upgrade Langton was tweeting about a few weeks back? I assume if nothing’s become of it yet it might be Carlos Delgado being inducted into the level of excellence on his commemorative ball giveaway day?

    Also, I didn’t catch why Gibbons was giving Johnson the what for last night, anyone catch that?

  9. Aramis Ramirez and Kyle Lohse for
    Gose, Smoral, and Norris.
    Lawrie plays 2.

    • You may need to include another kid or 2, give em one of the international guys too.

    • - 1,000,000,000

      Lohse is a rental and Ramirez’s knee(s?) are wonky.

      • You’re saying that’s bad for the JAYS?

        Smoral is throwing batting practice, Gose is awful in his repeat year at Triple-A, and Norris has one appearance back after injury and was awful as a pro until his last 24 innings.

        • Yes, I’m saying Gose, Smoral, Norris, and another couple kids for 2 1/2 months of Lohse and a guy with chronic knee problems (that will only be exacerbated by playing on shitty Rogers Centre turf) is bad for the Jays.

          I assume your opinion differs from mine?

          • I added why and updated my comment.

            • Nominal though those prospects may be rignt now (especially Gose) the gamble just doesn’t make that much sense to me being how we’ve been a middling team all season and highly unlikely to make the playoffs, it’d essentially be throwing away a bunch of prospects so we can have Ramirez at 3B next year while Lohse waltzes back to the NL in free agency. Agree to disagree I guess.

          • Isn’t Lohse signed for 3 years (thru 2015)?

          • They should.

            Because Lohse is in the first year of a 3 year contract.

            Opinions based on incorrect facts are kind of useless.

        • “Throwing batting practice.”

          3.0 IP for his professional career.

      • Isn’t Lohse under contract through 2015?

    • how does that improve the team?

      Happ and morrow will be back soon enough, Lohse doesn’t even crack the top 5.

      (unless you trade JJ and Dickey keeps sucking and you do something about it)

    • I want to win this year so I don’t mind Lohse. He’s better then the 8-12 guys we’ve used in the 5th spot. Ramirez, bad knees or not can rake. We just got shutout again, I think he’d be a good fit.

  10. Have a seat JP. Good to see us stacking lefty’s vs Masterson
    1. SS: Jose Reyes
    2. RF: Jose Bautista
    3. 1B: Edwin Encarnacion
    4. DH: Adam Lind
    5. CF: Colby Rasmus
    6. 3B: Maicer Izturis
    7. C: Josh Thole
    8. LF: Emilio Bonifacio
    9. 2B: Munenori Kawasaki
    SP: Esmil Rogers

    • hoping JPA doesn’t hit really doesn’t work when the alternative is has a sub 200 OBP

      JPA may be a douche who doesn’t get on base, but he’s leaps and bounds better than Thole at everything besides catching the knuckle ball.

  11. Curios to see what the slash line will be for our hitters nr. 6 to 9 in the lineup

  12. Opponents are hitting 333 with an ops approaching 1000 vs ra dickey when there are men in scoring position. When no body is on, they are hitting 240 with a 730 ops.

    what the fuck is that about

  13. Re: Lawrie, it really probably isn’t a thing. Remember he played some 2B in his last rehab stint before he came up too.

    Prob just AA keeping options open.

  14. So when is the last time Nick Castellanos played 3B? Eh… EH?

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