Game Threat: Jays @ Orioles


Yup, this right here is your game threat.


TV: Sportsnet One 

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
DH Chris Dickerson (L)
2B Brian Roberts (S)

RHP Scott Feldman

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  1. You guys should cover hockey so you wouldn’t have to work so hard in the summer.

    • Was meant to be a joke. After reading it back, seems bitchy. Not how it was intended.

    • Cover hockey so you don’t have to work hard all year long. Period. Hockey commentators are just fucking shit. Like, Jesus H. Christ! It’s either about players having or needing grit and heart — whatever that shit means — or about how players need to (a) finish their checks, (b) put the puck in the net, or (c) a and b.

  2. Trade thread?


  3. goddamn sportsnet 1. Go Jays

  4. I got ya: this is your game threat.

    The Jays take on the Orioles in a matinee that will bring an end to the seasons “first half”.

    It’s been a roller coaster ride for the Jays and not a man on the roster will say 2 games under .500 at the break is where they expected to be. Yet here we are, with Josh Johnson taking the hill looking to accomplish just that.

    The O’s send Feldman to the mound who’s surprisingly good season is due for some regression. Like now.

    After this game prepare for your interwebs to explode with boundless trade speculation….. With the Jays “no comment” policy placing them firmly in the middle of the shitstorm.

    Could someone remind Johnson he’s in a contract year please?

  5. Jays are going to make some trades soon. Hopefully something big rather than piddly trades. Apparently the Jays are looking at Garza.. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    • Unless there is an extension involved, *any* trade for Garza is shit. This season is not one #3 pitcher away from being turned around.

      • Can trades be made on the provision that the player extends? I thought i’d seen something like that before.

      • Why even trade for Garza if an extension will have to be involved? I could see if he had a year left on his contract, but otherwise, no way! I really don’t get the erection that people pop whenever his name is mentioned either.

        • I’d much rather an attempt for Chase Headley but that’s unlikely. I’d just like to see Lind traded for… anything. He might have a wee bit of value right now.

          • I think Garza will stay put. He’s going to decline a qualifying offer at the end of the year if the Cubs keep him, so they aren’t in a position where anything is better than nothing, and I don’t see a lot of teams that are likely to give up something better than that compensation for two months of Garza.

            I actually agree with what Drew said on Getting Blanked a few weeks ago, which was something along the lines of keep Garza, and trade Samardzija, because I think there would be far more teams interested in a guy with multiple years of control.

            • Yeah.

              Samardzjia is wicked and would net them quite a haul. The Cubs aren’t the Astros though. I think they’re realistically looking at 2015 as a year to compete and like Samardzjia for that.

              I think Garza is gone for the same reason. A 2014 comp pick likely isn’t contributing for awhile. Closer to the majors propect at the deadline is ready sooner.

              Same reason the Jays might trade JJ. Get a young piece that can contribute before 2017.

        • He’s not an amazing pitcher by any means. The point I’m trying to make is any trade for *any* rental player without an extension is just a retarded move by AA. I’m not saying AA needs to be a full blown seller at the deadline… but this team is not really in the race right now and it would be foolish to move assets for rentals like Utley or Garza.

  6. I dont get it. I thought I was on a rehab assignment in Buffalo yet we played a doubleheader yesterday and I didnt play in either game. Did I have a set back or something?

  7. I’d assume GM AA will hit up another unsuspecting target like the Happ deal last year.

  8. Jays have been given a $125M for payroll and they gotta be at the limit for this year so they might have to shed salary to make a trade. Next year they are likely around their limit too unless they shed salary.

    Jays won’t likely be taking on money in any trades unless they get approval to bump it up and after the season so far, I doubt that.

  9. I”m stuck with the O’s feed on mlb tv and apparently Chris Fucking Tillman is an allstar in place of Verlander

  10. I wonder if the Jays could trade Buehrle to the Cubs for Garza, if the Jays ponied up more in the way of quality for the Cubs taking on additional salary.

    • Doubt it. Cubbies are building for the future… they don’t want to be saddled with an aging shitballer with a monstrous contract.

