Toronto Blue Jay Carlos Delgado watches a performa

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  1. How much would it cost to get Pat Gillick back?

  2. It’s about fucking time.

    • Sorry, turns out I don’t give much of a shit about a fraction of the site’s readership having it’s little refreshed-daily pretend messageboard.

      • I for one appreciate the “little refreshed-daily pretend message board” you put up everyday. I hope your day gets a little better and the bile recedes somewhat, Andrew.

      • I meant about honouring Delgado. But yeah, chop chop with the game thread too.

      • Fair enough, but still a pretty shitty attitude don’t you think?

        • Probably. Not into taking shit for it, but apparently I wasn’t.

          • Maybe a “hey, sorry – my bad” might be appropriate at this time.
            It’s one thing to be a smartass little shit whenever you think something’s dumb – but it’s another thing to be continue to be a smartass little shit when you know you’re in the wrong.

          • Of course, if you really don’t give a shit about the site’s readership, many of whom (1) likely followed you when you weren’t getting paid for blogging and (2) contributed to The Score picking up DJF so that you can enjoy a regular paycheque, you can just quit and go do something else.

            • Readership and commenters are two very different things. The readership is fantastic and I wouldn’t have a job without them. 99% of them aren’t in this cesspool, though.

              • Well then I guess thanks for shitting all over the 1% of us who are readers as well.

              • I call bullshit on that math.

                • Well I hope your stats are right, because I don’t like being called a member of a cesspool.

                  Whatsmore, I was out at the bar with some loyal Jays fans the other day, all of whom read your blog. We call felt that you’re tone over the year has gotten more negative. Moreover, your posts and podcast less frequent. As a result, we’ve been switching over more and more to

                  I love you’re stuff, but please don’t take us for granted.

              • Been a loyal follower for years, before you were picked up. Love that you’re opinionated and on occasion put people in their place. But it is very disappointing to see you shit on the people who care the most about this site because a few of them are critical, immature or disagree with you. I always hear you talking about jays players needing to take the high road, or that it’s dumb that they pick unnecessary fights…. take a page out of your own book. I like following you, stop trying so hard to make your followers dislike you. You’re better then that… or at least we’ll see if you are.

                • Honestly, if I tried to articulate a thought or express a viewpoint that I thought was valid (even if I was dead wrong)…and I tried to make that point without being disrespectful or insulting – and someone replied to me in the same manner that you treat some comments here……there’s a very good chance that a certain someone would be introduced to the wall.

                  • Dude, be careful, could be interpeted as a threat! Not that Steoten is even reading this.

                    Also, there are many times I come on and don’t comment, from many diff IP addresses. So unless NSA does your metrics you 99 percent don’t participate in forums may not be as good. Piss us off too much and maybe just maybe you’ll loose some readership

                    • “….could be interpeted as a threat!”
                      Nope, no threat. No sense threatening someone on a message board. That’s just stupid.
                      Just a little reminder that you should treat people the same on a message board as you would in real life. Chances are Stoeten wouldn’t call someone “Stupid” to their face – and then not apologize when he found out he misunderstood the original statement.

              • “Readership and commenters are two very different things. The readership is fantastic and I wouldn’t have a job without them. 99% of them aren’t in this cesspool, though.”

                Wish there was a statement “Like” button….100% agreed

                • And yet, Lpz_77, you felt obliged to enter the cesspool yourself in order to express your opinion. Did crossing the line from reader to commenter leave you feeling better, or was a shower required? Was your usual experience enhanced or degraded? Should we expect to encounter you again?

                  • You say nothing on this board yet comment all the time.

                    I, on the other hand, say nothing and comment very little. You are a pestering troll. Go hmm one of your favourite Burt Baccarat or Mel Torme tunes pls.

      • Someone thinks he’s a big deal.

        • I say, hoity-toity, don’t you know, what?

