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Plenty of Jays stuff to get to, but first, you’ve got to read Drew’s latest My Approach column over at Getting Blanked, in which this time he speaks to Manny Machado. Fantastic as always.

Second, a bit of housekeeping: there is, at the moment, a problem with the comments section around here. Do not worry, you’re not banned (unless, y’know, you are, in which case, continue fucking off).

The deadline for the Jays to reach an agreement with 10th overall pick Phil Bickford is fast approaching (it’s at 5 PM ET), and Baseball America’s Jim Callis tweets that he doesn’t purport t know what will happen, but he’s “beginning to think whatever happens will happen right at the deadline.”

Callis has a big update from last night, at Baseball America, that includes a wealth of Jays-related stuff, including the fact that the club appears closer to a deal with Rowdy Tellez than they are Jake Brentz.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun relays some talk from Alex Anthopoulos, who said (as of last evening) that Brett Lawrie could be activated as soon as today. All is quiet on that front at the moment, however– a little too quiet. You see, bees usually make a lot of noise. No noise – suggests no bees! Also: Anthopoulos says it’s up to John Gibbons whether Lawrie will be playing at second base or third when he returns.

Lawrie isn’t in the lineup tonight, however, so… yeah. Four strikeouts for him last night for the Bisons, so maybe they had second thoughts about the bat being ready.

Rutsey also spoke to R.A. Dickey for a piece in the Sun in which the supposed ace of the Jays staff says he’s anticipating a strong second half. What else was he going to say, though, really?

John Lott of the National Post looks at another comment from Anthopoulos, which is that his club is still “trying to be in the race,” and will operate at the trade deadline as such. Which… obviously. Clearly they were never going to blow the team up– nor should they. “I think clubs understand it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for us to talk about [trading] anybody off our big-league club that has a chance to help us going forward — especially if we don’t have anybody to replace that player,” he says, entirely bang on. If they deal– and they very well might, and should– it won’t be for futures at the expense of 2013 and ’14.

Richard Griffin writes for the Toronto Star of a report out of Houston suggesting it’s all but a done deal that the Jays will be moving their Spring Training site to a shard facility with the Astros in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, for the 2017 season. Griff’s Star colleague spoke with Paul Beeston, who says the move is not a done deal, though he admits it’s one of the options his club is looking at for when their lease in Dunedin expires.

Elsewhere at the Star, it’s a new Griff Bag for me to ignore. Or possibly hijack on Monday!

At Grantland, Rany Jazayerli uses a lot of words to look at what has gone wrong with the Jays season so far, and… um… actually that’s about all he does. He recaps what went wrong.

Fantastic stuff at Baseball Prospectus, as Rob Pettapiece analyses the effect of the Rogers Centre roof on how the park plays, and finds that the stadium tends to be hitter friendly mostly because it’s so weather neutral. “If you played every Cleveland April home game in ’72 and sunny’ conditions, I daresay the Jake would appear more favorable to hitters early in the year, too,” he concludes.

Elsewhere at BP, Ben Lindbergh takes Sportsnet’s annoying superimposed broadcast advertisements to its perfectly logical extreme conclusion.

Nick Ashbourne finishes his series on the Jays’ glaring weaknesses with a look at their rotation over at Bluebird Banter.

Some funny stuff here from the Lansing Lugnuts, via MiLB.com.

Lastly, we’ll finish where we started, at Getting Blanked, where Scott Lewis has his latest edition of the MLB GIFs of the Week.

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  3. Is a shard facility better than a shart facility?

  4. “there is, at the moment, a problem with the comments section around here. Do not worry, you’re not banned (unless, y’know, you are, in which case, continue fucking off).”

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