It’s Friday, so I’ll make this brief: the Jays have made their way to Baltimore to open a three-game set against the Orioles. It’s the final series prior to next week’s All-Star break, and in tonight’s opener they send Mark Buehrle to the hill to take on Chris Tillman.


Go Jays!


Chris Toman retweets the Buffalo Bisons’ lineup card for tonight, and the impeccable penmanship of Marty Brown shows Brett Lawrie back at third base. Also: not in Baltimore with the big club. Obviously.

The Dunedin Jays tweet that Melky Cabrera is batting second in their lineup in Port St. Lucie tonight. So… yeah.

Some Twitter genius adds this to the debate over the Jays’ unsigned draft pick that has certain fans all butthurt:

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

2B Brian Roberts (S)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
LF Nate McLouth (L)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)

RHP Chris Tillman

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  1. No YOU’RE dogging the Friday game day threat.

  2. Fuck it they signed “Rowdy” Tellez…that’s all that matters…

  3. I’m not hoping for a win for us, or a loss for them, here’s to hoping everyone has a swell time.

  4. Just fucking call Rowdy up right now. Fuck it. Offense has been terrible as of late anyway.

  5. Let’s have a good game boys

  6. m/s/23

  7. Sweet Clete.

  8. Got to give it to him.Magestic shot J.P.Well done

  9. Tabby says that the game slows down for you when you’re sitting on the bench.

  10. I blame ‘The Wolf.’

  11. 2 lousy feet to far

  12. I think I just shit a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

    Good times.

  13. My dream for this year would be for Davis, Machado and some of the Red Sox to go down in roid scandals.

  14. Instead of pitching to him(Davis) was wise to give him the first base specially because that was open.Gibby wake up.

  15. Eddie’s Golden.

  16. Show them how it’s done EE

  17. Is their a team that allows their opposition to reply as often as the jays do. It seems that every fucking time the jays score, the next fucking half inning the opposition replies. Like, wtf is up with that? It cant all be bad luck.


  19. Lindy’s got his legs.

  20. It reminds me of a chastity belt.

  21. Btw today I am proud owner of ENCARNACION’S PARROT t-shirt.And it is awesome.

  22. Hoe did Jones even hit that? Way below his knees.

  23. Are you fucking kidding me buehrle? Just keep pissing away leads. This team is a clusterfuck.

  24. Why does anyone throw Adam Jones pitches that aren’t 6 inches outside.

    Guy swings at everything.

  25. I absolutely hope Buehrle is gone by the end of the season.

    • As long as AA is willing to pay 30 million in salary relief to the receiving team.

      I mean… this is what Buehrle is. He’ supposed to be your #4-5 starter. The Marlins grossly overpaid and backloaded that contract… they knew what the fuck they were doing. AA must not have been thinking straight to take on that much money for this type of pitcher.

      I wouldn’t mind Buehrle at 6-10mill/season… but 20? Jesus fuck.

      • LHPs who are workhorses get nice paydays. That’s just how it is in MLB.

        • It is all relative. Cliff Lee is going to make 25 million in 2014/2015… Mark Buehrle is going to make 18 and 19 respectively.

          You are not going to get that value out of Mark Buehrle in the AL East.

      • Buehrle, at this stage of his career, is a solid #3-4 pitcher. He’s underperforming this season for sure, but if you look at the career arc, you can safely expect 200 innings of 3.90 ERA ball, and that’s a #3, maybe a #4 on a team that’s loaded with pitching.

      • In many ways its like the vernon wells contract.

  26. Should we blame JPA for being thrown out?

  27. 2 key reasons why jays are where they are:
    1) burls, dickey, and jj have been shit a good portion of the time.
    2) the 6-9 hitters in this lineup are utter shit. They have rajai davis (vs a righty!!) or no pop izzy hitting 6th every night. This was a team that was supposed to compete for a playoff spot. Jeezus fucking christ.

    • Buehrle and Johnson don’t want to be here and apparently, neither does Dickey according to a comment on DJF that said Jerry Howarth hinted at that in an interview with The Fan this week. Still haven’t found the clip of Howarth saying that, though.