          • Well that’s an interesting exchange.
            First,I have no idea how the site is run.
            But some logic and common sense should prevail from time to time.
            If the commenters are only 1 % ( or even 5%) of the total readership then that’s a hell of a lot of readers. That’s good.
            While everbody appreciates The Editor and the hard work he does,what are all those readers ( who don’t comment) reading when nothing new is posted?Maybe the comment section?
            After those readers read the posts, do they just leave, and ignore the comment cesspool?
            And why would the readers, who don’t comment,ever want or need to REFRESH the screen?
            Unless there was something new to read maybe?

            I ‘ve told the Editor many times,I learn information from him and the comments section.
            Whether it’s realized or not, the surliness and anger might be precieved as bullying and that doesn’t attract new readers or retain the old.
            The site,it’s contributors,it’s readers,it’s commenters produce some of the best content about Jays baseball.
            Let’s keep it that way.

            • Yeah, you can put me into that category. I often check out the comments after a post. Obviously the posts are where the meat of the story is but I click the same post sometimes about a dozen times to check out new comments. It’s got to account for a huge amount of page views, so it seems shitty to dump on the posters.

              There are plenty of blogs that get largely unnoticed because of the lack of active commenters. A new reader checking out the site for the first time will without a doubt be more likely to show interest if they see others do as well. I only moved to Toronto in 2010 and started becoming an active Jays fan. This blog is half the reason I’m as knowledgeable as I am now but without having seen all the commenters as a newer fan I wouldn’t have known how much credible info Stoeten provides.

              • You sometimes need to sift through a bunch of comments and then you will find a great exchange and get to see things that you didn’t understand before.
                Both from a statistical standpoint and the practical side.

                Thanks for posting Glasgowjay.
                The debate can get heated from time to time and all opinions are appreciated ( at least by me)

            • RADAR, refreshing the screen doesn’t help with the metrics anybody uses anymore. And the vast majority of people know there’s something new when it hits social media, so they don’t need to wait around looking for it.

              And the surliness? This place is unfriendly to stupidity. I can live with that. Frankly, I think it makes it better than would it would be otherwise, however little much that is. Plus, it’s the internet. Some people need to get a grip with the righteous indignation.

              • Well if refreshing the screen doesn’t, do unique page views do it?

                I often log on about 20 or 30 times a day. Or do you have a profile of me or something? Do you work for NSA?

              • I understand Stoeten and I certainly don’t disagree with controlling the trolls.Especially OCD guy
                I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but sometimes the impression is that your going overboard concerning people with an opposing opinion.
                It’s just the impression not sure if it’s the intention.
                I only mention it as to awareness not to tell you how to run your site.
                Do with it what you may.

                How about those Jays anyway?
                I’m shocked that they’re losing as much as they are.It’s frustrating.

  3. Our entire 25-man roster will probably end up with less total WAR this year than Carlos did in his career year. They are unfit even to sit in the dugout while he is honoured. They should have been sent to another location while the tribute went on, and then preferably left there. If you put Carlos, Alomar, and the other retired guys out there today they would have a better shot against the Rays.

  4. Got shit to do today, but I’m hoping when I check in the Jays have proven themselves to be #Unsweepable.

    Happy summer everyone!

  5. Best picture. Clemens had the whole team dye their hair blonde for chemistry or something like that.

    Maybe that was where Clemens’ roids came from.

  6. Garza might be traded

  7. I missed the beginning of this ceremony, but…did Vernon Wells’ dad return to paint Carlos? Because it sure looks like one of his…pieces.

  8. Buehrle was probably impressed with Carlos’ high heat.

  9. Delgado: I always said you can’t drive yourself in from second.

    Bautista: Or from third.

    JPA: Shut up! You can’t criticize me! Baseball is HARD! Negativity is the worst!

    • “Baseball is hard” is not an excuse for shitty players, it’s a reminder to fans that their expectations are out of whack.

      • I don’t think asking the team to play at *least* .500 baseball, or fielding a play-off team in 20 years constitutes some sort of “out of whack expectation.”

