Los Angeles Dodgers v Toronto Blue Jays

The SkyDome Hotel, and adjacent multi-purpose sports complex known as Rogers Centre, certainly did belong to the Dodgers last night– not that this guy had anything to do with it. But the Jays had a big ol’ rah-rah players-only meeting this afternoon, shutting out the media and arriving on the field to stretch late, after locking themselves in the clubhouse for an hour and twelve minutes, so… I’m sure they all reminded each other how to play the game the right way, and generally just lifted each others’ spirits, which will totally put them in the right mindset to get back out on the field again tonight, right? I mean… how specific about what makes you upset can you really get in 72 minutes, right? It was probably mostly just hip-hip-hoorays and good cheer. Fun times in Blue Jay Land!


“Casey Janssen said late last night a group of players ‘let some things off our chest’ and decided all the guys on the team needed to talk,” tweets Chris Toman.

“If people listen maybe there’s some good to come out of it. If it doesn’t, I guess we’re not worse off than we were before,” Janssen added, according to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm.

“We haven’t quit… We’re kind of tired of seeing the product we’re seeing out there on the field,” tweets Arash Madani, also quoting Janssen.

“We just need to see the fight through 9 innings, instead of when our backs are absolutely against the wall,” Janssen said, per another tweet from Madani.

According to a Shi Davidi tweet, Alex Anthopoulos said, “What I like about it is there’s an accountability among the group, to work it out amongst themselves.”

“I’ve seen it where it gets rough in the clubhouse, people turn on each other. This group is as good a group as we’ve had,” Anthopoulos added, via Davidi. “They care enough to talk about it, they care enough to confront each other on it rather than pointing fingers.”

On the trade deadline, Davidi tweets that AA says he “doesn’t see us doing anything,” and he adds that they’re not in the rental market, obviously, but are looking at guys who have at least a year of control beyond this one.

Lastly, Shaun “North Of Steeles” Marcum was released by the Mets today, and according to Andy Martino of the Daily News, the Mets don’t appear to want him rehabbing in the team facilities. “No one said this explicitly to me today, but Marcum spent a lot of time with young players. Perhaps not considered best influence,” he tweeted. Where have I heard anything like that before? Probably was too dehydrated to remember.

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Todd Redmond

Los Angeles Dodgers

LF Carl Crawford (L)
CF Yasiel Puig (R)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
SS Hanley Ramirez (R)
DH Andre Ethier (L)
2B Mark Ellis (R)
3B Jerry Hairston (R)
C Tim Federowicz (R)
SS Nick Punto (S)

LHP Chris Capuano

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  1. So how badly will they lose today?

  2. Welcome everyone to the portion of the season where we watch baseball for the sake of watching baseball.

    its no matter, Go Jays!

  3. Hey, Shaun Marcum’s available!

    • +1.

      Bring Back the Bulldog!!!. If we can Fix McGowan we can do it with Marcum. Just keep Marcum away from the clubs so he doesn’t get any flu like symptoms .

  4. Staff ace!

  5. That’s an ancient infield.

  6. Jose’s batting 3rd! Finally.

    Here’s a stat: Jays pitching in the 2nd inning has an .958 OPS against.

  7. Hopefully we can get some good pitching performances to draw interest before the trade deadline.

  8. gah.. unrelated but for fuck sakes.. a Ted Rogers statue outside the Dome..? #takedownted

    • Are there that many people that like him?

    • It’s just in the wrong place. That statue should be at the Rogers headquarters, that’s where Ted’s legacy is (and yes I know he probably saved the Jays from moving to the US when he bought them from Interbrew).

      • That’s the history Rogers sure would like presented. I don’t buy it for a second– and I don’t think anyone should, as there would have been far too many variables along the way to relocation, and there was certainly not an imminent threat.

        And yeah, totally the wrong place– wrong for him and his life’s work, and wrong because it’s simply not going to be appreciated by the people who’ll see it. Plus, can you imagine them doing this prior to November? Are they so confident that it’s not going to be a lightening rod in the future, and that ownership’s relationship with the fans is always going to be peachy?

        Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they do think they’re going to treat the club better for the foreseeable future.

        But jeez… it just feels like their shoving their weirdo corporate cult down the public’s throat. Which… OK, it’s about the least offensive way that Rogers, as a company, does that, but to me that’s no excuse.

