The Jays host the Dodgers tonight at Rogers Centre. That’s kinda cool, right? Puig and Ryu and all that good stuff, right?

Yeah, I guess. Oh, but hey! Ryan Braun just got suspended for the remainder of the season, without pay, after admitting to drug use and accepting MLB’s ruling without appeal. Matt Garza was traded, as well, but… Ryan Braun, everybody!

T.J. Quinn of Outside The Lines tweets that “MLB confronted Braun with volumes of evidence provided by Tony Bosch, including texts,” which may explain why bothering to appeal didn’t seem prudent for Braun at this point. Of course, the Brewers’ 41-56 record at this point couldn’t hurt, which brings us to another potential suspendee: Melky Cabrera.

These 65 games aren’t quite the 100 it was rumoured Braun might get, and the fact we sort of thought at first that Melky might just wind up collateral damage in MLB’s quest to get Braun and A-Rod maybe means that, having already served 50 games last year, Melky will escape punishment or be at least limited to more time served this season.

That’s entirely just spitballing on my part, but… I dunno? Seems reasonably plausible, right?



Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that Claudio Vargas and Eugenio Velez have been released by the Buffalo Bisons, as a part of some roster maneuvering to add Neil Wagner and Moises Sierra (who is coming off the DL). OK then!

Sticking with the minors, @StivBators is following Kyle Drabek’s rehab start for Dunedin, and apparently he’s sitting 93-94 in the first inning. The Pitch F/X data on his FanGraphs page had him at 92.6 for his 70 innings in 2012, but let’s not go getting too hopeful– we’re talking about just one inning of data, and we have no idea if the gun isn’t maybe a little hot. So… yeah. But Drabek remains an interesting name in the system, even though his struggles at the big league level have tarnished his prospect stock. He’s still just 25.

Not much else, so I’ll add this from Baseball America, where Ben Badler includes the Jays’ top pick from last year’s draft, D.J. Davis, among prospects trending up this week.

The Blue Jays used the 17th overall pick in last year’s draft on Davis, one of the youngest players in the draft class (he turns 19 on Thursday). Davis’ speed immediately grabs scouts’ attention, grading at the top of the 20-80 scale and giving him plenty of range in center field and making him a constant threat on the basepaths. Davis isn’t a polished hitter, but he’s more than just a one-dimensional legs guy. In Rookie-level Bluefield, Davis is is hitting .301/.390/.544—a slugging mark that’s boosted by six triples, his latest coming yesterday—and showing signs that the tools are starting to translate to performance. The strikeouts are still something he’s going to have to cut back on, but things are moving in the right direction for Davis.

Lastly, because I’m bored, I just tweeted this little factoid: “This month Brett Lawrie played rehab games at single-A Lansing. The Lugnuts have had 13 players older than him suit up for them this year.” Yeah, yeah, they’re mostly roster non-prospect roster fodder, but still…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Josh Johnson

Los Angeles Dodgers

LF Carl Crawford (L)
CF Yasiel Puig (R)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
SS Hanley Ramirez (R)
DH Andre Ethier (L)
C A.J. Ellis (R)
RF Skip Schumaker (S)
3B Emo Juan Uribe (R)
2B Mark Ellis (R)

LHP Hyun-jin Ryu

Comments (278)

  1. Baseball suspend people for peds but not driving drunk come on

    • Well, one actually has a bearing on the game, but it definitely is a bit strange to see all the outcry over this and so little over what’s become an alarmingly routine part of MLB life, especially in Spring Training and especially when we consider how many times these guys are probably able to keep stuff like that under wraps.

    • Or how about MLB team continously employing rapist

      • Who’s a rapist?

        Apparently Escobar was once sued for rape (cannot find results of suit). Apparently that was one of the reasons Jays let him walk in 2003. Big mistake that was. Fuck, we let Carpenter and Escobar walk! How fucked up is that! Their 2004 campaigns would have brought us to the promised land!

      • How bout the NFL employing murderers

  2. What’s your point?

    Drunk driving doesn’t enhance performance! If anything, the hangover or car accident might actually make you play worse! But kinda retarded considering Jeffress is one weed test away from fucking bein gbanned for life.

    Come on!

  3. Puig has like a .455 babip. That’s…..kinda crazy.

  4. Dodgers are 20-5 in their last 25 games – something I can only dream of the Jays accomplishing.

    • And they have Uribe playing. And they have batted Nick Punto second several times during that span.

