Gregg Zaun joined Bob McCown and Michael Grange last night on the Fan 590′s Prime Time Sports, responding to the recent comments about him from J.P. Arencibia (audio here - starts around the 16 minute mark). I called it “the great put-on” when we podcasted about it last week, and suggested as much in the post that included the transcript of the comments as well. But now? Yeah… not that I was ever really serious… but, uh… I don’t really think that it was.

More to the point, though, Zaun actually kind of nailed it, displaying a little of the occasionally Saber-esque common sense stuff that first made him endearing as an analyst in the process. At least, by my reckoning he did. And his criticism of Arencibia’s “warped sense of reality” when it comes to his I’m a “run producer” nonsense, and the way that the Jays’ catcher went about broaching the subject in public, was actually rather elegant. Y’know, for Zaun.

Here’s the transcript:

ZAUN: I think his perception of my analysis is that I’ve somehow forgotten how hard it was to play the game in the three years since I retired. Unfortunately for him, I remember how easy it was for me to do certain things– catch the baseball, block it, make it stay right in front of me. I had my ups and downs with throwing the baseball based on surgeries, but he doesn’t really have that excuse just yet. You know, I’ve been a proponent of his in a lot of ways.

McCOWN: You were a defender of his when I was critical of him at the beginning.

ZAUN: No doubt. I always take an honest look at the catchers. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hard on guys. I mean, I expect a lot out of a guy– and the first thing I expect him to be able to do is catch the baseball. So, when a guy leads the league in passed balls year after year, it’s embarrassing, and it’s not right. And I know this guy has so much more in him than we’ve seen.

McCOWN: Analytically, why is this guy not getting it? Do you think his work ethic is weak?

ZAUN: According to him, it’s not.

McCOWN: According to him. What do you think?

ZAUN: I don’t know. I don’t hang around and watch. I’m not going to show up there at 3:30 in the afternoon and see him do his thing. I will say this– the days where I am there early early, these are few and far between– he was right, I don’t go down to the batting cage during B.P.

McCOWN: Well, neither do I. I’m not interested.

ZAUN: But I’m in the building, and he knows where I am and he knows my phone number and my email address. So he has access to me. Anybody else that wants me knows where to find me– all they’ve got to do is turn around and say, ‘Hey Zaunie, can we talk for a second?’ and I’ll come right down. But for me to go down there and glad hand and listen to all the nonsense– I did that for twenty-two years, I’m over it. I just want to go to work, analyze the ballgame, do my job, and go home. I’ve got a life, I’ve got other things going on.

McCOWN: Dirk went down to talk to him.

ZAUN: He did.

McCOWN: Did you you talk to Dirk after that conversation?

ZAUN: Yes I did.

McCOWN: How did Dirk evaluate that discussion? Did he think J.P. was receptive?

ZAUN: No, I think J.P. was very forthcoming with what he said to Dirk. It was also very evident that he has a very, shall we say, warped view of reality. I believe Dirk was having a conversation with him, and J.P. said something to him about a specific argument about how we should be skewing his performance in a positive way for the fans.

McCOWN: Really?

ZAUN: And he brought up the specifics– and I may be wrong on this– about how he wanted us to talk about where he ranked in the American League, as far as RBIs by a catcher. And I thought to myself, ‘Who cares? You’re hitting a buck-forty with runners in scoring position– that’s just about opportunity. How am I supposed to skew that?’ I think the word ‘top ten in the league’ came up, and I was like, ‘There’s only fifteen teams in the league, so why is that so great?’ It’s not that great.

McCOWN: [Laughter]

ZAUN: Look, I like the kid, I’m very hurt. I’m disappointed by his comments, especially the ones of a personal nature– I thought that was hitting below the belt– but I’m also a little disappointed that, like I said, he’s had my phone number, he’s had my email address, he knows where to find me. I don’t need to go down to the field every day to make sure everybody’s OK with the way I’m analyzing their performance. ‘Are you OK? Can I do anything to make your life better?‘ Come on. Nobody ever did anything for me. They never held my hand. In fact, I got the brutal side of the game. I had to earn every bit of it. So for somebody to say that I don’t remember how hard was to play? That’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s one of the most insane comments I’ve ever heard.