        • The statue doesn’t even look tall enough to take a pee behind it. Sigh.

        • completely understand in today’s baseball naming rights are important..yes he bought the team and the dome (at a drastically reduced rate) and yes he owned them for 10 years (in which 8 of them, the teams salary was under the league avg.) But lets be real.. this is the Jays (and Argos for now) stadium. Statues outside of parks are for those who gave their lives to the game, Hank Aaron in Atlanta, Nolan Ryan in Arlington, Josh Gibbons in Washington… and in Toronto.. well we have Ted Rogers. A man who, to be honest, didn’t care too much about baseball and bought the jays as an investment… after all the great moments… Joe Carter ’93 Home Run, Dave Stieb no-no, George Bell winning the AL MVP, and Cito winning back to back World Series.. it just seems like a slap in the face to those of us who have been through the ups and downs of this, the most frustrating of franchises in Major League Baseball…how about a Bill Singer throwing out the first pitch in franchise history on a snowy Toronto day (a strike) would be great…not to go on forever but i don’t have a problem with certain owners being enshrined in the stadiums they built and the teams the cared about, The Kaufman Bros. for example in Kansas City… or Selig (although i’ll probably take flack for this) in Milwaukee

        • @Stoeten, I agree the statue should not be at Rogers Centre, but if Rogers had not bought the jays, who would have?

          I doubt the team would have relocated, but having Interbrew providing minimum payroll would make the Jays a lame duck franchise.

          • Rogers is the only big company in the country/city now? Come on. It’s a giant leap to make to say that Rogers saved baseball in this city. GIANT. Look at how long the Expos lingered before they finally left. Look at how long the situations have dragged on with horrible ballparks in Tampa and Oakland. It’s silly to think that nobody would have stepped up– especially so because that’s exactly what the Rogers-approved revisionist history would like you to think.

          • oakville69 from 2000 – 2010 – Jays Payroll

            Year Salary Avg. Salary Diff
            2000 $45,518,332 $57,546,985 $-12,028,653
            2001 $76,547,999 $67,170,572 $9,377,427
            2002 $76,689,333 $69,250,777 $7,438,556
            2003 $49,679,000 $72,226,818 $-22,547,818
            2004 $49,018,000 $71,405,194 $-22,387,194
            2005 $45,801,500 $73,740,238 $-27,938,738
            2006 $69,295,000 $81,328,866 $-12,033,866
            2007 $84,315,000 $85,804,453 $-1,489,453
            2008 $104,368,800$93,336,420$11,032,380
            2009 $81,842,100 $93,972,514 $-12,130,414
            2010 $76,593,300 $95,781,451 $-19,188,151

            not like they were breaking the bank except when they ‘needed’ to have Wells

          • Rogers didn’t like baseball, and he mocked Toronto tax payers when he bought the Skydome.
            He was a disgrace.

            • That’s a bit of a thing too. Not that I care whether he liked baseball or not, but it makes it especially weird that they’d have a statue of him there.

              And yeah, if you believe the Geoff Baker kind of stuff about Rogers intentionally devaluing the product in the early years of their ownership order to devalue the stadium and get it for cheaper, that’s even worse.

              • If that devaluing theory is true, maybe a statue shaking hands with Loria would be appropriate .. Lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist the one liner

          • Yeah, but if Interbrew still owned the Jays, maybe there would be a giant beer bottle statue instead of Farmer Ted

  9. Look for a blockbuster trade at the deadline. According to twitter, AA told Rogers whipping boy Shi Davidi that “From our standpoint, we’re having dialogue, I think it’s going to be quiet, I really don’t see us doing anything”

    Uh huh.

    • Considering we are out of the playoff race for all intents and purposes and JJ’s contract ends after this season and he could walk for nothing, I don’t see why he wouldn’t try to move him. Maybe no on is offering anything good

  10. So…….any guesses what I heard at the “meeting”?

  11. I think it’s official that Adam Lind is shit again.

    No way can we exercise that option. But you just know he’s going to go to the Yankees and kill us all year.

    • You’re kidding, right?

      • about which part?

        Bottom part, yes. Top part, no.

        • Too bad… If you had been kidding, I wouldn’t have thought the comment was so stupid.

          • Not sure if srs?

            You think Lind is something other then shit?

