Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

He’s not wrong– and neither is Scott MacArthur of TSN when he provides some follow-up context– but Edwin Encarnacion gave what might be considered a comment worthy of attention today. Or… y’know… maybe it’s just a horrifically slow news day.

To wit:

Like Edwin says, I don’t think the starting pitchers would disagree (and, obviously the relievers wouldn’t, seeing as there’s zero chance he’s talking about the bullpen), but… maybe not the best precedent to set, from a P.R. standpoint.

Not that I care. It’s just, it’s not like it needed to be said, and the risk of pissing off teammates probably isn’t worth it. On the other hand, it gave me something to post about so that I don’t have to bother wasting any more words on the Home Run Derby than absolutely necessary.

Speaking of: Jose Bautista was asked by the Jays not to participate in tonight’s yawn-fest, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi. In a follow-up tweet Bautista is quoted as saying he agreed with the decision. (Though some folks are saying on TV it sounded like he was more upset about it than this suggests, but… whatever. Also, what’s he going to say, “meh, balls to this snoozefest.”)

He also had some truth bombs… for himself!

OK, just one truth bomb. But he’s not wrong either– and I’m sure it was much easier for him to take the diplomatic route here than it would have been for Edwin, who is kinda fucking nailing it this year. Not a lot of blame Encarnacion could have put on himself, so… the truth seems like a solid way to have gone, I guess. I don’t know.

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  1. Yep.

  2. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  3. jesus…

  4. Edwin spoke to the press?
    He rarely grants an interview.


  5. D.J. Davis has a 950 ops. Right now. He has 5 triples, 5 stolen bases, and hit 2 home runs last night.

    It’s completely irrelevant to this post but its a thing

  6. Barely newsworthy. If MLB is anything like almost every other competitive sport, teammates will sometimes “lay down the law” with each other. I get yelled at by teammates for dropping a disc in ultimate as a means of encouragement, and that’s just ultimate! You roll with it and move on. Every player at that level will have been yelled at by a coach at some point in their careers and told much worse than “you need to play better,” so I don’t think his teammates will take it too hard.

    • 1. There’s a difference between doing it in the locker room and doing it in the press. (Though I don’t really think there’s any teeth in EE’s statement, so in this case — no big deal)
      2. You’re referencing your Ultimate league? Really?

      • Referencing your ultimate league is the pinnacle of cross-sports analogies.

        I don’t yell at my teammates who drop discs (although I die a little inside whenever it happens); I only yell if they look stunned and let their mark run free to score.

        Sort of like Gibby: a look of disgust with a bad decision or error, but only yell if you compound it by doing something else stupid at the same time (e.g. Lawrie popping out then talking smack because Lind didn’t try to take home).

  7. Jays starting pitchers have a 5.07 era. I knew it was bad but not like this. NOT LIKE THIS.

    If they were anywhere within the ballpark (pun) of where everyone expected, this team would be way over .500, even with the 2B and C flaws. Really is disappointing.

  8. I kinda like it.

  9. PR? What PR?

    After the Arencibia thing I think it’s safe to say Rogers is on the “any publicity is good publicity” train.

  10. Edwin isn’t wrong, and these comments seem innocuous enough that I don’t THINK anyone would take offense.

    Hopefully the break will be good for the slingers.

  11. Rough rankings for the Jays among AL teams (use whatever metrics you like):

    Hitting: mid-pack
    Defence: mid-to-lower-pack
    Bullpen: near the top
    Starters: near the bottom. Worse than the Astros.

    You’d like to see some improvement in the offense, but if they’re going to start winning more often in the second half, it really is on the starters.

    • That’s fair.

    • The discrepancy between the bullpen performance and starting pitching is just weird.

    • I think our hitting is below average( below mid pack ) but maybe I am wrong

      • Bottom half of the order hitting is what’s killing us

        • Not even close to true.

          • Stoten you can’t deny that lack of hitting in games is a situation that killing us in terms of performance

            • It’s the pitching.

              • the best stat to look at for an offense is runs per game. where do the Jays rank in runs per game? that will tell you how good their offense has been.

                • It’s not the best– it’s not park neutral. Still, though, the Jays are the eighth best in baseball by that metric.