      Folks, the junior varisty division for ya!

  5. Just a head’s up to all you lurvely people that today’s Jays/Dodgers matchup is the Free MLB Game of the Day! HD, motherfuckers!

    So, there’s that.

  6. Velocity would be like my last concern with Drabek. But yeah, still better news than if he was throwing 88 or something.

  7. Let’s go Jays!

    Boatfully yours,

  8. Dodgers finally have a chance to start all four of their outfields, since one can dh. What does Mattingly do? Starts skip schumaker!

  9. Was looking for DJF Guide to Punching Ballpark Kitty earlier today when Parkes was pulling his holier-than-thou act on twitter. Is it no longer on the interwebs? Convenient.

    • They talked about that in a podcast like two years ago. Apparently when you googled Dustin Parkes, that was the first thing that came up. So he deleted it.

  10. Jays suck is not forever. But it sure is now.

    But there will be stretches where we can piss on other teams’ hopes. I vote for screwing the Red Sox if at all possible. For aesthetic reasons related to the attractiveness of men.

  11. i predict JJ does great today.

    More than 7 innings – less than 2 runs.

  12. I hope melky gets suspended for a year so we don’t have to pay him

    • That would suck. Why would you not want him in the line up when he is healthy?

    • I have nothing to base this on but I think when he get’s healthy whether it be this year or next he absolutely rakes.

      • I agree. I don’t get people shitting on his performance this season. Given his injuries, I thought he was pretty good for a stretch.

  13. At least the Jays are avoiding Kershaw and Greinke. Though Mattingly should use Greinke as a DH (He can actually hit better than Scott Van Slyke).

  14. Oh and DJF was quoted on Mike Scioscias Tragic Illness. That’s pretty cool.

  15. what are the chanced bonficacio gets suspended for ped use?

  16. That picture of Uribe is legit lolz

  17. Fuck you hipster douchebag Stoeten

  18. That was a humdinger of a “Weekend Thoughts”! I hope tonight’s game can match that for entertainment.

  19. MLB.com is saying that Kemp will probably miss the series and go back on the DL.
    Bit of good news there, he looked good in his first game back.

  20. Jesus, Hanley`s numbers are rediculous.

  21. wow only took 15 minutes for our batting practice pitcher to give up a home run! well done!

  22. Nice to see Braun come down off the lying ass high horse he was riding the past two years. I’m don’t see PED usage as a character flaw, but his holier than though posturing and bald faced lies after the MVP award are another story. That said, he can pay the price and I’ll welcome him back. Right Melky?

    Also, I wonder if Braun’s eagerness to take the suspension without appeal has to do with the $1.5 million raise he gets next year. Makes ya think at least.

  23. Gotta go, I got a game but I`ll leave you guys gals Stoeten with a question.

    Once more back to the well….

    Marlins have actively been trying to get rid of Logan Morrison for a year and a half.
    He`s got huge upside, is only 25 but of course has the injury history.

    Supposing his price wasn`t too high would you guys consider trading Lind to a contender for a prospect and then pursue LoMo to be our full time DH.

    • I’m all for trading Lind. Whether LoMo is the answer I have no idea

      • While they have the chance they should dump the guy. His value has never been higher in the last 3 years. They also have all kinds of time to evaluate their options.

  24. 2 strike approach to hitting. what a novel concept!

  25. can’t blame JPA for missing that ball as it temporarily disappeared in that acura sign

  26. when’s the last time rasmus actually made an accurate throw? has he ever thrown somebody out? I’d rather have him just toss it to reyes

  27. different day, same starting pitching….jesus christ

  28. Who are the contenders to take Oliver’s old tired bones off our hands?
    I can see AA trying to get a compensation pick our trading for international signing money. It might be the best value out there in terms of acquiring talent.

    • Can’t get a pick for anybody traded that year.

      • Can we trade a player this year for a compensation pick in 2014?

        • no. The player needs to start the season on the team. So we can offer JJ an offer of $14 million. If he says no, we get a pick.

          But if we trade him, the acquiring team can’t.

          • Sorry Rob A, I meant the compensation picks that low revenue teams get that are sandwiched between the 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd. I understand that those would be tradeable.