I don’t know, maybe it sounded more elegant than it read, but you can’t argue that he doesn’t pretty much nail it. Like… why the hell Arencibia needed to go on the radio and deliberately, after fucking promoting the appearance the night before on Twitter, claim himself a spokesman for his teammates, and turn what could have easily been a private conversation into a big showy public thing that we’re still talking about a week and a half later, remains well beyond my comprehension.

Like I said of Arencibia’s comments at the time: “I think he actually makes an excellent point about it not being conveyed to fans just how hard the game is– there are far too many fans out there who are absolutely aghast when guys swing at brutally deceptive pitches or can’t make plays that are happening at a game speed that is beyond their imagination– but… this is still completely fucking insane.”

Zaun’s response here? Much less so. Much, much, much less so.

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  1. Ban jesuscristo

  2. Sometimes I like Zaun, but most of the time I expect him to just start yelling “WHAMMY!!”

  3. When can JP be a non tender candidate?

  4. Skip to 16:00 on the audio if you don’t want to hear two old dudes ramble on about music.

  5. Impressive response by Zaun. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that he’s an intelligent adult and not just a caricature of himself.

    • I was impressed as well.
      I actually feel Zaun has kinda reeled it in this season- he hasn’t been as “Zaun Cherry” y’know? I’d actually take my kids around the set before the game now and show them the “tv guy” where as before it would be totally fuck that noise.

  6. I saw it elsewhere on the Interwebs – Twitter maybe? – that Zaun hinted that he’s planning to sue JPA, saying “he may soon come to regret his comments” when asked if he was considering legal action. Not sure if that was in this interview or elsewhere, or if it’s even accurate.

    • No, he said that.

      Im sure hes going to keep his options open.

      Great response by Zaun though, and I for the most part dislike him a lot. He owes JP nothing but integrity. If he honestly believes that JPs performance is shit (and Im sure he does, as do many of us) then he doesnt have an obligation to skew the positives whatsoever. The fact is, JP has largely gotten off easy. He has been criticized this season, but not commensurate with his performance. Hes been one of the worst overall starters in MLB. The criticism has not been nearly reflective of that.

  7. I liked Jerry howarths take on it best: glad they spoke their minds and Dickey and Johnson aren’t friendly. Or something.

    • What did Jerry say about Dickey and Johnson?

      • tried to post a link but the comment is not showing up – go the fan on demand clips and look for it.

      • He said that he’s tried to be friendly and they aren’t interested. He actually took it further and hinted that neither are really happy about being here.

        • That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense with Dickey. I mean, he chose to sign the extension.

          • He basically said that neither of them had gone out of there way to ingratiate themselves to him ( the media in general? ) since they’ve arrived. He insinuated that that usually isn’t the “Blue Jay Way”.
            Dickey, I think, is just a weird dude. and as others have stated, he did sign an extension.
            Johnson? Who knows. If you base it on what you see and hear, it certainly doesn’t appear that he’s been as “out front” with both the media and in the dugout as Buehrle has.

  8. The longer this goes on the more bizarre it gets.

  9. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed Zaun this year. These comments above – Stoeten’s 100% right – nailed it.

    I’ve been damn hard on Arencibia, because he’s a lousy ballplayer right now, and he doesn’t seem to care about the things he doesn’t do well (I could be totally wrong, but geez, these comments sure don’t belie that, do they?) JPA definitely gets some points in his favour for his charitable work – I admire him greatly for that – but he’s turned himself into no more than a throw-in in a trade. Yeesh.

  10. so torn…on the one hand, zaun makes absolute perfect sense, and i wish he’d bring more of this kind of smart, rational dialogue to the dog/pony show with campbell.

    but man, i hate being in a position in which i agree with pretty much everything he says, because, well, it’s greg zaun.

  11. Pretty bad when someone who believes that home runs are rally killers out-logics you.

    • And we have our winner.