      • I can believe Buehrle and Johnson… but I don’t buy Dickey. If Dickey didn’t really want to come here, he wouldn’t have signed a below market value extension during the window.

        Dirk Hayhurst talked about it on Baseball Central a year ago how there were players in the clubhouse that just hated playing in Canada (border hassle, etc.). It is definitely a possibility with these guys. With that being said, Buehrle has made his money, so if he’s miserable, he can play like shit, collect his pay cheque and who cares. Buehrle has been the best pitcher of the bunch so I’m not sure that argument holds water. Johnson should have been making his “big money” following this season. Instead, he’s pitched like shit. Would he really cut his own nose to spite his face? That doesn’t make sense. He isn’t pitching like shit because he hates playing here…

        As far as the back half of the line-up goes… I totally agree with you. There is way to much reliance on the top 4-5 of the order. When these guys start to slump, the Jays can’t score a single run worth a shit.

        • Yeah, I can see how players could hate playing in Toronto. It’s a safe and clean city with great amenities, good shopping and restaurants, and the people are civil. I mean, who the fuck wants to be here?! And I really don’t get the border hassles issue. What do these guys go through? Full body cavity searches or something?

          • I’m not saying its justified… I’m just saying that Dirk confirmed that some players expressed that sentiment.

            Maybe its not just playing in Canada… maybe its also playing in the shit hole that is the SkyDome.

  28. I thought the point of switching Buehrle and Dickey was to get a win out of one or both of those games.

  29. This from The Orioles Hangout:

    I don’t like Farrell very much. He’s almost the new Cito, therefore he sucks.

  30. Trade JJ pls

    • For what? A bag of baseballs? I don’t see them trading him unless they get at least one high level prospect… and I don’t think anyone is going to be offering that at this point. Let’s see when Garza and Norris are off the market.

      JJ will get a qualifying offer. So the Jays will get something in return for him if they just hold out. Who knows… maybe he and the Jays have a monster second half.

  31. Orioles Hangout (Still) 7:24 PM

    Do they not realize O’day is not pitching? OR are they asking for him?

  32. Bautista is a whole lot of sheeeit these days.

  33. Man some of these swings are so horrendous. Swinging at every high pitch.

    • Theyre totally undisiplined hitters. Compare that to the red sox at the top of the division. They have a loooonngg way to go.

      • Best potential signing of this offeason will be Kevin Long. He is an FA after this season. Just go ahead and drive a dump truck full of money to his fucking home.

  34. Why bother… Another wasted season… Rebuild, rinse, repeat… Welcome to the misery of a Toronto sports fan.

    • Thank you for that ray of sunshine.

    • Baseball definitely has a bit of a luck factor associated with it. While I agree that this has been extremely fucking disappointing this year… they just haven’t been catching many of the “breaks “that many competitive teams often do.

  35. Toronto sports fans are clearly into S&M. Just look at all the torture they lap up year after year after year.

    • Is that you, Mike Wilner’s Bunghole, or whatever the fuck you used to call yourself?

  36. Dumb Fucks

    Originally Posted by Floater
    It’s funny chanting O’Day when Jose is up. Can’t deny that

    Yeah, I think I’m always gonna dislike Bautista because of his tiff with O’Day.

  37. Bautista can’t lay off that high pitch tonight. Neither can Lind lately.

  38. Here’s new takes on Chicken Wing & Parrot Walk:

    Encarnacion strolls down the 1st base line. Clown.

    It’s hard to run when you can’t tuck your elbow in because of all the roids.

  39. So, how manys of youse guys think Lind will be closer to .250 or .300 at the end of the season?

  40. Colllll BEEEEE!

  41. Pretty play

    The Maple Boner would have had it.

  42. Is Colby hitting well enough to move between Bautista and EE?

    If only we had a Choo hitter. Oops. I mean 2 hitter.

  43. Really Rajai? REALLY?

  44. Rajai….

  45. when do you suppose they figure out all those fastballs at eye level arent strikes?

  46. Fucking Rajai… climbed the ladder like a chump.

  47. How many high fastballs have they Jays struck out on today?

    Eyes down boys.

