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Steve Delabar? More like Steve Del-All-Star. Or something. He won the final vote thing, according to a tweet from MLB.

MLBTR passes along word that the White Sox have dispatched scouts to evaluate minor leaguers for a number of teams, including the Jays. Hmm…

After saying earlier that he wasn’t convinced Phil Bickford wouldn’t still sign with the Jays, Jim Callis tweets that he spoke to someone in the know who told him the Jays’ 10th overall pick is heading to Cal State Fullerton. He adds, “It’s not a physical issue. Price tag before #mlbdraft was reportedly $4.25 mil.” So… the tweets from the local hacks are now contradicted. And why we were hearing $3-million, at one point, is beyond me. Now the Jays had better end up with Tellez and Brentz, or this will be a real head-scratcher.

And, indeed, Callis adds another tweet: “Starting to sound like #BlueJays won’t get 11th-rder Jake Brentz (2nd/3rd-rd talent) done either. May spend about $2 mil total on #mlbdraft.” That would be bad, yes. How about we not be complete fucking idiots and wait until we know for sure before we lose our shit about these guys though, eh? I give you permission to do so if the team really did fly too close to the sun here, if that means anything. [Note: it shouldn't.]

Keith Law retweets one of my own– with an omission, but also the word “exactly.” My words: “The Jays are not afraid to let prep arms take unbelievably awful advice from their advisors. Sucks for the kids.” He later adds that it’s a mixed bag for the club. “Good to refuse to overpay. Not good to wait a year to sign someone.” Part of that last concern, though, is that it doesn’t really help the current regime– which may be different for the Jays, as Alex Anthopoulous still has a lot of rope, and may still be around when his 2014 draft pick comes through. Risky, thoug.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun, John Lott of the National Post, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, and probably others have written about what seems to be the plan to move Brett Lawrie to second base. I’ve always been dismissive whenever fans have proposed ways to “fix” the Jays by moving Lawrie back to his pre-2011 position, mostly because having him at second would seem to be a waste of his arm, and because the club obviously moved him away from the position for a reason. But… it’s not like we haven’t seen guys who defended poorly when arriving in the Majors end up as plus defenders– thinking of you, Orlando Hudson– because of their natural athleticism and the work they put in, so… if the club is on board, maybe he’s improved enough to have quashed the concerns they originally had. And if that is true, they’re certainly going to benefit from the flexibility of being able to move him there, and from filling a position more bereft of quality talent, though… one of the pieces above suggests the move might also be in the cards because the team has adjusted the offensive expectations for young Brett, and now think that his bat may not play at third the way it would at second. Hmm…

Elsewhere at the National Post, John Lott has words about today’s loss… y’know… if you want them.

Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs was into today’s Cleveland starter, Danny Salazar, and the compelling fring prospect with plus velocity didn’t disappoint, unfortunately. Alex Anthopoulos could use making a trade I think.

Speaking of trades, and of FanGraphs, elsewhere over there Dave Cameron revisits revisits last year’s trade value list, and includes Brett Lawrie, who was way up at number 15 in 2012! “A league average hitter in his early 20s is a league average hitter because he’s showing some kind of offensive deficiency,” Cameron writes, “which may or may not improve. There’s a reason that hitters are the hardest things to scout, because there are a lot of things about hitting that aren’t physical, and only become apparent with experience.”

Brandon Morrow is eyeing an August return says the latest notebook post from Gregor Chisholm at BlueJays.com– which also includes some Phil Bickford stuff.

Drew Hutchison will pitch today for Dunedin, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy.

A pair from Sportsnet, as Mike Wilner insists that Emilio Bonifacio isn’t worth giving up on, while Shi Davidi informs us that some context regarding the BioGenesis scandal should be understood in the coming days, as the league and the union get set to address it.

Lastly, gold from Getting Blanked, as Parkes watched a horrible game on purpose, and Ted Walker of Pitchers and Poets told us what it’s like to be an Astros fan. Hey, at least they’ve got Alan Ashby.

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