Another day, another radio hit for me to share with you all, in lieu of there being any Getting Blanked podcasts this week, and likely none for DJF (though maybe tomorrow!), as today I hit the airwaves– not in Boston, as the video above might suggest, but in Calgary, where I rambled on– less so than yesterday I think, though– about the Jays (and the All-Star Game I didn’t watch) with Ryan Pinder (aka @RyanPinder) of Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

Check it out in their on-demand audio section. (Or download it here.)

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  1. Not really Blue Jays related but since you posted the Modern Lovers video I thought I’d mention that we went to Boston last week and walked from Fenway to the Museum of Fine Arts, following Jonathan Richman’s steps in the song Girlfriend:

    “I walk through the Fenway, I have my heart in my hands
    I understand a girlfriend

    That’s a girl friend
    Oh that’s a G-I-R-L-F-R-E-N
    Well that’s a girlfriend, baby
    That’s something that I understand.

    Four o’clock in the afternoon in the Fenway,
    I have my heart in my hands”

  2. If there were an All Star Break I’d watch that

  3. Stoeten wtf was that??? you were actually good to listen on other radio shows. What the fuck!!!

  4. I heard it driving out in calgary, you were much more soft spoken then I would have pictured.
    You did come off almost apologetic to the guy you were talking to, as if insinuating he probably had no idea wtf u were talking about.

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