  48. JP……….

  49. Not only climbed the ladder…but got on top, balanced on one foot and swan dived off the top.

  50. Rajai should not be in the lineup against righties and we have this guy hitting 6th for us. Fucking sick joke.

  51. Even some in Baltimore get ‘Saki:

    “Kawasaki is hilarious to watch play. He seems fun.”

  52. oh ffs

  53. Buehrle gonna Buehrle.

  54. Yeah we are done

  55. Thanks buehrle. You fat fuck. Way to be a “veteran” pitcher.

  56. Fuck you, Buehrle! I hope AA trades you out of spite to a state where pit bulls are banned.

  57. Wow, that’s bad isn’t it?

  58. I think we can officially put the nail in the coffin for the jays season. About to fall 4 games below .500. Way too many teams to leapfrog. Its very upsetting but thats the reality these fucks have played themselves into.

    • Don’t worry. The Blue Jays have four players going to the All-Star Game. That means they’re awesome, right?

    • The reality is that the season was probably over in May. The hole this team dug itself into was just too huge and teams in the AL East are just too fucking good.

  59. Apparently I drained the vein at an unfortunate time.


  60. I recently read this series by an Patrick Rothfuss, its beautiful and calming.

    First book is called The Name of the Wind. Everyone should read it.

  61. Pitbull coiled one up on the mound

  62. So let me get this right:the big heads switched Dickey with Buehrley for better results.Hilarious.

  63. Gotta love the starting pitching this year.

    God fucking damnit.

  64. This from the Managing Editor of Orioles Hangout:
    LISALOABCHERRIES (I kid you not)

    O’Day, O’Day O’Day O’Day



  65. Only alcohol can soothe this pain.

  66. That’s the best you got?

    C’mon, get your whole 9th grade class together and brainstorm before you post.

  67. ug-ly

  68. Apparently you’ve forgotten the series sweep last time we met?

    Are you still sitting on the donut?

  69. Golden Sombrero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Jose needs to give those pants back to RAD

  71. Seriously, bring on 2014.

    End this misery.

    • In all honesty… do you see it getting *that* much better?

      I guess we just need to wait and see what moves are made but I can’t see another roster overhaul. This team isn’t even a borderline contender where one or two good additions puts you over the top. They are dead last and not even playing .500 baseball…

      • As a fan, I’d like to believe that next year things will go better. Would I put money on that? No. But we’ll see what kind of moves are made and how maybe someone like Hutchison looks next spring. Can they sell high on Janssen and get a return on Oliver?

        • Casey probably gives us one top prospect. I could definitely see a Casey for Castellanos one-for-one swap.

          I don’t see getting much other than a B-prospect for Oliver.

          Drew is coming back from TJ… He was doing “OK” before he was injured, but not the type of guy this is cementing the rotation.

  72. Mercy

  73. So those nasty rumours we’ve been hearing about Adam and Chris and JJ are true?

  74. Not sure if there are any detroit lions fans here but i swear that it is Jim Schwartz sitting directly behind the plate wearing grey, sitting with a boy. just to the left of the ump.

  75. Perez: Gets the sign. Come set. Full body wretch. And the pitch.

  76. we can act as spoilers in september again this year,whoopee shit!

  77. IYHO who finishes first in ALE?

    • Boston. No way I would have called that in April.

    • I’m going to go with the Rays. Because if I say Boston it’s too spiritually devastating. So…Rays.

    • Boston. Poetic justice for all the Jays fans that openly mocked Boston and John Farrell and counted their chickens before they hatched.

      • When do you start counting the chickens you’ve choked, jesuscristo?

        More to the point, how do you keep track?

    • I think bos does as much as farrell is a douche. Their hitters are so fucking disciplined and make pitchers earn every fucking out. Whereas the jays hitters may as well be wearing blindfolds with the shit they swing at. They have more offense than tb and nyy. Also, better starters than bal. So I think they do.

    • Tampa takes it, but Boston wins wildcard

    • Boston finishes first and they go on to win the World Series with Farrell. He will then thank Toronto during the victory celebration in the locker room for giving him the opportunity to get experience under his belt. Why? Because the baseball gods want to rub salt and vinegar in our wounds!

