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I know a thing or two about getting shit-talked by shit-hearted shitstains on the internet (mostly, y’know, because I intentionally antagonize the fuckers, but that’s neither here nor there), and yet I still found it staggering today to see the volume of tweets from human garbage who actually value time in their sad lives so little as to bother tweeting in the direction of J.P. Arencibia in order to vent in his @reply stream about what a worthless ballplayer they think he is.

In response to this digital projectile vomiting of criticisms, and perhaps, his guttural need to respond in kind– which I can… uh… kinda totally relate to in a very small way– Arencibia announced today that he was shuttering his Twitter account.

Ben Nicholson-Smith of the network Arencibia complained to Paul Beeston about caught his final tweets, which have now slipped away into the digital ether:

“It’s unfortunate to see how words are twisted to make false stories,” ‏@jparencibia9 wrote to his 145,000 followers.

“I give way too much of myself to have others try and make me out to.. Something/someone I’m not,” he continued in a series of tweets that have since been deleted along with his account.

“Solution. I make myself very accessible with constant charitable events, and opening up to social media for the fans. I will no longer be on twitter. Thanks to all the fans who support and praying for the others that hate. God Bless.”

I can’t speak to twisted words and false stories, but… whatever. In the long run, that’s probably for the best, though temporarily– if you do a search on his name– it doesn’t appear to be doing much for the image problem of the once fan- and camera-friendly catcher.

I can’t say that I blame him, though, and the funny thing is, J.P. Arencibia is literally better at baseball than any of the limp dicks shitting on him are– or will be– at anything in their entire fucking lives. Of the tens of million who play baseball globally, at any given time the number of players on an active big league roster is just seven-hundred-and-fucking-fifty.

He may not be having a great season, and may be ill suited to the role of starting Major League catcher– that somebody else chose him for, I might add– but in those terms, he’s elite to the power of shut-your-damn-shitstain-mouth.

Honestly. These truth-teller halfwits posturing like they’re doing someone famous a favour by pulling the Twitter equivalent of spitting in their face, and not recognizing how pointlessly unoriginal they’re being, could all use being taken out behind the barn and beaten to death.

Or… well, that’s maybe a little bit harsh. But get a better hobby, people.

And I don’t say that like Arencibia is beyond reproach, or anything remotely close to it, or that he’s too dainty to be expected to face the critical things people are saying about him. It’s just… yeah, I can’t blame him. And it sucks for him and the people who enjoyed following and interacting with him in a non-shitstain way.

No, really! That’s what I think!

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  1. Wouldn’t it just be easier to quit swinging at pitches in the dirt?

  2. The only negative thing in all this is any of the charity stuff he does loses on way it promotes itself.

  3. What exactly did you enjoy about following him? I found him to be quite childish and immature. I should mention I didn’t really expect much else.

    • Yeah, I agree. When I first got on Twitter I thought it’d be cool to follow all these athletes. But it gets boring quickly. Much better to just follow other baseball fans and see what they have to say.

    • I didn’t follow him. 99.9% of ballplayers are worthless to follow. I’m not lumping myself in with those who did.

      • You have no idea whether or not that’s true. In fact, we know that they are definitely better than him at getting people to quit twitter, so actually you’re wrong.

        • It’s true. They’re pathetic losers in life. Sorry, but this one doesn’t need verification.

        • I do know, because they are pathetic losers in life. No verification necessary. No one in the 99.999999th percentile at literally anything is doing this. I assure you.

          • I think you’re halfway over the shark here man…

            • I probably needed only one reply there. Technical issues made me think the first one was lost. Oh well. Point stands.

              • Meh. I follow some athletes just for the lol’z.
                Others are pretty fucking annoying.

                Judge me if you want i guess…

                • Huh? Not for following athletes, for tweeting horseshit at them.

                  • Oh… God yes.
                    Totally misunderstood this particular thread of comments. I thought you were going beyond the original argument to say that following athletes at all is stupid.

                    Let’s just ignore all this…

                    • I’m replying from the admin page, so I might have replied out of sequence or something. My bad.

          • Haha… classic. Okay, you won me over.

  4. At least he thanked the fans who he doesn’t play for. Whatever. First World problems, I suppose.

  5. I don’t see how it’s relevant that Arencibia is a better ballplayer than everyone who’s shitting on him, mostly because I don’t think anyone criticizing him is suggesting otherwise.

    What’s really happening here is that Arencibia is in line to become the fall guy for how crappy the season is turning out. This isn’t really fair, as he hasn’t pitched an inning– you could make an argument that a better catcher would be able to get more out of the starters, but I’m not sure that’s in any way quantifiable. Meanwhile, Arencibia has proven himself to have an incredibly thin skin, and he seems to think that doing charity work should make him immune to criticism. Those are not good attributes for anyone in his position.

    At any rate, all he can do now is shut up and try to improve. Dropping off twitter won’t shield him from people saying mean things about him, though. So, we’ll see.