      Any deal involving Buehrle will be either a) complete salary relief or b) the Jays sending a lot of cash to the receiving club to get a better player/prospect in return.

  11. This looks like a bad Johnson start, so far lotsa contact and shit defence

  12. Fucki g Lawrie has that no problem.

    Why the fuck are we going with a sub optimal defense? I know its crazy, but if Iazturis is better then Lawrie at 2B and Lawrie is better at 3B, then why arent we fucking playing them there?

  13. So what were we saying about trading Johnson?

    • Honestly I was thinking the one positive from the early season struggles was maybe they could have him sign on a qualifying offer but I don’t even know if I want the jays to offer him one

      • I hope they do. Some NL team will risk it on him and give him a multi-year deal. A draft pick is the best case scenario now for the JJ debacle.

  14. Fuck. You. Josh. Johnson.

  15. Is the ‘pen warming yet or are we just giving them this game?

  16. It’s surprising that Wilner decided to go to work today in light of the sad news regarding the sudden passing of that actor from “Glee”. Hopefully Wilner can maintain his composure and focus during the broadcast.

  17. I fucking swear if the Jay’s go on to get blanked by FUCKING Feldmen

  18. JJ’s watching millions of dollars and years of contract floating away.

  19. Fuck this shit! Think Johnson gives a fuck? He knows he’ll get paid anyway for his “potential.”

    • He’ll get a contract, maybe 2 yrs 15 mil, MAYBE, I could see it being as low as 1 yr 7 mil. Johnson cares, he cost himself 10′s of millions, probably 50-70 mil

      • Mark my words. He will get paid. Never underestimate the stupidity of owners. I also won’t doubt thatJohnson will say how not wanting to play in Toronto affected his performance.

        • Then the Jays should definitely present a qualifying offer.

        • Honestly he needs to step it up in the second half or he won’t. So far this year he’s been injured a month and been insanely inconsistent when healthy. This is a guy who already had a red flag due to injuries, he needs a solid second half or he won’t get much.

    • He’s taking a one year deal next year. There’s just no fucking way.

    • I think he’ll get Kyle Lohse money (33/3).

      But he could’ve gotten a lot more. What a fucking failure he’s been.

      • Far as I’m concerned the answer is obvious and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not on the weighted ball programme even now. He’s lost velocity on his fastball and he wont throw inside. Because of that he’s nibbling using offspeed stuff and his out pitch, the slider, to compensate and hitters are just waling on it .

  20. Sigh of resignation.

  21. 4 zip already…holy fuckin shit. Looks like the Jays are starting the all star break early…I guess they’ve still got 8 innings left to mount a comeback…trying to stay positive

  22. It’s still early. Mike Wilner told me.

  23. This doesn’t make any sense.How san they squere every ball.Even the outs are being made in the outfield.And for the love of God Tabby :shut the fuck up

  24. Wish we could take some of JJ’s money back for his shitty performance. Absurd making this much money for such horrible performance.

  25. Well if there’s one silver lining it’s that AA failed his first time with the BP so maybe his second go around with a rotation will work as well as the bullpen has this year

    • Don’t kid yourself.The bullpen success is just a fluke.

      • A fluke it all came together or a fluke in terms of performance?

        • The same bullpen can not put the same numbers two years in a row guaranteed,hence fluke

          • Of course a given BP will change from one year to the next. Even within the 1st 3 months of this year Rogers was slotted there and Wagner and Perez weren’t. And while Dustin McGowan wasn’t there at the start of the season, he pretty much had to go there or be DFA’d when he got healthy. All teams (not just the Jays) are subject to constant change in the BP. But in the sense that the Jays have assembled the best possible available pitchers in spite of the changes and they’ve done well, it’s not that much of a fluke.

  26. When was the last time lind walked seriously? Hes been swinging at tons of garbage the last month or so.

    • It looks like we were watching his evil twin brother a few weeks ago. The real Lind is back!

    • It has been a week.