  29. Not looking good for a victory guys.

  30. How the hell is Josh Johnson this fucking terrible? It’s like he pulled a Ricky Romero and suddenly, without reason, got worse.

  31. 4 run 2nd inning josh johnson start. #lovethisteam

  32. Jesus…it’s like a bad dream.

  33. Ryu hasn’t been that great. This could easily turn into a slug fest. There is talk amongst the Dodger bloggers that he is going to regress.

    • he reminds me of Sabathia body type with Buehrle’s current stuff. He needs to develop one of either his slider or curve to be more effective

    • Slugfest, my ass.
      Unless your definition of a slugfest is the Dodgers beating the absolute holy fuck out of the Jays, in a variety of ways….yeah, it’ll be a slugfest.

  34. How many former Marlins can we count among the two teams? I got 6 off the top of my head.

  35. dat cibia ab

    • He needs to Roger Dorn it everytime he gets up. Its the only hope of him actually not striking out.

  36. JPA would make a great cricket player

  37. Great cuts up there by JP

  38. Arencibia + Lawrie = 4 pitch outs

  39. Is that what a productive catcher looks like?

  40. this is just embarrassing now

  41. Garza for Olt and Grimm??
    Good deal for everyone, looks like.

  42. wow JPA setting new lows for incompetence

  43. Jesus…it just keep getting worse.
    Catcher interference now?
    Holy fuck.

  44. Whats the point now? Just leave him in there punt this game and come back tomorrow without burning out the bullpen?

  45. JP finally does Johnson some good.

  46. FU K THIS TEAM…FUCK THEM..TOTAL TRASH..how the fuck do u win 11 in a row and get back into it only to start another losing skid…fu k this..GO TIgers

  47. I am just watching games now for the comedy. I can’t believe people actually pay to watch this

  48. JPA! JPA! JPA! JPA!

  49. What time does porn start on the computer?

  50. I actually feel kind of bad for jpa now. They should just stop playing him or send him down so he doesnt get embarassed further. Anyways, aa should look at acquiring this ellis guy from the dodgers. Gets on base, has good ABs. Would fit well in the bottom of the lineup. Dont think he would cost that much.

  51. JPA was called for catcher’s interference for putting his hand on hitter’s ass.

  52. Holy shit Johnson.

    Is it possible that he plays himself out of a qualifying offer?

    I mean its pretty much a lock for a qualifying offer but holy hell he has been bad.

    • He’ll be reduced to busking outside the mall if he keep up this stellar performance.
      He’ll have such fond memories of his time in Toronto….the place were his career died, and where about 50M dollars left his future bank account.

    • A lock for QO? At this point I’d be amazed.

  53. I think it is going to be fun watching GM AA go nuts on the roster again over the next four months after everyone having to suffer through this team for the last four.

  54. If I am AA.. i am doing everything I can to get JJ off my team. This is getting embarrassing. Trade him to the astros or cubs.

  55. I feel bad for Gibbons.

    I hope that he won’t be the scapegoat for these under-performing sacks of shit on the field.

    • He is not going anywhere. Beaston is not going anywhere. AA is his guy and AA chose Gibbons. Nothing is changing. And it should not. Injuries and inconsistent performance has nothing to do with the manager.

    • I got a feeling Gibby’s gonna take the fall for this sad sack-o’-shit of a season. Too bad- because none of this is his fault. And AA will be pilloried as well, for hiring him.

      I still would like to see Sandy Alomar Jr run this club.

      • AA’s plan for the season was solid and he will have had only had 4 years. JPR got 8. Gibby shouldnt be held accountable for this, but might possibly.

  56. Just throw it over the left handers batting box. He will swing.

  57. well that could have been worse

  58. God bless this bullpen. Incredible how many times they’ve picked up sack of shit starters with top notch relief.

    • Everybody was saying that it was going to be the weakest part of the team and has turned out to be the best part.

  59. Anybody notice AJ ellis’s yellow nail polish?

  60. De Rosa by any other name will be just as clutch

  61. Ryu looks like a huge fat ugly baby.

  62. trade for braun right goddamn now

  63. Holy fucking shit! JPA has a full count!

  64. Right down the dick

  65. We actually need to play JP as much as possible. His average can’t get much worse, but he might get close to 30 HR.

    That hsould give him some trade value to some unsuspecting sap who is mesmerized by that kind of power from a catcher.