    • Don’t forget the part where he said that a catcher that can only hit home runs is no problem because if he gets on base he just clogs the basepaths. Even though Zaun apparently forgot he said that… in defense of Arencibia…

      • i like to forget the incredibly dumb things i say too.

      • He actually revisits that gem later on in the conversation.

      • Yes and I think Zaun would be fine with this catcher only hitting doubles and home runs – as he’s aid in the interview – if JP actually hit them when people were on base. He made a point to explain a few times that JP is hitting an absolutely atrocious .140 with runners on base. As Zaun said, JP is useless on first base. He’s more useless striking out with runners on base though – and even more so when he goes down looking over and over and over. He swings at anything within 5 ft of the plate with 0 or one strike and doesn’t seem to swing at all with 2 strikes. Crazy, but hey JP, it’s a tough game right? Choke up with two strikes and shorten your swing you fool.

    • +1 haha

    • …and believes that removing the Windows restaurant has created some kind of a black hole – porch that sucks in every fly ball.

  12. Dear lord, that picture

  13. That was the best Zaun segment so far this year. Definitely worth the listen.

    Nailed it…hard!

  14. Normally, I can’t listen to Zaun talk without laughing at him or walking away from the TV for a piss break during the game.. but seeing him on PTS yesterday was different. It was a pretty real conversation among adults – actually it was like watching a meeting inside a principal’s office about a problem kid.

  15. Of course baseball is hard. We don’t judge them against our personal abilities. We tend to judge players on how they stack up against other professional players. And he sucks compared to his peers.

    • People still get the judging against peers stuff wrong. Which isn’t to say that Arencibia hasn’t been awful, but seriously, the way people expect players to be able to will themselves to get hits or make absolute perfect pitches at precisely the moment they most want them to is pretty hilarious.

      • I agree. JP is what he is. All the want in the world isn’t going to help him.

      • It is, but when you’re generally bad at those things they get highlited at bad times. Like last night.

        • What gets me about JPA is his apparent lack of understanding that there’s a problem.

          The first step for AA (not Alex Anthopolous) is admitting you have a problem.

          JPA has a lot of talent, but seems unwilling (perhaps unable) to make adjustments. Seriously, if he got is AVG to .250 and his OBP to .300 I’d be pretty happy.

          I really liked Zaun’s point about hitting with runners on base and not trying to hit home runs.

          He’s just so frustrating to watch.

  16. JP’s a kid, and he’s acting like it. The Jays are the ones mismanaging this stuff. There doesn’t seem to be any media training with any of these guys. Look at Ricky last year, JP last year and this year, Lawrie as well. These guys have people eating out of their hands and they can’t handle the odd heckle from media or fans. JP should shit the fuck up, focus on his game (he stuck out miserably with the game on the line last night), keep doing the great work he does with charity and grow up.

    • JP is 27 years old and in his 3rd full-time (4th total) season in the bigs. Not close to a “kid”.

      • Maybe you’re not old enough. Now that I’m 39, I really do genuinely think of anyone under 30 as a kid, especially my younger self.

        • yeah, so does everyone. the older you get – regardless of how old you are – the more you realize that the ‘younger you’ was less of a refined human being than the current you. but let’s be real here, we might think of the 27-yr-old ‘me’ as a ‘kid,’ but that’s not what a 27-yr-old is in any sense of the word. in most sports, 27 is right around the peak years in terms of performance. for regular schlubs, by 27, most of us have already settled down or are in the process of doing so, have ‘careers,’ ‘likely’ a mortgage (depending on where you are), a kid, a wife/husband/dominatrix, and are working on getting that shiny new caravan. JPA is only a ‘kid’ if we’re being delusional, and are trying to construct some flimsy excuse for his behaviour.

  17. It’s the lack of self awareness that he displays publicly that bugs me so much about JPA. It’s not like he’s Rasmus, who’s above average in basically every other facet of his game, so you can live with the K’s. JPA basically has done just one thing well over his career. How and why should we paper over the deficiencies in everything else he does?

    • Not only that, but Colby has taken just as much shit in the media and has never said a word about it.