      • My expectation that JPA have his BB-K ratio get above 1-8? Look, I played little league, I’m an expert!
        But seriously, the strikeout pitch in the 8th looked filthy. Striking out on that pitch is going to happen to the best of them.

  10. haha – nice one

  11. Roof open… at least Dickey will have an excuse readily available if he shits the bed.

  12. #DelgadoTheBest

  13. Very classy thing by the organization.
    At least we’ll always have class.
    John Farrell is not good enough to work for this franchise.

  14. Phillips is on the outs with the Reds. Maybe he gets traded.

    • I was gonna laugh at this but looking at his numbers I’m not sure I’d even want to pay $50M for his decline years.

  15. The worst part of this home series and likely sweep has been Buck and Tabby mentioning ad nauseum how awesome every Tampa player is.

  16. Let’s get geared up for another loss everybody.

    • Listen, it’s still early and this team has too much talent to sustain this level of failure long-term.

    • I think the team is too negative and it’s affecting their play.

      I don’t have any proof for this, I’m just reasoning things out–if you were supposed to be AL East favourites and you were this far back at the all-star break, that would wear on you, no?

      • “….supposed to be the AL East favourites” is ancient history. If they’re still thinking in those terms, it’s going to be a long second half.

      • Are they really that fragile? Everything is a fucking excuse with this team.

        • It’s not about being fragile. Who doesn’t get a little down when they’re struggling this much?

          • A little down is understandable. But these are professional athletes being paid millions to do what they do… picking yourself up and dusting yourself off comes with the territory. I don’t buy it.

            The reason the team sucks is 1) shitty starting pitching; 2) terrible defense; 3) awful bottom half of the batting order.

            • But see that’s the thing–it makes absolutely no sense that every starting pitcher on this team not named Rogers is having a career worst year. Why would Buehrle, Dickey, and Johnson go from dominating the league last year to being replacement level or worse pitchers in just one season?

              The only thing that could make this make even one lick of sense was if catchers had a bigger impact on pitcher performances than previously thought, and Arencibia is just the worst catcher in the league at, well, catching. But even that doesn’t explain everything, because Dickey is pitching to the exact same catcher he pitched to last year now and he still sucks.

              There is no logic behind that starting staff being as bad as it is, other than Toronto is being screwed by the worst luck in a decade, or Pete Walker is a terrible pitching coach.

              • It makes no sense that moving pitchers from one of the easiest divisions in the easy league to the hardest division in the hard league would make them pitch like shit?

                It’s either that or they are no longer trying (just clocking in for the cheque).

                • The NL East wasn’t that easy last year. They had Washington at 98 wins, Atlanta at 94 wins, and even Philadelphia broke even.

                  And besides, Buehrle was an AL pitcher previous to last season, and his numbers showed no change going between the leagues. It was reasonable to assume he’d keep it up, since most of his numbers were from the AL.

                  • Those wins are all relative… they feed on National League teams.

                    Buehrle’s numbers have never been good against the AL East.

                    • Well you could say that about any pitcher we could acquire then. “Oh, they weren’t pitching against the AL East.” Unless you think the Orioles or the Rays are going to give us some starters, what should we do? Just give up? Don’t ever bother acquiring players, cause they’re going to suck anyways in the AL East?

                    • People acted like these trades were all “can’t miss” and that this shit is all out of the blue.

                      I’m stating that these failures aren’t just coincidences. I really hope the front office doesn’t share this helpless attitude… Saying the Jays are just experiencing a string of bad luck is not good enough.

                • Is the Easy league the one that won the World Series last year?

                  • Playoffs are a coin-flip.

                    Check interleague stats if you really want to see who the better league is.

              • Johnson was an injury risk coming into the season and has been injured.

                Dickey was due for some regression (but not this much).

                Buehrle is the innings-eater we expected, but he gave up a few extra runs in April.