                  The pitching has, unquestionably, been the problem. Everything else looks worse (defence, too) because the margins for error are so thin because they haven’t got any damn starting pitching. Seriously.

    • its also hard to stick to a game plan when its consistently 6-0 in the 2nd inning…

      I know that sounds like a bullshit argument.

      but stealing bases, taking walks (for some), hits and run etc all get brushed a side when youre in a big hole.

      you essentially try to hit homeruns to get back in. Our offense simply isn’t a problem

  12. I’m glad he’s calling out the sad sack starting pitching. And I can see where he’s coming from. We have 3 starting pitchers on contracts with more AAV than Eddy’s deal and I think Dickey’s extension has more AAV than Jose’s. Those guys have gotta start pulling their fucking weight!

  13. I’ve never seen Edwin talk in an interview since he has come to Toronto. Guess at the all-star game, they have to have those press conference things.

  14. It’s not just that the rotation has underpeformed.

    Aside from Rogers, how many of these guys actually have positive trade value?

    Maybe Dickey? Maybe Johnson?

    I’d be surprised if the Jays could trade Buehrle, Morrow, Romero or Happ without kicking in a little money right now.

    • Burhrle and Dickey haven’t been terrible, all the time

    • I don’t think AA can trade Dickey because he still hopes he can make that trade look a little better than it does right now. Trading him would admit defeat.
      As for JJ, if you were a GM reviewing game tapes, would you trade for him?

      With his contract through the end of 2016, Romero has no value at all. He has the distinction of being the highest paid minor leaguer.

  15. Nothing about the batters leaving too many men on base? Last time I checked, you can have great pitching but still lose if your team mates don’t score any FUCKING runs..

  16. Surprising fact: Jays are 22nd in position player WAR and 22nd in pitching WAR per fangraphs. It’s not just the pitching. Unsurprisingly, the 22 in pitching breaks down as #26 in starting and #5 in relief. There’s a lot of truth to ‘it’s starting pitching’, but the bats are not the bats of a playoff-quality team either.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I can’t fully blame AA for all of this though. We have been completely decimated by injuries. AA couldn’t have planned on losing 80% of his starting rotation to injuries and a handful of his batters to lengthy injuries as well.

    • The Jay’s are 9th in the league in runs scored.

      The problem hasn’t been run production, its been run prevention.

      • bingo. hitting could be a bit better (especially in April), but the starting pitching is really killing us

  17. Who do you think has a worse ERA this season: Brandon morrow, or a shitballfrankenstarter that consists of all the starts made up of: jenkins, redmond, wang, ortiz, laffey?

  18. It’s really weird. I was writing about the rotation today and therefore up to my arsehole in their numbers, and it’s really been a tough go for them in that a lot of their peripherals are much better than their ERAs would suggest. HR/FB in particular has punished Dickey, Johnson and Morrow but is generally considered out of a pitcher’s control for the most part. Sure, pitching at the Dome and other AL East ballparks is a factor, but I can’t help but feel there’s a significant helping of shit luck in there too.

    • I’d totally agree. Defence hasn’t helped them a lot, either.

      • Yeah the defense definitely hasn’t done them any favours either, but its impact is harder to quantify so I largely left it alone as far as the pitchers’ performance goes.

        Anyways, the thing I wrote somehow unpublished itself overnight but it’s back up there if anyone went to look and then went “What the hell? There’s nothing about the rotation here”.

  19. Jays go 50-18 after the all-star break, while RedSox timely hitting disappears and they sink like a rock. Dickey goes 8-2, Morrow returns strong from injury, Rogers continues to flourish and Josh Johnson starts pitching like the man, including the jays first nohitter since Steib.
    Jays make wild card playoff, and then proceed to go 12-3 in the playoffs, and win the first world series in 20 years for Canada.
    Maybe it’s what I’m smoking, or maybe I’m a believer. Either way, I just hope this team plays to their capabilities. I was thinking the other day, why has this season been so frustrating, besides the obvious(last place and crushed expectations to go with what Eddy said, no starting pitching). Take away that wonderful 11 game winning streak, and the Jays have been 15 games under .500. This team is too talented to have that record. I just hope it all starts to click and they believe they can dominate almost every game.

    Go Jays!!!

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