      • IMO, that stems from colby knowing that he isn’t actually a shit-bag…and JPA knowing (deep, deep down. way down there…) that he is. one of those ‘he doth protest too much’ kind of situations.

      • Bingo! Colby seems to understand that respect is something that is earned. JP think, just because he is here, he can run his mouth, and that respect should just be given, because of his vast “talents” and “leadership”. Meanwhile, back in reality, JP’s single talent, has alluded him.

        I have been a fan of his before he got here, and have been hoping that he would improve on some of his short comings. But in light of recent events, and his continually askew view of the ways things should be in his eyes, make me want to get AA’s phone number and lobby him to ship this head case out of town. Or reunite him with another player who was having trouble with reality. ” Hey, JP, it’s me Ricky. I’ve been where you are and have some advice for you. SHUT UP!”

    • I’m surprised no one has mentioned Brett Lawrie as he ranks right up there with Arencibia in terms of a frustrating lack of awareness about his shortcomings and and an unwillingness to take on board constructive criticism.

  18. Why isn’t Zaun this cogent and reasonable the rest of the time? He’s downright enjoyable when he isn’t doing his Don Cherry impression.

  19. JP certainly needs some lessons in PR.

    And he certainly is a pretty poor catcher.

    But other than 2 or 3 teams, I don’t really see anyone bringing up guys at catcher that are awesome from the start. That JP stays mostly healthy and gives us over 1 WAR a year for 500k seems sort of ok to me.

    • Yeah. JP is positive value until he starts getting paid for reals. His HR totals as a catcher will net him decent money through arb. Then it’s decision time.

      • Positive value (barely relative to replacement level) isn’t necessarily good value. There’s a problem when someone, at any cost, is performing at replacement level while getting 130 starts a season.

        • Well, paying 25% over the minimum salary for between -0.5 and 0.5 WAR is nothing more than a rounding error in the team’s financial profile.

          • It’s not about the financial cost. It’s about the opportunity cost of having a replacement level player play 130 games behind the plate and make 550 plate appearances for you.

            • That’s the definition of replacement, though: the next best free replacement will perform at roughly the same level or worse. Do you have somebody in line to replace him that I don’t know about?

              • I think you’re underrating how bad a replacement level player is. It’s very possible that Arencibia is the best of a bad lot. The fact is that a replacement level player playing games everyday is not helping his team that much. Even a 1 win every day player is well below average.

                • I’m not sure what you think I think here. Yes, JP doesn’t provide positive value. But until the Jays have someone who provides positive value to replace him, practically speaking, he doesn’t hurt the team; he simply doesn’t help the team.

    • I think most of the complaints are about what he’s done this year, though, and he’s put up 0.1 fWAR in 79 games. That’s awfully close to replacement level.

      I honestly would have been content with a similar season to last year, but he seems to have regressed each of the last couple years. It’s frustrating because the holes in his approach are so glaringly obvious, and while I don’t think we should expect him to immediately be able to correct them, I think it’s fair for us to expect him to try.

    • JP’s performance style (high SLG/low OBP/terrible defence) strains the WAR scale quite a lot. I don’t know whether he’s closer to 0.5 WAR or 1.5 WAR, but the error bars are really high. The bad news: his profile leads to more volatile runs scored, which tends to benefit losing teams more than winning teams. (Winning teams want more consistent runs scored and runs allowed, while losing teams want less consistent runs scored and runs allowed.) The good news: as the team’s OBP rises, so does his value to the team, and more significantly than a higher-OBP/lower-SLG player would. So the Jays could do well to keep JP, but surround him with higher OBP players. Bonifacio, Cabrera and Lawrie have the potential to make JP look better.

    • Pretty, poor catcher?
      I know prearbitration contracts at $500k don’t make you a millionaire, but i wouldn’t call him poor.

    • JP needs a lesson in self-evaluation.

  20. I think I understand what JP’s going through. Expectations are higher than he can deliver. He thinks he’s doing everything right, or at least, he doesn’t know what to change, what to do differently. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that his performance frustrates him more than it frustrates any of us… combined. In his frustration, he lashes out. He either hasn’t learned or doesn’t care to channel it a different way.

