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Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

No, seriously. Now that the hangover-cloud that is the All-Star Break has passed us, uh… can anybody please, honestly, explain how the fuck the Jays were ahead of the Rays back on the morning of Monday, June 24th? Because… uh… holy shit, really?



Yeah… no.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
SS Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
DH Luke Scott (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
1B Kelly Johnson (L)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
2B Ryan Robers (R)

LHP David Price

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Comments (185)

  1. Did my eyes deceive me or is DeRosa batting cleanup?

  2. Shouldn’t Melky be back by now???

  3. Most likely this will be a 4-0 loss….

  4. Get back in the boat, you bastards…

  5. The way Izturis is batting I might swap him with Derosa but pretty blah regardless.

  6. I’m sure Price is terrrified with this fukin lineup. Derosa at clean upp-can’t run can’t hit ( 212) and woohoo power-less than 10 at clean up. C’mon man. Izturis battin gin top 6?
    Anyway, maybe we can take a lot of pitches and get price out of the game by the 7th and into their bulpen-it’s our only hope

  7. Sooo yeah, that clip of Zaun losing his shit….what’s the difference between that and the Lawrie incident last year? You know the one that everybody uses to hate Lawrie and say we should trade him, and he’s got an attitude problem, and he’s not a winner?

    I mean, except for the fact that Lawries helmet took an unfortunate bounce into the ump. But what’s the difference at all?

    The fact is, there are tons of players who act like this. It’s an emotional game. And Zaun is one of Lawries biggest critics for exactly that shit.

    Zauns an assclown.

  8. Let’s get them boys.

  9. after 4 days off, why is Rogers starting?

  10. If we sweep these fucks we are right back in the wildcard pic

  11. He’s been their best starter

  12. According To buck.. 93 mph fastball is an off speed pitch

  13. Parrot… walk.

  14. All right EE!
    Almost a back-to-back there.

  15. ain’t nothin but an E thang

  16. Is melkey even on the roster ?

  17. EE the brightest spot of 2013.

  18. Well good to know the same old Blue Jays are back

  19. Fucking Bonifa…..Lawrie….

    • I’m still honestly not sure why Lawrie is at 2nd

      • It’s weird. The Jays are experimenting while still putting up a facade of “we are trying for the playoffs!”. If that was the case, shouldn’t you have Lawrie at his best position and Izturis at his least-worst?

  20. Lawrie is now starting to get the jeers he so richly deserves as he boots an easy grounder to help give back runs. This guy contributes absolutely nothing. The minors or the pig farm for him.

    • Give me on reason why he shouldn’t be getting major league reps in, this season is probably done anyways. Who would you replace him with, which magical player is going to do better?

      • How ’bout because he’s not a major league player. That should do it for ya.

        • In what way, most players his age aren’t even in the majors yet, and again who would you replace him with? I’d really, really like to hear what you think would happen if he was sent down.

          • I would like to see him at AAA not to work in his glove but to do an overhaul in his swing.

            • Yeah but he’s better off getting the at bats in at the majors, he’ll probably struggle all year but it’s not like they’re going to be playing for much this year.

              • It’s about getting back some confidence and you can not do that when you keep pounding groundouts and when you can not remember when your last hit a double or a hr.

      • So because most guys his age aren’t in the bigs, by default he should be?

  21. Nice job there on the defense.

  22. This is my last visit to DJF until I get back from Seattle, so let’s make it a good one. I mean, the Blue Jays have a lead so what could go wrong from here? Good times. Is anyone still in the boat?

  23. so ‘splain to me again… you’ve got a kid who, for the last while, only does one thing well, playing 3rd base, and he does it extraordinary well. He seems to have forgotten how to hit though. So, you decide to move him to 2nd base to relearn a different position at the major league level without any solid evidence that he can play that position well. And he still can’t hit. This is good asset management why?

    • I’m guessing they’ve given up on the season and are trying to see if he’ll work there because it’s easier to fill a whole at 3rd than 2nd. I do hope they play well enough to prove me wrong but within the next week or maybe two I think publicly they’ll stop mentioning playoffs as a possibility.

      • perhaps, but really… if he gets back to hitting like we all envisioned, he’s in the same conversation with Longoria and Machado… I don’t know, maybe they think he becomes Pedroia

    • Because the GM thinks it’s Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

  24. Lawrie’s slash line.


  25. Kind of a bummer how Lawrie and Arencibia (our future) are batting 8 and 9 in the order, and Derozan batting cleanup (temporary I know).

