It’s Friday, so I’ll make this brief: the Jays have made their way to Baltimore to open a three-game set against the Orioles. It’s the final series prior to next week’s All-Star break, and in tonight’s opener they send Mark Buehrle to the hill to take on Chris Tillman.


Go Jays!


Chris Toman retweets the Buffalo Bisons’ lineup card for tonight, and the impeccable penmanship of Marty Brown shows Brett Lawrie back at third base. Also: not in Baltimore with the big club. Obviously.

The Dunedin Jays tweet that Melky Cabrera is batting second in their lineup in Port St. Lucie tonight. So… yeah.

Some Twitter genius adds this to the debate over the Jays’ unsigned draft pick that has certain fans all butthurt:

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

2B Brian Roberts (S)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
LF Nate McLouth (L)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)

RHP Chris Tillman

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  1. Red Sox acquired Matt Thornton from White Sox. Traded OF prospect Brandon Jacobs, ranked 13th in BoSox organization.

    Thornton is 36 and FA in 2014

    So I guess that sets the table for what to expect from our relievers if we want to trade them

    • Jannsen is a better reliever than thornton. Atleast, over the past 2 or 3 years. Thornton is a specialist and jannsen is not. Jannsen would command more, im sure.

      • Yup

        • Plus janssen has a 4m club option for next year so whoever gets him has him for next year two. Thornton, I believe is strictly a rental as he is a FA next year anyway

          • Janssen would net you a top prospect I believe – his value is at its peak

            Thornton has good track record, but I dont think the Sox would rely on him as a longterm closer in the way other teams could view Janssen

            Basically my point was if Thornton can get you 13th overall organizational prospect, what could Janssen get? What could Wagner get? etc Kinda sets the bar for expectations on relievers

            Considering the Red Sox are pretty damn desperate for relief pitching too.

  2. Ban the trolls!

  3. All I know is Baseball is a simple game. You catch the ball. You throw the ball. It’s called defense which AA doesn’t care about

    • Preaching defense? Must be a Tigers fan.

      It’s certainly the Tigers stellar defense that has them in first. The ridiculous good rotation and king hell of a lineup are just gravy.

    • Calling up Brettington a couple days early not good enough for you, dog? Also, re: Detroit Tigers

  4. My wish list for the Jays second half:

    Trade Janssen, Oliver, Perez and Lind for best prospects available. Chuck Boni in one of the deals.

    Extend Rasmus and Rajai. Rajai very short term.

    Qualifying offer for JJ or a reasonable extension. 3/$30 million with an option maybe.

    With Colby extended, package Gose with other prospects for controllable pitching. Bud Norris would be great.

    FA targets: Brian McCann, another starter, couple bull pen guys

    • I would not trade Janssen. He’s our best closer in years. Santos can’t pitch more than 5-10 innings per season. You can trade Oliver but you won’t get anything since he will retire at the end of this season.

      If you trade Lind, do you get another DH? At 7 million next season considering you have to pay 2 million buyout , he’s OK.

      Any other free agent DH’s available?

      • Morales, but he’s the only good hitter for the dh’s left and may be signed to an extension soon. all the other options suck

      • Saltimacchia from the Red Sox might be available if they get McCann

      • The Main target for AA in a hitter should be shin shoo choo

        • I love Choo. Really was hoping they had acquired him last year. High OBP. Good all-round balanced toolset.

          • Notwithstanding Izturis and Melky, they’re on record as not liking FAs:The reason being they have to pay the “premium”. So they probably wont be looking for McCann and Salty -even if Bos gets McCann, wont be traded to the Jays because they wont trade within the division.

            • yea, AA has never made any big FA signings

              Izturis was always meant to be more of a longterm backup I feel

              Melky was a value/high risk high reward signing b/c of the suspension, so made sense

              McCann is going to the highest bidder for sure . . . Salty is not very good, I’d rather keep working on JP than pick up Salty

              • JP has talent but he needs a lot of work. I think the end result will be at least an above average catcher but I’m starting to have serious doubts about his smarts. I hope it’s just immaturity.