                The fact is, none of this comes completely out of the blue, it’s just an aggregation of worst-case scenarios.

  17. Yeah!

  18. Thole has opposite field power?

    Rays didn’t think so, apparently.

  19. Maybe if Lawrie waggled a little more he would have got a hit there.

  20. Lawrie saw three balls and swung at 2 of them. Terrible.

  21. Tabby complimenting Lawrie’s “aggressiveness” on the first pitch….

    As Brett swings through a high fastball out of the zone.

  22. Man, Delgado had to wear some ugly ass uniforms while he played for the Jays. What the fuck went throughout the organization’s head jettisoning those classic uniforms from the World Series years?

  23. Lind gonna Lind.

  24. Cletus gonna Cletus.

  25. Here we go again.

  26. Well fuck.

  27. Oh fuck

  28. Fuck. Reyes better not be injured again.

  29. No big deal. He just got hit in his nuts with a baseball.

  30. Massage that fucking ballsack for him… fucking Poulis.

  31. Did Loney really grab the ball to tag Reyes out while he was rolling on the ground in pain?


  32. right in the Reyes’

  33. “You just gotta let that thing calm down.” Buck, that’s what my wife tells me after I check out the J Force! Hey-yo!!! (Also occasionally after a Bautista at bat)

  34. God damnit, why does Dickey always have to Dickey it up?

    I mean three runs on six innings is not that bad (assuming they don’t pile on more, which they probably will) but seriously guys! SERIOUSLY!

  35. Dickey gonna Dick.

    How is Syndergaard doing?

    • I’m more pissed about D’arnaud given that he should immediately be a more productive player than JP. And solid overall.

      • And probably riding the DL for more than half of every season like he has so far in his career. Anyone with an injury history as extensive as his before even getting to the show is a red flag. Just look at Andrew Bailey, dude has an injury history dating back to his 2nd year of high school ball.

      • gets insured way too much for any good

    • Syndergaard was promoted to Binghamton (AA) and has fanned 31 in 25 ip.
      d’Arnaud may be cleared to resume catching in AAA tomorrow after recovering from a broken bone in his foot.

  36. LOL Dickey

  37. Well fuck (again.)

  38. Really, Dickey?

  39. ….annnnd this game is over.

  40. Well, it was close for a few innings.

    • Well, the barometric pressure fell on those two pitches that Dickey threw for a home run. Not his fault! Plus the sun’s angle and the waves along the Lake Ontario shoreline combined to affect the knuckleballs’s velocity.

  41. Is the 2013 season over yet?

  42. What happened to Reyes?

  43. This team is a fucking doormat for the rest of the division. Sad, but true.

    • They aren’t a bad team, they’re a good team playing badly.

      Apparantly there’s a difference.

    • They’re called “feeders.” They just feed the other AL East teams wins so you can be certain that both Wild Cards will come out of this division.

      Every team in the league (not in the AL East) hates the Jays for this very reason.

      • Um…right. Because clearly the Jays are the worst last-place team in either league.

        You can say all you want about the AL East being a tough division…but the difference between the Jays and Yankees is entirely in their head-to-head record. Take out two .500 teams and the rest of the division is 47 games over.

  44. I like the Dodgers promo. “As they continue to fight their way up the A.L. East standings.” LOL. They’re fighting in the wrong direction, obviously.

  45. Cletus……….

  46. K that was really dumb of Izturis. Guy can’t find the plate and he pops out on the first pitch.

  47. At a certain point, its hard for me to criticize a pitcher when your team is constantly leaving RISP.

  48. “izturis is an easy out”. Truer words have never been spoken.

