Now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pippp, as we “welp” it up over the Jays season, talk Brett Lawrie, J.P. Arencibia, actually take a call from a listener on Josh Johnson, and definitely don’t talk about the whole Ted Rogers statue thing.

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  1. From Baseball America

    D.J. Davis, of, Blue Jays: The Blue Jays used the 17th overall pick in last year’s draft on Davis, one of the youngest players in the draft class (he turns 19 on Thursday). Davis’ speed immediately grabs scouts’ attention, grading at the top of the 20-80 scale and giving him plenty of range in center field and making him a constant threat on the basepaths. Davis isn’t a polished hitter, but he’s more than just a one-dimensional legs guy. In Rookie-level Bluefield, Davis is is hitting .301/.390/.544—a slugging mark that’s boosted by six triples, his latest coming yesterday—and showing signs that the tools are starting to translate to performance. The strikeouts are still something he’s going to have to cut back on, but things are moving in the right direction for Davis.

    • Was under the heading “Prospects trending up”

    • That’s the thing I think people are forgetting, there’s still a lot of upside in the lower minors. Give this core a couple of years to try and win. If they don’t, there will be some really interesting pieces potentially coming up in 2015-17.

  2. A couple thoughts. I was Tsn today and read some of the comments. Are people with an iq lower than 80 the only people that can post?

    Also, was listening to the Jays talks from weekend. Are the same freaking morons from Tsn the ones calling in? From the 5 callers I heard, here are the highlights:
    1) Rasmus is one of the worst players in baseball. He should be gone and replaced with Gose.
    2) Gibbons should be fired and replaced with a Latino coach because a Latino coach can relate to the players better and will make them want to win more.
    3) AA is the worst. He should be fired. He has done nothing to improve this team.
    4) josh Johnson should be traded and Cecil should become a starter.
    5) one guy who said he could have told us months ago that dickey and buerhle were going to be awful because no nl pitcher has ever come to the al and been successful.

    After all this ridiculousness, I’m so very thankful for the intelligent, thoughtful, engaging commenters on the djf site. Thanks!

  3. What would a legit contract offer be Johnson if he were to become a free agent today?

    • tough to find a # that would work for both sides right now with JJ. even with this debacle of a season hes going to get close to anibal sanchez money. greinke money is certainly off the table… i would offer JJ 4 year 60 million dollar deal. offer an option package based on performance with incentives.

      i think JJ is all but gone…his time here has been disasterous and (i may be way off) but i think all thinks equal hes the type of guy who would rather ply his trade south of the border. if he did damage and we made a deep playoff run maybe things would be different but as things stand i think he declines the qualifying offer and somebody eventually ponies up and offers what i suggested or more at some point in the offseason.

  4. Ryan Braun, everybody!

    • Braun is gone. “I am not perfect”. No shit.

    • Braun questioned the integrity of a man who according to hundreds of other MLB players was absolutely professional and honest. He went so far as to cast doubt on him, his family and the whole process.

      For me it’s just as bad as Lance Armstrong and all the lives he ruined of the people who suggested he was taking drugs.

      I’ve always appreciated what Braun can do on a baseball field but he made an absolute farce of the whole process. He should get a lifetime ban. They need to start sending a message that actually sinks in.

    • And just to add, I have always been a guy who thinks that too many peds get lumped in with Steroids.

      But this was not a man who may have taken a stimulant like ephedrine accidentily. He knowingly took a steroid, covered his tracks and then intimated that anyone who questioned him was a liar or trying to cheat him.

    • The bet he makes at the 1:55 mark really looks bad now

    • Thank goodness he fessed up. Lots of people (myself included) will now dislike him slightly less for finally taking responsibility – even if forced. He has got to be one of the slimiest of all the PED-tainted MLB’ers.

  5. Welp (see what I did there) another season tainted by “PED” stories. I guess it’s good that the Jays are in this shit storm now. I would hate to see a winning season ruined by “PED” talk.

  6. Time to go after Rickie Weeks….

    No, really. It’s only one more year…I keep trying to talk myself into it…maybe for Buehrle? Nah.

  7. Guess Garza’s gone to the Rangers.

    Which means…stuff…I guess.

  8. That Moe Szyslak picture made me sad.

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