    If he can get past wanting us to go easier on him, and understand that high expectations actually mean that we still care about what he does, then he might just hit the next level. My guess is that he has to have his own “wake up” moment where he turns things around. Maybe it will take the media starting to ignore him and give up on him for him to wake up. What a shame.

    • yeah, i can see that…he’s realized that this is who he is, and, well, no matter what he does, it’s not likely to change to any great deal. so maybe his public declarations are a not-so-subtle way to basically tell the fanbase, ‘look, this is what i am, i’m trying my best, but i kinda/sorta suck, and i know that, so maybe let’s focus a bit on what i don’t happen to suck at, even if it’s not totally true that i don’t also suck at that. HOMERUNS EVERYBODY!!’

      • Yes. So I’d love it if he simply focused all his energy on working on his defence. He’s definitely improved his pitch-receiving skill in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, there’s a common psychological effect working against him.

        If you know someone for a long time, then you have a fight with them, you’re not just fighting that fight, you’re fighting every fight you’ve ever fought with them, all at once.

        So it is with us and JP. No matter how much his defence gradually improves, when he makes a mistake, we’ll think, “Same old JP”. It might stay this way for years, and JP just needs to accept that and block it out. The onus is definitely not on us to change our behavior: we’re stupid fans, and we’ll always be stupid fans. For a baseball player to insist that that change, well, Einstein’s definition of “insanity” and all that.

    • Hes definitely frustrated and nobody has more at stake then him. Im sure nobody in the world wants him to be bettter then he does.

      I think youre overcomplicating everytbing else though. His frustration is stemming from the fact that hes not as good at baseball as he thinks he is.

  21. There are 8 position players, a DH and 3 bench players on the team. In terms of hitting, Arencibia is #10 of 12, better than Kawasaki and Bonifacio in terms of batting average, and better than Izturis in terms of OPS. That puts him at the 8 spot in the lineup, which is where he should be hitting. And I like Gibbons’ idea of moving him up in the order when he is doing well and moving him down when he’s not. Fuck, this team is so streaky that he should be moving the entire lineup (save Edwin at 4, Reyes at 1, and Colby at 6) around every week based on their performance, and I would include Joey Bats in that mix as well.

    And like the rest of the Jays (save Edwin, Reyes, and Colby, this year) he is really prone to streaks, and right now, he is in quite a rut, but his numbers are similar to 2012 and 2011, no better, no worse. A hot streak will change his story for the year.

    And there are no options for JP. It’s not like Thole is (or Blanco was) better, nor is anyone in AAA ball. And yeah, he’s leading in PB, and is not good in throwing out base-runners. So yeah, he is probably the worst position player on the field and it hurts pitching due to not-so-great framing, inability to block the WP and the PB.

    What’s worst about him though is his attitude. Once he got the word that he was the starting catcher this year ahead of Blanco and Thole, it seemed to have gotten to his head, which is sad, because catchers are generally very smart and thoughtful people who turn into broadcasters. When the trades were announced and JPA was in the rumors, he tweeted that he wasn’t going anywhere.

    Stop sucking. There’s a thought. Better yet, have Thole start three games of five. And when he starts crying about how the critics are ruining his cred, AA should trade him to the Cards and let him play 2nd fiddle to Yadier Molina.

    His criticism is deserved, and him striking out (ha!) at Zaun and Hayhurst was just stupid.

    And why the f*** is Kawasaki doing on this team? And why the hell did Thole pinch hit to end the game last night? That’s one piece of bullshit hail-mary-ing by Gibby, wasn’t it???

  22. I think this goes back to the pr rule that unless you’re really good you keep your mouth shut.

    Jpa tried to shutup 2 people, instead he’s opened himself up for more criticism not only of his words but further in to his performance.

    Hard to feel sorry for the guy at this point. And I don’t like zaun but it’s hard to argue with anything he’s said so far.

  23. I found it weird that JPA went off on Zaun… you’d think that Zaun being pretty much the only guy not screaming for d’Arnaud to replace Arencibia pre-Dickey trade would have earned him a reprieve.

