Los Angeles Dodgers v Toronto Blue Jays

The SkyDome Hotel, and adjacent multi-purpose sports complex known as Rogers Centre, certainly did belong to the Dodgers last night– not that this guy had anything to do with it. But the Jays had a big ol’ rah-rah players-only meeting this afternoon, shutting out the media and arriving on the field to stretch late, after locking themselves in the clubhouse for an hour and twelve minutes, so… I’m sure they all reminded each other how to play the game the right way, and generally just lifted each others’ spirits, which will totally put them in the right mindset to get back out on the field again tonight, right? I mean… how specific about what makes you upset can you really get in 72 minutes, right? It was probably mostly just hip-hip-hoorays and good cheer. Fun times in Blue Jay Land!


“Casey Janssen said late last night a group of players ‘let some things off our chest’ and decided all the guys on the team needed to talk,” tweets Chris Toman.

“If people listen maybe there’s some good to come out of it. If it doesn’t, I guess we’re not worse off than we were before,” Janssen added, according to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm.

“We haven’t quit… We’re kind of tired of seeing the product we’re seeing out there on the field,” tweets Arash Madani, also quoting Janssen.

“We just need to see the fight through 9 innings, instead of when our backs are absolutely against the wall,” Janssen said, per another tweet from Madani.

According to a Shi Davidi tweet, Alex Anthopoulos said, “What I like about it is there’s an accountability among the group, to work it out amongst themselves.”

“I’ve seen it where it gets rough in the clubhouse, people turn on each other. This group is as good a group as we’ve had,” Anthopoulos added, via Davidi. “They care enough to talk about it, they care enough to confront each other on it rather than pointing fingers.”

On the trade deadline, Davidi tweets that AA says he “doesn’t see us doing anything,” and he adds that they’re not in the rental market, obviously, but are looking at guys who have at least a year of control beyond this one.

Lastly, Shaun “North Of Steeles” Marcum was released by the Mets today, and according to Andy Martino of the Daily News, the Mets don’t appear to want him rehabbing in the team facilities. “No one said this explicitly to me today, but Marcum spent a lot of time with young players. Perhaps not considered best influence,” he tweeted. Where have I heard anything like that before? Probably was too dehydrated to remember.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Todd Redmond

Los Angeles Dodgers

LF Carl Crawford (L)
CF Yasiel Puig (R)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
SS Hanley Ramirez (R)
DH Andre Ethier (L)
2B Mark Ellis (R)
3B Jerry Hairston (R)
C Tim Federowicz (R)
SS Nick Punto (S)

LHP Chris Capuano

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  1. Fuck you Dodgers.

  2. I just cried.

  3. Casey Janssen’s right! We ARE no worse off than before!!!

  4. Now Mr. Lawrie, return to your status as raging Maple Boner

  5. Hey is it Vin Scully on the Dodgers feed?

    Or does he do radio? Be cool to hear him call a Jays game.

    • I haven’t heard him on this road trip but I don’t know if he doesn’t do any of the road trips, or just skips some of the east coast swings. Scully is the business. I stay up late to listen to him when I’m doing dishes, maybe with a bowl involved.

      • I don’t think he travels out of the Pacific time zone, except for exceptional circumstances (i.e. the Dodgers first time in Yankee Stadium in decades).

    • I remember an all star game that Vin called did and it was the first time he ever saw Tony Fernandez play. He said Tony was “a bowl of silk out there”.

      • That. Is. Awesome.

        • Scully started out as the Giants announcer and was in the broadcast booth when Bobby Thomson hit his infamous home run to beat the Dodgers. Russ Hodges (The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!) was the lead announcer and he made that call. That home run was hit on October 3, 1951…hey! Dave Winfield was born that day!

  6. so depressing


  8. Time for Wilner’s fuckery!

  9. How is mcgowan overworked?

  10. This was uglier than watching Bum Fighting

  11. Calling it now, every caller on with Wilner wants AA and Gibby fired!

    • Nope. First caller wants Oliver DFAed.