    • He’s not just a better ballplayer– that’s irrelevant. Just saying, it’s funny because he’s better at playing ball than they are at ANYTHING they will ever be in their entire pathetic lives.

      • “Of the tens of million who play baseball globally, at any given time the number of players on an active big league roster is just seven-hundred-and-fucking-fifty.”

        Can you explain how this is at all relevant? I’m sure an overwhelming majority of the people “shitting” on JP realize this. Yes, in the context of everyday life, he blows 99.9% of the population out of the water when it comes to baseball and it isn’t particularly close. Except nobody gives a shit about that because he’s playing against those “seven-hundred-and-fucking-fifty,” and in that context he’s fucking horrible.

        Oh, it’s just funny, is it? No, it’s a pretty clearly another blogger with an overinflated ego having to play the contrarian. Give it a rest son.

        • What the fuck are you even talking about? Being contrarian? I’m just establishing that the people who think it’s real fun and hilarious to @reply athletes on Twitter with wave after wave of criticism are pathetic losers. Is that so hard?

          I’m certainly not trying to say that Arencibia isn’t an awful big league baseball player.

          • And doing the same thing on a blog is so much different? Like I said, give it a rest kiddo. You might think you’re above those pathetic losers (hell, it’s pretty obvious you do from your writing), but you’re not.


              Seriously, dude. Those people are human garbage, and yes, I’m better than them.

          • So, childishly talking smack to someone who you pay to watch and entertain you (an activity in which I don’t partake via “the twitter”), and who is paid handsomely because of, and only because of, your interest in how he performs, makes you a horrible loser poopstain (and other cool-kid terminology most of us left behind on the elementary school playground), even if general criticism actually is warranted, based on poor comparative performance in his chosen profession.

            What does that make a guy who makes his living promoting himself as a drunk fan, cursing about anything and everything nonsensically, who decides to attack, like a petulant child, all of these people based on ad hominem attacks, the veracity of which he has no way of knowing, and which are entirely irrelevant? Mssr. Stoeten, you’re over your skis here. I would actually hope that you were, in fact, drunk, so that you would have some excuse for your current irrational behavior. Sleep it off, and then come back as a rational, sane individual.

            • Nothing nonsensical about it. And again, yes, it’s irrelevant and unverifiable that none of these people are, or will be, as elite at any human activity as Arencibia is at baseball. So what, though? It’s funny, and it’s true.

              And yes, you read correctly: @replying to someone over and over and over with that shit does make a person garbage. If you’re having trouble reading the post, maybe increase the size of the text.

              • So, obviously, your personal attack on others in such a manner makes you garbage as well. Of course, a lot of other things make you garbage, so I apologize for stating the obvious. But if calling a guy bad names for verifiably sucking at something they pay to watch him do makes these other people all of these childish playground names only a 7-year old would find amusing, then certainly lashing out at people who you’ve invested nothing in, based only on assumptions you can’t verify, and which are completely irrelevant to the initial actions being attacked makes you an exponentially greater douche than these kids on twitter (not to mention a shitty, and unwitty, writer – it’s a good thing you don’t try to make a living at it). And you’re supposed to be an adult. Now, go sleep it off, like you were told the first time.

        • You have no credabilty shirtless guy

      • My winery just won double gold at the All Canadian Wine Championships, sooooo I am fucking better at making wine than he is at baseball. Obvious page view increase is obvious Stoet, contract getting reviewed soon then?

        • You’re a moron, Alan. Yes, what an ingenious ploy to get more traffic I’ve got here with this insulting people thing. I don’t know why more sites don’t do it.

          And Canadian Wine Championships? Are you top 750 in the world? Are there tens of millions of wineries? If the answer to either of those last two questions is no, then no, you’re not.

          • Don’t be jealous Stoet, just because your writing will never win any awards. Which actually makes you one of the shitstains as well doesn’t it! Your so poor at your job in comparison to the majority of writers that, by your own argument (You are not one of the top 750 writers in the world of many, many tens of millions) that you fall squarely into the pissy fan section.

            • Reading comprehension fail, Alan. Once again.

              I hope you’re better at wine making than you are at insults. Cheers.

              • Silent Stoeten say “ooh, check that sh!t out man, the internet! Let’s see if those f*cks wrote something new about me or that stupid ass JPA.” [Reads aloud a bunch of insults from kids directed at JPA and Silent Stoeten.] “Mothereffer, it’s time we wrote something back. Type this sh!t down. All you mothereffers are gonna pay! You are the ones who are the ball lickers! We’re gonna eff your mothers while you watch and cry like little whiny bitches. Once we get to Toronto and find those Rogers f*cks whose making the team roster, we’re going to make them eat our sh!t, then sh!t out our sh!t and then eat their sh!t that’s made up of our sh!t that we made them eat. And then all you mothereffers are next. Love, JPA and Silent Stoeten.

