The Jays host the Dodgers tonight at Rogers Centre. That’s kinda cool, right? Puig and Ryu and all that good stuff, right?

Yeah, I guess. Oh, but hey! Ryan Braun just got suspended for the remainder of the season, without pay, after admitting to drug use and accepting MLB’s ruling without appeal. Matt Garza was traded, as well, but… Ryan Braun, everybody!

T.J. Quinn of Outside The Lines tweets that “MLB confronted Braun with volumes of evidence provided by Tony Bosch, including texts,” which may explain why bothering to appeal didn’t seem prudent for Braun at this point. Of course, the Brewers’ 41-56 record at this point couldn’t hurt, which brings us to another potential suspendee: Melky Cabrera.

These 65 games aren’t quite the 100 it was rumoured Braun might get, and the fact we sort of thought at first that Melky might just wind up collateral damage in MLB’s quest to get Braun and A-Rod maybe means that, having already served 50 games last year, Melky will escape punishment or be at least limited to more time served this season.

That’s entirely just spitballing on my part, but… I dunno? Seems reasonably plausible, right?



Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that Claudio Vargas and Eugenio Velez have been released by the Buffalo Bisons, as a part of some roster maneuvering to add Neil Wagner and Moises Sierra (who is coming off the DL). OK then!

Sticking with the minors, @StivBators is following Kyle Drabek’s rehab start for Dunedin, and apparently he’s sitting 93-94 in the first inning. The Pitch F/X data on his FanGraphs page had him at 92.6 for his 70 innings in 2012, but let’s not go getting too hopeful– we’re talking about just one inning of data, and we have no idea if the gun isn’t maybe a little hot. So… yeah. But Drabek remains an interesting name in the system, even though his struggles at the big league level have tarnished his prospect stock. He’s still just 25.

Not much else, so I’ll add this from Baseball America, where Ben Badler includes the Jays’ top pick from last year’s draft, D.J. Davis, among prospects trending up this week.

The Blue Jays used the 17th overall pick in last year’s draft on Davis, one of the youngest players in the draft class (he turns 19 on Thursday). Davis’ speed immediately grabs scouts’ attention, grading at the top of the 20-80 scale and giving him plenty of range in center field and making him a constant threat on the basepaths. Davis isn’t a polished hitter, but he’s more than just a one-dimensional legs guy. In Rookie-level Bluefield, Davis is is hitting .301/.390/.544—a slugging mark that’s boosted by six triples, his latest coming yesterday—and showing signs that the tools are starting to translate to performance. The strikeouts are still something he’s going to have to cut back on, but things are moving in the right direction for Davis.

Lastly, because I’m bored, I just tweeted this little factoid: “This month Brett Lawrie played rehab games at single-A Lansing. The Lugnuts have had 13 players older than him suit up for them this year.” Yeah, yeah, they’re mostly roster non-prospect roster fodder, but still…

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Josh Johnson

Los Angeles Dodgers

LF Carl Crawford (L)
CF Yasiel Puig (R)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
SS Hanley Ramirez (R)
DH Andre Ethier (L)
C A.J. Ellis (R)
RF Skip Schumaker (S)
3B Emo Juan Uribe (R)
2B Mark Ellis (R)

LHP Hyun-jin Ryu

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  1. I don’t think that Gibby should be fired at all. This is not Gibby’s fault, and he has done a great job with bullpen management and lineup construction.

    But if he is the fall guy (which would suck), can we please hire Butterfield for manager. I miss him.

    • Different manager same result.

      I’m curious if there’s ever been discussion about JPA’s ability to call a game?

    • I would have to agree with you. I don’t to see Gibby fired, but if he was, I would be down for Butter’s. Maybe he could steal some Red Sox personnel on his way out the door. Just cause.

      • It’d be interesting to see what they’d offer him. I think the entire defence suffered when Butter went to the Sox. I also think that while Farrell gets a lot of the credit for their success, Butter probably deserves most of it.

    • I like Gibby too, but what is frustrating for me is seeing the same mistakes being made a lot of the time; you’d think the manager would be part of the solution in fixing those oft-repeated mistakes? (ie, Bonifacio continuing to show bunt).

      I also feel like the Jays seem to lack preparation, but that isn’t always the manager… I dunno. Maybe Gibby is too much of a “player’s manager” but I would hate to see a guy on the opposite end of that spectrum come here.

  2. maybe we could start talking about vaginas at this point?

  3. Wow, what a catch by Puig to preserve a 9 run lead.

  4. Puig only signed for 40 mil? Fucks sake why didn’t alex get in on that.

    • I remember reading scouts say that Puig was an over payment and no where near as good as Soler or Cespedes.

      Seems like the Dodgers weren’t so dumb after all. Though, Puig’s plate discipline (or lack there of) is worrisome. I can easily see him turning into Josh Hamilton of this year, if he keeps swinging at everything. He doesn’t have the plate coverage of Vladdy, to be swinging at such garbage pitches.

    • So far, Puig has had the career path of Brett Lawrie.

      Let’s hold off before we make Puig out to be the next baseball superstar.

    • Or Jeff Francoeur

      • except he’s only 22 and plays cf at a high level which commands a premium.

        • puig’s salary works out to about 6 mil per year for a guy with a tonee of potential. compare that to rajai davis and bonifacio making 3mil each. sounds like a decent chance to take

        • He usually play right field, Kemp is their everyday center fielder.

  5. are we really this bad?