    But yeah, I’ve had enough of the Arencibia Show. It’s not even that he’s bad in certain area’s of the game, it’s that he won’t even acknowledge that he needs improvement. He’s one of those guys whose almost proud that he doesn’t walk.

    • As much as I hate to infer what players are thinking, since I can’t possibly know, everything about JP at the plate screams “I don’t fucking care about this fucking team. I want a dinger.” For example: swinging at almost every 3-1 pitch, no matter where it is. (I can’t find O-Swing% on 3-1, so I can’t check the numbers, so I might be totally wrong about this.)

      Tabby said that he thought JP was choking up early in last night’s game. I hadn’t belly laughed in a while. The very notion sounds ridiculous to me.

      I just want him to try to make more contact. This team needs more consistent offence, and more contact will contribute to that.

  24. Now I think RBIs are a bad stat to measure how good a player is as the next Sabermetrics guy. But to be fair to JP, he’s 3rd in the AL in RBIs for catchers and 8th in the whole MLB, so Zaun making him sound stupid about there’s only 15 teams in the league and top 10 doesn’t mean much is a bit unfair on JP’s point. But regardless, his BA with runners in scoring position should dispel any notion of him being “clutch”.

    • Sigh. You’ve got me resorting to quoting Zaun back at you.

      “Who cares? You’re hitting a buck-forty with runners in scoring position– that’s just about opportunity. How am I supposed to skew that?”

      In other words, his RBI totals reflect that given all the opportunities he’s had, even JP can find enough nuts to stay fat for the winter.

      • Sigh. You’ve got me resorting to quoting my initial post about the same point you are sighing about.

        “But regardless, his BA with runners in scoring position should dispel any notion of him being “clutch”.

        • Yep. I saw that, too. If I could delete the comment, I would. Even so, you can’t quote “8th in majors among catchers in RBI” to dismiss Zaun’s much better point that “top 10 in the AL just means not in the bottom third”, because, as you say yourself, RBI don’t matter. So, just half a sigh. :)

          • Double sigh…but he’s 3rd in the AL for RBIs by catchers…that’s not close to being the bottom third in the league. JP’s numbers are already terrible without having to spin them to look worse than they are when discussing archaic stats, so why bother?

            • I think I get you. We both sigh at JP for saying “top 10 in the AL”, when he could have said “3rd in the AL”. That still makes JP kinda stupid, albeit for a slightly different reason. And it looks like we agree that none of that matters away, because RBI don’t matter.

  25. Holy Fuck did Zaun ever nail this one.


    Someone must’ve coached him through this.

    I think it reads fairly elegant too, Stoeten.

    It must suck to be JPA when a guy known as Zaun Cherry outclasses you.

  26. Arencibia confounds me on levels unimaginable.
    Flailing at not-really-even-borderline pitches, then watching a called strike three when there were 2 RISP in the 3rd or 4th inning……and then coming up later, doing everything right and smacking a shot to the right side for a double. WITH NOBODY ON BASE!!!
    He does that in the third inning…we win the game.

    • You can’t pick and choose when he does good things. You can only ask for more consistency to increase the likelihood of doing a good thing when it helps most. JP doesn’t provide that right now.

      • Yes, obviously – I realize that. I was merely being bitter.
        But that’s the confounding thing with JPA – that there are occasional flashes of brilliance there.
        Now the question is…is there a decent ballplayer in JPA that’s lurking under the surface, or is it merely that occasionally a blind pig finds an acorn?

        • I understand the bitterness. I was trying to remind you to release the outcome.

          As to your question, I don’t know, either, but until the Jays have a plan to replace Arencibia, the question is moot.

  27. Fuck, if what JP said to Dirk is true… my God. What a fucking idiot. I hope we trade that bum so we can boo the shit out of him.