      • stupid to DFA him, but I do think he should be traded.

      • DFA-and-release seems dumb. They would be certain to be on the hook for that salary, then, which is pointless. Place him on waivers and trade, maybe. Seems like a shitty way to treat a guy at the end of a long and productive career.

        I’m sure AA is listening to any trade partner who wants Oliver, while respecting the man’s wishes. He had to be practically begged to return anyway.

        • I think he’d be thrilled to play for a competitor at this point.

          • Right, question being which competitors have room for him. I just realized he has some kind of funky reverse splits… I had thought of him as a lefty specialist.

  12. Man, remember when we were bummed that Black Magic might not come back?

  13. On the plus side, the Yanks are shit too.

    • That shit just makes me more depressed because it should be the Jays’ time. It also means John Fucking Farrell’s team and the freaking Orioles are good.

  14. I have mercifully been too busy working to keep up with this stuff. That weekend series with the Rays took it out of me. It’s sad looking at that team and just seeing what a proper ballclub looks like, one with fewer resources at that. They just get production from all comers and they keep finding pitching in the pipeline. They know when to sell high.

    The Blue Jays are like my first car – everything is great when it’s working fine, but it seems like as soon as a part gets fixed, the transmission goes. They can’t put it all together in one game. The Dodgers do have a formidable lineup but no one is going to win letting in 20 runs in two games.

    The bullpen is either overworked or displaying the regression that should have been expected after the strong first half showing.

  15. What a bummer. Ah well, time to get sloshed (unrelated to results of game)

  16. Stoets, I am going to say this as someone who has no goddamned idea what he is talking about… but I wonder what some players who have caught would say about a pitching staff that seems homer-prone. I don’t want to shit on JPA just for the sake of doing so, but is there anything to the hypothesis that he is not setting up the pitch selection in the right way and that this is putting batters in a better position?

    Again, there is zero evidence for this, but it’d be an interesting thing for someone with time to look over.

  17. Marisnick 0-4 in debut so far, Hechavarria has a single, double and stolen base

  18. As far as silver linings go for 2014, one major improvement should be the taxi squad of pitchers.

    After Romero’s left arm shittiness and Happ getting the #5 job as a result, there was very, very little pitching in the upper minors.

    19 starts so far have gone to Jenkins, Wang, Laffey, Redmond, Nolin (rushed), Romero (rushed) & Ortiz.

    Next year, hopefully these starts will be going to Hutchison, Nolin, Stroman, Drabek & possibly McGuire & Sanchez.

    Of course, the top 5 currently looks like Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Happ, Rogers & possibly Romero. Which is underwhelming.

    But pitching depth is huge and it looks like the upper minors will be much better stocked next season.

  19. Welp, that was an interesting loss. Pretty quiet at the post game press conference. I think Gibby was shell shocked.

  20. Does anybody really think that a players meeting will help hitters hit better? Or will give pitchers more velocity? Or movement on their breaking ball?

    Like, really, what did anybody think a meeting would do?

    • It could bring lingering, bubbling-just-below-the-surface issues to the surface. It can either drive a deeper wedge between factions on the team or it can bring people closer together.

      I think people around here forget that *people* play this game, and that we really don’t know what makes people work well together (in general, not just in sports), and that even though we can’t quantify intangibles, we can’t discount them entirely. I’m not talking about will-to-win-make-things-happen bullshit, but mood affects performance, and if you don’t trust your teammates to contribute, then you might not perform at your best.

      All that aside, WTF is up with LHB against Oliver? Srsly.

  21. Actually it wasn’t a bad game. Quite entertaining and they just came up short. Totally different than the last night game.

    • Aside from last night, the games since the all star break haven’t been too bad. You know, aside from the results.

  22. See ya in 5 days..

  23. I enjoyed the game tonight, it sucked that the bullpen didn’t pitch well. The individual success of some of the hitters however, raised my spirits.

    But I realized that’s the apathy talking, and it made me a little bit sad. Here’s to one more gin and tonic.