  6. Welp, at least it wasn’t an “interesting” loss….

  7. This ship is sinking.

  8. So firing AA and his coaching staff will solve all problems you dumb fucking moronic idiots who are armchair gm’s. Fuck off please. According to firing everyone, hey let’s just trade everyone for prospects because they always fucking work out. So who replaces AA? A fucking new gm who may become riccardi 2.0, then trades everyone and strips down the team to the point where they are sold from Rogers???? Firing AA after 2013 is dumb as ownership becomes knee jerk dumb ass hockey fans. Rebuild the team and hope it gets better or else the mouth breathers and their fucking infinite wisdom will troll all of else again and back in the dark ages. Piss off people like Jesuscristo and afdg who are complete morons.

  9. Interetingly, Jason Grilli, Pittsburg closer goes out with an undiagnosed arm injury in the 9th tonite. They hung on to a win and are in a dogfight with Cincy and Stl. They will be looking for relievers and i do not think they mean Brad Bad Lincoln. CAsey might join travis in pitsburgh

  10. Although firing AA is dumb, he has raided the prospect farm for ok upgrades

    • Who will be sacrificed?

    • But what were his options? Really, last year when a lot of his pitching was on the DL, there was no one between his 2010 draft picks and MLB. Hence the Laffeys* etc. were called upon for filler.

      *Coello, one of his “fillers” is raking with the Angels this year due to his discovery of a new pitch…timing is everything.

  11. second half has been going splendidly thus far

    nice fielding boys

    pitching too

  12. The Marisnick era officialy starts in Miami tomorrow.
    He and Yelich just got promoted.

  13. Oliver should be trsded

  14. My soul weeps for a Jays team to cheer for. Maybe the other starting 8 need their own parrots.

  15. So I have this friend, we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember. Growing up we were real close, and had some real fun times. Some of those times we had when I was young were the best times I’ve had.
    As we got older we still had fun times, just not as fun, and not as frequently. I still would hang out with him a lot, but it was starting to get more frustrating than it was fun. I didn’t agree with some of the decisions he was making about his future, and it was painful to watch some of the results of those choices. We still hung out though, but sometimes I wished we didn’t. Sometimes I questioned whether it would be better just to not hang out with this friend at all, or maybe wait till he got his shit together where it wouldn’t be so frustrating to watch him fuck things up. But I decided I’d rather have this friend in my life, fuckups and everything, than to not have him a part of my life at all.
    A couple years ago things started to look up a bit. He started making better decisions, or at least I agreed with the decisions he was making about his future. Really though most of these decisions wouldn’t show any real results in his life for awhile, but at least it seemed he was on the right track.
    A few months ago, he decided to make a big a change and really go for it. I thought it was risky, but I agreed that it was a good move and smart one, and was excited to see it result it some real good outcomes for him. Unfortunately, there was some bad luck, and maybe some of the decisions didn’t seem to be turning out like we thought they would. And the problem is because of the hope I had for him, this might be the most painful time ever to be friends with him. I want to hang around with him less than ever. I really don’t pick up when he calls sometimes, cause I’m just sick of hearing about how something else went horribly wrong.
    Should I stop hanging around this guy? What kind of friend would I be then? A pretty shitty one I think. Especially since less than a year ago I was 100% behind everything he was doing and was happy with where he was headed. So even though it’s painful to watch I’m gonna stick by this guy, and hope things turn around for him. Probably not gonna happen right away, but I think next year some of this bad luck will pass, and some of those decisions I thought were worth the risk to take, will pay off. And really I know I’m never gonna stop hanging around this guy, unless of course he starts selling crack to my kids or something.

    • Your friends life, is not unlike everybody elses life.He made decisions based upon what he thought was logical. Many of his other friends and those who had expertise in those areas, agreed with those choices.Even his boss and boss’s boss agreed that the plan made sense.
      So what happened?
      Life can be cruel to the best laid plans.
      Life can be unfair
      So your friend should reflect,learn and try for success again.
      Life isn’t life without ups and downs.
      He’s a bit down now and you as a lifelong friend should be there to support him.
      You will be there to experience the joy when finally, the risks produce the desired results.

    • Wait, I think I know this guy.

      It’s Parkes, right?

    • Hey, your buddy at least TRIED to make some bold moves for the positive. There’s nothing worse than passivity in certain situations – sitting and HOPING that things will change.
      OK – he made some choices, and they all seemed like good choices at the time….but like so many old saying – the best laid plans of mice and men, blah blah blah. Mr. Murphy and his cursed Law always hovers above us – ready to toss that metaphorical wrench into the gears.
      I bet you hated your friend for always saying “I’m sure my luck will turn around next year”, as you watch him do the same old thing, over and over again. And I’m sure when you’re buddy made his decisions, more than a few people congratulated him – and said privately “It’s about bloody time…at least he DID something”.
      Not everything works out immediately. Sometimes they take time to sort themselves out…and sometimes – well, they don’t work out at all. But at the end of the day, at least the effort was made.

  16. So did JPA decide to get off Twitter or was it decided for him?

  17. You know what folks,,, sure last night was a beat down but it was a beat down at the hands of a TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR TEAM. With that salary, the dodgers should never lose a game, like ever, 162-0 but they had their struggles and injury problems for a while this season just like the Jays. I’m not saying the jays have anywhere NEAR the talent of the dodgers but I am saying the Jays have the potential to be a good team. But they need to cut some dead weight and add a few things first. I’m not one of those “dont worry there’s next year” type people but I believe with the right moves, the Jays will be a contender next season. For comfort in the meantime, the angels are just as bad and have a lot more talent than the jays. Just saying.

  18. Now with gronk looking like he might be not be 100%, and the rest of the WR core looking like junk, Amendola is in for a big year. I also wouldn’t underestimate Bellicheck’s ego. He is going to want to make sure that he looks right for letting welker go, and the only way that will happen is if Danny is 100+ catch guy. I know this will seem like lofty expectations, but I expect Amendola (if healthy) to go for 115 rec, 1200yds, and 7 TDs. In PPR leagues he should be an easy top 5 WR.

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