Sergio Sant-Uh-Oh-s?

Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

Reader Clint (@StivBators) is a great Twitter follow, especially if you follow the Jays’ minor league affiliates but are too lazy to actually watch the games, or want to hear Jays-related stuff most fans might have missed on XM radio, or on Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus, but are too cheap to actually pay for it. Not… uh… that any of us would know anything about those things…

Anywho, last night Clint was following some Dunedin Jays baseball and relaying some info via Twitter, and… uh… Sergio Santos everybody!

Immediately I had to ask for clarification.

Obviously, that doesn’t sound so good. At least, if the information is reliable. And… uh…

However, uh…

I’m not saying that any of this necessarily means anything, but you can’t help but wonder if this may suggest that the return of Santos isn’t quite as imminent as most of us had previously believed.

That said, Santos pitched a perfect first inning on Sunday (in a game that was suspended due to rain and completed yesterday, prior to his start), and this was his first attempt at pitching on back-to-back days. So, maybe it’s more disappointment than disaster.

If I was smart I’d be searching Twitter right now for reports on his velocity in the previous starts, but… do you know what a pain in the ass that is??? (Update: @Minor_Leaguer points me to a comment from yesterday at Bluebird Banter, where a reader says on Sunday the broadcast had Santos hitting 93.)

The line on yesterday’s appearance is two hits, two runs, two walks, and six batters faced in two thirds of an inning. Prior to that, however, Santos had yet to give up a walk in five rehab innings, giving up just one run and three hits, and striking out four. The Ks, however, came in his first three appearances, and he’s now given up three runs in his last 2.2 innings against A-ball hitters.

Does that mean anything either? I have no absolutely no idea. And I certainly can’t say for sure that there may be a plausible explanation for it, or that it’s simply a bump in the road, or… anything, really. It is what it is. And fuck, I hope it’s minor, because I have really been looking forward to watching a healthy Santos throw for this team– those of you who remember his final year in Chicago will understand why– and… well… we all know the story.

First commenter to say “S*rotka” gets banned. Hey, but at least Drew Hutchison is rehabbing now, eh?

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  1. Will a relived get sent down when Melky is back in. A week?

  2. Seems like it was the second game of back-to-back outings.

    That’s slightly more encouraging, I guess.

    • And now I see that you already noted that.

      • I won’t drop this point again I promise! But I read the whole board and it doesnt look as though anyone has come up with it.
        Santos had labrum surgery. The same operation that Casey had. There was, at the time Casey had his, a lot of talk that few pitchers ever fully recovered from labrum surgery.
        Nowdays it’s different. More are recovering fully and Casey is one of them. But in his 1st year back (’09) , he was extremely mediocre. Make that terrible. (40 IP, 5.85 ERA, 1.82 WHIP) Even the next year back (’10) he was better but not great (68 IP 3.67 ERA, 1.38 WHIP) It wasn’t til 2011 that he reached the level he’s at today.
        Given that I wouldn’t expect much of anything from Santos until next year and 88 mph FBs are ok with me pitching on the 2nd day in a row.

  3. Surgery Santos looks quite a lot like Brandon League

  4. Sir!…O, Tkachuk was my favorite hockey player.

    Just puttin it out there, in case anyone was curious.

  5. Even if Santos never pitches again at the major league level, there’s a good chance they won that trade with the White Sox.

    • No big surprises there. Maybe Marisnick, didn’t know he had heated up.

    • Raul Mondesi?

      • My guess is that he will be an unbelievable 5 tool prospect, who starts of a with a great rookie year, and churns out a good 6-7 years, but then turns in a marginally major leaguer for the next few years, and really in the end you view him as a disappointment cause he was built up in ours heads as a limitless athlete, and should’ve been pumping out 40-40′s , batting 350 and recording 25 assits every year. But really he was really good, he just wasn’t as good as you hoped he would be when you were 15. That’s what Raul mondesi will be…..

    • At least Sanchez is still tops the prospects that were traded away. Also we all know Osuna will be on that least eventually, right Garold?

  6. Maybe he’s working on a new pitch? An 88 mph heater, by the looks of it.

  7. Unrelated: Are the Jays interested in Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez from Cuba? I think he’d be a good fit.

    • Tough to make a call on the fit of a guy we literally knew nothing about 4 months ago.

      But I guess anyone with 4 legit pitches is probably a fit in TO and most other places.

      Love to see the Jays go into the international market and get a legit big leaguer….. But who the hell knows if this is the guy.