  78. Colby’s hitting .314 in the last 10 games

    • I’d like to see him hit in any of the 2-4 spots and move lind down. Alas, it doesnt matter. This year is fucked.

  79. You guys are a bunch of chumps! World Series favourites? Ha! You’ll be lucky if you see forth place this season. Another over-hyped mess of a season.

    Don’t worry. I’m sure with young upstarts Jose Cruz Jr., Alex Gonzales and Shawn Green teamed with veterans like Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens there’s no telling what the 1998 season might hold! It’s just a rebuilding phase it will get better! LOLOLOLOLOL

  80. Mark DeRosa is terrible.

  81. Shift the blame. Classic Toronto response. The last time the Blue Jays were in the playoffs Zubaz pants were in style. Just go watch your choke artist Leafs and cry yourselves to sleep over a bowl of back bacon.

    • And you have another 12-pack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to go along with your typical Fatty McSuet supper.

    • 1983.

      The year of the M*A*S*H season finale.
      McDonald’s introduces the McNugget.
      Flashdance was #3 at the box office

    • Fun fact: Zubaz pants were never actually in style. Just because something is available + fat guys + hicks wear it – that does not make it a legit fashion trend.

  82. Almost done my big bomber of Howe Sound King Heffy.

    Highly recommend.

  83. I can’t stand it any more. How many stranded base runners tonight?? Jesus…must be 8 or ten. Every goddamned inning, it’s 2 on and they die on the basepaths. It’s harder and harder to stay on the boat, boys.
    Honestly, I’m breaking open a bottle of Famous Grouse…

  84. What boat? You mean that patched up rusted dinghy! What a magnificent sight! Lo Vista or whatever! LOLOLO

  85. Don’t worry dear friends, I’m sure your 30 game win streak is right around the corner! It’s still early! Plenty of time to go on a 30 game tear!

  86. Well boys and girls, I’ll stay in the boat, but I’m officially ready to say she’s sinking. This team just isn’t very good. I’d say let’s keep the core guys together and have us a little fire sale at the deadline, and unload some extra weight.

    Saddens me.

    • One silver lining is that the Jays have arguably the most profitable trade chips at the deadline: relievers

      AA needs to use those greek balls of his and package several of the relievers to contending teams for a positional upgrade a la Rasmus trade or for positional prospects in areas of weakness in the mlb in general, such as 2b, like that Kolten Wong trade someone suggested. This way if the Jays dont intend to develop that prospect, at least they can re-flip them in the offseason when the trade value will be equally as high.

      I still believe in the core of Lawrie, Reyes, EE and Bau .. . and I think Rasmus now too . . .but everyone else needs to be packaged off for upgrades.

      AA should be selling Lind and Rajai ASAP since there’s always a market for 1b/DH types and utility OF’ers but once other teams start trading these guys will lose value super quick

  87. The Man from Muncie is still on the boat.

    • Thought I’d check in, read the comments, and thought I might have checked into the Scripps Spelling Bee site. When did they take the 3 Rs off of the curriculum in Baltimore?

      It’s been a slice. Go Jays! Still on the boat.

      O’Day, O’Day, O’Day, O’Day, O’Day…. O’Day, O’Dayyyyy!

  88. Lol Viste!

  89. To be completely honest, I’m really enjoying our rivalry with the O’s.

    Nothing wrong with hating a fanbase that worships a murderer

    • The O’s used to be my #1 most hated team in the 90′s. They’re back to a very strong #2 behind the Red Sox (who will never be displaced).

      • I think its kinda pointless to hate a team like the orioles with such shitty starters that will result in them not getting anywhere. For me, they’re the 4th most hated team in the division only because the jays can beat them and I dont worry about them nearly as much.

        • It’s mostly based on their fans. I actually don’t mind Yankees fans in general so that’s why I hate them less. They’re not a bad bunch.

    • Wait. Who is the murderer?

      And I’ve grown to HAAAAAATTTEEEE the Rays + the Orioles. In addition, of course, to ubiquitous Red Sox hate.

    • I don’t really have anything against the Orioles. Or the Rays (it just drives me crazy how the Jays simply cannot win a series in Tropicana, as if it’s a law of physics).

