Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners

Rogers Baseball Operations’ first son returns today as the Blue Jays face the Orioles. Brett Lawrie has risen, and he will play second base in game two of this three game set. Hands up if you predicted that the best the Jays could do would be two games under .500 at the all-star break. Now quietly go fuck yourself if you were bang-on.


As expected, and noted by everyone who covers the team, Munenori Kawasaki has been optioned to Buffalo to make room for Canadian Jesus.

John Lott provides an update on Kyle Drabek’s latest appearance.

Wilner with a quote from Gibbons, who says it doesn’t matter if Lawrie struggles because things can’t get much worse. Gibby owns, btw.

Elsewhere, the Houston Astros extended Jose Altuve, yet he still stands 5’5″.

Not to dump on Vernon Wells, but holy balls this throw from Aaron Hicks.

Race cars, man.


TV: Sportsnet One 

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Todd Redmond

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
C Matt Wieters (S)
2B Brian Roberts (S)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)

RHP Jason Hammel

Comments (253)

  1. Shit son,

    Lawrie looks a lot better in the 8 spot than Kawasaki…

  2. Never get out of the boat.

    • You will let me know when it’s time to put on the life perserver,right?
      Confession time.
      Doctor,lately I’ve been starting to dream about what a 2014 boat might look like.My 2013 model isn’t performing like they told me it would and I’m starting to lust after a bigger,better,newer, faster one.
      Does that make me bad ?

      • Kurtz got out of the boat, he split from the whole fucking program.

        No life preservers, there’s tigers out there.

        • Kurtz got out of the boat,did it his way and dominated.
          He’d seen that the current ways weren’t working and created something that everybody feared.
          Sometimes the status quo needs to be shaken up.
          These Jays need to be shaken.
          Baseball ain’t easy,baseball ain’t always fair and quite often, cruel.

      • Ask bean, she’s the in-house expert on ‘feelings’ around these parts.

        You could always ask nurse karen for a second opinion, although she usually advises “If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.” (The complimentary bottle of Zinfandel is a nice touch, mind.)

        • SP, lately it’s been Spanish reds.
          Btw although I worked in psychiatry for 15 years, several years ago I moved to the dark side…provincial nursing regulation. Still I’m fascinated with the changes to the DSM. Guess my heart is in psych.

          @RADAR, I feel how you feel.

  3. Holy balls?? Ok it was an amazing throw but….

  4. Okay, if there is another move coming than I get it. But based purely on the line-up today, I don’t get what the benefit is of placing Lawrie at second and Izturis at third. Wouldn’t the infield defense be better today if they were flipped?

  5. ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫
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    Your own Canadian Jesus
    Someone to hear your prayers
    Someone who cares
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    Someone to hear your prayers
    Someone who’s there
    ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫

  6. So its great and all that davis isnt in the lineup vs a righty but we still have izzy(hitting 6th!!), bonerfellatio, and jpa in the lineup. Also, lawrie hasnt been good at the plate. So while its good to see lawrie in there this lineup is still pretty weak compares to the other teams in the division. Gibbons cant be worse with lawrie statement is bang on.

    • Izzie’s hitting .364 in his last 10 games and without looking it up, I believe he’s a career .270 hitter.

      • Still, izzy doesnt have enough pop to to hit 6th. If he is hitting 9th, then fine but he is misplaced hitting in that part of the order. Not saying jpa should be hitting 6th either but this lineup isnt deep enough. AA has to address that for next season.

    • Izzy has the best average on the team over the last 30 days (.308), JPA seems to be heating up over the last 7 (5/11, 3BB, 2SO, 1HR) and Lawrie, according to Gibby, can’t hit much worse….

      I have no stats, recent or otherwise, that can defend Emilio Bonifacio, odd to see him in LF, I wold take Rajai over that piece of shit any day.

