I did pretty much this exact same post a month and a half ago (also: a year and a half ago) , when I showed up on the Rogers-owned sports radio station in town, but today it was the other guys’ turn, as I joined Gareth Wheeler (aka @WheelerTSN) this afternoon at 2:30 on TSN 1050 (aka @TSN1050Radio) here in Toronto for a Jays talkin’ segment. And with no Getting Blanked podcasts this week (maybe a Thursday DJF one, though– but don’t hold your breath!), I’m figuring you might get a kick out of whatever the hell it was that I rambled.

Click here to have a listen.

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  1. Way to not say dick fingers in your first answer. Did you practice that?

  2. Is there a non-twitter link for those bored at work?

  3. Good interview. My only point of disagreement was how the offense isnt really a concern. You could argue starting pitching is the larger issue, but they have had quite a few games this year where the starters were fine and the offense didnt get the job done. Getting shut down by shitbags like pelfrey, feldman etc. This lineup (esp bottom half) to me does not look like a playoff team. In the AL East, you need to score a shitload of runs like the red sox lineup or have dynamite starting pitching like the rays. This team has neither. I would say starting pitching and lineup is of equal concern.

    • To be fair, Feldman is having a phenomenal year. Sometimes even shitballers have good days. They wouldn’t have jobs for very long if they didn’t.

  4. Isn’t Wheeler the guy Stoeten keeps on getting into tweet fights with?

    • I find wheeler only slightly less annoying on the radio than I did when he was on sun tv. Vapid is a compliment to this guy. He has this rowdy, exasperated way of expressing himself that siphons any supposed intellectual value out of what he actually says, IMHO!

  5. Good work Stoeten. I’ve grown to just more or less ignore TSN because their baseball coverage had gotten so bad, but this Wheeler dude seemed ok. Is he worth following or is it just the heat stroke?

    • I agree but the all around shitiness of Sportsnet (I mean TV only here), makes it a drag to watch too so we’re stuck with TSN which overall is the better network but has garbage baseball stuff or Sportsnet where I find all the personalities suck but has the better baseball stuff. Screwed either way on the TV, IMO.

      • TSN is waaaaay shittier than Sportsnet. Holy fuck, get a clue.

        Spiffy graphics and intro music is NOT the reason I tune in to get my sports highlights.

        I prefer The Score, errrrrr… SN360 when available.

        But I fucking loathe TSN. That’s just me.

    • I swear to god, his questions are longer than the answers.
      I used to work in radio…and I’ll always remember the old pros there, who would tell me to not phrase a question that was so long that the guest who forget how it started.

  6. Trading Janssen and Lind, getting something for JJ, signing Colby long-term, upgrading 2B and C….. We have heard it all before. Goddamn it’s going to be a long summer, fall and winter until we can raise any hopes again.

  7. This totally doesn’t belong here but I just heard about Anna Benson. Wow.

  8. WTF Stoeten,

    You agreed that AA is doing a good job?

    What about your fabled “AA is an idiot” post?

    For shame.

  9. srsly, why no podcasts?

    • Because we’re lazy and the All-Star Break is a good chance for people who cover baseball for a full time job to take a bit of a step back and re-charge for the long push from this weekend, through the trade deadline, through the dog days, through the playoff race, and through until the end of the World Series in late October/Early November.

  10. Wow Elvis Costello is the worst. Just the absolute worst! Horrible voice. Annoying tone.

    Can’t name one great song by that bore. Awful taste in music.

    You hate Wheeler, why would you do this? Phony much?

    • C’mon….Watching the Detectives? Oliver’s Army? Radio Radio? Classic stuff back in the day.
      OK…If I had Diana Krall at home, I wouldn’t worry about that kind of stuff any more.

      • Are you serious John? He is pretty close to a musical genius! Alison, Working Week, Party Girl, his version of My Funny Valentine, even the jut okay What’s so funny about peace love and understanding. Pithy and ironic while delivering tremendous musical appetizers. Can’t say much about his recent stuff but this guy has an outstanding catalogue. Hope you know more about baseball than you do about music.

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