Home Run Derby 2013 Threat


Seriously? You’re going to spend the better part of three hours with this guy’s hackneyed shtick?

Good luck with that.

Jeez, maybe read about Edwin’s truth bombs, or all the Matt Garza rumours, or buy some fan-designed Jays swag, or… something while it’s on, at least.

American League

Robinson Cano (New York)
Yoenis Cespedes (Oakland)
Chris Davis (Baltimore)
Prince Fielder (Detroit)

National League

Pedro Alvarez (Pittsburgh)
Michael Cuddyer (Colorado)
Bryce Harper (Washington)
David Wright (New York)

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  1. Michael Cuddyer?


    • Childhood friend of Wright, apparently.

      I fully suspect he will shit the bed hard in this competition. At least CarGo was replaced by Alvarez.

  2. DINGERS!!

    Really though, why so negative about the derby? Sure it’s kinda long and ill be hearing the words “BACKBACKBACK” in my nightmares for the next few weeks but seeing somebody hit a ball 500 feet is impressive as hell

  3. That yoenis cespedes article is not a bad read either

  4. Y’all must be ready for dat Pitbull?!

  5. This intro is all time. Lovin it.

  6. I hope Chris Davis ruins his swing like Rios.

    Seriously though; I know about the glass houses thing with Jose, but watching Chris Davis just muscle 3 opposite field homeruns on breaking balls and fastballs outside, wasn’t anyone else thinking maybe there’s something a little strange about that?

    I mean, lots of people “asked the question” with Jose, which was stupid because there’s nothing THAT unusual about a guy with great bat speed who can only pull the ball. But just swatting breaking balls away from you out of the park? I dunno.

    Having said that, it is definitely possible that he’s just Adam Dunn in a career year. I guess what I’m trying to say is I have no idea. But after what we had to deal with with Jose, Davis deserves to have some ‘scrutiny.’

    • No, he doesn’t.

    • You would be the first guy screaming like a banshee if an Oriole fan said that about EE wouldn’t you? EE hits a lot of opposite field home runs so he must be juicing too.

      • going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we let our best forms of evidence be the basis for evaluating who is using banned substances, and it seems pretty clear that variations in performance on the field has been a poor form of evidence for determining who is using and who isn’t.

        “playing better” and/or “being the best” do not make a person more deserving than anyone else.

    • He’s no more likely to be on something than anybody else in this league.

      Not that I particularly care either way.

    • 1) This is stupid.

      2) You really don’t think Alex “career high 25 home runs” Rios wasn’t maybe due a little regression after he hit the break with 17?

  7. Your momma’s on her “BACKBACKBACK”

  8. Does AA sign Gonzalez?

  9. The fuck do you mean moderation?

    • Posts with multiple links get filtered out as spam. Out of my hands, but this isn’t a messageboard, sorry.

  10. One more sleep until the first must win game of the Jays season…that 4th WS game at Skydome is going to be key.

  11. Stoeten is right, Chris Berman is hard to take. They ought to use video of his stupid mouth to interrogate hardened criminals. They’d probably crack in a minute.

  12. Wow Yoenis ripped everyone apart.

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