  7. Janssen and Oliver for prospects. Prospects plus Bonifacio for Headley or Aramis Ramirez to play 3rd. Book it.

    • not sure how bonifacio adds any value to a trade. Prospects minus the bonefucker might be more appealing to GMs

  8. Lawrie wears a cup right?

  9. Anyone know of a spot in downtown west-ish TO where one an watch the game on a patio?

    • You might wanna try Kevin Drew’s backyard if you can deal with all the pretentiousness

  10. worried about him getting taken out at 2nd because you can’t see the runner and fukin his tender knee up. He has pissed a few guys off you know. Unless some other chain reaction is started , I don’t see the point of him playing 2B and risking knee injuries. Leave him at 3rd otherwise as both Izzy and derosa are crappy third basmen

  11. Fuck Sportsnet One

  12. At least Kawasaki has gained another fan in Darvish who lambasted a NPB legend Isao Harimoto on Twitter for criticizing Kawasaki’s lack of batting in the MLB.

    • Even Orioles Hangout is missing him today:

      Originally Posted by Lester Freamon

      Lawrie called up to play some 2B and Kawasaki optioned back down. I know that Kawasaki has killed us this season, but as a baseball fan, I can’t help it … I love that guy. He cracks me up, and not just in a “listen to that guy try and speak English” kind of way.

      Several people agreed.

  13. In the first half of this season the average number of chances at 3b(average of top 10 total chances) is about 250. The average at 2b is about 400, what is so bad about giving one of our best fielders more opportunities to make plays. I like the fact Brett will get about 300 more chances per season than he would at 3rd. Solid defence in middle of field and power at the corners should be the model in American league. The question that I have is why Bautista is still in the 2 spot in lineup, he is a power hitter when he is hot, why not have guys on base.

  14. Haha anyone see this?

    Melk getting ripped by some blogger for leaving a 13% tip

    • FWIW I find this whole new fad of ripping bad tippers/bad customers on twitter absolute bushleague. It’s part of the job of being a waiter/waitress that you will encounter some assholes in life. Posting about it on twitter and calling them out is pretty stupid IMO

  15. Kawasaki!!! But no I get it this isn’t a kids movie he was the logical one to get sent down again.

  16. Holy fuck. Pretty.

  17. WOW Eddie

  18. Cute hit. Kitten face.

  19. Shit.

    Forgot Redmond was pitching.

  20. Lawrie move must be just an experiment for 2014. Team I stronger with Jim at 3rd and Maicer at 2b.

    No reason to have him there and Maicer at third otherwise.

  21. Happy Saturday shitheads. Edwin bomb and cold beer….check.
    Good lil Saturday so far.

  22. Maicer is El Fuego

  23. Izturis is quietly making a case for himself.

    • I’m glad he’s turning it around. He was an important part of the Angels when they were winning/contending. Always thought he was undervalued.

  24. Let’s see how Brett looks here…

    • He looked alright. That breaking ball from Hammel is nasty today.

      • Yeah, those first two strikes were balls that would have been hard to hit, and if he did, probably would be foul balls. Hats off to the pitcher for execution in that AB.

  25. JB cannot play third. His back cannot handle it.

    If Lawrie works out at second, expect to see Castellanos at third next year.

  26. Man, that fucking stance, I hate how he swings his bat around. Like right there, if he just kept his bat in one place before the pitch was delivered, his swing could have actually taken a good path to that ball. Instead, he can barely get half a swing off because of where the barrel of the bat randomly is. Fix this shit Mottola!

    • It’s worked until this year.
      Remember how many people tried to fuck with Sheffield’s waggle.
      If he had listened where would he be?

  27. Lawrie makes that play with one hand behind his back.

  28. You got to be an idiot to give this gay(Davis) anything to hit.Redmont idiot J.P idiot, Gibby and the whole stuff idiots.

    • Idiot wind blowing every time your move your mouth
      Blowing down the backroads heading south
      Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth
      You’re an idiot babe
      It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

  29. I’m not sure why we keep trying to pitch Davis away. He laces everything to left.
    Got to try and jam him.

  30. redmond looks like drabek.

  31. So who’s next in line in the “Piece of shit brigade” after Redmond?

    Laffey, Ortiz, Wang, Edgar Gonzalez (did he start a game?), Redmond…

  32. So, the red-headed step child is back. Who wants to start a pool on how long it will be before he’s back on the DL, or the next time he does something immature and stupid when he strikes out?

    • You’re annoying.
      He’s a talented kid, But let’s condemn him for a few mistakes.

  33. Shitbag just couldn’t accept the fact the didn’t create an out with his at-bat. Had to be corrected.

  34. that was an awful jump from Boni . . . way too late against a monster arm like Wieters

  35. not saying Skydome isn’t hitter friendly, but any flyball seeems to be a threat at Camden.