            • His OPS+ is 134; his OPS is .867, and he’s worth 1.1 WAR so far this season. I’m not complaining.

              • But trending downward and still a small enough sample to be volatile. Plus, it’s still a touch heavily weighted to his facing RHP more often than LHP, and therefore a bit inflated if you’re thinking of him in the overall.

                Can’t complain, no, but the early season success could certainly slip away from him, and I can’t blame a pessimist for thinking that maybe it’s starting to a little bit.

                • +1, but for an extra $5 million ( 7 million – 2 million buyout), I can’t see AA saying No.

                  Can AA upgrade DH position for less than 5 million in 2014???

              • agree his overall numbers are fine, but they’re boosted from a hot start. And as someone who watches pretty much every game, his at bats have just looked like shit for over a month now. Some of tghis is probably subjective, but to me, he doesn’t look like a guy whos good but just mired in a slump. He looks like a guy who opposing pitchers have found a hole they are exploiting time and time again.

                Not to mention, we’ve seen this dance before with Lind.


                April/March – .742 OPS
                May – 1.430 OPS
                June – 1.029 OPS
                July – .580 OPS
                August – .546 OPS
                Sept – .630 OPS


                April/March – .708 OPS
                May – .999 OPS
                June – .982 OPS
                July – .599 OPS

                The 2011 season is pretty much the same as 2013 so far. And both of them read like a guy with a serious hole that pitchers learned to exploit. How does someone go from so good to so bad as Lind did in 2011?

                • Fair enough points from you and Stoeten, but I’d like to see it unfold rather than condemn him right away. There have been too few bright spots this year.

                  • That’s no reason to not call it as we see it.

                    • I’m not disagreeing with you; I’m trying to look at the glass as half full. I tend to do that. I like Lind’s approach this year. I’m hoping he stays with it and yields success in the second half. That said, I’ve been let down before.

                • He gets hurt?

                • @radar,

                  Those numbers look eeriely similar, but can AA get an upgrade at DH for 5 million?

  12. Just out of curiousity, I wonder if we could find out the stat of our many innings have we lead in the past, say, 10 games.

    I bet it’s not a whole lot.

  13. Atta kid Lawrie

  14. Lawrie vaults above the Mendoza line, a good sign. Here’s hoping he keeps it up

  15. Nice says I, arrrr

  16. JBats HR time.

  17. Um, did A-Rod just get banned from baseball?

  18. Can someone photoshop a Superman ‘S’ onto his shirt for his interview pose? Solid hand placement Gibby!

  19. Not being a troll here, just a 36 year frustrated fan looking to vent. This team cannot field. And it is unfair to ask a pitching rotation to pitch to contact when errors (both official and unoffical) abound behind him.
    having derosa play third while lawrie works at second is bizarre and borderline fireable. whether its gibbons or aa who bears responsibility, this strategy is as ludicrous as throwing out encarnacion last year to try his hand at lf.
    sorry, if i’m being ‘negative’, but this is getting out of hand.

    • They shouldn’t be pitching to contract. They should be trying to strike everyone the fuck out. But they’ve failed at that. Dickey, JJ and Morrow getting lots of strikeouts was supposed to compensate for the crap defense going into this year.

    • Redmond gets out of his BABIP hell and strikes out the last two to get out of the top of the third.

      Not that it matters, but with the season out of hand, I don’t mind Lawrie playing second anymore. If the season mattered, I’d be pretty upset. But it doesn’t matter.

    • Somewhat true. AA’s constant desire to keep all roster options open leads him to do ridiculous things at times. It’s the stuff of a fantasy baseball owner, not a professional GM.

    • How in the world is that possibly borderline fireable?

    • Agree a million percent. They started this stupid experiment when there was still an outside chance. I can think of two specific examples where it likely cost us the game (on vs. Baltimore the last game before the AS break, and one vs. TB).

      The time to see if Lawrie can play 2B is late in August or Setpember or spring traiing. Not when there’s even still a minute chance of salvaging the season and you’re weakening two positions and the team overall defense is shit anyways.

      I’ve lost a ton of confidence in the FO this season, and not because of the trade. The trade was the right thing to do at the time (not in retrospect obvi) and just about everybody loved it. But everything the FO has done since the season started has really shaken my faith in them. Seems like theres no plan at all. Romero brought up after one minor league start. The Lawrie at 2B thing. All the bringing up of guys to pitch who aren’t ready (Nolin).

