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Awesomeness, as always, from Jon Hale at the Mockingbird, as he suggests a delicious quick fix to raise J.P. Arencibia’s on-base.

Nick Ashbourne of Bluebird Banter implores fans to not invent things to be mad about, and therefore not get carried away with their insistence about the Jays’ inability to hit with runners in scoring position– no matter how much it may feel like a serious, serious problem.

Scott MacArthur tweets the Jays lineup for tonight, and it features Melky Cabrera hitting second, with Jose Bautista moving down to third, and Edwin Encarnacion behind that. Boooooooooooo! (Lawrie still at second base, by the way.)

Hey, and this sounds fun: MacArthur also tweets that the Jays are having a players-only meeting, which… they were kinda sloppy yesterday, so… my view: whatever. Others I’m sure will be certain of a clubhouse in disarray, and it’s not like anybody’s going to thrilled to be here for the next two months playing out the string, the only thing is: so what?

A bunch from Shi Davidi at Sportsnet, as he looked, prior to last night’s disaster, about the crucial upcoming months for Josh Johnson, he reviews how the Jays squandered the best years of Carlos Delgado’s career, and examines the uncomfortable reality the Jays are about to face, as it becomes more and more apparent that their season is toast. He also, for those who missed it on the weekend, quotes R.A. Dickey as agreeing with the impossible-to-argue notion that the club was overrated, and speaks to Melky Cabrera, who says his legs feel better than they have in a long time.

In the National Post, John Lott has one on the original “overrated” comment, which came from Mark Buehrle. Elsewhere in the Post, Lott transcribes Carlos Delgado’s chat with media on Saturday verbatim, while Erika Gilbert digs into the WPA to give a cool graphical representation of which element of the Jays’ roster– the starters, the bullpen, and the rotation– contributed to the club’s winning and losing in the first half of the year.

From the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin writes about Brett Lawrie’s move to second base, which he says may not be final, and in his latest Bullpen post, he talks to Carlos Delgado about leadership, and also writes about the weekend’s invasion of Expos fans. Griff used to work for the Expos, don’tcha know.

And Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail has some, checking in with a game story from last night that calls the loss to the Dodgers “rock bottom” (note: fingers crossed), he muses about lost opportunities, and he talks to hitting coach Chad Mottola about calming Brett Lawrie at the plate.

Elsewhere in the Globe, Tom Maloney steps in it, with a piece about the young, hip, cool new generation of baseball fans, who he happens to represent in the form of a couple of young women who don’t care much for the sport and are only at the ballpark to socialize and watch the hot guys run around. Ugh. In the Walrus, Stacey May Fowles pushes back.

MLBTR passed along a Ken Rosenthal tweet over the weekend that indicated the Jays were one of many teams scouting the Braves-White Sox game that featured Jake Peavy on the hill.

Great stuff from Charlie Caskey of YourVanC’s, who looks at several Canadians players who have started working with weighted balls. #weightedballs.

I missed this last week: Dave Cameron of FanGraphs did his annual top 50 MLB trade value list, and there’s some actual Jays content on it. Brett Lawrie was on the Honourable Mention list, among a group of “infielders who may or may not hit,” which… makes sense, but is pretty depressing considering that a year ago Cameron had him as the 15th most valuable trade chip in all of baseball. Edwin Encarnacion made the list at #45, “primarily because of the Blue Jays decision to lock him up last summer,” while Jose Bautista was still strong at #35. “If the Blue Jays did decide to blow things up and put Bautista on the block, the bidding war would get intense. He still projects as a +4 to +5 WAR player, and even mid market teams could afford his salary.”

This won’t hurt too much, really: Baseball Prospectus gives the low-down on Marlins prospects Jake Marisnick and Christian Yelich, and they raise questions, still, about the ex-Jays farmhand and his ability with the bat and to stick in centre. “He offers a ton of value as a .275 type with 20 home runs and 20 steals from a premium position on the diamond,” says a scout, which… that’s certainly valuable, but maybe not something to cry too much into our beers about.