  26. The only thing I hate more than joe madden is all the jerking off about how wonderful joe madden is. I despise him and the rays. Boring ass NL lineup switch every inning tinkering endless bullshit

    • Sorry bro Joe is for real.

    • I’m pretty down with Gibby, but I would kill to have Joe managing this team

    • The Rays were a slowburn hate for me, but I’m fully there now. Maybe it is because of the NL style – I had not considered that.

      • Yup – it’s fucking irritating as hell. Like they are paid by the suicide squeeze or double switch. It’s that kind of shit that makes the last three innings of a game in the NL take three hours. He makes a zillion insignificant moves, and everyone talks as though he doesn’t have a talented team and they win games because of who he fucking pitch ran for in the 6th

  27. There we go. Acura means fast ball low.

  28. Juice Pig Arencibia!

  29. Is Lawrie even capable of pulling the ball anymore? He’s like Kawasaki now

  30. Magestic.Got to give it to him

  31. I feel like every Arencibia home run is actually a bad thing because it affirms his approach at the plate to him, which 80% of the time is bad.

  32. Reyes gets on with the same hit that gets Lawrie out.

  33. Stealing off a lefty… awesome.

  34. O’Day, O’Day, O’Day!

  35. Damn. Another rally killed

  36. There is joy in Mudville


    Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. Jack Morris vs. John Smoltz. In it’s entirety, original broadcast.


  38. Joses!

  39. If it hasn’t already been said, Jose Reyes’ hairstyle is on some nex’ shit.

    • haha +1

      i wanted to look up what the style is called, pretty messed up reverse monk buzzcut or something

  40. Price came in with 268 pitches in last 26 innings … hot as a firecracker … assumptions and predictions would be that we should really not even play … but, oh yeah, it’s baseball

  41. When melk comes back… Do they put him back in left or dh him ?

    If he dhs that would mean EE at third lind at first Lawrie at second ..

  42. Tabs and buck should realize that the radar gun is your friend .. It lets you know what pitch was actually thrown

  43. Who else here things the big play of the game may be Rivera holding up DeRosa with two out in the third. Big run. Should have scored. Minor league coaching staffs cost you in the majors.

  44. Good thing Gibbons had someone ready in the pen. Oh. Wait.

  45. Oh. Another home run. Who would have guessed that.

    What a joke Gibbons is.

  46. “fucking Johnson”

    works even when JJ is not pitching, ugh

  47. Huh? FOUR fucking solos tonight? Jesus. I shouldn’t have turned this game on.

  48. Gibby what the fuck you waiting for?

  49. Wtf is up with rays and dingers off Rogers ?

    He doesn’t give up that many

    They don’t hit that many

    So naturally they hit 7 off him

  50. I dont have a problem with gibby trying to get 6 innings out of his starter. Thats the minimum you should expect from your starter each outing. The problem is theyre relying on rogers to give them them more than hes capable of. Hes been much better than expected but Im really not sure how much longer this run is going to last.

  51. Game’s tied; put away the Kleenex.

  52. Ugh, this is such a dilemma.

    The Jays are out of it and I absolutely can’t stand Boston and Baltimore. So I’m somewhat cheering for the Rays the rest of the way just so they can beat out those two. But I fucking hate Tampa too.

    • I hate tampa cause im so fucking jealous of their starters. Also, they usually eat up the jays hitters. I hate bos because im so fucking jealous of their grind it out approach on offense that i wish the jays would use. Im not really jealous about anything about bal. They have a good lineup but I just have a hard time seeing them better than bos or tb.

      • Baltimore has some of the shittiest fans around. That’s why I hate them even more than the Yankees. Boston is just pure scum in every single regard. While I hate Tampa, I hate them the least out of the AL East teams and unfortunately someone has to win the division.

        • Yeah tampa doesnt any fans to hate. Its more the team is a pain in the ass whereas the other teams in the division have dickhead fans.

          • You know, Boston fans seemed pretty nice when I was at Fenway. They’re not as bad as people think. They fucking loathe the Yankees and their fans, though.

        • Ok embarrassing admission time here:
          Tampa has been so good for so long that I pull for them against the all other teams.
          They can’t buy their team like the Yanks and Red Sox, yet they compete far above their income level every year.
          They scout, draft, coach and develop their pitching staff far better than an average team in MLB.
          They have dedicated. intelligent, management and coaching.
          I cant hate guys like Maddon, Hicky, Longoroa or Zobrist.
          So I DO pull for them when the Jays are out of it.