    • I said trade him here earlier since he seems to actually has some value.. people said “No way! He’s good now!”.

      No he’s not. Trade him as soon as possible as soon as there is anything on offer before it’s too late.

      • Wilner was like, “WHY WOULD YOU TRADE YOUR BEST HITTER?!”

        Fucking dumb shit.

        • Adam Lind last 10 games:
          41 AB , 9 H, 0HR, 4RBI, 9K, 1BB, .220 BA

          The real Adam Lind is back and probably because pitchers have adjusted to him.
          Unless he adjusts to that, ie; layoff the same old stuff (high fastballs etc), they should trade him or dont pick up their team option.

  27. So once the Jays extend Colby, he’s going to revert back to the form of the last 2 years, right? This kind of shit just has to happen to this team.

  28. Johnsons fastball is two mph slower and his breaking stuff is completely cement mixer flat up there. Completely different pitcher than the one in cleveland. But what do you expect from the throw in the Buehrle trade

    • AA wanted Johnson and the talks progressed from there. Buehrle was the throw-in, i.e. you want Reyes, you have to take Dog Fucker and his backloaded contract since he was too fucking stupid not to have a no trade clause in writing and to have believed whatever Loria told him. Fuck, I’m pissed! Lol

  29. I cant dispute the numbers improving but im just not a fan of izzy. Is he better than jpa and boni? Yes, but hes still playing too much and hitting him 6th in the lineup is idiotic.

  30. I hope Johnson gets booed lustily by the Jays in his next start. What a sack of shit. Of course, Wilner was ripping Jays fans last night calling them rowdy and making a bad reputation. What a fucking dink. Couple callers called in to say thats bullshit and that Yanks and Sox fans and other are worse, but of course that mouth breather had to disagree.

    Im not a fan of booing every single player for no reason, but Johnson deserves every ounce of vitriol – inexplicable to be this bad in a walk year.


  32. Hopefully this inning the Jays hitters can remind themselves that they’re facing Scott fucking Feldman! It’s not like he’s Mike Pelfrey or anything!

  33. Syndergahard on the mound right now in futures game. his breaking ball looks filthy.

    fastball solid.

    change up..not so much

  34. Man these guys are way to overanxious, I think that’s the second K on a ball that bounced.

  35. The hits just keep on coming.

  36. If JPA wants to help this team out, he should aim at Johnson’s head when he’s throwing the ball back to the mound.


  38. Remember when Ricky said that he and Johnson were to be the best 4/5 pitchers in all of basball?

  39. Man, the Jays must go in the game with no game plan for this gay.Three days in a row opposite home run.Talk about being lazy and stupid and with no game plan

  40. So what are the Jay’s going to do for the rotation next year. Johnson will probably be gone, they have two number 3/4′s in Dickey and Buehrle, a big fucking question mark in Morrow, and the nothing.

  41. I get that davis is on fire but cmon jj. He is supposed to be a good pitcher. And good pitchers are supposed to be able to get good hitters out. Major fucking disappointment.

  42. I think I’m glad that this team is still shitting the bed. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it schadenfreude, but they really needed a dose of humility. So did the media.

  43. Sigh. It feels like there have been A LOT of games like this this year – over in the first few innings.

  44. If Johnson has no trade value or little, do the jays even qualify him in October?

  45. How many shit balls can this guy throw?

  46. Someone should remind Josh Johnson that he’s in a contract year.

  47. Stop swinging at fucking balls.

  48. Maicer doing the little things right.

  49. Fuck JJ and fuck this team.

    Time to go play some tennis in this heat. Sweat all my anger out. That works, right?

  50. I just reared my head

  51. If, before the season, you asked me to put together the absolute worst case scenario for this team, I don’t know if I could have gotten to this. The Johnson thing just makes absolutely no sense to me.

    • He had such a great spring too. More proof that spring training performance is absolutely meaningless

    • I agree.
      listening to ESPN a couple of weeks ago.They talked about JJ and asked “what happened”. They said,before the season started, the talk around the league was he might be in the running for a CY Young.