      Just a clusterfuck

      • Nolin got one start. It was awful but you are making judgments you can’t possibly make off of a couple innings. Lawrie played second most of his minor league career, hardly a stretch to see if he could adjust back. And I’d bet my testicles that Romero was the biggest proponent of coming back to make those starts.

        • Lawrie was crap for two years in the minors at 2B. Why would he magically be able to be good in the bigs?

          And that’s all moot anyways. I’m not saying it’s dumb to try to see if it can work. I’m saying it’s dumb to weaken two important positions when you’re team is already defensively deficient and it’s still only July and you’re hovering around .500

          • He was crap? Oh really?

            And why are you so sure you’ve weakened both positions?

            If you actually had anything to back up either of those assertions, you might have a point. Trouble is, you don’t.

      • Ridiculous. On so many levels and pretty much every single point.

    • +1.

      I hope the Lawrie at 2B for positional flexibility is a short term experiment.

      He’s better at 3B defensively, so I woul leave him there after the trade deadline.

  20. til mark ellis and skip shoemaker are baseball players

  21. We can probably forget shipping an arm to Baltimore, they picked up K-Rod for a prospect.

    • Nothing was going to happen there, not in the division. Balt is not going to give us anything valuable to beat them with next year.

      • Even a competitive balance pick? I disagree.

        Also, the whole non-trading in your division is so ludicrous. If you can make your team better do it, there are wildcards available even if you are so afraid of “prospect X” or “player X” destroying your team in the future.

  22. Thank god for presents.

  23. Hechavarria and Marisnick in the Marlins lineup tonight, Would be painful to watch that game

  24. That’s why Lawrie’s at second: you can insert DeRosa at 3B instead of being stuck with Izturis or Boni vs LHP.

    Hindsight is 20/20

  25. Way to ruin the wall Puig

  26. Dodgers have a great prospect Joc Pedersen blocked by the uber outfield of Cawford, Kemp, and Puig. Now that they are in the race maybe we can flip them a slinger.

  27. Stoeten, your comment on dan haren is just wrong. Haren got a q offer because he pitched 176 IP 4.33 ERA and 12 wins. As I mentioned before GM’s make decisions on actual results not xfips.

    JJ has 1 win, horrible whip and era and will barely crack 100IP.

    NO GM takes that

    • Put another way if dan haren repeated his 2012 it would still be a solid season.

      If JJ repeated it would be horrific. So you’re basically arguing to sign JJ based on hope.

      • Betting on him returning to mean production.

        That happens more often then you would think. Players often have a gross year statistically yet still get big bucks in free agency because there’s a track record of success.
        Even if JJ put together 4-5 good starts down the stretch I could see a team gambling huge dollars on a 1 year deal.

        • At least Haren dollars, seeing as Haren had a club option that was declined because of medicals. Assuming Johnson is healthy, even if he pitches the way he’s pitched so far, he gets money like that without question. Teams know enough to understand that his ERA has been inflated by poor defence and (probably) poor luck, as is indicated by the FIP and xFIP. How much of it is poor luck is exactly what we were talking about in the post today– if he really can’t pitch like a regular Major Leaguer from the stretch (because he certainly can from the windup), maybe the wonky BABIP and HR/FB are legit and won’t regress. A team would take a gamble that they would, though, I suspect. Especially an NL team, and especially on a one-year deal.

          The notion that he wouldn’t even get an offer is based on a real fundamental lack of understanding of how the free agent market works, I’m sorry to say. I know it looks bad, but it just really isn’t once you start thinking about this stuff in similar ways to how front offices do– and that’s certainly not using pitcher wins.

    • Sorry, but teams stopped paying attention to picher wins years ago. ERA has its problems too. I’m sorry, but you’re out of your depth.

    • Haren also got an offer because he has a reputation as one of the second-tier starting aces in the game.

      I mean, Johnson had a pretty good reputation too, but I don’t think he was quite on Haren’s level.

    • Let’s talk about this some more.

      Haren’s seasons prior to that 176 inning season mentioned above, in fWAR:
      3.8, 3.9, 4.8, 6.1, 5.7, 4.1, 6.2
      This was followed up by a 1.8 season in which he a 4.33 ERA, 4.24 FIP season. He was qualified; he got an offer. He’s now pitching a 5.79 ERA and a 0.1 fWAR.