      I kind of hate the Twins, if only because I had to hear the bullshit for years and years about how they “play the right way” and etc crap. And they got to go to the playoffs a number of times despite not really being any better than the Jays, just having the good fortune of playing in the Central. And now the Twins are the Yankees’ bitch.

      Red Sox and Yankees I ‘hate’, largely because I’m just so sick of them.

      • I’m a fan of both the Twins + the Yankees + the Yankees have pretty much always made the Twins their bitch. Especially in the postseason.

      • I just have a deep, bitter jealously towards the Orioles. They’ve come out of nowhere the last two years to play great baseball and always be in the conversation. That’s exactly where the Jays were supposed to be, and that’s exactly where they’re not.

        • What the hell is wrong with this commenting system? The parent comment wasn’t meant to be placed here.

  90. 14 hits (50% more than the O’s) and a mere five runs. Please, let this season from hell end. :/

  91. Good game.

    Can’t wait for the positive spin from virgin Wilner and fat, bearded Stoeten.

  92. I’m going ashore now.
    Had enough.
    I’m still watching the games but it is more like resignation has set in , and I didn’t feel this way last year til the end of July.
    As i”ve said they have some extremely talented players ( 4 all stars+) yet some of the crappiest players in the league too which is having a disproportionate effect on our game results.
    They really do look like they are going thru the motions and Joey Bats is obviously fed up and frustrated realizing he has blown another year in a closing window with no hope of a playoff run, never mind a playoff game.
    We know we must upgrade at 2B and starting pitching ( wow , who would a thunk that?)
    Catcher, to me, we can live with JPA, if he bats 9th and maybe works on his D-besides we don’t have much on the horizon there.
    I’ve postulated on trading Oliver and janssen to St Louis or Detroit so we’ll I expect about 20% of this team , or 5 guys not to be back in April ( not counting Oliver who w/b 6 but he is retiring or whatever).
    That being said, you do not blow this up but modify it. EE, JB, Reyes, Lawrie are soild and not going anywhere. One of Lind, Rasmus and Cabrera will likely be dealt for help before April rolls around, in my opinion based on nothing but smoke in my ass of course.
    Mnay of the others will have theri name in rumours so we’ll have to wait in see.
    I/m fairly sure they wouldn’t dare come back with the same collection of dreck and expect a different result as this is the definition of insanity, is it not?
    Out here in the fields….
    Forward Soviet!!

    • I really wonder how much wiggle room AA has in terms of payroll for next year. There are some huge raises coming up for some of these players…

      Can he even afford to offer JJ a qualifying offer for risk that he accepts it and they have to pay him 14 million?

      • 125 million

      • I think they will now keep JJ for rest of year. Really not much trade value here.
        AT end of year , as long as he is pitching decently ( ERA <4.33 or so) they will offer him the 14m, I think. His record may be 5-12 or something because of our pathetic offense but if the ERA and WHIP are half assed I think he has to offer him the dough and at least get a draft choice.
        Otherwise to walk away with zero is silly.
        I wonder if he would consider a 3yr/45m or so if he could an option year thrown on?

    • Yep, the team has no balance. On one hand, you have reyes, jbats, ee, rasmus, lind. Then, you have complete shitbags in the lineup everyday like izturis, davis (vs rhp), jpa, boni, derosa (vs rhp). No depth and its hurt them from scoring a lot of runs by having those shitbags there.

      • I know a lot of people were split on this but I honestly felt the Jays should have ponied up all the coin for Fielder, I feel like that period of time was THE window. Bats was legit. EE was still useful, even if he hadn’t turned into the monster until the next year, and considering how often Lawrie got hurt, having EE play 3b would have been ok.

        It would have been boat loads of money but I think once you look back, the Jays will have wasted a lot of money on a multitude of other players anyway.

        I think every year they were so focused on upgrading their starting pitching, which of course you had to do, but sometimes I cant help but think you just have to build a team however it falls into your lap naturally instead of trying to emulate a specific model that another team has.

        If they picked up Fielder, they would have basically conceded they will try and out homer and out produce other teams. I would have been fine with that, to be honest.

        • I think Fielder really hamstrings this team long term. He’s ridiculously expensive and he hasn’t even accumulated one fucking WAR yet this year.