    • Also, I’ve started watching the Pirates in the last few weeks. I’m rooting for them because I unconditionally love Lunchbox.

      Anyway, they’ve been REALLY fun to watch. I’m very much on the bandwagon, and if you want something to be invested in for the playoff stretch they aren’t a bad choice.

      • The funny thing is, if you look at their roster, and you look at our roster, I like our roster much better and its not even close.

      • Yeah, I reluctantly pay for the MLB full package. I agree completely that the Pirates are fun to watch. Prior to these bastard Dodgers showing up in town I had been watching a lot of their games too. Both could make some noise.

        Scully tells non stop stories in between pitches. It’s quite unreal, and they are all entertaining.

        “Moises Alou admitted that he used to urinate on his hands to strengthen them during the season”

        Hearing a hall of famer tell stories like that on air is worth the price of the MLB package

  24. Well, look at the bright side. Since they bottomed on May4 at 10-21 ( and appear to be heading to puncture that technical low) they are still playing over 500 ball. SO, do as Wilner would say, and pretend those first 31 games were just practice FFS. A 9-17 April sunk us and July has drowned us.
    I don’t believe AA for one minute when he says he will do zip at the trade deadline. They do have to start giving some thought to keeping the momo going for next year as their a lot of tix to be sold and that entails some kind of strategy to foster hope, not just bringing back the same sacks of shit.
    Player changes? A bunch have been discussed, the most likely from the big club IMO being Janssen, Oliver and maybe Cecil before he completely regresses
    Bonifacio?Meh who wants him?
    JJ stays i think because the value is low. JJ would love to be dealt because the reciving team w/n get compensation when he fucks off next year. If the Jays offer him a QO, I think his chances of a LT deal or even good ST deal go down as a team would have to give up it’s first round pick and I do not think they will do it for JJ so if i am AA I keep him til the EOY.
    IF a postion player is moved and he wants to make a splash I think he deals Rasmus and makes do with Davis or Pillar for the rrest of the year. Otherwise he will likely have to extend Rasmus so a decision on Colby’s future will likely have to be made soon..
    looking ahead to the fall, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Morrow dealt, nor would I be surprised if he wasn’t. Pretty much 50-50 on the guy much like he pitches.
    As I SAID , changes are necessary ( and I think both Walker and Mottola can write their obit now-rightlty or wrongly their will be cannings over this clusterfuck) but a blowup w/b dumb. JB and EE and JR stay as does LAwrie and likely JPA my friends

    • You can argue against Wilner’s (and others’– mine, for example) early season pleas for not throwing in the towel pretty easily without misrepresenting the position, you understand.

    • I’m ok with Mottola but can’t say about Walker. The biggest problem, (ie the one that needs attention 1st ) is the starting rotation. Walker was handed a pretty good group of guys and they’ve stunk the joint out to the extent that they’re at or near the bottom of the league in a majority of categories. Even when you factor in injuries, the remaining members of the rotation, (by now at least) should have performed much better and logically the pitching coach has to be part of that.

  25. Further to Kyle-I am now cheering for Oakland. Scrappy bunch in a shit park in a shit city giving it their all. Come to think of it Detroit would fit the bill too but Oakland has better weather -GO A’s
    sidebar to AA ( Cespedes has become more than “average) I wonder about some of our scouts.

  26. Was at the game tonight.
    Drank some beers.
    Enjoyed myself.
    A lot of young people.
    Fans in right field chanting at Crawford.
    Had a pulled pork sandwich at the BBQ truck.
    Watched the roof open.
    Walked out to Ted’s terrace.
    Wondered about the two girls who were sitting in 65$ seats and one doing sudoku the other reading a novel for the whole game.
    Drank some beers.
    Jays lost but still had a good time.

    • Tough loss, still glad you enjoyed the experience. It is all about having fun and making the most of it. Wish I could visit to the Centre sometime, rub Ted’s right shoe for good luck and catch a Jay’s game.

      After all these close losses, I almost feel weirdly detached but positive feelings for the team, those lovable losers. Not having invested in the spectre of success so much and simply enjoying the sport on display is the adjustment I needed.