  6. Cibia shouldn’t be so bummed out about the fan base…he was never the right guy to be behind the plate anyway. His horrendous strick-out rate just adds another reason that the Jays need a proven catcher for a mature pitching staff. JP, don’t go away mad – just go away!

  7. when discussing how much c**k arencibia sucks one must compare him to his peers and not the fans talking shit on twitter.

    In the respect JPA is plain trash.

    • *In that respect

    • He is a fucking terrible Major League Baseball player. Nowhere have I retreated from that very obvious fact.

      It’s just not the point.

    • That’s right – because c**k-sucking (aka being gay) has to be equated with being terrible at something. Way to elevate the conversation and not at all contribute to a gay-bashing environment.

      • Well put.

      • Dog, you’re on this site looking for politically correct?

        • It’s not about being “politically correct,” Yaya, it’s about respect, asshole. How about dropping the “n” word? Or is that just “politically incorrect?” You probably do that, too, and laugh about it with your white, straight friends about how cool you are. Don’t be such a fucking conservative moron that repeats trite phrases and doesn’t know what the fuck they mean and why they matter. Go back to the fucking Sun, asshole. Leave your comments with the rest of those uneducated douchebags.

    • He does have one thing over TdA and over a number of his major league peers: he stays healthy. Thus being able to at least match up on some of the cumulative stats like HR. And he is quite cheap. As bad as JPA is, would it be worth 8M more to have John Buck?

      I agree we could upgrade the position. I will never understand how bent out of shape some get over him.

      • These are fair points, really. Most of his value comes from the fact that he actually gets into games, which… it’s not without merit. Health is a skill, some will tell you.

        • And I’ll add that I am (just barely) intelligent enough to see the difference between stating an overall opinion that the guy is way below average and discussing how this affects the team, vs tweeting nonsense directly at him after every at-bat.

          Also, having stood up for JPA many times based on cost and health, I will admit that if you could spend 5M more a year and get the exact same offense from a catcher but better defense, it’d probably be well worth it.

      • Indeed, JPA doesn’t hurt the team so long as he performs around or above replacement value, costs near the league minimum, and doesn’t block the development of a successor. He just happens not to help the team, either, beyond his ability to remain healthy and obviate the need to waste money on similarly-valued, likely over-priced supplementary catchers. In fact, if he helps the Jays avoid paying even $1M for other backup/interim regular catchers, that adds about 0.2 WAR to his value.

  8. Stoeten.

    Who cares if it is unoriginal? He is a professional, he should act like one, if he can’t handle it he should quit and take up a 9-5. Get off your high horse and get realistic. This is how the game goes: we pay to watch them play baseball (whether hard tickets or via cable subscriptions) and when they fail, as a paying customer, I have the right to voice my opinion (however negative and unoriginal it may be) as to how bad they are.

    boo-hoo he closed his twitter account. If he can’t take it, he should go teach 3rd grade public school. Wake up

    • You’re a shitstain, sorry.

      • Don’t be sorry.

        • I mean, the guy is still in his right to do whatever, which… in this case means being a shitstain.

          • Come on Stoeten, are you telling me that if I pay my $15 bucks to sit in the 500 level (actually, my work gave them to me) and a player sucks that night, that I don’t have the right to chase him around cyberspace with disgusting insults that I would never have the balls to say to his face and could cause serious psychological damage to him?

            Waaaaaaa…I’m entitled to it! Waaaaaa….

      • What a strong retort.

        However, anything I am willing to say via twitter/email/stands etc I would happily say to the guys face. Last season after one of Romero’s numerous shelled outings, I saw him partying it up with his boys at Oasis that same night. I walked right up to him and let him know that I was at the game and after his performance he has some nerve to be partying. He should be ashamed of himself. To his credit, he said I was right and he was trying his hardest to improve…..I felt bad shortly thereafter.

        • Sorry I’m not telling you what you want to hear. Boo hoo.

        • So the guy has 5 days before his next game and is done his work and you go up to him in a bar and expose him to your $19 cologne and harass him as if he works for you?

          Ha ha ha ha ha that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve read all day.

          Talk about taking sports personally. It’s a fucking game played by millionaires. Who cares beyond the actual game itself?

        • You sir are a idiot. What on earth makes you think you have the right to approach a professional athlete after a poor performance and tell them they have no right to be out drinking or dancing or seeing a movie or whatever they may be doing after they finish their job. By your logic (and by logic I mean a complete and utter lack of logic) if you were out enjoying a Blue Jays game after a bad day on the job, someone would have the right to verbally abuse you and ruin your evening.

          This next part may be hard for you to understand (as you sound like a person who thinks baseball is more than just a game) but these pro athletes are no different than you or I and have lives outside of their jobs and have every right to now be bothered by idiots like you.

        • Also BK…I love how you justify your actions by saying Ricky said you were right….
          Idiot. He was agreeing with you so you would go away and leave him alone.

      • Oh yea, you are also an asshole with an overly inflated sense of self worth

  9. Stoeten wants Wilner’s job so bad. Guy is so annoying.

    • Thanks for adding to the traffic of the website of the guy you dislike so much, genius.