  66. JPA! JPA! JPa. Jpa … j

  67. Well, fuck this shit. Off to play MLB The Show, which is the only way Toronto will win tonight.

  68. Riccardi did better than AA in regards to putting a winning team together

    • Jesus fucking Christ! Are you a real person?

    • Of all the shitty things I’ve heard about AA and the Jays this season….that’s about the shittiest.

      • Who got j bats and EE?

        • Wow! Are your parents related? Bautista and Encarnacion were fucking useless when Dicknose traded for them. On whose watch did they flourish?

        • Who got BJ Ryan? Frank Thomas? Corey Koski? AJ Burnett?
          And of course…the lovely contract that will keep Vernon Wells’ great-grandchildren to Harvard.

          Seriously, are you naturally that stupid…or did you have an accident?

          • Don’t forget J.P. also fired 3/4′s of the scouts and development coaches, started drafted college, close to major leauge talent(ha!), fired the Blue Jay, our original mascot, and changed the name from the Blue Jays to the Jays. That was just what he did in the first couple of weeks on the job. Don’t get me started on the rest of his tenure.

          • …he was dropped on his head at birth

  69. mark ellis has at least 1 WAR every year save 1

  70. jays 1-5 since clubhouse cancer lawrie returned

  71. Shitacular! I think if the Jays finish playing the way they have all season, I might be bi-polar by the end of September. Or at the very least, a serious case of turrets syndrome.

  72. Put some of the Home Hardware crew into the game…my goodness have the Jays been listless today..

  73. I don’t believe in a heavenly father,but I believe in a mother nature. I also have no faith in trolls.

  74. Groundhog day. Rays flex their muscles and start surging. Jays irrelevant by August 1, even earlier than usual. FML.

  75. I don’t know how Gibbons keeps his sanity.

  76. That’s enough for me tonight.

    Goodbye fellow members of this pathetic cesspool.

  77. This game is brought to you by Dodge Trucks, the official vehicle of Jays players who want out of town.

  78. Those Jays are putting on a defensive clinic tonight. Wow. A pitching clinic too.

    Hopefully this game will end close to 11pm so that Wilner doesn’t have to take any calls.

  79. Just when you think it can’t get any worst. I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed with the performance of a sports team…. and I’m a Raptors, Oilers and 49′ers fan(the latter has become a powerhouse, but ten years of futility before the recent resurgence).

    I really wouldn’t be oppose to a couple of trades to shake things up. Trade Lind while he’s playing good, try to trade Izturis, Mr. maybe we aren’t that good(Mark), maybe one of the bullpen arms, although I’m not a big advocate of a Janssen trade, unless the return is major league talent that fills a need immediately, like a starting catcher or second baseman. If Lind is traded, then hopefully they can sign or acquire a major league masher(high obp, rbi guy). Don’t trade Rasmus. Gose isn’t going to be able to fill his shoes, and it looks as if he is getting comfortable with his surroundings. If he can continue at his pace, with the defense, we would be hard pressed to fill center field with a player that brings what he does to the table. Not to mention he is just coming into his prime.

  80. Holy shit….I’m flipping through the channels, and there’s a reality show on about BALLET…..and I’m more interested in that than the game.
    I’m all conflicted inside.

    • You said that ballet show was on which channel?

    • Tell me about it… my wife is campaigning for me to throw on the Bachelor: Men tell all, and man, it’s tempting.

      I’m surprised that Buck and Tabby haven’t promoted it yet – it’s on one of their sister stations after all.

      Wow – 14 – 4. A pure display of what has gone wrong with the Jays this year, and now you can add the bullpen to tonight’s game.

      • The way our starters have been going, you really can’t fault the bullpen. It must be nice to come into the game early down by a half dozen runs on a nightly basis.

  81. Fuck this fucking ongoing nightmare scenario. Also, I bet a million imaginary internet dollars that JPA strikes out after the pitching change.

  82. This is an extremely talented team that just isn’t playing well. A few tweaks is all that is needed.

  83. I noticed all ten goddamned motherfucking runs are earned. Must mean they’re playing defense to the score or something… saving the good plays for when it counts or some bullshit, right? At least they’re only dropping balls and throwing them away when there’s no potential to save a run!!!

    • Well shit MLB.com changed the boxscore.