      Johnson’s seasons prior to this season, in fWAR:
      1.9, 5.5, 6.1, 1.6, 3.5
      Not quite the same track record, but still quite decent.
      He’s now pitching 5.66 ERA, a 4.26 FIP and a 0.8 fWAR.
      Haren had a better case than he did, but Johnson might get an offer primarily based on his track record.

  28. I guess JoeyBats likes the three spot, but it wouldn’t matter if he was hitting 2nd… no one was on base.

  29. They should do players’ only meetings more often.

  30. Redmond’s out of gas. He did his job, turn it over to the bullpen.

  31. If Crawford keeps playing like this, is this the best outfield in the last 10 years?
    I guess that would need the caveat that Puig continues to play like a star. (which I think he will)

  32. Redmind has been kind of OK tonight. Again.

    That’s 2 out of 3 good starts now for him.

    If Lawrie is at third tonight Redmind probably has 1 ER.

  33. At one point in time there was actually a couple of women who posted. Whatever happened to them?

  34. I’m not sure whether JPA doubling on a ball well outside the strike zone is a good thing or a bad thing.

  35. This Lawrie kid is pretty good.

  36. JOSE!

  37. Lawrie’s actually looked all right at the plate today. Squaring some stuff up. It’s been awhile.

  38. More meetings! More statues! Meetings full of statues!

  39. It might be worth mentioning that Cecil’s last 11 appearances have been absolutely lousy: 9 1/3 innings pitched, 16 hits, 10 walks. WHIP is 2.79.

    • He’s been figured out big time. Too bad they couldn’t have sold him for something useful before that happened.

      • Dumb.
        Is that what you get? That he’s been figured out?
        He either hits his spots or misses them. He either has the good breaking ball or the hanger.
        It’s pitching.
        There’s no magic formula to “figure out”.

        • Sure there is. Why are sophomore slumps such a thing if not? How come guys (hitters and pitchers) come in and tear up the league for a few months and then fall back to earth? Teams see them more than once, the book gets out, and the opposition adjusts.

          Cecil did a nice job this year reinventing himself out of the pen. The added velocity is great and the breaking ball has been good too. By now opposing hitters have figured out to look for the FB at 93-94 instead of 86, and they can probably pick up the curveball out of his hand and know it’ll likely be in the dirt. Cecil will have to make some more adjustments. We’ll see if he can do that.

      • Or maybe it’s just nine innings.

        • Naw. Way more than “hitters have figured him out”. Something’s up with his mechanics. In the previous 16 appearances, over 19 2/3rds, he had an ERA and a WHIP of 0.260. He’s literally 10 times worse over his last 11 appearances.

          It would be interesting to look at his pitch f/x for the last 11 to see what’s changed. I’m sure Hentgen’s all over it.

    • Quick!!

      We have to attach a narrative to this!!

      Hmmmm….let’s say, the pressure of being named an all star was just too much and he’s cracking like an egg!

      Cecil can’t handle the pressure!!

  40. It seems very blue jays for the bullpen to start stinking before any other part of the Jays becomes good.

  41. C’mon Dusty

  42. Were the pitchers invited to that players meeting?

  43. Fitting, right?

    Silver lining: If there was even a chance at this point in the season, I’d be losing it right now.

    Now I kind of find it funny, in a masochistic sort of way.

    On a more serious note, this is definitely the kind of loss (assuming we lose and coming on the heels of a big losing streak) that heads roll no? Think any moves get made?

  44. This is brutal.

  45. Fuck this team..fuck them all

  46. oh gawd

  47. Pick up Olivers option for $4 million, they said

    It will be fun, they said.

  48. Bull

  49. Hahahaha oh man this season is getting comical

  50. Somebody go in the dressing room right now and hide all the chalk, post haste.

    This is definitely a “ship is sinking” type game

  51. That’s our blue jays!

  52. They’re just teeing off Oliver now…

  53. This was the dagger!

  54. C’mon high draft pick!

  55. LOLiver :(

  56. I feel like President Bush did when he was told of the 9/11 attacks

  57. Time for a trade deadline fire sale

  58. Fire walker

  59. Doesn’t Oliver know he’s auditioning for playoff teams????

  60. “they (the Blue Jays) played a good game tonight” – Pat Tabler.