  52. If the jays actually had a competent bottom of the lineup that could get on base before the lineup turns over this offense would be awesome. And they wouldnt have the record they do now.

    • Pitching is the issue here.

      JJ was talked about as a potential CY Young candidate in spring training. Dickey was a CY Young winner. Morrow has ridiculous potential that started coming together last year. Buehrle is a solid innings eater in the back half of your rotation and Romero was a great bounceback candidate and couldn’t get any worse.

      And Happ was maybe the best #6 in MLB.

      What the hell happened?

      • Well the whole “CY YOUNG WINRAR!!!!!!” in Spring Training is just counting your chickens before they fucking hatch. You’re fucking dubbing this guy the best pitcher in the American League without having thrown a single pitch? Come on.

        Ricky we should have had some fucking inkling about due to his shittiness in 2012.

        Dickey… I mean, what do you say. Hindsight is 20/20. I personally thought it was an overpay at the time, but could never imagine him playing this fucking poorly. Caveat emptor when getting a pitcher a stone’s throw away from 40. Hiroki Kuroda he ain’t.

        JA Happ was just a fluke injury… not much you can say about that.

        Morrow finally seemed to be turning the corner last year but shit… the kid has never had a 200 inning season. There never seems to be any middle ground with him. He’s either on and fucking smoking batters, or total shit and can’t get out of the first..

        Buehrle is going to be Buehrle. You’ll get some quality starts and you’ll get some dogshit starts. He isn’t worth the 18/19 million the Jays will be paying for him but who else are we going to get at this point?

  53. Fuck this! Thank fuck for Netflix.

  54. Guys take it easy. Just listen to Jays Talk after the game and Mike Wilner will let you know when that 20 game win streak is coming up.

  55. Just do your selves a favor and turn to espn2 and watch the futures game.

  56. Of course. Ffs.

  57. Baltimore… Shit… I’m still only in Baltimore… Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the Toronto.

    When I was home after my first tour it was worse. I’d wake up and there’d be nothing. I hardly said a word to the fans until I said yes to a divorce.

    When I was here I wanted to be there. When I was there, all I could think of was getting back into the playoff race.

    I’m here a week now, waiting for the All Star break, getting softer. Every minute I stay in this room I get weaker. And every minute Boston squats in the bush he gets stronger. Each time I look around the walls move in a little tighter…

  58. Johnson really fucking sucks.

  59. I have to seriously question why Lawrie even bothers to continue lifting weights and ingesting creatine/roids. It must be so he can look buff when he’s flashing his glowsticks at raves/clubs/Ibiza because he’s shown about as much power as Johnny Mac or a 12yr old girl over the last year and a half. He’s a goddamn injury-prone weak-grounder machine with the busiest, twitchiest, ugliest, redbull/ecstasy fuelled swing I think I’ve ever seen. What the fuck is going on with that guy? His potential trade-value is plummeting. At least he’s a strong character guy with a great attitude.

    • He pulled a ball last at bat. that should count as a hit for him

    • He’s 23.


      • Im 23, does that mean I will automatically be able to hit major league pitching in the future?

        • You’re BABIP, aren’t you.
          The guy with his head up my ass.
          I can feel your lips moving.

      • I realize he’s still young and plays solid D, but whether he’s 23 or 43, his swing is some kinda fucked up and he hasn’t hit for shit for a loonngg time. I keep waiting to see some signs or light at the end of the tunnel with regards to his hitting, but the longer he continues this way, the more disconcerting it becomes. Remember, Lawrie was originally being projected/counted on to be a Dan Uggla type – 265-300avg/25-35 hr/90-100+ rbis. He’s currently struggling to maintain a goddamn .200 avg with zero pop. All in all it’s been real ugly for Lawrie for a while now. As a Jays fan, I’m just disappointed/confused and frustrated with the Lawrie situation. Speaking of being disappointed/confused and frustrated, let’s not even touch on Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero today. Cheers

        • I’m with you, apart from the age thing.
          23 years young makes him plenty fixable, albeit frustrating.

