Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners

Rogers Baseball Operations’ first son returns today as the Blue Jays face the Orioles. Brett Lawrie has risen, and he will play second base in game two of this three game set. Hands up if you predicted that the best the Jays could do would be two games under .500 at the all-star break. Now quietly go fuck yourself if you were bang-on.


As expected, and noted by everyone who covers the team, Munenori Kawasaki has been optioned to Buffalo to make room for Canadian Jesus.

John Lott provides an update on Kyle Drabek’s latest appearance.

Wilner with a quote from Gibbons, who says it doesn’t matter if Lawrie struggles because things can’t get much worse. Gibby owns, btw.

Elsewhere, the Houston Astros extended Jose Altuve, yet he still stands 5’5″.

Not to dump on Vernon Wells, but holy balls this throw from Aaron Hicks.

Race cars, man.


TV: Sportsnet One 

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Todd Redmond

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
C Matt Wieters (S)
2B Brian Roberts (S)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)

RHP Jason Hammel

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  1. have a bad feeling about this.

  2. Make up call

  3. Buck’s bobblehead in the dugout only wags side-to-side.

    I like it.

  4. Yes!! Got the F*ckers!

    Ori-LOLS live!

  5. Good game boys.

  6. They wanted a sweep so bad at the LOLs Hangout…


  7. Nice win. JPA with the clutch 2 out hit. Where the fuck was that piece of shit all season long?
    Anyways, a win is win but ive already moved on from this clusterfuck of a season unless they go on a miraculous run. Its very disappointing but such is the life of a toronto sports fan.

  8. We are seen to be hard on Lawrie, but check out this from the Hangout on Machado:

    “Good job Manny. At least make it look like you’re trying. That’s the most pathetic swing I’ve seen this year. He’s looked absolutely terrible the past 2 games. Worse than Teagarden or Reimold have looked all year. He’s been horrible.”

    “Damn. Machado’s game is going to have a cap unless he can learn to hit a slider.”

    “He can hit a slider. There was just no effort involved in that last at bat whatsoever. He should be embarrassed.”

    “This post sounds like hyperbole, but in reality that may have been the most unprofessional swing I’ve seen all year. Looked amateur.”

    “He hasn’t hit a ball remotely hard this series. Last night he kept hitting slow rollers to 2nd, and today he was just awful.”

    Tough crowd.

    • Thats fans everywhere. We are even hard on jbats and I saw somewhere on bball reference that he is already one of the best jays ever according to WAR in a short period of time. However, I do think we have more reason to be pissed at players like lawrie, jpa, boni. Theyve been awful.

    • All star/phenom 20 year old at the hot corner.
      Can’t believe those comments.

      And yes, it will be nice when Lawrie starts playing like he is capable and makes some of these dinks eat their words.

      • Look. It never was the team that I dont like. In fact can you imagine Machado or Jones or Markaikis on the Jays???

        It’s the fans. How the hell, when that kid has been stellar for this long, can they possibly say stuff like that?

        No class at all.

        • Bad series.

          They happen.

          Lawrie has been pretty consistently bad with the bat. He deserves some pressure. Call me an asshole if you will.

  9. haha someone on Jays talk just asked Wilner who he thinks the handsomest guy in the bullpen is

    i dont think Wilner answered the question

    • Wilner can’t handle the truth. Or handsomeness. I refuse to listen to some sports talking dude who can’t even deal with handsomeness.

      • yea the person who called, i think it was a dude, was named Jessie or something said his personal pick on most handsome was Janssen which is not a bad pick

        Wilner just made some comment about “oh, thats a question for a late night Jays talk, blah blah”

        guy must be pretty insecure if he cant even answer that simple question

        • I’m out west but I’d definitely call in and ask him again. We need 5 volunteers!



        • Not for nothing but we need a DJF Late Night. It can get a little blue…

          • Ha. Late night call-in DJF.

            With shit callers and Stoeten banning people he doesn’t like, somewhat randomly and based on his mood.

            Sign me up.

            Wait. So the time difference is the only difference?

    • If you disregard the fact that he’s the oldest, fattest, greasiest and least-motivated guy in the bullpen, Darren Oliver is CLEARLY the most handsome. This point CANNOT be argued. This is a statement of FACT. Next caller……

  10. Bisons doubleheader today. Wang got up first, got Bush for the encore.

  11. DJF late night?
    I’m in, what other crazy fucks are up this late on a Saturday night wanting to talk baseball?
    Ummm,maybe just this crazy old fuck.
    Stoeten’s up this late usually.

  12. Ah shit,disclaimer time.
    I, RADAR, being of sound mind and body ( actually scratch that, my body aches in places I didn’t know existed and sometimes emits things I’m not proud of) do not actually know what time Stoeten stays up till or what any of his habits are ( except for a frappacino addiction)nor do I want to know anything. Anything that implies otherwise shall be referred to an independant arbitration panel,who will stalk Stoeten to determine the validity of said implication and apply the appropriate penalty,as required by local.state,provincial and federal law.

    Whew, that was a close one.

  13. MLBTR says Jays and Rangers are favorites to land Garza…. With the Rangers willing to part with Olt to make it happen.

    The only prospect Jays have comparable to Olt is Sanchez….. So I really hope this is off-base.

    Can’t see AA giving up much for a rental while sitting where they are in the standings. Unless its another “48 hours to work out an extension” deal like with Dickey. Really can’t see wuy Garza would do that though.

    • Olt isn’t nearly as valuable as his hype last year might indicate, he turns 25 next month and has hit like crap in AAA this year. Maybe the cubs are interested in grabbing a post-hype guy like that and seeing what they can get out of him, but honestly that isn’t a high price to match.