  49. Maybe the Jays will end up with Beede after all?

  50. black hole is striking again

  51. Over 20 guys left on base over the weekend?

  52. Thole’s got the idea. Hope Izturis was watching.

  53. Fire walker

  54. Who would you rather see at the plate right now? Lawrie or Arencibia?

  55. Painful. Just painful.

  56. Way to go, Brett.
    Take a pitch or two, would you?

  57. Fail.

  58. So, is Toronto’s average with the bases loaded still above .210 after Lawrie’s pop-up?

  59. Can anybody on this team have a good AB in a big situation? Seriously. Lawries reaction was hilarious. The guy has walked 3 in the inning. Why is he swinging at the 2nd pitch?

  60. I figured out why Perez has such a great ERA.

    By the time the opposing team sees him, they have a big enough lead that they don’t give a fuck anymore. They just want the game to be over so they can go grab some dinner.

  61. We taking bets on how Wilner spins today’s loss?

    Dibs on, “you take out the back-to-back home runs and Dickey pitched a great game today.”

    • My money is on him referring to Toronto’s one run losses as an indication that the team is really good.

  62. Every time the bottom of the order strands the bases loaded, I console myself by saying the top of the order is due up next inning.

    Rinse, repeat.

  63. The season after meeting should have some firings and tough questions from the crowd at the shareholders meeting

    • What tough question exactly? Everyone in baseball thought this would be a playoff contender this year, so the only “tough questions” you could ask AA come with the benefit of hindsight. Come off it.

  64. Riccardi did a better job in the long term than AA

  65. I would be interested to see Dickey’s whip and era first time, second time and third time through a lineup. seems like he seems to give up a bunch of runs the 3rd time through.

  66. I’m not trolling, AA has brought harm to the franchise by trading away prospects for pitchers and players that might be good, but eat too much of the payroll. Someone has to take the blame for this, as two years of bad baseball isn’t just due to luck, the training staff should be looked at more closely

    • Well, this is the first year the payroll is bloated and things havent gone according to plan to say the least. AA will get another chance to fix this mess this offeason. If we experience another clusterfuck next season i have no idea.

    • Anthony Gose and kyle drabek are two examples of why this type of thinking is wrong. In the Florida trade the best asset they gave up was Adeiny Hechavarria. Marisnick will be a 4th outfielder or rf starter on a team like the astros. He will not stick at CF.

    • Huh? Might be good? Prospects might be good. MLB players are known quantities. Johnson was the only question mark in the trades that AA made given his history of injuries.

      • actually I am saying if you look at what the Jays gave up, Hech, Marisnick , escobar, Mathis, Nicolino, and Sclfani. Sclfani and Nicolino are projected as relievers. Escobar they just wanted him to go away. What they gave up for Johnson, Burhle, and Reyes and bonifacio was not much. I see hech a regular of the minor leaguers they gave up. my response was to averagefan who said they lost to many minor leaguers and should go back to prospect porn. The problem with this is if your prospects at best turn into regulars why not trade them for an all star (Reyes).

        No comment on the dickey trade, I was not to much of a fan at the time. but TDA is injured to often to be a 130 game catcher. The only decent prospect they gave up in this trade was Nose, when you consider TDA’s injury history. TDA has played 12 games in the minors this year. Thus, he will not be called up this year, to get his reps up.

  67. Red Sox 2013 in 14

  68. funny, before this game I was joking (inside my own head that is) Dickey’s shitty line for the day would be 4 runs, 6 innings, 9 base runners. Looks like I was bang on (minus 1 base runner).

    He’s been so reliably average.

  69. That woman was laughing like a mental patient.

  70. AA has to respond to the weaknesses this offseason or else he needs to go.

  71. Just woke up. Drank a bottle of Kraken last night.
    This looks like a good start to the 9th…

  72. love dem tilted caps

  73. Walk us off Joey or Edwin

  74. Bautista walking with his head down like that… sad Charlie Brown music playing in his head.

  75. This is actually Year 4 for Anthopoulos, and so far his best team – the only team that won more games than they lost – was his first one. With the manager and players he inherited from the previous regime. Anthopoulos’ most significant contribution to that team was trading away the team’s best player the previous winter.