          • Nothing to be embarrassed about! The Rays get no credit or love in MLB. It’s such a shame that they have to play at Tropicana Field.

      • I never hated Baltimore until I saw what a bunch of jizz stains their fans were. One fucking good year and they think their team is the ’27 Yankees.

  53. Good God Goggles.

  54. Rogers isn’t that good

    • You probably could do worse than him as your 5th starter but if your matching him up with price your not doing your team any favors.

  55. Jays picking up right where they left off.

  56. Fffuuuuuuuuck

    amirite gaiz

  57. Chin up, Jays fans. It’s still early in the second half.

  58. your up 4-1 than rogers cant keep the ball in the park. Meanwhile, price just dominates the jays as he usually does. just. so. frustrating.

  59. AA’s gotta try to deal Johnson, Buerhle or a closer before the deadline to a team desperate for pitching, at least get some value out of this season

  60. Fuck I hate Tampa

  61. Holy shit Cletus. DAT HAIR.

  62. Awesome. Fuck.

  63. Reyes has quite the arm.

  64. So much hope when I turned this game on.

    • Hope is the “feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best” or the act of “look[ing] forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence” or “feel[ing] that something desired may happen”.[2] Other definitions are “to cherish a desire with anticipation”; “to desire with expectation of obtainment”; or “to expect with confidence”.[3]

      How did you manage to lose all that in 8 innings?

  65. Well those first three innings or so were kinda swell

  66. Reyes showing that awesome range again on what would’ve been a routine ground-out for most shortstops.

  67. This team is cursed.

  68. Why no Yunel in the lineup tonight? Theirs, I mean.

  69. Well, at least this series will make it even more clear that the Jays should be selling some players at the deadline.

  70. Wow.

  71. what a championship team we have here

  72. Very poor defense, poor pitching and a couple dingers from the offense. The perfect example of the 2013 Blue Jays.

  73. why is lawrie glaring at the pitcher???

  74. Well at least we’ll get a high draft pick

  75. Ill start by saying Brett Lawrie sucks right now. And Ill go back to the time I first saw him in a Jays game and made the comment in here that his swing wouldnt work for long at the major league level. All the bat waggling mixed with that massive pump where he drops his hands and so on. I knew it would only be a matter of time before big league pitchers would start eating that for breakfast. How Chad Mottola and the bevvy of other powers that be havent seen this is absolutely beyond me. There’s just too much that can go wrong in his swing and he takes too much time to do it. Even the stuff he is hitting he’s always late on because of his goofball swing. His swing needs to be 1 to 2 not 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. Look at simplistic stances and swings around the big leagues and note that many if not most of the top hitters in the big leagues have very little movement in their swing and dont drop their hands to their knees for “timing” purposes. If they fix this, he will be back to hitting with the best players in the league.

    Moving on,,, Rogers is too night and day. So many pitches I see him throw just look unhittable when he’s on a roll but then it seems like once every couple hitters he leaves a meatball out for pounding. No doubt at all that he has great stuff but hes not in the position where the Jays have a situation on their hands when other starters get healthy.

    The Jays got to Price tonight which makes me happy but they didnt keep the pressure on. They started swinging for the fence and not thinking base hits.

    Lastly,,, Longoria’s homerun… woah.

    • Mottola thinks he can change all that movement but slowly. He’s afraid of Lawrie
      not being able to “pull the trigger” if he takes it out too quickly. My problem with that is…Lawrie’s problem isnt pulling the trigger. He does that too many times. In fact,
      if all that movement is producing all that trigger pulling, maybe if he cut it out altogether he might walk more and thus get better pitches to hit.

  76. Fire AA-idiots

  77. I was thinking about this. When does jbats get fed up with this and ask for a trade like doc? Hes gotta be really pissed at the prospect of another season wasted.

    • After a bad 2014

    • It’s not like the management didnt try to put together a good team around him for this season. But my guess is, after or during next season if there’s another trainwreck

      • I was thinking that also. Its not like his performance this year has been that great anyways( based on previous years).

        • First you shit on management and the team they built around Bautista, and then you offer faint praise for the man himself.
          What part of the Blue Jays are you a fan of, hmm?