  8. Colour me shocked! And ya, when it comes to this guy, I really think dickish sarcasm should be allowed. I mean, seriously, couldn’t everyone see at least the potential for this coming from a mile away?

    • Why the fuck should it be good for your to dickishly groan about a guy who just can’t get healthy? There’s the odd joke about Dustin McGowan’s arm falling off, but there’s been a lot more understanding of his troubles, I think.

      • A couple things… not saying I’m right but just explaining why I think the way I do.

        1) McGowan at least pitched for this club, and contributed solidly for over a year before he got hurt. He has a recorded history of performance for this team. Now, his injury issues at this point still dwarf Santos’ but I am always going to be more sympathetic to the guy who has actually performed for the club, even if it was long ago.

        2) I am dickishly groaning about a guy who can’t get healthy, but I’m also dickishly groaning about this report, which is not about health, but about performance and execution and ability. If he is healthy, and is now not as good a pitcher, that sucks. Furthermore, I don’t understand why I can’t groan about a guy who can’t get healthy? When I think about it, it isn’t necessarily all that dickish. It’s not like I hate the guy or am spouting off shit like “fuck this loser, get lost, he sucks.”
        It’s just fucking frustrating.

  9. santos johnson and dickey. the biggest jays hypes of the blog boy sect. and the most whopping disappointments of the past 2 years.

    again, i would much rather have had villaneuva. we should never have let him walk.

    • Then you’re an idiot that thinks you’re psychic. Which is no surprise… you puke idiocy all over your keyboard every time you chime in.

      • a c+ for dickey and johnson huh?

        i think you need to consider what a ‘c’ grade is normally used to represent…name ‘average’. you are giving these guys slightly above average marks….yet in terms of starters in 2013..taking the most obvious example….the league average ERA is 3.93.

        where do you get C+ out of that bud?

        you’re as out to lunch as the rest of them. i’m not a pessimist. i’m a realist. the relievers would get full props and a number of the fielders/hitters…but at the same time you have to call a spade a spade and frankly dickey and johnson have been BAD buddy. BAD. accept it…forget your fucking fan boy stat boy bullshit for once. these guys have been BAD. pure and simple. they get a C- at absolute best…but some of them more like a D.

        we’re not looking at these guys through the lens of ‘i really really wanted you to be awesome’. fucking wake up.

        • They have been bad. Really bad. Won’t deny that for a second. But within that “fan boy stat boy bullshit” there’s evidence that they’ve done some things well, and the things they haven’t done well aren’t all within their control. Therefore, there are signs that they might be less bad, or even pretty good, in the future.

          And yeah, I don’t know where you went to school, but B is average. Mom told you some stories to make you feel better as a kid eh? Sweet lady.

        • You’re telling someone to wake up and you’re using ERA and ignoring the fielding independent metrics that don’t mind Johnson as much? Fanboy stat bullshit? Buy a fucking clue and stop venting like a child having a tantrum.

    • Dumb.

  10. [...] not sure what’s going on with Sergio Santos (if you want to know why that is, read this article by Andrew [...]

  11. Yay!. HUTCH!!!
    … positivity

  12. I was excited to see a healthy Sergio sometime in the near futue but at least if that doesn’t come to be, the current pen has been so good that it shouldn’t effect what the Jays do after the break.

    When healthy he does have an absolutely filthy exploding breaking ball. Would have been fun to see him making guys look silly.

  13. Cuban defectors everywhere!!!

    Dalier Hinojasa granted free agency by MLB. Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and Odrisamer Despaigne joining him as defected Cuban free agents.

    Sign ‘em all AA!!!!

    Seriously though. AA said he regretted not being more aggressive with his contract offer to Chapman. And Darvish is working out alright. So who the hell knows. Would be fun to land one of these guys.

    • I would be nice to bring The Next Big Thing to the Jays from offshore.
      But with our luck, he will be on the table getting a Tommy John six months later.

  14. This could be an error, or perhaps he was holding back. so we should all wait to see his next appearance before reacting.

    however, if this is the case, and given the bullpen’s strength this year, perhaps shutting him down would be best. no reason to rush him back

    • Exactly the kind of comment that made me think twice before posting this. Really, we’re talking about shutting him down based on these few tweets??

      • you think twice before writing a blog entry because some commenters might over react to some tweets? seeing as you can’t suffer anyone having a different opinion than yours at any time, its a miracle you’re ever able to write anything. its almost like you’re 2 different people – one guy writes a thoroughly engaging blog and when he leaves the room his little brother gets on the computer and acts like a pretentious douche bag to all the commenters. put a lock on your bedroom door pal, your little brothers a dangerous nerd.