      • Stoeten – 

        i was at the jays game on sunday. good, entertaining game; bad loss. hearing one fan verbally abuse RA Dickey for giving up two dingers one inning after whiffing Jennings and Zobrist to strand runners at second and third – hearing that fan going on and on sapped my will to be at the game. it’s not like the pitcher isn’t trying – and i’m sure he can hear that hoarse dickhead telling him he’s crap. i’m all for the right to boo; i just find myself believing off the rights of those to not listen to these dickheads.

        and here you are, dealing with a microcosm of that.

        i guess i’m saying, i feel your pain. fuck the fuckers.

        • Thanks.

          I mean… some of it is personal tolerance of this stuff. Obviously people think it’s acceptable to be way, way more abusive and vocal about it, which is totally their right, I just figure it’s my right to point out that if they do so, it kinda makes them jackasses who aren’t thinking clearly, too.

  10. It comes down to this…

  11. Eeeets not ova yet

  12. That game yesterday was comical to watch

  13. It’s like attacking a lion’s cub, and being surprised and outraged when the lion attacks. Honestly. There are a LOT of douchebags on the internet. JPA egged them all on. Nobody to blame but himself.

    • Nope. Wrong.

      I’m all for criticizing JPA. I think he’s awful and I would prefer it if he didn’t play for my favourite team.

      But what exactly is the point of sending him nasty notes via twitter? and why would anyone “deserve” that?

  14. Maybe, JP should wear horse blinders when he comes up with men on base. That way, the runners won’t be so distracting….he might actually bring a runner home

  15. The problem is he has never learned how to play the game properly. The game has always come easily to him until he hit the big league level. If he wants to make a difference on this team, he needs to show it on the field and work on his game. In my opinion, I feel there is a real cancer in the club house. I don’t know who it is, but no team with this much talent plays like they did last night.

    • That last bit is absolutely goddamn ridiculous. Really? You divined that? You’ve never watched a good team have a bad night? Ridiculous.

      First bit too. His problem is that he’s just not very good.

      • Agreed, he is not very good. But why am I being ridiculous with my opinion? This is a team with a lot of talent and it is not performing. My opinion is that this team has some club house issues and there is a split with this team.

        • You’re completely inventing that stuff, though. There is nothing to base it on.

          • Explain the comments of Buehrle, Dickey and DeRosa in the last few days.

          • Buehrle, Dickey and DeRosa comments in the last few days says a lot to me.

            • If you place any faith in what they spout off to a reporter just to get him out of their way, you are an idiot.

              If you think the result is affected more by “clubhouse” stuff than it is by the simple fact that you are competing against another team trying just as hard the other way, you are again an idiot.

    • I agree with you that there is a cancer in the clubhouse, and its attacking the throwing arms of starting pitchers…..

  16. Oh, jesus christ….

    • Hm. And now my exclamation looks out of context because obviously someone got deleted and banned for being an idiot.
      Oh well… My comment stands. It’s just a general expression of exasperation now I guess.

  17. meh, i don’t use twitter..too complicated.

  18. JP has done the right thing. It was great from a PR stand-point for him to interact on Twitter when things were going well, but obviously he’s allowed this to become a distraction. The radio bits he’s done recently won’t have helped him much from that point of view either.

    Good for him for making the correct choice. Hopefully, for his fans, he is able to sort out his on-field issues to the point where he can comfortably get back to interacting with his fans. He obviously gets a lot of joy from that when things are going well.

    I’m not personally a fan of JP, but I know people who are and they are disappointed by all of this. He really only has himself to blame though for becoming a PR nightmare and lightning rod for sports goon frustration.

    • I cannot agree with your last sentence or the other sentiments like it above. He definitely does not “only have himself to blame”. A big chunk of the blame has to go to the sports goons as you called them.

      I’m stretching a bit here, but saying he has himself to blame is a form of victim blaming that we’d never tolerate if we were talking about the bullying if a child or the assault of a woman, etc… Like I said, I’m reaching a bit, but its a matter of degree in my view.

      We can just say “well the internet is full of jackoffs and that’s just the way it is”. The fact is, those people are wrong, and the rest of humanity shouldn’t be held hostage by their idiocy.

      I don’t believe in catering to the lowest common denominator. Most especially when it comes to truly important issues, but even when you’re talking about ‘meaningless’ things like sports.

      • Yeah, you’re right. Those goons should be held accountable. I didn’t really mean to imply that their behaviour was at all acceptable. Nobody deserves the abuse JP had thrown his way.

  19. I’m a sports fan, but some people really need to get a fucking life. I feel bad for the bugger, but you know, it could be worse:

  20. “He … may be ill suited to the role of starting Major League catcher– that somebody else chose him for, I might add …”

    Can you clarify what you meant by that last part? Who chose this role for him?