  28. Suck it, Cibia

  29. Work ethic really have nothing to do with talent. JP can work as hard as he wants. He can be the nicest guy in the world. He can donate all his time and lots of money to charity. This has nothing to do with his ability to see a pitch and hit it. It has nothing to do with his reflexes and his ability to catch and frame a pitch. Many of the female fans just love JP cause he’s so nice and good looking and its all irrelevant. JP doesn’t have the athletic ability to be a great defensive catcher and he doesn’t have the ability to be a good major league hitter. Period. Who gives a shit if he shows up at 7am every day to the ball park? Work ethic will make a truly gifted athlete one of the greats but if you suck, you can work as hard as you can, you probably will always suck. You either got the talent or you don/t

    • You can’t possibly know any of this.

    • The frustrating thing with JP is that he does have some talent, and if he focused his energy on things he needs to work on, he could turn out to be an above average hitter for catchers.

      If he stops swinging at pitches out of the zone every single time, his OBP would increase, he would end up getting more good pitches to hit and his AVG would increase. But he seems to think driving in runs is what matters. Maybe being more patient isn’t as easy as it seems, but it would be good if he at least tried.

      • History is full of guys who worked hard to rise above their perceived talent level. We can only evaluate this in retrospect or infer it indirectly. JP might be maximising his talent by swing wildly; we can’t tell. Whether’s JP’s performance amounts to low talent ceiling or unwillingness to improve or some combination of the two, right now we can only wait for the Jays to have a move to make. Until JP starts costing real money, there’s plenty of reason to let him develop and hope for the best while grooming his replacement.

  30. Have not seen a team with as many lazy strikeouts/pop outs as the Jays over the last 3 years. Someone needs to teach this team to work at bats and play small ball in a low scoring tight game.

  31. AA needs to make a shakeup trade.. And hopefully it includes JPA.
    Buck/Mathis/Molina would have been better.

    • I dunno.

      Buck has come back to earth, lower average (not by much), slightly higher OBP.

      Mathis is Injured.

      But yes, would love to have Molina.

      Seriously, why are all the Jays prospects somehow damaged.

  32. I’ve watched every game this year. To my eyes, JPA is terrible. 15hr & 38rbi at the all-star break looks good but his peripherals are just about the worst.

    I think he and Bonifacio have cost us the most runs this year for position players.

    Tough to win with 17 different starters tho :(

    And Rasmus I finally appreciate! Whodathunk??

  33. holy shit Zaun did nail it. Hayhurst nailed it as well. JPA looked like a total idiot when all is said and done.

  34. id prefer Zaun in the starting lineup over JPA right now. lol

  35. Anybody else think we an Escobar PR case 2.0? Give the guy the a bobblehead, wait for him to do something stupid, ship him out in the offseason

  36. My daughter has a JP poster autographed by both Zaun & Hayhurst . . . That’s gotta be getting more valuable every day

  37. This whole entire soap opera is a fucking joke. Lets just review some facts:

    1) The internet (because of the quantity of analysis has forced mainstream broadcasters and writers to try to appeal to the dumbest portion of their fan bases) and advanced stats (because people can’t contextualize worth a shit and because people act like the games don’t even need to be played) have taken so much fun out of the game and you end up with bullshit like this JPA/Zaun thing.

    2) JPA is human, young and it must suck to get shit on constantly when you are providing hrs and rbis, which, regardless of their relative importance, still matter to most people and I think in reality he does contribute, on average, just as much as any non-super star catcher in the MLB. Like, I don’t care what the advance stats say, home runs are way more fun than WAR and what is this game about if not FUN?

    3) Guys like to stick up for themselves and its not unreasonable to expect the home team broadcasters to not be unrelentingly negative.

    4) Zaun is a bit of an asshole who pretty clearly was a cheater and why should someone have to put up with his crap? For instance if he talks about his Uncle Charlie one more fucking time I am going to fucking snap. Say what you wan’t about Arrencibia but the guy has some decent points and probably players on their team don’t respect Zaun – because he’s a fucking cheater – or Hayhurst because he’s a rat. I like Hayhurst, but he definatlely is hated by players for revealing magician’s secrets.

    5) The eagles are amazing. Songwriting, craft, harmony. Actual Talent. If you’re not a musician, or you automatically hate anything popular, or you drink white russians for reasons other than there is nothing else around, then you probably think they suck, but few acts deserve their fame as much as the Eagles did.

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