  36. Anyone else think Redmond is getting these starts to improve his value as part of a trade package?

  37. The real shame of this year is that we are wasting the greatest jays pen in 20 + years

  38. Another high wire act, but so far so good.

  39. Speedy Clete

  40. A nice big whiff from Cibia. Way to bring him home, JP!!!

  41. Another successful AB by JP with RISP

  42. Why is JP hitting so high in the line up. Their pitcher struggling, 2 men on and JP strikes out with only 1 ball a strike on pitch tracker

  43. Sigh…..fuckin’ JPA. As Tabby said, you could have rolled a ball between first and second and walked to first. Instead, he tries to pull two breaking balls. Jesus wept.
    I swear, the most frustrated guy on the team must be Rasmus now. He’s rotted on the basepaths for the past week. How many times has he been in scoring position – and died a slow, excruciating death – watching Bonie, JPA or Kawasaki windmill at pitches.

    OH..and now Jones parks one. Fuck my life. Time to turn on the BBQ, haul out a chunk of dead cow and a litre and a half of a Merlot.

  44. Is it a rule that Jones, Hardy , and Davis must hit at least one homerun each game vs the jays? its fucking unreal

  45. weird how they can get two out hits

  46. “Time for another Blue Jays Central Update”…….
    Back to you, Tabby.

  47. This guy Redmond has a real flat and hittable slider

  48. Go on a little run, tease the fans a bit, irrelevant by the All Star Game. 2013 season degenerating into the dreary sameness of the last 20 seasons.

  49. Remember that time when the Jays just tried to hit home runs and not worry about getting on base? Do that again.

    Because this getting on base strategy doesn’t really work when you forget to drive the guys in that get on base.

  50. Adam Jones has a career 22 homeruns against the jays.

    the next closest team. rays with 13. yanks with 12. red sox 11.

    maybe we should study how these other teams are pitching him.

  51. Perhaps we should just start the bullpen and then bring in the shitty starters in at the end when hopefully we have already built up a nice lead.

  52. The Hangout has a FamousAmazingGuy too:

    Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!

    (and they’re winning)

  53. cmon mace

  54. 1. Jerry Howarth
    2. Matt Devlin
    3. Jack Morris
    4. Mike Wilner
    5. Dirk Hayhurst
    6. Pat Tabler
    7. Buck Martinez

    Do we agree?

  55. hit and run while bunting will get us a run here.

  56. Bases loaded for….oh shit.

  57. OK if JPA strikes out he is dead to me.

  58. Runners on base again for JPA!

    The possibility for comedy never ends with the Jays.

  59. JP is a legend

  60. The blind squirrel does it!

  61. Glory be, I thought I’d see Osmak pull her nipples out on national tv before I saw a JP hit with runners on.

  62. Lawrie is continuing to show excellent skill in hitting choppers and dribblers on the infield.

  63. J.P is coming around,but my god Lowrie.Even a blind squirrel can tell that his swing is fucked up

  64. LOL. even the orioles announcer realizes that Lawrie has been topping balls to second all year

  65. OK let’s go bullpen….

  66. Hey you guys replaced me with another Chinless wonder in Redmond?

  67. I just get back from the booze store….and my better half tells me that JPA hit a bases-loaded single.
    Good for him. I’m sorry for the bad thoughts earlier. (really)

  68. Bone face sucks

  69. Lawrie is still trying to yank everything. You can see he’s pulling off every pitch, and his balance is all messed up. He needs to close the stance a bit, and use centre field as a target.
    I’m just a beer-league player, but….fuck, dude.

  70. Arencibia seems to be less awful at batting lately.

  71. Sweet! Fuck you LOLs

  72. Gin and tonics are going down too nicely right now. At this pace I’ll be punching the clock at 10 tonight.

  73. I feel bad for Gibbons. He’s doing a solid job and his players are just failing him.

    More than anything this year, I want the Jays to at least finish respectably so there’s no idiotic talk about getting rid of Gibby.

    • Fire Gibbons! He’s the one responsible for Dog Fucker’s start last night and Dickey’s general shit dick starts. He has the power to control everything!