          Funny you should mention Romero & today.
          He actually had a good day.

          • Good to hear and yes, I realize Lawrie still has time to turn it around and I hope he does. My main concern is just that, at present time, Lawrie appears to actually be regressing. In the context of pro sports, 3-5yrs is a considered a long time for a player (especially a starter/everyday player like Lawrie) he really can’t be considered a prospect or young guy with potential for too much longer. For better or worse, this is the big leagues, and unless you’re the Marlins or Astros, if a player like Lawrie needs more time to develop, it should probably back in the minors.

    • This is because idiots like Lawrie lift for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy rather than myofibril hypertrophy. Ever wonder why Eric Thames looked fucking RIPPED and had absolutely no power?

      There is one exercise these fucking morons do… it’s all “curls for the girls.”

    • Yeah. Lawrie has nmbeen rough this year. Decent average but no power last year.

      Still young with lots of time to figure it out. Just hope he can take a little coaching.

  60. These fuckers have yet to swing at a strike this inning

  61. Most of the time Wilner sounds very much like a pre-teen boy/girl doing a Seinfeld impression – obviously not the greatest radio voice – too whiny and grating. Really miss Ashby. I also miss winning baseball games against pitchers of the caliber of Scott Feldman

  62. Guys, it’s still early and Baltimore is just lucky! Amiright!

  63. I keep jumping to MLBTR in hopes of seeing some Jays news.

    Any Jays news really.

    • Maybe some sort of fucked up facilitate a 3 way trade deal like they did for Rasmus.

      Literally gave up 2 relievers, a B prospect and a bunch of chaff to land Rasmus.

      Hell I’d be cool with Beckham or Ackley landing here if we didn’t give up a lot. Maybe the Jays can finally make them into something.

  64. Awesome trolling. Did someone type that for you?

  65. What do you call a pretty girl in Baltimore? A visitor.

  66. JJ to the dodgers book ot

  67. Isn’t there an arson, murder, rape or roach/rat infestation you should be reporting right now? Go choke on a thick cock Baltimwhore. Oh wait, I forgot that thick cocks don’t exist in Baltimwhore, so you’ll have to settle for a scabby leprosy infected fist up the ass from a homeless crack & bath salts addict.

    • Silly rabbit! There isn’t enough money for police services in Baltimore!

      • This years draft, Toronto had 11 unsigned draft picks. The Baltimore orioles had 18 unsigned picks. Might want to check your facts, dumbass, before you base your entire trolling session on it.

  68. Eddie–professional hitter.

  69. The hell, Sportsnet gave the orioles that run.

  70. Devlin’s getting noticeably better at this.

    • Keep him and let Buck do colour.

      • And move Tabby into a position where he roves the clubhouses seeking out only the softest hands + schtrooongest bodies? If so, I approve. Because Tabby’s knowledge + insight is required.

  71. So, what’s it like living in a city where the main exports are poverty and crime?

    • Baltimore, where you can get arrested for wearing a sleeveless shirt or swearing in a public park, or arrested for spitting on the sidewalk, however, it is totally legal to get or receive a blowjob anywhere in public.

      You are right dickwad, Canada is the fucked one.

      • Baltimore – the only place were you can get soft-shelled crabs in a restaurant…..or on the first date with a local girl.

      • Don’t forget that you can’t sell chicks or ducklings to a minor within one week of Easter, not to mention that it is also illegal to take a lion to see a movie.

  72. Markakis rubbed it.

    What a pussy.

  73. We need better trolls in here. More effort please, better wordplay, more smarts. 2/10

  74. Must suck to live in BaltimWhore and constantly be surrounded by so many poverty-stricken toothless fat chicks. It’s funny how even though they live in complete squalor, can’t afford to feed their 13 kids from 11 different fathers and spend all their welfare money on crack and bath-salts, BaltimWhore chicks are all still fat as fuck.