  21. Honestly, I was in JP’s corner for a long time and when he started the year hot at the plate this season I was hopeful, I also believe that he has the ability, skill and raw talent to be a very very good ball player but at this point I am just done with him. He can’t hit anything but a fastball in the middle of the plate or a hanger mistake pitch, he cant field, he’s seemingly lazy, he doesnt have the respect or confidence of the pitching staff and then there’s the antics online and in the media…. it’s time to get him out of Toronto. I realize that his value is in the toilet and the return wont be extravagant but it’s time to go. Then next season it’s time to go out and pay for a guy like McCann or Ruiz to come in and command the staff properly and actually be a leader on the field and off. Sure McCann is a long shot but Ruiz is entirely possible.

    So bottom line…. fuck JPA.

  22. @jparencibia9 Twitter-handle t-shirts now on sale!

  23. Off topic but Boston just locked up Pedroia to a 100 million extension through 2021. Pedroia is good and all but they already had him through 2015 and kinda dangerous to pay a small middle infielder in his mid to late thirties that much.

    • Wrong

    • To expand on ToJays… the prevaling opinion so far, from what I’ve seen is that this is a steal for the Sawks. Pedroia is one of the top two second basemen in the world.

      Cano, the other one, is one year older and is about to hit free agency and will most definitely get a much much larger deal than 7/100.

      • I’m not saying its a terrible deal but you also can’t compare this deal with Cano’s, Pedroia had 3 years left before free agency, not one. I’m probably just to adverse to long term deals in general.

        • Oh it could very well end horribly (Ryan Howard’esque) for them… but that’s the market right now and in the current market it’s a “good” deal.

  24. Ok, this is funny coming from you Stoet, considering you of all people are largely responsible for a large segment of the hate towards the guy.

    I mean seriously, all I ever see from you with regards to JPA is negative or worse, yet you are calling out the people who learned from your example and just went a step farther to actually adding the @ to their tweets.

    I mean, I guess its good you realise that the man was treated like shit, but I honestly expected this to be a celebratory piece when I clicked the link before the site was fixed. Not sure what that says about you, but yeah.

    BONUS FUN: Read the reddit thread about this, see how everyone over there thinks that he not only a) deserved the hate thrown at him, but b) they have the RIGHT to insult him and his family over his play.

    This “fanbase” man…

    • I am not to blame for this in anything close to resembling the slightest, but thanks.

      • I have literally never heard or read anything from you that ever resembled positivity towards JPA. He has a monster night at the plate? “He ran into a few”

        You, sir, are in fact a part of the problem, maybe not the biggest part, but a part nonetheless

        • He is a fucking terrible Major League Baseball player, and pointing that out isn’t the problem. You’ve obviously missed the point here.

          • My point is I think you underestimate your influence, and what a simple comment by you may turn into via the parts of your readership which sadly lack restraint and basic human decency.

  25. JP had to shut his twitter down because he couldn’t refuse the urge the reply to people, haters or otherwise. His inability to ignore is the real story here. He did a lot of good on twitter, with all the community stuff, but at the end of the day he was way too locked in to responding to his critics, rather than leaving it be and ignoring.

    He put himself in a tricky situation. Jays management isn’t exactly going to ban twitter from all of their players considering they use twitter to connect with fans, promote the team and the team is owned by a media company of course.

    So I wonder if JP let himself auto-destruct or if someone from Jays management gave him an ultimatum – “stop responding to your critics or drop twitter completely” In which case I think JP firmly believes in sticking up for himself no matter whether it is the right thing to do and he agreed to sign off twitter for good.

    • “BRETT CECIL’S WIFE had to shut his twitter down because (she) couldn’t refuse the urge the reply to people, haters or otherwise. (Her) inability to ignore is the real story here. (she) did a lot of good on twitter, with all the community stuff, but at the end of the day (she) was way too locked in to responding to BRETT CECIL’s critics, rather than leaving it be and ignoring.”

      …. still seeing it the same way?

    • I gave up on JP immediately after he uttered his support for Mitt Romney over Obama. I mean, Mitt admitted he thought over 50% of Americans are losers lol and yet, many voted for him in the end. That shows the racial divide in America more than anything.

      • He’s got a lot of financial incentive in that case, for whatever that’s worth.

      • I have up on JP right after he started to hide behind his Bible-thumping ways. The self-righteousness coming from that guy was disgusting. With that being said, here’s much more important things to focus on, JP than praying for your haters!

        • ***gave up

          • agreed and those “haters” are really just objective baseball fans looking at a guy try to play baseball…Canadians know the game well and they see the problems with JP’s play, not the guy personally and professional baseball players see it too…

            • Dave, nobody is suggesting anybody should see Arencibia as anything other than what he is: a not very good Major League starting catcher.

              The point is the conduct, not the content of the message.

        • You care who sports personalities pray to?

      • You might as well give up on, in my humble estimation, 75%+ of US-born professional baseball players then.

      • You care who sports personalities vote for?

      • Holy fuck Dave. Shut the fuck up.