    Sooner or later this has to stop. If the Blue Jays don’t win 90 games and at least challenge for the post-season in 2014, surely Gibbons and Anthopoulos will be – and should be – toast.

    • I’ve a small problem with canning AA after 2014 but I do understand. It would mean the grand plan was abandoned despite most of the kids he drafted (including Sanchez et al) only getting to at AA. That was one of the pieces of his plan: to draft well and let the prospects mature at a steady rate in the system. It would also mean JPR got 3 more years than he did.
      The Jays ran into an injury problem last year and found that because their kids weren’t ready, they would have to improvise. What they did essentially was trade their top prospects for an earlier start at contention. These guys he traded for were no crapshoot. We all know what they’ve done: 1 Cy Young, 11 All Star selections, 1 batting champion, 2 no hitters including a perfect game and Buehrle has had 12 consecutive years where he’s pitched 200 plus innings. What GM wouldnt jump at that?
      AA had a lot of fans to mollify for the last 3 years asking them to be patient but it finally looked like he’d made good on his plan last Nov/Dec in spite of the fact that his top draft picks weren’t quite ready. But I get that there will be a huge backlash if they dont rebound next year.

  76. Cmon Eddie

  77. Just fucking straight steal home.

  78. Cabrera has to get a hit, if he walks the black hole will strike out.

  79. Atta kid KittenFace

  80. My man Melky

  81. #UNSWEEPABLE!!!!

  82. The Jays are amazingly good at scoring just enough runs in the ninth inning to lose by one.

  83. My current list of players I think the Jays should trade if the can get anything in return and/or salary relief:


    Most aren’t worth much though..

  84. Marisnick ? You have no idea how good he’s going to be . Most evaluators have him as major league average to star .

  85. It’s okay guys, baseball is a hard spot and if you expected the Jays to win a game against Tampa this weekend then your expectations were way out of whack, don’t be mad.

  86. When does the AA is an idiot post come out stoeten, as you’ve mentioned before?

    • AA isn’t an idiot. Given the choice I’d do the exact same thing he did again. Because if we played this season over again, there’s a very good chance the Jays are 56-43 and not 46-52. Reyes doesn’t get killed by a freak injury, starting pitchers don’t randomly pitch seasons well below their capabilities, Lind probably ends up being the worst batter on the team and it ends up not mattering because Izturis doesn’t get killed by a terrible BABIP.

      Don’t blame the GM for crappy luck.

      • Agree

      • Bad luck?

        How can one explain:

        1) players who don’t live up to expectations

        2) a manager who can’t get the team out of first gear and seems indifferent to the losses (as they continue to pile up)

        3) existing players who once showed potential but now are floundering…

        Simple… upper management that has no idea what its doing.

        While you can say its the players fault, it’s not as if they wandered into SkyDome on their own and suited up… Anthopoulos put them there… and Gibbons, the train wreck that he is now and was before… well, Anthopoulos put him there too.

        In the real world, if anyone else did their job the way the AA does his and delivered the results his management style and leadership has been delivering, they would have been fired a long time ago.

        Fire AA, Beeston, Gibbons and the coaching staff (except Hentgen) enough is enough now.

        • I have never heard “luck” used more than I have with when listening to analyses of the 2012 and 2013 Blue Jays series. Can we get SOME fucking accountability up in this bitch?

  87. Walker probably will be fired at years end as the rally guy right?

  88. It just makes me sad is all.

  89. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Losing back to back one run games, with the tying run on third and the winning run on second in the ninth.

    Of course it would happen against Tampa.

  90. I’m a big proponent of tanking at this point.
    Let me be clear, I’m not a big proponent of players tanking, but a big proponent of the GM selling off players who need to go in order to improve, but at the same time making it very difficult on the remaining players to win games.

    There should be absolutely no positives fighting hard to finish the season at .500 and last in the division. Would much prefer they finish 15 below .500 and get a good pick, and retool again for next season to win a playoff spot.