  75. Sweet Clete

  76. The Blue Jays just need to get a good second baseman and fire Gibbons, Mottola and Walker

  77. Nice hands Mclod

  78. Replace them with competent coaches Farrel is even better than Gibbons how embarrassing, I mean will the Jays ever get better or will they continue to suck for ever

  79. It looks like Tommy Hunter beat Anorexia.

  80. Boner at the plate… this will end well.

  81. No at this point the jays need to have a small fire sale at the deadline get rid of JJ, Bonerface, Derosa, Izturis, Arencibia and fire Gibbons, Mottalo, and Walker

  82. Another potential rally ruined due to the incompetence of boni and jpa.

  83. Why did I give in and turn the game back on?

  84. So the Pirates are first in their division but 25th in MLB in runs per game. With Garrett Jobes and Gaby fuckin Sanchez taking the reps at first base.

    Get on that AA. Lind has value now. Let’s get us some Jamieson Taillon.

  85. Alright … Let’s listen to Wilner’s wisdom!

  86. Disappointed end of a game to a disappointed end of first half of season.

  87. Gather round children and listener to the chosen one Mike Wilner explain to all us simpletons how this Jays season is not yet a wash.

  88. Will the Jays ever be good again or will they continue to suck for the next 100 years or so?

  89. Listen to this dumb fuck bitch about not signing Bickford!

  90. I mean he doesn’t even look interested in the game and listien to the stuff he says he is an incompetent bum and should be fired there is a reason why he was not coaching in the big leagues before the Jays re-hired him, I mean he had a 305-305 record that just screams incompetent

    • Jim Leyland was 1069-1131 when the TIgers hired him.
      Bob Melvin is ten games over .500 after 10 years.
      Showalter, after 15 seasons is .516.
      There’s a dozen managers that are within 50 games of .500 after a 10-15 year career.

      Go troll for “incompetance” elsewhere.

  91. After a loss, The Deluge.

    • Also known as jesuscristo’s circle jerk.

      Fill your boots.

      • I know that this blog hates having people critical of anything the Jays do… but the results speak for themselves.

        • Yeah. All the anger directed towards the people commenting on the mediocrity of the team yet not a peep of criticism for the fuckers that are losing the games.

          you want people to shut up and not be so negative? how bout win some fucking games and play up to your ability?

          bunch of sycophants.

          • Good riddance to you too. When every comment is just venting negativity and racing to be the first to have insisted X, Y, or Z is fucked, you’re not taking part in a discussion, you’re just being a shithead. Think I can’t tell the difference between someone participating and someone just being a shitty whiner within two seconds of looking at your comment history?

        • Criticism is entirely fair. The blog itself criticizes all the time. Mindless negativity just for the sake of being a shit in everybody’s cut, however, isn’t welcome. Goodbye.

  92. Why don’t you get the fuck out of here you ugly little bird troll

    • It’s a slow crime day in Baltimore is my guess. There is only so much stabbing and robbery one can do before boredom sets in.

  93. Who should be called up in August, stroman, pillar, gose etc…. maybe a cameo in September for aj jiminez?

    • Are we at that point yet?

      • Unfortunately we probably are.

        Definitely Stroman and Pillar. Also if Drabek is healthy give him a spot in the rotation and give McGowan a spot start or two. Maybe bring Nolin back for another go around. Got pounded the first time but he should get another shot.

  94. Shut up Orioles your team just gets lucky their pitching staff is garbage and they get carried by their offence the Orioles may make the postseason however they have no pitching so they won’t go anywhere in the postseason

  95. That was thoroughly disappointing. Apply to game, first half. I could use this break.

  96. Greetings from Paris.
    Sad to hear about the latest swoon, but I am hopeful that the team will play better in 2014.

    I doubt Rogers will cut AA’s budget, since attendance has been growing & tv ratings are OK.

    No point going back to the rebuild, 7 hope that prospects & retreads work out.

    A budget of 125- 140 million woud help the team compete for 2014

  97. Hmmm wonder why you weren’t here yesterday.

  98. US dollar is creeping higher. Up 5% in the past year and likely to rise a bit more before next season. Unfortunately this will have an impact on the Jays payroll.

