Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays

Hey! It’s another game against the Dodgers.

Yeah… I got nothing.

TV: Sportsnet

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
LF Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Los Angeles Dodgers

DH Carl Crawford (L)
RF Yasiel Puig (R)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
SS Hanley Ramirez (R)
CF Andre Ethier (L)
C A.J. Ellis (R)
RF Skip Schumaker (S)
3B Emo Juan Uribe (R)
2B Mark Ellis (R)

RHP Ricky Nolasco

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  1. Come on gang! At least keep it to single digits under .500!

    • I’ve appreciated that the range of Reyes just isn’t great, id love offensive force from 2nd base but defence with subpar pitching is absolutely critical, whoever they get should be great defensively first. Lawrie is exceptional at third keep him there.

  2. I was at the game yesterday. Seemed an ok sized crowd considering a Tuesday and being basically out of any playoff race. Great atmosphere despite it all. Maybe after being so serious for so long we’ll actually calm down and just enjoy the ride next year.

    Probably not, but oh well.

  3. Why so early?

  4. …er…Go Jays Go!!!

  5. 2 left fielders wow!

  6. WELP
    @gregorMLB: Sounding more and more unlikely Morrow will be back this season. Still not feeling good, forearm will be reevaluated in near future.

    • Anyone suprised?

      • yes

        • If they’re pissing around with Tommy John, I’ll be a little irritated when he unnecessarily misses half of 2014.

          • It would likely be all of 2014 at this point if he went for TJ. The guys who had it midway through last season are just starting to go out on rehab assignments. They might not make it back until September.

            Doesn’t really matter, the guy can’t stay healthy. I think it’s 50-50 at best that he ever throws another pitch for the Jays.

          • I don’t think you can’t knock the team for thinking it made sense to have him try to avoid Tommy John, if that’s even what ends up happening, especially while it was feesible that they could get back into the race in 2013, in which case it would have been a huge boost to get Morrow back for the season’s final two months.

  7. Moe with his head in the oven should be the graphic for every Game Threat for the rest of the year.

  8. AA said trade discussions now will be made in winter

  9. Looking at that Jays line-up when everyone is healthy and its got the potential to be pretty damn good in 2014 after being pretty mediocre so far this year. Arencibia is a bit of a black hole, and ideally you’d like a bit more out of 2B (as would a lot of teams) but aside from that…

  10. I follow both teams very closely. But I have to say, if the Dodgers are part of the Jr. Varsity League then what are the Jays? Frosh/Soph?

  11. 10 games under .500, here we come…

  12. Did we sign any of those Cubans yet?

    Aren’t they the new market inefficiency?

  13. Can’t wait to see how interesting this loss is going to be….

  14. Anyone see a match with Seattle? Ackley/Montero/first basemen?

    • No.

      Mariners are sellers too.

      Unless we’re giving them prospects which I really can’t see.

      • They’re 8-2 in their past 10 so there’s a minor chance you get them while they’re drinking the kool-aid. But I wasn’t really talking a straight buyer/seller deal, more a failed-prospect challenge deal a la Snider-Lincoln.

    • I’d be in favour of taking a chance on Ackley. Not every single position player on the Jays has to be an offensive force, I could handle some guys who are primarily beasts on defense, especially at a crucial position like 2b.

  15. So my 6 year old daughter just got an RA Dickey baseball card….has been dying to watch him pitch but its not his turn yet. She doesn’t understand this concept so she asks “Does he have a broken leg or something?”. I say no and laugh, hahahaha. But wait, does he?

  16. Go shitbags!

  17. I’m not a member of the baseball elite and so don’t really know the answer to this question.
    Seeing as Pete Walker really is struggling in his current position, or at least the pitchers he is working with are, is it possible that Pat Hentgen could be next in line for that position? Do you think that AA is thinking he might be a good fit in the future? Seems like he has done some nice things with Esmil, teaching him the sinker and I have always been a fan of Hentgen. I would like to see him succeed. Seems like a good guy. Any thoughts?

    • I think trading Farrell for Rogers is a damn steal. I think they found something here!