      • About JJ: The guy dominated before he came to TO but has lost velocity on his FB over the last little while. He’s definitely fixable and Jays could possibly get him cheap. (3/30 sounds reasonable, but this year he’s making 13.75mm so it will prob have to be a little closer to that) I’m thinking if he’s not on the weighted ball programme it’s the 1st thing he should do.

        The weighted ball programme could be the best thing that ever happened to the Jays and insofar as they’ve hired Delabar’s instructor, it looks like they realize it. The news came out about a month ago (from Zaunie I believe) that the Rays have had an exercise / strengthening programme which all their pitchers (majors and minors) must follow. They’ve had only 3 TJs in the last 10 years there. The weighted ball programme may in fact be preventing injuries as well as increasing velocity and saving careers and hopefully all the Jays pitchers will start to realize it.

        • yea makes sense

          Halladay was a gym rat and he managed to pretty DL free and his pitching didnt fluctuate too much from year to year once he mastered his skills – seems like this weighted ball program is something like working out but that focuses primarily on the muscles used most in pitching so they can avoid muscle tears doing non-essential weight lifting

          no reason JJ couldnt be the same – I can understand a small blip moving to the AL but all of the injury problems for him and Morrow seems like conditioning issues that could be fixed

      • If Delabar pitched the 9th he’d be the best closer we’ve had in years.

        If someone wants to overpay for Janssens saves I’m all for it.

        If you could somehow dig Kolton Wong out of St. Louis for a package with Janssen as the centerpiece I’d love it.

        • i am gradually really coming around on this idea . . . the 2b market is super thin – very few teams will be able to afford Cano, Utley likely stays a Phil if he’s not traded, Altuve now extended

          beyond converting other infielders into a 2b, i dont see many names available for trade – Pedo will be lifelong Red Sox, Walker will stay in Pitts as long as they are contending, etc and the FA class is super thin

          even if Kolten doesnt stay with the Jays, trading for him would be pretty valuable considering you can flip him to the highest bidder down the road

  5. I’d extend Rasmus ASAP, he’s leading the team in WAR right now

    Not sure I’d extend Rajai though – his value is at is peak right now

    If Jays try to get Bud Norris, may as well just say eff it and offer a big package to get Altuve as well. Norris is not much more than #3 IMO – career ERA of 4 and WHIP of 1.4 – he has shown improvements in last couple years and pitched well in the AL this year so far but I don’t see him as an ace type pitcher in the same way the Astros do.

    Only thing going for him is his cheap price tag and extra year of control.

    • Career ERA of 4 that’s been getting better every year.

      Cheap Price Tag.

      Years of control.

      What’s not to like there?

  6. Man really has been a disappointing season, especially with their play since the 11 game winning streak. Wish we didn’t have that off day.

    • peculiar

      what does this Rovell guy have to gain here?

      he is a legit source, works for ESPN, so not some random troll

      but thats pretty extreme . . . could he be angling to gain some popularity, get webclicks or something?

      banning A Rod for life would be dumb, he’s practically retired . . . Braun on the other hand would be a massive thing if it were to happen

      not sure what to make of this

    • I’m getting the sense that MLB is REALLY pissed and they’re going to throw maximum sentences at everyone – Melky included – and let them appeal what they possibly can. It sounds like A-Rod is gone too. If for no other raeson than he’ll be retiring after his suspension.
      Don’t think i’d like to be Ryan Braun right now.

  7. @Wilnerness590: I expect Lawrie will be playing second, no line-ups yet. Also expect Kawasaki will be going down. #Bluejays #Jays

    • Wilner also has a huge chub for Bonifacio, so I’ll wait to see what Shi Davidi has to say first

      • He did a piece this week on him and in spite of his numbers being wrong on his BA for the last 3 years, Boni DID steal 80 bases in that time period. Wilner didnt bring this up either, but Boni had surgery on his hand last summer to repair ligaments. That can play hell with a swing and maybe even make fielding a little tenative. Lyle Overbay was never right after his wrist.