        • I pray but when I fuck up at work I don’t pray for my boss when he/she ‘straightens me out’. But hey, I lived in the US and in the US Southeast, so I know the thing with religion there and many ball players come from southern states…

    • Its his fault for not resisting the urge?

      C’mon man. Im not a JP fan and I agree he needs grow some thicker skin. But you or I, or even Stoeten who likely has many more followers, couldnt even fathom what it must be like for a pro athlete like JP to be attacked on Twitter. Especially in a particularly bad year such as this one, he must get thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of tweets a day calling him terrible, attacking his personal life, and probably even attacking his friends and family too.

      For social media like twitter, its supposed to be a fun way for these guys to interact with their fans, but all its become is a way for mouth breathing morons who live behind computer screens to spout unnecessary hatred towards guys that they would likely never have the balls to say to the guy in person.

      Fuck, I’d be off social media if I were JP, or any pro athlete, too. If I ran an organization, i would likely encourage my players not to be on it so as to avoid seeing all this bullshit on your cell phone or computer on a daily basis.

      For what little good Twitter does provide in the means of charitable work and interactions with fans, it cant possibly be worth it if all you hear all day is racist/homophobic/and downright asinine comments from your ‘fans’ who follow you.

      • That’s where a professional athlete either needs to be extremely humble/self-aware or extremely arrogant. Humble enough to take it in stride and know that he’s “blessed” to play the game he loves and get paid extremely well for it (cliche or not), or at least self-aware to know enough that he can’t control what the “fans” think and he just needs to work as hard as he can. If not, then he needs to have a completely arrogant attitude that these people heckling him on twitter are losers who will never have close to the success or talent he has.

        Anything in between is just a recipe for self-doubt for pro athletes on twitter

  26. I found this comment to be hilarious.

  27. Quitters never win….

  28. Brett Lawrie quit his twitter last year and is back on.

    JPA will be back, but hopefully JPA can stop spouting off at the press and start concentrating on his defense and his at bats.

    Here’s an excerpt from JPA’s player card:

    “Against Breaking Pitches (373 seen), he has had an exceptionally poor eye (0.28 d’; 55% swing rate at pitches in the zone vs. 44% swing rate at pitches out of the zone) and a steady approach at the plate (0.01 c) with a high likelihood to swing and miss (40% whiff/swing).”

    Pitchers are responding by throwing more breaking (30% vs 25% last year) and off-speed pitches against him this year (15% this year vs 10% last year)

  29. The real reason JPA quit twitter is because he got super annoyed with all the #RoyalBaby tweets.

    Oh wait…

    Maybe the real reason JPA quit twitter was because he thought all of the #RoyalBaby tweets were directed at him?

  30. Soeten, since you like to use stats as an excuse for every jays, if you were GM and were called into rogers’ exec boardroom to explain this clusterfuck and how well you spent their 120 mil, what would you say, just bad luck?

    • I use stats as an excuse for every Jay? Come on. I’m saying all over the place that Arencibia is terrible. I just wrote a giant post about how Josh Johnson is broken and it’s an issue that was noted last year. I dumped on Adam Lind for the three years in which he was terrible (and probably will again if he goes back in the toilet).

      As for facing Rogers, for one, looking at attendance and TV ratings, I think they’re probably pretty happy with their investment regardless. For two, I suspect they’re understanding of the issues with injuries. Fans don’t want to hear it, but Reyes, Lawrie, Morrow and Johnson missing significant time has hurt, and so has Dickey and Cabrera playing through injuries. That’s not an all-encompassing excuse, but I think that goes a long way towards explaining what’s happened here.

      • I don’t think you can translate a last place finish to higher attendance. Gullibilty by fans only lasts so long. I’m just saying you like to use peripheral stats. You did say to resign JJ for 15 mil. I’m just saying that rogers execs don’t want to hear excuses. They want results and I’m sure they were promised a playoff contending team. AA has to know another last place finish might cost him his job so I have to believe a major overhaul is coming. GM’s keep their jobs based on results not stats, so wins do matter. AA can’t afford to blow money on players that aren’t adding wins. He doesn’t have a lifetime contract.

        • A major overhaul won’t get them any closer to the playoffs. Much of the talent to do so is already here, whether fans want to believe it or not.

          The team hasn’t preyed on gullibility, it made a genuine effort to be good– and was thought to be good by the vast majority of pundits– which simply hasn’t worked out. They’ll try again next year, and the fans will be excited again.

        • There’s very very little that this team can do to have a shot to make the playoffs with the number of games left. With 64 games to play, they’ll have to pass 6 of the Yankees, Orioles, Texas, Cleveland, Seattle, KC, and the Angels. Given that the wild card team (the Orioles) will likely finish with 92 wins (based on the O’s current record of 57-43), what are the odds really that the Jays will go 47-17 to finish the season? 43-21 might be possible, but 47-17?