    • It begs a question I’ve been wondering recently, where exactly does Walker’s job as pitching coach end and Hentgen’s job as bullpen coach begin? Surely it can’t simply be a matter of Walker = rotation, Hentgen = bulllpen. I imagine there’s some level of credit that Walker deserves for the success of the pen.

      • Ive always thought the pitching coach is responsible for all pitchers on the staff. Whereas the bullpen coach tends to focus on bullpen pitchers.

        • I’ve always thought that by the time pitchers have reached the major leagues, they’ve gotten just about all of the relevant coaching they’re going to receive and that “coaching” at the ML level makes little to no difference. And that useless posts like “bullpen coach” and “pitching coach” are just useless titles that allow former players who don’t want to get out of the game to stick around a while longer.

          • @ RobA

            Recall that my original comment included mentioning that Hentgen taught Esmil recently how to throw a sinker and that it has helped him flourish since being a much shitty pitcher previously. I would consider that 100% coaching, proving that coaching plays a huge role in the success of the players on the field.

            • Yeah, I’ll buy that.

              I think hitting coaching for the most part is a sham tho

              • RobA,
                Completely agree that batting coach is a sham. They have been working with Brett to fix his swing for a long time and are “making progress.” One has to wonder what that even means …

          • Drabek got all kinds while he was up with the Jays. The last execise had him pitching straight up and down and trying to land his front foot between 2 parallel strings. It was all an attempt to get him to go straight to the plate and hopefully throw fewer balls.

      • I honestly can’t remember, was Hentgen a stuff guy, or a “pitcher not a thrower”? I don’t buy the bullshit theory that if you didn’t play in the bigs, you can’t coach or teach, but with a pitching coach, it would make sense to have a guy who knows the craft. A guy like Nolan Ryan wouldn’t have much to offer. “Throw 99″. A guy like Maddux would seem to have a lot more value as a teacher. So… someone remind me, was Hentgen a power guy, or a pitcher?

        • Hentgen had a decent stuff, not great but pretty decent. He was mainly a fastball-curveball guy. Very good fastball command, knew what he was doing, and went right after everybody.

    • Had the rotation been as good as we expected, it would have been easy to claim that Walker deserved little credit for their success. Add a stud like Johnson, a Cy Young winner in Dickey, etc etc.

  18. If it is Walker = rotation, Hentgen = bullpen, I say they fire Walker now and replace him asap. Another former pitcher should be around to throw in the bullpen position. What are Jimmy Key and Dave Stieb up to lately?

  19. wow this dodger lineup is stacked…

  20. Go Jays.
    Vacaation over.
    Back to watching the games from the ol work computer on my breaks.

  21. Razzmatazz.

  22. AAAHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOO! Just logged on and bases loaded no outs

  23. I think the only thing left to mark this season as a success for me is if Boston Baltimore and Cleveland all miss the playoffs. Go Rays/Tigers/Whoever the fuck

    • I like that you hate Cleveland. They are quite a hateable team, city and fanbase. After the scum of the AL East, they are probably next on my list too.

      • Hate the Rays too, but goddammit, I respect them.

        • The only reason I’m cheering for the Rays is “because someone has to win the East”.

          I’ll cheer for the Yankees too simply knowing that there is probably nothing more that would piss off Red Sox fans.

  24. How the hell does these teams score runs with bases loaded and 0 outs. I thought that was hard to do?!?!

  25. And thats why I don’t give a shit about Lawrie’s bat. Great play

    • As in anything is gravy. I obviously want to see him kill it

    • Lawrie been hittibutter ball hard tgis series and started getting a couple hits for it.

      He’s had a few rockets right at people and well a well hit sac fly too.

      Hopefully a sign he’s turning things around.

      • Google Translate was no help.

      • Aslo gonna say they it seems like JPA is being a bit more selective lately. And hitting the ball a bit better.

        .282 OBP in the last month and over .300 since the break.

        Really not being sarcastic here. Hopefully JPA is getting a little smarter up there. I’ll take a .235/.300/.425 line with 25 homers from my catcher.

        • I’m starting to understand your chubby digits.
          We need JP to improve, either for our own particular purposes, or for trade bait.
          He does seem to be trying, I agree.
          I wish he had (or at least pretended to have) Gose’s attitude: “until I figure it out, I’m going to have to keep answering these questions.”