        • Boni is fine as D replacement and pinch runner but I still think he is a flawed hitter regardless of an injured wrist. He’s a .250-.260 hitter tops with little to no gap power and a poor OBP, more of a .300 to .315, a lot of that fuelled by his speed

          I never watched him play prior to the Jays but having seen him now and his slugging and other advanced stats pretty much back up the fact that Boni has always been a slap hitter. Tons of slap singles, lots of infield hits.

          Boni has a decent amount of doubles right now, all things considered, but in most of his past years where he played near full season, he wasn’t even able to crack like 30 doubles for a guy with his crazy speed. And not even double digit triples either.

          I truly feel, you take away that one 2010 season, which was an outlier, and you have your true Bonifacio.

          • 2011 season i mean

          • A guy with speed like that I dont care that much about his gap power. I just want him to get to 1B and let him steal the rest. And he can steal. He’s just not getting on base to do it.

  8. Well shit, forget trading for Altuve, what little pipedream that was, Asstros just extended him 5 years

  9. @StivBators: JA Happ pitched in the GCL today, 3IP, 4 hits, 2 runs, 0ER no walks or strikeouts

  10. Lawrie confirmed called up. Will play today

    • I’m happy, we need some youth back.

      • Smells like desperation to me. I noticed he was walking more but I would’ve made absolutely sure. I mean there’s little likelihood of a playoff spot so why not grab the opportunity and make sure one of your prized young players learns not to swing at crap?

    • Lawrie’s last game played with the Bisons,4k’s.
      Last 9 at bats,7 k’s.

      And the rush is?

      • He was never down there to develop more as a hitter. Just to work out kinks and play second. Whether you want to agree with it or not, AA is still playing this season as if we are in it, and legitimately in it. He pushed all his chips into the center of the table and now he is so to speak “pot committed”

        So if he feels that playing Lawrie today might give them even a slightly greater chance of winning, he’s going to do it.

        The concept of this being a lost season is something we the fans believe. front office not so much.

        • But if Lawrie’s timing at the plate is off.What’s the purpose?
          He was in the minors to rehab and get his hitting stroke down.

          The addition of Lawrie in the line up,in a position he hasn’t played in 2 and a half years,is a move that turns the Jays into a winner?
          It’s a desperation move.

  11. Likewise, I also feel it’s rushed – may as well wait until after the AS break, whats the point of 2 games? Is a 2 game sample size at 2b really going to make or break AA’s ability to decide on whether he should acquire a 2b or 3b?

    Doesnt make a ton of sense. I am sure Lawrie is saying he is ready. But it seems like too often the players are making decisions that the coaches or AA should be making without influence

    • Ok just speculating out loud here but i’m wondering if AA has something cooking for a 3B and it’s time sensitive ie: whoever he’s talking to needs to know asap if theres a deal or not so he can make other plans. And if lawrie shows any competance at all at 2B they’ll do the deal.
      That’s all I got.

    • Unless there’s a trade being contemplated or someone’s being showcased, the timing of the move reeks of desperation/throwing shit a the wall and hoping it sticks…cue the cliches – the team’s “looking for a spark” etc…blah blah blah

  12. Kawasaki optioned.
    Lawrie playing 2nd.

    • This is getting good. Waiting for the other shoe….

      • There usually isn’t one unfortunately.

        I’m betting they’re just giving themselves flexibility in the trade market.

        Or as I called before there trading for Giancarlo Stanton and Bautista is moving to 3b.

        2014 world series Champs!!!

  13. Who cares about the Lawrie news…everybody knows it’s all about the bombers and ticats today!!




  14. 44-48
    70 games left to go
    Need to 46-24 to reach 90 wins ( if that’s the goal).
    Certainly possible but is it realistic?
    More importantly,does AA think it’s realistic?

    • Can’t see how you could with 3/5 of a starting rotation.

      Not to troll but it’s not looking good for this year. AAs trades hopefully will do a bit of tweaking for 2014/15

      • It’s not trolling when you realistically look at the possible outcomes.
        We can still enjoy baseball,cheer for the team, mourn the losses,celebrate the wins.
        But the facts are the facts and analyzing the team is part of the fun..

  15. Unless there is a trade in the next 24-48 hours involving the 3b , bringing Lowrie up (7 ko in the last 9 at-bats) would be so stupid I cant find words to describe it.

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