      • Thanks.
        Did I tell ya I drank some beers?
        I go to bed now.

      • Haha, love the idea of rubbing Ted’s shoe for good luck. The idea of putting up a statue of him outside the Dome is pretty appauling but I guess the best we can do is ironically run with it?

        A somewhat related thought I had while Delgado was being added to the level of excellence was the strange ratio of non-players to players. You’ve got Cheek, Gillick, Beeston, and Cito vs Delgado, Alomar, and Fernandez. That doesn’t seem right.

        Personally, I’d rather not see Gillick or Cito there. For no particular reason, I guess. Just pesonal preference. Definitely not Cito at least.

    • They don’t really call it Ted’s Terrace, do they?

  27. Oliver and Josh Johnson must really like Toronto because they are doing everything to kill their trade value.

  28. Was at the game. Quite an entertaining game but the jays keep on finding different ways to lose games which is the hallmark of a bad team. On the postive side, lawrie swung the bat well with some line drives and the ball to the warning track. Probably his best game of the season at the plate. He always has fared better vs lefties though. So im curious to see how he does tomorrow. Lastly, move him back to 3rd for fucks sake. I cant stand derosa and maicer routinely miss plays that he would make there.

  29. I know it’s not really kosher to make unfounded accusations, but Marcum seems like such a cokehead.

  30. A message to Spud:

    I don’t make it here every game, but to me, you’ve been conspicuous by your absence.

    I’m a Jays fan blue and true, and I have a feeling you have been boycotting since “CessPoolGate”. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but, you’re missed.

    You’re a good soldier in the BJA, I’d hate if I’ve heard the last of you.

    • this place got pretty hard to take and Spud was one of the few standing up … I, too, hope he is only temporarily gone, because this place is a rough gem … fuck the trolls who spoiled it this season … AS claims a minority of readers of the blog come here; not surprising given the negative tone … and AS, your being here more lately helps a LOT, as does kicking out JC which sends a message to the trolls … maybe he was many, Legion, ironically …

      • I get the sense that most probably don’t agree that my renewed presence is helping, given that I probably encourage as much bullshit as I stop, but thanks.

      • We’ve all got other stuff to do and when the team swoons like this, particularly in light of what we were hoping last Novemeber, it’s a helluva lot easier to do those things. I like to think I’ll never go for good: Just long enough to recharge. Sometimes the crapfight in here gets a little much too. Because I wasnt around last night, i dont know if Spuds is gone. That’d be a bad thing though.

      • IMHO, there’s no way SP is concerned about “cesspoolgate”.
        No need to over react.
        SP’s a little bit smarter than that.
        Although he did cut back on his singing after a comment.
        maybe he’s travelling with BW and karen

    • “CesspoolGate”? Hahahahaha.

    • I would have to agree with Smasher on that. I would also like to add the bean weasel and Karen to that list.

  31. Hey you know what, firing gibbons won’t change any fucking thing

  32. Should’ve invited Shea to guest speak at the players meeting

  33. as I said at the beginning of the year what do you think we will get for 10 spot this year at the draft…now a 10- and 11 draft pick could be three with JJ 2 but I doubt anyone will take him. This team is very sad very sad indeed

  34. ok, here it is, win today, sweep the Stros, and lose no more than 1 or 2 games on their toughest west coast trip of the year (*gulp*).

    The math goes from very, very difficult, to pretty much impossible unless this is accomplished.

    The good news is at least the bats are going pretty good as of late, and the 4 against Houston.

    If not, after that, at bats and innings for as many young assets as possible please.

  35. I don’t think you’ve been watching the same team as the rest of us.

  36. Im shocked over all the conversations about firing Gibby.

    Whats wrong with these people ???

    The starting rotation is the biggest problem this year, by far and has dragged down the rest of the team.

    this is solely on dickey, johnson,morrow, romero, buerhle who simply havent performed.

    It boggles my mind that people think a new manager is going to make dickey and johnson stop giving up homeruns.

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