  15. I will be mildly optimistic about the Cuban pitcher, while awaiting an actual scouting report.

  16. If HInojasa is a free agent would that not mean he does not count against international salary limits as well?

  17. The doctor prescribes the Steve Delabar Weighted Ball Program ™. Stat!

    • I love how the weighted ball program has become the standard fix-it-all cure for any pitcher ailments. Bad Shoulder? Weighted Balls! Elbow problems? Weighted Balls! Pulled groin? Weighted Balls!

      I will not be shocked when the inevitable weighted balls T-shirts start popping up.

      • I would buy that, the graphic for the tshirt has a million great possiblities.

      • Well it’s not like it is a medical handling. It’s just a strength training regimen right?

        Why wouldn’t every pitcher want to increase his strength and velocity if he can, without injuring himself. I figure that’s why we hired the guy who invented it.

      • Weighted balls were the cause of my pulled groin in the first place.

      • Hell.

        If it fixed McGowan it will fix anyone.

    • Jamie Evans would like you to stop giving Delebar credit for this program.

      • Pfft. And where would Jamie Evans’ program be without the bionic reliever?

        • for one, it would probably still be called ‘Velocity’ instead of ‘Weighted balls’ so that wouldn’t be good, but likely it would’ve found some other failed/injured pitcher to help.

    • Someone needs to make a Delabar weighted balls shirt. I’ll buy it.

    • Santos already started the weighted ball program this season as per the interview with Evans earlier this month (or last month.. I forget now). Santos, McGowan, started it after the start of the year while Janssen started in the off season (I think).

      • im pretty sure Janssen started midseason, I remember hearing him say he’s looking forward to using it in the offseason to really see how it can help.

  18. Just think, there’s some other failed/injured pitcher out there who never got the help he needed because Delabar got there first. Damn you Delabar!

  19. Have definitely heard enough. Shut him down!

    I recommend surgery on at least one part of one arm, but more parts and arms would be acceptable.

  20. People were shitting themselves when Johnson topped out at 90 earlier this season too.

    You can’t just jump into sitting 95 consistently all the time. Even if you’re healthy it doesn’t work like that. Some days you don’t have the velocity you need / aren’t comfortable. Sure he could be hurt or have re aggravated something. He could also have been throwing through a little stiffness or inflammation. Anyone who has ever suffered an injury knows what its like to try to use an arm or leg after they’ve done a little too much the day before. Fuck I whine like a bitch about my shoulder every time a golf.

    • Especially because it’s the first time he tried game action on back-to-back days, I think you’re totally right.

      84 is a little alarming, though, still.

  21. Let’s get back to Hutch throwing 93.

  22. Contract status?


  24. Were the Jays ever in on Cespedes?

  25. Tim Dierkes chat at MLBTR kind of threw water on the idea of landing Castellanos or any other top 50 prospect.

    Not much specific Jays talk but only one top 50 prospect moved last year in the Grienke trade. Likely won’t see many again this year and if they do move its likely not for relievers.


    Guess we should reset expectations. Maybe Avisail Garcia?

    • It makes the Rasmus deal seem all the more remarkable, doesn’t it? Not that Colby was a top 50 prospect then, but Frasor and Stewart for Jackson and Teahen, then Jackson, Dotel, Rzep, and Patterson to the Cards. Crazy.

      • It really does.

        Basically 3 relievers (2 of which were impending FAs) a mid level prospect and fuckin Corey Patterson for a young controllable CF that put up over 4 WAR at age 23(?).

        Actually though, wasn’t Stewart ranked quite highly at the time? It goes to show the volatility of prospect rankings too. Remember when Nestor Molina was our top prospect? Holy shit.

  26. Fairly certain the “Velocity” program hasn’t been stopped because Evans signed with the Jays. Although he does work exclusively with the Jays and their minor league affiliates.
    This is from North of the Border:
    “Evans will work exclusively with the Blue Jays, but, for now at least, is permitted to continue the development of amateur players. Evans had been working with numerous professional athletes including Texas’ Jason Frasor and the sons of Boston manager John Farrell.”
    He is only one of a few originators of the program. I’m sure the other originators will have plenty of other pitchers to help.

  27. Considering the sox are one of the clubs that use biometrics to evaluate their pitchers why any club would trade for any of their pitchers and not think they are gettin damaged goods.

  28. Sirotka, Sirotka, Sirotka. Santos is done. The curse of the CWS.

  29. Probably.

    Hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so. Be listening closely to the Bisons – Mud Hens game tonight tho

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