    • It’s not so much a “good” draft pick that is worthwhile since they’re all such crap shoots, although higher is better than lower. A protected top 10 pick sure would be nice though. Then at least they don’t have to sweat draft pick compensation for signing a QO’ed free agent if they can.

    • The Jays inability to draft, sign and develop high-end talent has turned this team into a joke.

  91. Moves as should make ?

  92. I’m assuming the above comment was meant as “What moves should AA make?”

    Here’s my answer:

    1) Trade Oliver. Hell, trade him to Texas if they want him. Get a fringe prospect back.

    2) If (keyword: “if”) a team offers the equivalent of a 1st round pick for Josh Johnson, then trade him. If not, keep him, qualify him over the winter, and bring him back next season for contract year round two.

    3) Short of getting the opportunity to pull another Rasmus trade off, stand pat and save your big moves for the winter.

    Oh, wait, one more:

    4) See if you can trade Gose for a useful part. If not, well I suppose you can try trading him for Anthony Gose 2.0.

  93. You probably won’t peruse these comments Stoten but if you do, cheer the fuck up a bit man.

    The majority of people on here are good ball loving folks who enjoy your work.

  94. The comedy of the day for me was seeing Todd Redmond sign autographs for half an hour with 98% of fans flocking to him expecting to get Mark Buerhle’s signature and calling him “Mark”.

  95. After the Jays shit the bed on Friday, I had enough and decided not to watch them the rest of the weekend. Instead, I watched Baltimore vs Texas on Sat and Racists vs Twins today. It was an eye opening experience. For, once the rose coloured glasses were removed and I actually got to watch some half decent teams play baseball – A light-bulb turned on and realized something very important (brace yourself):

    The 2013 Blue Jays fucking suck. They are terrible. The smartest man in T.O. is Drew “fucking” Fairservice cause months ago he said “The Blue Jays are fucked”. And he was right.

    No joke. If you’re a baseball fan, watch some actual good teams tomorrow or the next day and you’ll realize just how bad this team is.

    I don’t know why they’re so bad. I agree, they should be much better than they are. But they’re not. The fucking stink.

    It’s funny how when teams are playing good they say:

    “The game is easy. See the ball, hit the ball” etc….

    But when teams are playing bad (ie YOUR 2013 Toronto Blue Jays) they moan about how “hard” the game is.

    Too bad we traded away a “top 10 farm system” (whatever that means in this day and age?) for a bunch of shit-ballers.

    • PS – Stoeten, It’s time to unleash your “AA sucks” post….

    • Nice rant.
      You’re right, they stink right now.
      And they may continue to stink.
      And now you know why baseball is an anaolgy for life.
      All the best plans.All the statistics and calculations.All the pedigree and past performance.Cannot predict success.
      Before the season started, the best analysts in baseball predicted a successful Jays season.Major newspapers.majority of writers from Baseball prospectus,espn,SI,even Vegas oddsmakers and my uncle Sal. EVERBODY said the Jays would be a force.
      And like life, something went wrong. Something fucked up.
      So you reassess,make changes, move on,try again tommorrow and never,ever give up.
      Time to reload and kick some ass.

      • I really don’t get the analogy of life thing.

        Baseball is a game, a sport, played by guys who are getting paid millions. Win or lose, at the end of the day, they can go home and not worry about having enough money to pay bills, or worry about saving for their kids’ futures. They get paid whether they win or lose and most of us in real life don’t have that luxury.

        • I don’t think he’s talking about the players, he’s talking about the sport itself. Sometimes you do everything right, hit the ball squarely and get out. Sometimes you put together what looks like a great team and lose. And then sometimes you hit a little chinker that drops, or everybody has a career year that takes a team to the World Series.
          Just like life. Except it seems like the former happens more than the latter.