    Thinking the Jays roll out a similar roster next year.

    But who knows. If they finish strong maybe AA can convince the Rogers brass that a FA or two would make the difference.

    Would love to see them push it all in and up the payroll by a few more million. Choo’s .400 OBP would look so nice in the two spot and McCann would be a beautiful in the 6 spot.

    • Wow. Now I’m really getting myself excited.


      A man can dream.

      • That would only work if you put Bautista at third, which would do two things. Put stress on the back of the most dangerous hitter on the team. Second, a move to third would probably upset Bautista. He is 32, so 3B would be pretty taxing on him compared to right at this stage in his career. Choo would be a good pickup, but I can’t see it happening unless there is a trade that sent one of our outfielders out of town. If they can pickup McCann(I’ve been a huge advocate of this), I wouold be surprised if they stay status quo, possibly leave Isturis at third and Lawrie at second. The Left to right balance in the order, and switch hitters, the lineup combinations could be interesting and pose headaches for opposing managers.

        How about this for a lineup.
        Lind or Rasmus
        Lind or Rasmus

        I put McCann in the cleanup to split up JB and EE, and because I think that he could hit 20 at the dome alone. Obviously I’d like to see a improvment over Izturis, but with his contract and actual trade value, and the fact I see the Jays making maybe one free agent acquisition with it’s current roster. But who knows, maybe their be a Gillick type of trade, two key players for two key players that changes the dynamic of the team. Can only wait and see.

        Lets just hope they go 50-18 after the break and get into the playoffs. Not counting on it, but not giving up hope any time soon.

        • Jays are not getting Choo. First off, he’s a Boras client. Secondly, his splits are still absolutely terrible. As ridiculous as it sounds, he is a platoon player. He hits .175 against fucking lefties… this is unacceptable and will get exposed in the AL East.

          As for McCann… I think we all have a good idea where he is going to end up next year.

          • Yeah. I know.

            Just more fun to think about than the tidal wave of epic waiver wire pickups we’ve come to expect from AA.

            Rusty Canzler and Jim Hoey? Come on down!!!!!

  99. The Jays have a $125M payroll. They are at or close to the limit now. They have $101.7M committed next year and $11.75M in options for Lind, Janssen and DeRosa plus arb type increases/pre arb players so payroll will be close again next year.

    Any trades the Jays make are likely to be cost neutral or Jays dumping some salary. Free Agents won’t happen unless some salary is freed up or the budget goes up.

    • There’s $82.2M, $26M, $22M, $4M committed for 2015-18. Options are $34.2M, $55M, $8.75M, $22M for those years.

      • Romero, Lind, Janssen, Bonifacio, and of course Buehrle would be nice to get off the payroll asap but that’s not easy or likely to happen. The rest are probably worth their pay.

        • Oliver and DeRosa off the payroll could help a bit too.

          • Can’t really figure out why people keep crapping on lind on here. He has been slumping a bit lately but so has Jb for much longer and I don’t hear anyone talking about him.
            Also, can we please not mention casey in the “not worth his contract” discussion. Not sure how much more the guy can do. He went from being an average pitcher for us a few years back to being a lights out closer.

            • Casey is definitely worth his contract and then some. Lind has been this year as well, but I’m skeptical that he could pumpkin any day.

              Casey has been great. That and the fact that he’s still likely out 4th best reliever means that I would trade him in a heartbeat. You gotta give something to get something.

              Casey is expendable to us but extremely valuable to a number of bullpen hungry teams.

              • exactly.Plus with us he may only pitch 50 innings for the whole fukin year and we have capable replacements. I mentioned in an earlier post if we got bombed by the Tigers , speculation would increase on a possible deal to Detroit and we are already getting some minor rumblings of that. Personally, I think StL is a good fit as Motte, their closer, is out and they dumped Boggs on Colorado last week Hell send em that ol cunt,Oliver as well as we don’t need him anymore either and saves us the trouble of DFAing someone else who might help in the future. I like someone’s suggestion of trying to pry Wong out of Stl, somehow

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