    You can’t make this shit up.

    • Other than the bullpen taking a massive dump, the team has performed admirably tonight. The offense and defense has been excellent and you can’t ask for much more out of Redmond.

  61. Oliver gives up 4 runs in the 8th inning. Sigh…..

  62. Ya, can you guys just pop a couple of homeruns and finish this off?
    Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it…

  63. Someone is getting fired, traded or DFA’d afte today right?

  64. Over/under on “gotta tip your cap” type comments?


    I’ll take the over.

    • Does “the blue jays take it on the chin” get broken out by Buck again tonight.

      I’ll take the over on cap-tipping.

  65. nobody invited Oliver to the players only meeting i guess….

  66. I thought these guys were for real tonight……


  67. Joey Bats is about to swing out of his shoes and then glare at the ump after a called strike three right over the middle of the plate.

  68. This has potential to be the most depressing loss of the season.

    They have four outs to prevent this.

  69. SERIOUSLY???
    I leave for to take a call and it’s 8-2…I come back and they’re LOSING 10-8???

    • hey hey now, you know how baseball is.

      You can’t expect a team to hold a 6 run lead in the 7th with so much baseball left. Shit happens.

  70. Thank god we kept bonifillacio instead of wagner. Came in handy tonight

  71. Fucking idiots saying oh let’s not spend and wait on prospects

  72. Well at least we can be entertained for the remainder of the season by watching our prospects brought up from the minors develop and learn, oh wait……………….

  73. Can someone cliff notes Gibby’s postgame speech, i don’t want see his smug mug (it rhymes)


  75. Oh vey. That eighth inning hurt.

  76. If Juan Perez had given up 3 runs without recording an out…..his ERA would be 1.00 over 21 IP.

    This whole year is bizarro world. These no name guys like Rogers and Perez are doing great and our fucking superstars (not all of them, but a lot of them) are complete dogshit.

  77. Their Janssen is better than ours. In fact, I haven’t even seen ours in a looooong time.

  78. Come on guys. You have to admit there is some tragic comedy ingredient to this game specifically and this team in general.

    Its as if unrealistically bad things happen to these guys. Nobody would believe it if it were not reality.

  79. Hmmm… A k artist with a great cutter against the Jays, I wonder what’s going to happen?

  80. Is this bizarro Casey Janssen on the mound?

  81. Am I a horrible person for not wanting them to come back? A win here does nothing for me or the team.

    But a loss……that will fill me with self righteous rage for days.

    Hey, at least I’ll feel SOMEthing.

  82. Can someone tell the Parrot to fuck off. We only needed a single, not a homer…

  83. It doesn’t help that the Jays were facing the two hottest teams in baseball after the all-star break, both the Rays and the Dodgers are deep into the pennant race.

    Cecil has been awful since mid-June after being the best reliever in baseball. Everyone said that the bullpen was going to start breaking down later into the season. Perhaps this is the start of it.

  84. If I continue to watch this team I will go crazy.

  85. Jesus fuck! Is this the right score?! What was the team meeting about? How to find new ways to lose so that everyone can get traded and get the fuck out of Canada?

  86. This is what happens when you bring in players that don’t want to be here, buehrle, jj, oliver and keep players who suck, bonifacio

    • Yep, Buerhle and Josh Johnson supposedly not wanting to be here as per figments of your imagination is why the bullpen imploded tonight.

    • This is idiocy. These guys are pros.

      They spend half the season on the road anyways, and the second they’re done they go home. So it’s like three months of the year.

      You think anybody who has the determination and work ethic required to get the big leagues is the type of person to just go out and shit the bed in front of 30,000 people because they “don’t want to be here”?

  87. Hopefully the jays can tie it so it will go to extras where we will have no relievers left

  88. Pinch hit for JP is he comes up?

  89. Time for some Rally Cats..


  90. I hate this team

  91. JPA is about to turn the season around with one swing of the bat…

  92. And the crowd starts to chant JPA! JPA! JPA!

  93. Over/under on pitches it takes to strikeout Arencibia at 2.5? I’ll take the under.

  94. JP Arencibia, you’re my hero.

  95. Lol @ The Dodger’s broadcasters: “Arencebia, an angry man, up to bat”.

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