        • Seems pretty straightforward to me….life (and baseball) isn’t played on paper.
          Yes, ON PAPER the Jays should be world-beaters.
          But in life (and baseball) sometimes Mr. Murphy takes a giant dump on your pillow. Just like on the first day of your long-awaited and meticulously-planned vacation, the car invariably blows a head gasket or one of the kids is puking up a storm.
          You can do everything right…and still come up craps. AA upgrades most positions…and they collectively shit the bed. What, we’re reduced to blaming Gibbons when the meat of our lineup whiffs on innumerable opportunities in the late innings of the last few games to steal a win??
          Mike Tyson said everyone has a plan for victory when they climb into the ring….right up until the point they get smashed in the mouth.

        • @ Gary

          A player can pitch a perfect game and the umpire blows a call to take the perfect game away. The umpire, the video,everything shows it’s a wrong call.Yet it’s still a one hitter.
          Ever do everything perfect and even prove it’s perfect only to have somebody else say it isn’t?
          Ever do something 1000′s of times over 20 years until it’s second nature and then at a key moment flub it?
          What if you assembled a super team but it was out performed by a lowly upstart on a regular basis?
          Sometimes you get the breaks when you shouldn’t and sometimes everything goes against you, regardless of what you do or how hard you try.

      • Agreed Radar. Here are my moves, if it can happen at the deadline, so bet it: 1. Lawrie needs to go, best in the off season when baseball people look at promise, not execution. 2. JP, Lawrie’s buddy, needs to go too. Perhaps the offseason as well would be best but it’s a difficult task at anytime, 3. I would open the vault and sign Gonzales, the Cuban FA pitcher. 3. We need an upgrade at CF. With all the changes this year, I think the most difficult for a veteran team has been the attitude of three young guys…Lawrie, Cletus and JP. Replace those guys and save Gibby from strangling all three of them.

        • 1. Lawrie should be having his eyes opened,baseball will humble you in a heartbeat.He should be at 3rd. his arm strength,reaction time,and quickness say so IMHO.His bat is another story,whether he learns that or not is the big question.
          2. JPA I don’t know. Just sitting on the fence seeing which way he falls. Both ehim and lawrie need to keep the ego at reat so they can alow themselves to improve.
          3.Given the state of the Jays starters, sign the guy.Never have enough pitching.
          4. Sorry I’m a Cletus fan.At the risk of creating a firestorm,I’d take him over Gose.Gose has no bat and not a fan of his routes to the ball. Cletus just knows where to be when the ball is hit.Gose hides his mistakes with his speed and sometimes even that can’t hide it.

          As a side note, listening to the Bisons game, surprised that Gose was in RF and Pillar in centre.The announcers were also saying a few games ago, that Pillar had been on base every game since being in Buffalo. Something like 23 games in a row at the time.
          makes me go hmmmm, that’s interesting.

          • Agreed Radar, your comments make sense. I’m still not a Cletus fan though but he’s better than Gose. The Jays went for it but it needs tweaking. The question is at the deadline or offseason? It’s still a good team but has some holes to fill yet.

  96. Mark Burhle makes way too much

    • I said that the other day…and was scathingly criticized for not understanding that it’s not MY MONEY. Apparently, Rogers’ has billions of dollars – and the popular notion is that they should forget all their other holdings and treat the Jays as a bottomless moneypit with no budget.

      • Mark Buerererehherele (did I get that right?) was a cost of doing business when they wanted to acquire Reyes and Johnson. Of course he’s paid too much, that’s why Florida wanted to get rid of him. But clearly AA thought it was worth it to acquire the other pieces he acquired.

    • He should give some of his money to me then. I don’t make nearly enough.

  97. Well, if it wasn’t already the case, after this series, the season is now over. The question is, do we just return the same line-up next year and hope things go better (I say yes), or do we sell off the horrible disappointments on this roster?

    • Seems like it would be a mistake to sell low on all of the guys who performed well below expectation this year. At this point, the Jays are pretty much committed to the next couple of years so I say double down in the offseason, add a few small pieces where it makes sense and try to win with what should continue to be a pretty decent core team.

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