          • Cant see gambling on Fielder on a long term contract. At some point his size will catch up to him. My sense is that he cleans up on bad pitching and he disappears against the good ones. He still hasnt produced for Detroit in the playoffs.

    • Come on, fukstik, you’ve been reporting in occasionally from the fields all season.
      I don’t doubt that your heart is in the right place, but your engagement and presence has been somewhat lacklustre compared to last season.
      My disappointment mirrors yours, but I can’t disagree more with your damning comment on Bautista. A golden sombrero would frustrate anyone. He’ll make someone pay real soon.
      Everyone possesses some dreck. The actual definition of insanity would be viewing half a season of say Izturis while ignoring a much larger body of work that says he’s better than we’ve seen. I will no longer defend Bonifasio however.
      Keep one foot on the boat. Wait for new blood. Wait for tweaks.
      Hope springs eternal.

      • Well I have gone ashore but I didn’t say I wouldn’t be back. I have gone to replace my dwindling supplies of Merlot and I need copious quantities of Barley SAndwiches for the long journey ahead as the light in the distance is fucking with my depth perception.
        I need liquid refreshment to be able to analyze the new road map and sexton that AA will be mailing me for the next step in the journey to the promised land. Land HO!
        And,for your info, I am not mad at Bautista at all-Love the guy and wish we ahd a few more for his passiion and will to win. I just meant i think frustration is buiding and he just wears it on his sleeve a little more than some others.Plus the umps do seem to squeeze him more than other stars.
        Man Overboard-NOT!!

  93. Are those fireworks in the background of the JaysTalk broadcast or gun shots?

  94. Wilner talking about moving Mark Buehrle. He says the Jays can get something good for him. Is he a fucking crackhead?

    • A ggod trade with Buerhle w/b the equivalent of the Wells trade-in other words, if we can trade him and have the other team absorb the contract, the that would be enough. don’t expect any players back. Having said that, given that he shows up every 5th day and most times is somewhat decent, they probably keep him. Who ya gonna use if he’s gone and you lett JJ walk?
      Romero??( uh no). Drabek(, Hutchison (

      • I agree completely. You aren’t going to get shit in return for Buehrle. AA really lucked out with getting Napoli back. If anything, AA is eating salary to ship him out.

      • Really? If you could just dump Buehrle right now you would not do it? Why? Because in the short term we might lose a couple more games this year?

        Getting out from that contract would be a HUUUUUGe boon and I wouldnt care if they just forfeited every fifth start the rest of the year if they had to.

        Im pretty sure when Happ is back he can do at least as well as mr shitball

        That shit ball stuff does not work in this division. He had one dominant start against the sox, the rests of his divisional games..not so great. some okay…and many disasters like tonight.

        He is an albatross of a contract not far different than wells contract yet noone will speak Ill of the trade because we got back Reyes.

        ok great, well we could have just bought reyes a year earlier by himself.

  95. Lol, WIlner just said “It’s still early”

  96. Serious question: How did this team ever manage an 11-game winning streak?

  97. Wilner is so full of shit. The reason why people think pedroia and ortiz are good hitters has nothing to do with confirmation bias. They actually are really good, relative to other mlb hitters. They are able to foul pitchers pitches off. Also, they have a great eye at the plate, and they swing at pitches they want to hit most of the time. Like, the anti jpas’ basically. Really, the whole bos team just has a completely different (grind it out) approach at the plate than the jays do. Part of that is personnel and the rest is org philosophy.

    • Okay. I’ll fully admit that I’ve never listened to Wilner. Or any “talking about sports” folk. Because I think it’s pretty silly. But how on earth does this Wilner character have ANY credibility? From everything I read here he seems so full of it.

    • Compared to the I-haven’t-a-clue what the Jays’ batter’s hitting philosophy is….other than the John Daley grip-it-and-rip-it philosophy.
      I mean, JBats is swinging at pitches up around his eyes, and Lind is creeping back up to the danger zone again. Fuck only knows what Rajai’s swinging at.
      Cletus is the only one that’s getting solid contact consistently.