          Adding a starting pitcher who might add 2-3 wins over 12 remaining starts won’t do it. Adding a 2B won’t add 2-3. The best teams in baseball don’t go .734 over a sustained period of time.

          The Jays should be sellers.

          But at least Bautista’s hitting in the 3 spot tonight!!!

        • If you look back to what Beeston and AA said, they expected the team to contend over the next few years, not just 2013, because there are so many variables. Give them a couple of years to execute their plan. If they haven’t done anything by 2015, get rid of them. This year has been a disappointment, but I wouldn’t throw the whole team on the scrap heap just yet.

          • You really can’t throw this team on the scrap heap anyway with all of the contracts you have to commit to. Who will take Dickey’s or Buehrle’s contract?

            The team is far better than last night and given that they managed to win 11 in a row including Texas (sans Kinsler) and Baltimore shows that they are capable.

            And that’s the most frustrating thing about this team – they are capable. The team has its opening day lineup finally. Maybe the team can string some wins together and make it at least not an automatic win against the AL East… probably not relevant in September but at least entertaining.

  31. I’d feel a lot worse for the Twitter abuse JPA took (@mattomic re-tweeted some text book examples earlier) had he never gone on the radio and spouted off. Not saying he deserved it as a result, far from it in fact. It just made me less sympathetic to him overall. I couldn’t even resist a parting shot about him being a cry baby after I saw his sign-off.

    I just found it a little insulting when he implied fans are so stupid that they’ll buy anything media personalities feed them, positive or negative.

    No you’re thin skinned.

  32. JP just got his one-way ticket out of town.

  33. What a sad season :( The clubhouse must be a mess.

  34. Is it me or are the idiots out in full force today ?

  35. I heard since arron cibia canceled his twitter account he has been reading this comment section.This is a message to him,YOU SUCK!

  36. More interesting news from today is Davis playing CF tonight. Potential Colby move in the works, or just want to see how the experiment works out, like with Lawrie at 2B?

    • probably just a rest day or maybe he tweaked something – melky is back so Raj would play CF, dont think it means anything

      • Also a lefty on the mound, so you could totally be correct. That’s way less fun to speculate about though.

  37. Why is bret lawrie in the majors?

    • Because he is a good baseball player.

      • He is a terrible hitter.Why was he stronger looking in past seasons?

        • He’s been hurt. Got hurt in the middle of last year, missed all of Spring Training this year and was rushed back, then got hurt again. Doesn’t mean he’s going to ever figure it out, but there’s a lot of reason to not worry as much about the last two half-seasons as fans would like to, I think.

        • Because he wasn’t fucking injured?

  38. As a general rule I have to believe that celebrity/athlete use of the media has to cut both ways. If you want photographers to follow you around and take pictures of you looking cool, or slipping an intentional nipple, then you have to accept that you’ve invited them into your space and they’re gonna take pictures of you that you wish they hadn’t. Similarly, if you want to use twitter to communicate with your fans, then you have to accept that they’re going to communicate some shit that you don’t want to hear. I’m not talking about threats, shit about your family, or other moronic, out of line attacks. But if you want to tweet that you just hit a dinger so you can bask in the joy of 100 people telling you it was great, then you’ve opened yourself up to being told you’re a sack of shit when you play like one or — worse in JPA’s case — when you behave like one publicly. Players use twitter to build their “brand” (I just upchucked in my own mouth for falling for referring to human beings as “brands”), so they had better realize that they can have this used against them.
    I have to think that if Steinbrenner was still alive that Yankees would be banned from using twitter. And it would probably be a good idea. I don’t think that the majority of them are really prepared for the instant feedback that they receive.

  39. I played for the indians in the eighties i know major leaguers.

  40. @IBLTBrent
    Follow me if you want to fill the JPA hole in your timeline :)

  41. I heard rumor the jays are gonna play a home game next year in PEI, i will go to that.

  42. I’d never go on the social network myself – if I was an pro athlete.
    People will say the rudest shit to you from behind the security of an anonymous name. And the stupider the person….usually, the ruder and more insensitive the shit they’ll post.
    Fine, if you’re in pro sports, you’re in “the public eye”…and that being said, you have to take a lot of shit….especially when you’re struggling. But a lot of this stuff is super-hurtful and way over the fucking top. Mostly because it’s 12 year old kids who think it’s cool to send filth and hate over the air. And, like most kids…if you tell them to stop posting hateful negative shit – they’ll post twice as much.
    I don’t blame him….no matter how much a guy struggles, he shouldn’t have to be bombarded with infantile, spiteful shit every single day.
    Granted, we’ve all proclaimed “Jesus, he sucks” every time he fucks up…but you can only hear so much of that before you want to buy a gun and start picking off people in a Safeway parking lot.

  43. I’m so sick of this sad vapid sycophantic nonsense about nothing whatsoever. Personifies the gulf between what’s truly important and the hyped emptiness of what you’re being told is important. There’s a Prince, someone left twitter/facebook, wow an actress got breast implants. Take a look around. There is serious shit happening worldwide.
    Have a great day sports fans.