    • Can’t believe all the runs are earned when you’ve made 4 errors already.
      What a shit-show.
      If it wasn’t for that whole “cruel and unusual punishment” thing – they oughta put this game on a constant loop for death-row prisoners.

  84. Is it wrong that I now watch games and can’t rip myself away from them just to see what kind of fuckery will transpire?

  85. Cabrera will finish the season hitting about .290, and fool most of us into thinking maybe he was valuable after all.

  86. This is a bad dream. This is a bad dream. This is a bad dream.

    • This is what happens when a surging team meets a struggling one. Quite possibly this is the worst game of the year.

  87. Laughter for this laugher.

  88. Fuck. I just thought, no homers, .263 average, so it’s only fitting he hits a home run. Words out of my mouth, and he launches a moon shot. Can’t believe this season. FUCK!

  89. Redmond pitches tomorrow, so….

  90. So thankful I get to the game tomorrow with no bullpen and todd redmond pitching.

    • I could not stomach the idea of paying for tickets and $11 beers for watching this shit team anymore.

    • McGowan threw 26 pitches and Delabar threw 25. So yeah, they’re out for a bit.

      What about a split with the Astros? Is it possible?


  91. That’s a good old fashioned ass whooopin.

  92. We got ‘em right where we want ‘em..

  93. Who’s getting optioned tonight to bring up an emergency relief arm? Too bad Stroman pitched yesterday. Maybe we’ll see ol’ Wang come back around.

    Did this entire fucking team go on a drinking binge after the Rays left town? I would actually support this effort if there’s 25 of them nursing headaches and gut-rot, but I fear it’s something worse.

    Dollars to donuts JPA calls a team meeting tonight.

    • It’s Zaun’s and Hayhurst’s fault! They don’t educate the fans because they ply them with negativity.

    • Wang pitched like shit yesterday.

    • Oh god. I don’t want to see anybody’s Wang.

      • Is there a player on the roster who has options left, other than Lawrie or tomorrows starter, Redmond. Sending a reliever down probably means losing them to the waiver wire.

        • Ya… I bet they just suck it up. Gibby might be saving Perez for a multi-inning stint tomorrow. Honestly, might as well give a position player the ball for the 8th and 9th. Maybe we can get Bonifacio to bust a tendon and go on the 60-day for TJ surgery.

          • Hey. I’m all for Boni pitching the last two innings. Maybe it will increase his trade value. Maybe we can get two buckets of balls instead of one.

        • “Dollars to donuts JPA calls a team meeting tonight.”

          You cant have my doughnuts, but I bet there’s enough resentment of the “natural leader” on the team that no one goes.

          I would think that Loup, Thole, JPA and Rasmus might still have options left.

  94. I think it’s really hit the players after 3 one run losses that this season is definitely gone.

  95. On a bright side, the Jays are only 5 games back of getting the 3rd overall pick.

    Tank for Beede!!!!!

    • Young Beedah FTW!

    • Fuck Beede. If they do draft him, I hope they offer him a ridiculously low signing bonus, just to stiff him, like he stiffed us.

      • I want them to draft him, then offer him 40% of his bonus so they get a comp pick when he rejects. Then draft him again the following year, when he is a senior and has no options but accept the shitty offer the Jays give him then!

        Also, I don’t know if he stiffed the Jays. Wasn’t their some medical issues the Jays had with him, and didn’t offer him very much?

        • Beede wanted 3.5 million and was going to get it or go back to school. He made this well known before the signing deadline

  96. When the astros sweep the jays please don’t call my show panicking. No reason to panick, it’s only July

  97. Just curious. What will happen first? Coach (es) fired or players traded?

    • Why can’t both happen at the same time?

    • Coaches. Because coaches get let go right at the end of the season (or I believe all the coaches besides Gibby are on one year deals, so they just don’t get renewed). But I don’t know who they would fire, besides maybe Pete Walker and a promotion to Hentgen.

      The only players that I see getting traded at the deadline are Oliver, and maybe Casey. Though I would love to see Lind gone too. I see most of the major moves in the off-season, with guys like Gose, JP, and Buerhle being dealt.

      • Agreed on Oliver and Casey.

        There’s no way AA is dumb enough to keep Oliver for the season. I’m still holding out for a Kinsler trade.

        Casey could end up in Detroit.

    • Players

    • Why would they fire the coaches?

    • Relocation; different ownership and management. Montreal comes to mind.

    • Coaches get blamed first.

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