    • Wilner is a joke. Always has been. The guy has zero credibility due to his refusal to provide meaningful criticism of this team. He once tried to lay it on thick when he went after Cito. He then got reprimanded and spanked by the team and now is probably scared that he will get fired if he doesn’t tow the company line.

      • This is precisely why I can’t listen to people yammer on about things: baseball, entertainment, politics, etc.

    • Yes, Ortiz and his perennially great numbers are a confirmation bias.

      Pedroi, when not injured, is one of the best players at his position in the bigs.

      Wilner is a fucking troll. either that or he is that fucking myopic

  98. AA and the front office simply don’t know what they are doing. 8 man bullpen, 3 outfielders, 7 infielders, no emphasis on defense. They now have a brilliant idea of moving Lawrie to second base. Why are they doing that? Why is Bonu still on the team? I guess I forgot they don’t value defense. JP hits homers but is horrible defensively. The main responsibility of a catcher is his defense. Sorry, I forgot that don’t care about defense. Earlier in the year, they were DFA a different pitcher every week. When did you see any other team do that? They got Burhle who pitched in AL Central. Goes to AL East and gets bombed. Josh Johnson has major injury issues. Gets injured. The biggest mistake is Dickey. We could have got any pitcher we wanted with what we gave up. An ace is someone you trust to win Game 7 of the World Series. I don’t think anyone thinks Dickey qualifies

    • I really don’t get the potential move of Lawrie to 2nd. Maybe I’m stupid [spoiler alert: I am], but I thought a big part of Lawrie’s appeal was his outstanding D @ 3rd. So we move him to 2nd because…why? Because Boni sucks? I don’t get it. And EE will play 3rd? And fuck up his back or whatever? Okay.

      • The only part of the lawrie move which makes a bit of sense is the fact his bat might profile better as a 2b than a 3b. Defensively, it makes no sense and i dont get why they cant just acquire a 2b with some pop as an upgrade.

        • Who would be available for the Blue Jays to acquire @ 2nd?

          • Maybe it’s easier to look for EITHER a 2B or 3B than just a 3B.

            i.e. if they can’t find a 2B and find a decent 3B THEN Lawrie moves to 2B.

            • So, what exactly do people think we could get for a 2B? The reality is that most 2B aren’t good hitters. Any position up the middle is about defense. If they can hit too, then that’s a bonus.

          • Not much.

            I think that’s why their experimenting with Lawrie there.

            I really don’t have a problem with Maicer at 2b. He started the year horribly but is pretty respectable now. If he’s your weakest starter I don’t see a problem with that.

      • Putting Lawrie at second is like throwing good money after bad money.

    • Lawrie played 3B tonight w/ the Bisons. It’s not a done deal that they’re moving him to 2nd, they are testing the waters.

      Also. Newsflash – Dickey won the fucking Cy Young last year. He was great in the 2 years previous. He has struggled this year, but of course you knew he would, right? Maybe you should offer your services to the Jays’ front office, you fucking genius.

      • It’s fine to test the waters with Lawrie @ 2nd, but whenever someone else fucks up or doesn’t make a snazzy play @ 3rd the first thing fans say is that Lawrie would have been all up in there. But again – I’M DUMB.

      • He was solid not GREAT in the two previous years. Also , the fucker is 38 years old. Why people think that age has NO effect on a knuckleball pitcher is beyond me and frankly its disprectful to the people who throw it. Its a fact that athletically humans decline with age.

        Pitching is an athletic endeavor. To believe that a guy who just turned 38 may not have already had his best year is to believe in wizards and dragons and shit.

        If they were going to trade Syndergaard and D’arnauld for a pitcher, Id rather they trade for somone on the good side of thirty even if he was more of a two or long as he was solid and didnt rely on a gimmicky pitch that the pitchers themselves say cannot ever be mastered.

        we got owned on that trade and its about time some people admit it.

  99. Oh man! I forgot to listen to Wilner tonight, which is always good after a clusterfuck of a game. Anyone know if he said that if you take away the pitches that Buehrle — who I will now refer to as Dog Fucker — threw for home runs, he had a great game? That seems to be his go-to line whenever a starter shits the bed like he downed an entire bottle of Metamucil in one sitting.

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