  44. I preferred when Jays fans were boring and polite to the vacuous, ‘look at me’ bullshit going on in the last few years…I was defending them a bit during the countless articles about how we might be the worst fans…I mean, I don’t know of anyone beaten into a coma for wearing the wrong team’s gear or shouts of sexually assaulting Holliday’s loved ones like I heard in a St. Louis in San Fran game earlier this year…puking on a seat seems just a little bit classier than the above…

    But, I don’t know…in general…

    The booing of ex Jays is one of my favourites. Even for Escobar, please tell me people are even thinking G/L/B/T rights when their booing him…just something empty and irritating to do.

    I’m no homer, but the verbal abuse of current Jays struggling…but, clearly trying and bothered by the lack of success…idiotic. Like Toronto doesn’t have enough issues attracting top notch talent outside of trades…yeah yeah, money matters most etc…but, given a choice…Team A where players said they love to play…or Toronto, where Dickey told me fans swore and spat when he had a tough, but not overly horrible outing.

    And all the venom at JPA’s twitter etc…should he toughen up a bit? Perhaps. But, really, why stick around when troglodytes keep repeating the same bullshit with an intensity equal to a JPA strike out costing them a spot in Harvard or their fertility.

    To be a sports fan is to ride the ups and down of emotion with your team…but, you know…some life context would do people a whole world of good.

    Perhaps I just notice it of Jays fans, as it’s the team I follow and the games I go to…and it’s not all that different elsewhere.

    All I know is I’d like to actually enjoy going down to the Dome again, win or lose.

    • Well said.

      I actually think some of the pushback I’ve gotten here (in addition to being about my deliciously aggressive antagonism, obviously), is that I’m not sure people quite grasping the volume of negativity.

      • I think it’s more the fuckery that comes out of people’s mouths. Hell, I’ll even own up and say that I’m guilty of it at times, but fuck me if shit isn’t maddening sometimes. Negativity is one thing. Batshit insane is another. Like, the numb nuts on the radio right now are saying that Toronto is shit because they traded for Marlins players. Huh? Fuck off out of here!

  45. They’re booing him, that is.

  46. I don’t agree at all with the notion that one’s opinion of JP isn’t valid or isn’t worth giving if they’re not at all as good of a baseball player as he. We value the opinion of NON-players regarding players all of the time, i.e. Rosenthal, Costas, Olney, etc. If Olney says player X is a great prospect, we trust it even though he doesn’t play nearly as well as player X. Yet it’s an opinion of him. Thus, you don’t need to be a good player to recognize or even publicly verbalize that a certain player sucks hard.

    • I agree with you entirely. Good thing I didn’t say that at all, then, huh?

      • “I can’t say that I blame him, though, and the funny thing is, J.P. Arencibia is literally better at baseball than any of the limp dicks shitting on him are– or will be– at anything in their entire fucking lives.”

        And…..? So what? What does him being better at baseball have anything to do with it?

        • First of all, read it again. I’m not saying him being better at baseball means anything. I’m not talking about the haters’ baseball skills at all, in fact.

          I’m saying he’s better at baseball than they are at ANYTHING they ever can and will do. Because they are losers. And that’s funny.

          It doesn’t make him any better a baseball player– actually, for a Major Leaguer, he’s a terrible one– and it doesn’t make the haters any more wrong. It’s just funny that they’re such oblivious shitstains.

          • First off, whoa. My fault for misinterpreting I suppose.

            Second, that’s a ridiculous thing to say and assumes a fuckload about other people who hate on him, no?

            But who am I?

            • Sorry. Bunch of people have been misinterpreting it and it’s getting frustrating.

              And it doesn’t really assume a fuckload because, 1) that’s the joke, and 2) given the number of people who play baseball and the top 750 status Arencibia has attained, it’s pretty mathematically difficult (y’know, I figure) for anybody to be in that percentile of eliteness at anything. (And yes, I’m making the assumption that anybody who does have some kind of talent or skill to that level, they’re probably not so dumb and bored as to bother throwing twitter hate in the face of a below-average Major League catcher).

              Main point is, though: those people are bullshit, that’s all.

  47. Honestly, I think that Arencibia is probably pretty genuine in his social media activity regarding his ability to get involved in charity work and to interact with fans. However, I don’t think it’s fair to say that an athlete like J.P. participating is social media is purely a form of philanthropy. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pictures or tweets of him pushing car dealerships or other products, most likely for promotional purposes. I have no problem with that: capitalism is capitalism. But to pretend like twitter was a vehicle solely for him to give back seems far fetched and a bit disingenuous. That said, hopefully this hiatus from twitter can provide some measure of relief from what seems like a lot of unbridled stress.

  48. [...] rate of all time. Andrew Stoeten of Drunk Jays fans has also written about J.P.’s season at great length. The fans have gotten on his case and, as everyone knows, so has Gregg `2G`Zaun (via the [...]

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