  74. Atta kid Bats

  75. O’Day, o’day, O’day, O’Dayyyy… O’Day, ODayyyyy!

  76. Time to open it up.

  77. does Davis even know theres a hole in his glove

  78. O’s broadcast just cited their .260 AVG and .429 SLG from the 7th inning onward as evidence of their clutchiness. Overall numbers for the year: .267 and .446.

  79. Orioles Hangout seriously pissed with their pitching and also with Buck.

    On Gibby:

    “I hate John Gibbons. How many damn pitching changes do you need, a-hole?”

    • First reply:

      “As many as it takes to win. Something Buck could learn from…”

    • that’s funny

    • It doesnt seem possible but the only explanation can be the average IQ over ther just dropped even more.

    • 2nd:

      “Oh and maybe Buck should take note of Gibbons making a pitching change. Because he just cost us yet another game due to leaving Hammel in too long. Gibbons took his starter out probably too early, Buck did it 2 walks too late and that’s the difference in the game. Just pathetic managing by Showalter.”

  80. Every time I see Bonifacio’s mug, I want to smash something.

  81. Resident FEELINGS expert checking in. I don’t know how to answer the original question. Look inside yourself. Follow your heart, kid + you’ll never go wrong.

    As to all this KINSLER nonsense that seems to be cropping up this week…yeah, I don’t know. Who would the Blue Jays trade for Kinsler? I just don’t see Texas dealing him, sorry.

  82. Draft related comment here:

    If the Jays had signed their first rounder are they the top draft in the game? Seems like their strategy is a pretty solid one.

    Following that blueprint next year with likely 3 first rounders would be key.

    Also what the hell is Lawrie doing at the plate? He looks worse than Boni.

  83. kawasaki has better at bats then laurie!

  84. Bonifacio may need some base stealing instruction. With his speed this shouldn’t be happening. Where’s Tim raines?

  85. Bonifacio is an endless source of comedy.

  86. Totally didn’t realize that “Low-er-ie” was back today. I made an uncharacteristically good call to not watch most of this game. I’ve got to ease myself back into this notion. But as he is back, I’m now going to start being a lot nicer to JPA.

    • I’m sure you can be equally mean to JPA and the team’s very own and highly marketable mothercanucker.

      • Nah. Maybe in my younger + more impressionable years I would have had the energy. There’s only so much distaste to go around.

  87. Cecil has looked pretty pedestrian lately, lets see a quick 3 up 3 down here sir…

  88. Bonifacio could probably be an all-star quarterback in the CFL. By CFL standards he’s got a cannon fo an arm

  89. Am I crazy or has Reyes been missing some playable ground balls lately?

    • He’s not much of a fielder. Hasn’t been for a few years now. Definitely not as good as Escobar was for the Jays. Clearly better on offense though.

      • It’s debatable whether offense or defense is more valuable to winning.

        • I’ll take Reyes even with the clear downgrade on defense.

          The Jays were supposed to have a good pitching staff that would strike out a lot of batters. That was supposed to compensate for the weak fielding going in. Supposed to…

      • Huh? Escobar’s and Reyes’s lifetime fielding percentages are pretty much the same.

    • Agree.

  90. yea,him

  91. The 5-step program to accepting Brett Lawrie as a second baseman:

  92. They must be going crazy at the O’s blog.

  93. What a sweet bender.

  94. Reaction to Delabar:

    Go to hell, John Gibbons….take your pitching changes with you.

  95. Things have become topsy-turvey:

    “Well that was blatantly obvious after he got to 2 strikes.

    We just can’t hit with RISP.”

    (sound familiar?)

    • Also:

      “Ha, you really DO have it in for Gibbons!

      I personally like this style of managing. He’s got a four-run lead, the opposition has multiple men on base and he’s managing to situations.”

      • I like how Gibby rocks the poncho instead of the full uniform – its his trademark

        • Thank God (in that respect only) that Gibby is Not comfortable in his own skin.

          The muu muu is mo’ better.

          • too bad, because Gibby’s got a rockin’ bod – he should show it off a bit more – I’m sure Wilner and others would really appreciate it

  96. The Baltimore broadcasters are the literal Worst.
    I fear I won’t hear the dulcet tones of Buck + Tabby until August.

    • They can’t be worse than The Hawk and Steve Stone…or The Marlins guys for that matter…

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