Back for another week of highlighting the best in unofficial Blue Jays merchandise. Not sure how long I’ll keep doing this, but if (good) shirts keep flowing in, I’ll keep it up. Let’s take a look see at some great Jays shirts that y’all have been sending us.

The Colby Rasmus ‘MURICA Bald Eagle Shirt: Of all the shirts that we’ve received from r/TorontoBlueJays, this is the best one so far. Not to mention the description: Celebrate the patriotic season with this shirt, featuring Blue Jays outfielder Colby Rasmus, a bald eagle, stars, and some motherfucking fighter jets.

LOVethISTEam Shirt: Pretty creative, merging the Lo Viste, and the LoveThisTeam campaign that was used heavily at the start of the season, but not so much anymore. BTW, is Metric’s “Stadium Love” still a thing?

Jays Win! Shirt: This was posted last week, I believe, but Jonah, the dude that made this shirt from the Blue Jays subreddit, messaged me because it hadn’t reached his goal yet.

As usual, if you see any good Jays merch (it doesn’t have to just be shirts), send them my way on Twitter.

EDIT: Colby Rasmus 3-Wolf Moon shirt acquired:

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  1. How that wolf shirt progressing? :P

  2. Rasmus Murica is getting printed!!

  3. I hate that I know this, but I find it hilarious that the silhouettes of the jets on the Rasmus shirt are Russian MiG-29′s.

  4. Would be cool shirts…the Lo Viste and Jays win shirts are kind of a joke at this point no? The thought of Bonifacio doing that stupid Lo Viste shit now is so annoying. He fucking sucks, straight.

  5. I’m not embarrassed to admit that it took a good 5 seconds for me to get the Love This Team / Lo Viste shirt. I kept reading it and saying “What the fuck is ETHAM?!”

  6. In fact, I would’ve suggested something along the lines of “friends don’t let friends Lo Viste”

    For real though, how about some negative (nothing too bad, but jsut a way to express displeasure) shirts?

    How about a shirt that says “AA” and has a picture of a fat, out of breath, clearly ineffective “ninja”

    • The AA shirt is a great (and hilarious idea). It’s hard not to notice that he’s really been piling on the pounds this season (too much stress and feta cheese perhaps?) A polynesian/samoan themed Gibbons shirt showcasing his fashion sense with the poncho/muu muu would also be fun. The graphic would definitely have to show Gibby wearing his shades while sloppily eating/chewing something (peanuts/seeds/an entire coconut?), with crumbs/pieces all over his face and poncho/muu muu. He definitely appears to enjoy eating in the dugout a fair bit this season.

  7. How about that “chucky” garbage grange wrote on

  8. Encarnacion, Thole, Happ, Arencibia, Morrow?

  9. If we’re talking Gibbons-themed apparel, I vote for a belt that has a little pocket on the front, so you can position your hands in the manner Gibbons does without actually having your hands down your pants.

  10. I don’t always read comments, but when I do… pathetic ass clowns like “Wilner’s etc…” end up being unable to post more. Funny that.

  11. Great post, any AA ones?

  12. This Week In We Don’t Got Shit To Write About

  13. Rajai Davis oven mitts.

    Headfirst sliding into a cake or pie. Maybe more of a photoshop thing?

  14. I’m wearing my Edwin parrot shirt right now, sweat stains are probably already ruining it….

  15. RR Cool J shirt?

    “Don’t call it a come back, I’ve been here for years”

    Just thinking ahead to a rose coloured second half.

  16. Rasmus Wolf.

    Has made this season worthwhile.

  17. Hey Stoeten,

    This time of year the usual All Star fluff, First Half Grades, and Trade Candidate type articles posts are going to be in good supply.

    Unless you’re going to take it easy during the break (which isn’t a bad idea for anyone considering the length of the season), would you consider posting an article on both the injured players that could help in second half, and guys in the minors that may help?

    Negative articles will be in good supply, but it would be nice to have a read that examines what player x,y,and z could help this team pull off a very challenging turn around.

    It would be nice to see an update where these players are at in one article, also, there is a decent amount of truth in that the Jays do have good talent that is not currently on the 25 man roster.

    It’s the same shit every year (generally speaking in Jays coverage), I have a feeling that a positive article (that admittedly would have it’s share of wishes and rainbows) would be well received.

  18. Someone redo the EE parrot shirt!

  19. Lo Viste…gimme a break. What a load of shit. (Bonifacio included)

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