          • How did i shit on management? AA did what he could it just hasnt worked out. Players have underperformed( dickey, jj) Certain players are just awful (boni, jpa). And jbats hasnt been as good as in previous years. Its a fact. I didnt say he was a bum just the frustration must be mounting in him.

    • Do you forget how grateful he was when AA stepped up big time last off season?

      Very few people share your level of disgruntlement, displeasure, dissatisfaction and discontent.

      • @sp
        What discontent?
        I just want the team i love to win more games. Its one thing if they were in the red sox position and i was bitching and moaning about everything. They have been mediocre for 20 yrs. Why should i have to drink the kool aid if based on what im seeing tells me otherwise?

        • Q-”What discontent?”
          A- Your profound and ever-present discontent 24/7.
          All game/every game.
          Your glass seems always empty.

          You say you just might understand my position if my (and apparently your) team was in first place? Really? That’s what it would take to stop your bitching and moaning?

          I don’t understand your so-called fandom at all.
          Let me reiterate: please DON’T drink the kool-aid.

          (as I said earlier:)

          Just a suggestion:

          Jump ship
          Walk the plank
          Learn to love SF
          Release your inner Parkes
          Don’t worry, be happy

          You’re too good for us.
          Set yourself free.
          Be all that a man can.
          Live large, my friend.

          • I am definitely not always glass half empty. I give credit where it is due. Just havent been many positives other than the bullpen this season for me. Look at where the team is in the standings? You want me to be happy and positive as a fan? Sorry, thats not my style as a fan. We just fundamentally disagree and thats fine. I’ll continue to support the team( own a 20 ticket pack) and post here (occasionally). I havent reached the point of switching to another team yet(fuck the giants).

            • I’m not actually trying to drive you away, afdg, not at all, at all.
              Your concept of fandom puzzles me big time, but I don’t doubt your sincerity.
              Know that I haven’t been stalking you all season long, but I can’t honestly remember a positive remark from you. Your posts seem to be unremittingly negative in nature.

              Let’s agree to disagree.
              And yes, fuck the Giants.
              And fuck Parkes too.
              Go Jays.

  78. Blue Jays are honestly the Wooooor-rrrrsssttt

  79. Jean, Jean, roses are red
    All the leaves have gone green
    And the clouds are so low
    You can touch them, and so
    Come out to the meadow, Jean

    Jean, Jean, you’re young and alive
    Come out of your half-dreamed dream
    And run, if you will, to the top of the hill
    Open your arms, bonnie Jean

    Rod McKuen calls you Jean.
    Better you than me.

    • Enough of the mindless music lyrics.
      It’s pretty clear you’re the site’s infamous OCD fucktard.

      • What’s OCD about quoting music lyrics. Last time I checked, a lot of people do it.

        Try disagreeing with people without resorting to mindless name calling, asshole.

        • Every threat this retard quotes music lyrics.
          And then gets on others for expressing validly held baseball opinions they have reasoned themselves into.

          • And you can’t handle or reason with someone that disagrees with you? Isn’t that what this forum is about? Surely you have bigger fish to fry than insulting people for quoting music lyrics and disagreeing with you.

            Enjoy your Saturday! I hope you’ve got great weather where you are.

  80. I have a lot of poorly thought out arguments and blunt harsh criticism of this ball club but I think I’ll just go get a coffee instead.

    I have to brave Wonderland today (kill me) and even attempting to find positives or negatives at this point seems almost redundant.

  81. To ease the sting of last night’s step in the death march of mediocrity, here is an awesome Kelly Gruber autograph:


  82. 2014?

    Second verse, worse than the first.

    In 2014, the Blue Jays have no catcher, no third baseman, no left fielder, Dickey, Buehrle, Happ, Morrow, Drabek who’s never done anything, Hutchinson, and either Izturis at second base or Brett Lawrie, the worst player in major league baseball.

    The only difference between 2014 and this year is that when the Blue Jays quickly settle to last place next year no one will be surprised.

    • Okay Brick I’ll play with you.

      You’re a fucking idiot if you think you know what the 2014 team will look like.
      Did you also know in advance all the personel changes that would happen to the 2012 team to create the 2013 team?
      When the Jays leave ST to start the 2014 season,then you can prognosticate about how good or shitty the team will be.
      I may even agree with you but not till April 2014.

    • Idiot. Goodbye. (At BrickTop, obviously.)

      • By default,does that mean I’m not an idiot?
        Or at least a different flavor of idiot?
        One can only hope.

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