      Although going after rentals at all would be kind of delusional on the jays part at this point, that definitely isn’t something that would take Aaron Sanchez to match. Probably more along the lines of Kevin Pillar.

      • Nope

        • Can’t see AA breaking the bank for a rent-a-player at this point in the season…unless it’s for a guy with a longer term contract.
          Knowing AA, he could be trolling the waters looking for a guy who’s been DFA’d.

          How would that Lincecum guy look in a Jays’ uniform today? That’s a nice redemption story. Rickey should use him for quiet inspiration.

      • Can we just trade the Rangers Johnson for Olt. Lots of power, high strikouts. He looks like a Jay already.

        • 78 wRC+ in AAA…

          With that being said, I’d trade Johnson for him straight up. Or shit, see if you can give Buehrle to the Rangers for the salary relief… maybe they throw in Olt.

      • The only way I’d support a trade for Garza is if AA is going to extend him. There is no point in trying to salvage this fucking season by trading away assets for one half-year rental. The Jays are struggling in both starting pitching and on the diamond. The only deal that has any real chance of saving this season is some sort of mega-deal that nets the Jays at least 2 SP and 1 big bat.

  14. Well, most of these rumours are figments of someone’s imagination.
    AA said Thursday he is not interested in “rentals” but ,rather, people who will help beyond this year. So, that would preclude Garza without said extension, so I cannot believe that one
    Personally, if they are to come up with a SP that can help next year as well they may make a move. Peavy in Chicago is signed thru 2014, albeit at 22m, but if AA’s plan is to let JJ walk at EOY for a dfraft choice, this might make some sense. Trade a prospect now( a B prospect perhaps like PILLAR) and regain a pick when JJ leaves. Peavy then replaces JJ.
    In the meantime, IMO, it is more likely that some combo of Janssen, Lincoln, Oliver is dealt hopefully for a middle infielder who can help some with the bat, although we may have to include a bat in that deal depending on who it is and I’d be willing to throw Lind into the deal. So, I think we can forget about Garza

    • I still say that AA could put together a package that would land Chris Sale.

      • Jesus.

        That would have to be a hell of a package.

        We’re talkin Sanchez, Osuna and Gose to start I would think.

        Sale may have more trade value than Stanton because of his contract situation.

    • If the Jays aren’t any closer to contention by mid August I think Pillar should get a call up.

      What the hell.

      Why not give the guy an extended look in LF and see if he can handle it.

      Also if Drabek is healthy enough give him a rotation spot for 8 – 10 starts. And give McGowan a couple starts too

      • I could see bringing PIllar up after the deadline. I think AA worries about bringing him to the bigs and destroying his trade value if he ends up getting exposed.

      • Our OF hS been more or less fantastic. You dont call up a middling prospect to take serious playing time from a vet whose having a grrat year. Its just not how baseball works.

        • No. LF has been a revolving door for the Blue Jays for God knows how long. It is no different this year. Melky has been absolutely terrible.

          You have to think Rasmus gets extended… Gose does not appear to be an everyday player and I’m not sure that Pillar can really handle CF.

  15. I really dont mind losing gose in a trade for a starting pitcher. Maybe not garza without an extension but for peavy or gallardo, then sure. The guy cant hit and rasmus is probably already a much better hitter than he will ever be. The only two guys that I would be hesitant to trade are sanchez and osuna. They seem to be potentially the kind of top of the rotation pitchers that can miss bats which is very valuable in the AL East. They still have other pieces to trade like norris, dj davis, pillar. Im probably missing quite a few guys that would interest other teams.

    • Gose has really fucking killed his trade value this year with his 620 OPS. It just gose (see what I did there?) to show you how volatile these players are. It fucking looks like a 4th OF/PR/Rajai Davis-esque role is his ceiling at this point.

      Pillar is the better prospect.

    • Gallardo isn’t coming here even if the Brewers accept any offer from AA. Toronto is on his list of ten teams that he can block a trade to. Oddly, the only team in the AL East he decided he can’t block a trade to is Tampa Bay.

  16. Dfa bonafacio

  17. man I hope AA doesn’t trade Sanchez. It’s amazing but this organization hasn’t actually developed much in the way of starting pitching for years it seems. Obviously Romero would be a guy drafted & developed….but beyond that who really came up through the ranks…drafted & all that?

    Letting Syndergaard go in a trade was one thing but I think trading Sanchez would be a mistake.

    • If AA trades Sanchez for fucking Garza and doesn’t get an extension done… I won’t even know what to say. But there is no point in speculating based off what some shitposter says on MLBTR. He *has* to fucking know better…

  18. Alright … Honestly, there is no point in figuring out what AA will do. He might very well do what he said he would do, i.e. stand pat, or pull off something out of the blue like he did with Miami.

    • AA is in a fucking shitty spot. He traded away a lot of his farm assets to build this team. He is pretty damn close to the upper payroll limit that Beeston discussed a few years ago (120~ million). Meanwhile, he has a team that is under 500 and in dead last. Does he really expect to go into next year and things will just magically work themselves out? He has made some really great moves in rebuilding this franchise… but fuck, I wouldn’t want to have to make some of the calls he will be forced to make in the next 8~ months.

      • Not trying to sound like an apologist for the season here, but the trade with Miami is a deal any GM makes. The deal for Dickey? Who knows what others would have offered? In any case, did AA trade away assets? The reality is that Nicolino and Syndergaard were at A-ball and d’Arnaud’s numbers were likely inflated playing in Vegas. They’re prospects and a team is lucky if they end up with one or two who become above average players. At the end of the day, prospects are currency in MLB. If a star is available and the cost is your prospects, you make that deal. Go look at what Detroit sent to the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera and how those prospects are doing.

  19. still how can the Fish be playing better than the Jays ?????

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