Meanwhile, and lastly, in an Eyewitness Accounts piece at BP last week we got a full report on HELLO KEVIN PILLAR!, who grades out, according to Mark Anderson, as a “second-division regular.” In the conclusion of the piece he writes, “Hit utility is very impressive; knack for getting the barrel to the ball; doesn’t have a ton of power but hits it hard enough to pick up some doubles and avoid the slap hitter tag; offensive profile will be batting-average driven but has natural feel for the craft to make it work; defensive ability is a little surprising with potential to handle center field in a pinch; ability to play center field helps the overall profile; arm and speed are average; speed can play up at times thanks to instincts; heady player; plays the game hard; manager’s dream in terms of effort; fourth outfield floor and could carve out a career as a solid second-division guy.” It’s not Marisnick– who they called a potential “impact talent” in a comment I didn’t cherry pick– but I’ll take that.

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  1. Here’s the deal.

    They must win the next 6 games.

  2. Woooo Reed Johnson 2.0. Toronto fans are gonna love Kevin Pillar.

    • I’m totally happy with Reed Johnson upside…undersized right-handed-hitting outfielder who came out of nowhere as a minor prospect and can play CF in a pinch? I’d take it.

    • Reed was a family favorite.
      When we took in a 3 game set many years back, me and my brother/friends stood up with our beers and toasted him every time he ran out to LF to start an inning. We would start a slow “Reed, Reed, Reed…….” getting louder until he, every inning, looked over and waved his glove. Whole section loved it, Reed was a beauty.

    • Can we get Cat 2.0 to keep Kittenz and Reed 2.0 company?

  3. Is it wrong for a grown man to cry?

  4. Weiner, you posted that already.

  5. This is kind of weird – Dodgers pay $32 million to a Cuban SS I’ve never heard of, say he’ll be in the bigs, playing 2b, within a month or so:

    • Why is it weird?

      • He’s somehow plugged into the Cuban defector market and is surprised there’s someone he’s never heard of? I got nothin’.

        • That was my best guess too.

        • You got it!

          Mostly it seemed weird because it came out of nowhere. And because I can’t help myself, but there’s a part of me that wishes the Jays had been in on this, even though I have no idea if this guy can play.

          • It came out of nowhere for you, but’s actually been talked about a fair bit, especially over the past couple weeks.
            I don’t think we know if the Jays were in on him or not. We only know they didn’t get him.

  6. Players meeting over. JPA seen running crying from room.

  7. Are there team meetings at DJF?

  8. Hey Stoeten, what’s the deal with competitive balance picks? If we can’t go out and trade some of the detritus for ML help, wouldn’t it make sense for AA try to pry some of these picks away by trading some of the bullpen.

    “IF” JJ turns into a pick then we’ll have 3 first rounders. Maybe trade a few guys out of our soon to be overstocked pen and see if you can add on for next years draft?

    I’m too lazy to look it up, who has these competitive balance picks? I remember when I was arguing about them last week (and wrong about market size) Baltimore was one.

    • I’m pretty sure that looking it up would have required only slightly more effort than making that post.

      • I guess I just wanted to hear myself type.

        It seems IMO trying to pry a few of these loose to turn into future chips would be easier then getting a ML piece. If you’re Baltimore do want to trade one of the players who have put you on the postseason path or would you rather flip a supplemental 1st rounder for the help you need in the pen?

    • Not sure how JJ is going to net the Jays a pick at this point. He’d half to not give up a run for the rest of the year for him to get anywhere close to a 14M offer from any team. How could he turn down the Jays offer, which would have to be around 14M to qualify for that pick?
      The way he’s pitched this year, he might have trouble getting a MLB offer.

      • I’m sorry, but this is just not true. Dan Haren last year had huge medical concerns and was coming off a year with a 4.24 FIP and a 4.00 xFIP. Johnson’s FIP is 4.26 right now, and his xFIP is 3.60. Haren got a one-year, $13-million deal.

        • Definitely true, thought it hasn’t exactly been a banner deal.

          I do think the Jays have to bite the bullet and offer arb almost regardless of the circumstances, though.

  9. Meh. Even if it’s just for Jose Reyes and a couple decent years of Buerhle, I think I’m still good with the Marlins deal. If the Jays compete in 14 or 15, you’d think Reyes would be a huge part of it.

  10. If they stop the ridiculous handshake bs as a result of these meetings then that will be on good outcome. Act like you’ve been there for the love of …..

  11. Who cares.

  12. Joe carte statue >>>

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