          • Yeah he is. I wonder which style he likes more: the one where he gets on base and sometimes helps the team or the one where he strikes out before the ball gets to the plate?

  26. Yeah, let’s move that guy to a position he was terrible at for two years in the minors. In his place, we’ll place a guy with average defense at best.

    seems legit.

  27. Well, that could have been all sorts of brutal.

  28. Bend but don’t break.

  29. Brett Lawrie would make a pretty good third baseman.

  30. why did i take the over on proline? (9.5)

  31. Baseball’s hard.

  32. If you take away all the games the Jays lost, they’re actually a pretty good team.

  33. jays finally given up on boni,hasn’t seen much action as of late.

  34. Apparently Josh Johnson is sitting in the pen tonight. Emergency arm out of the pen? Is it his bullpen side session day?

  35. Ugh this team

  36. First year in my life that I thought about following another team for the rest of the season and just letting the Jays sink. Lasted a week with the A’s then bought a 1977 Jays logo belt buckle. Fuck other teams. I’m going to enjoy all 70 of our wins this year.

  37. This team will get better. They just need to stop hittibuttering and they will be fine.

  38. Pick Eddie up.

  39. Got a solution for JJs problems pitching from the stretch.

    Make Mike McCoy your 2b during Johnson starts and sub him in to pitch when JJ let’s someone on base.

    Alomar can teach anyone to turn two.

  40. Trade Bautista for profar

    • That is fucked up.
      I was about to ask if anyone would want to make that trade.

      I would be up for it but I don’t think AA or Jon Daniels would.

  41. How bout them Jays?

  42. wtf the jays have no hits yet???

  43. Welp, I guess we may only need one hit here…

  44. Lawrie coming around!

  45. I love that Puig purposely bumps up against the wall to make it look like a better catch than it actually is. This guy is kind of a tool eh?
    Did the Manny Ramirez bat toss after hitting a double earlier..

  46. I know it’s hard to tell, but that hit from Lawrie looked catchable by Ethier if he hadn’t have stopped short to get the bounce off the wall.

    Didnt it?

  47. Big hit by Lawrie.

    He’s done hittibuttering and hopefully is turning things around.

    For the record: hittibuttering autocorrects to “hottie uttering” if you’re not careful. Which is also something Lawrie probably does often.

  48. Hey, there is hope for Brett. What was most encouraging about that last hit of his wasn’t even the hit itself, it was the fact that he didnt go into histrionics after he reached second.

    He’s growing up.

  49. At least the Jays won’t be shutout when they lose tonight. BTW, the Sportsnet crew loves the Ted Rogers statue!!

  50. The jays have had waaayyy too many ABs like the one melky just had this season. Must be corrected for next season.

  51. Whoa JB almost shovelled that ball through the hole!

  52. What do the jays do with lind? 4-6 weeks ago I wouldve said theyre picking up his option. Now, im not so sure. He has looked like his old self lately. Swinging at bad pitches, and displaying slow bat speed which leads to being behind everything. Doesnt have much trade value. Going to be a tough call for AA.

  53. Now pitching…Taco Ro-dri-gweez

  54. lind starting to look like lind.

  55. I seattle’s offer of Seymour Schitt and a bag of balls still on the table for Adam the pumpkin Lind?
    An opb,270 in the last month? fukin awful

    • 274/286/371 vs lefties before today. 16 Ks and 1 BB.

    • Bucky’s Hairpiece has offerred some souvlaki, fukstik; you lose.

      You’ve both selling The Man from Muncie short, and will regret your dump philosophy for years and years.

      I can see for miles….

      • I’ll throw in some gyros as well

      • Yeah, well, I am out here in the fields fighting for my meals reporting in on what looks like severe regression. If he is not careful he will reenter the fukstik zone but at the moment he is outside of it , barely
        At the moment I must admit to being at dockside with the boat awaiting some directions that make sense. I think I will ask that hookah smoking caterpillar just where to go and hope he dosen’t tell me to go ask Alice because I do not think she knows.
        Forward Soviet-ya

  56. Is JPA going to talk to Paul Beeston about Zaun’s emphasis on catcher’s ERA?

    Stay tuned…

  57. Sit down HanRam you clown. Doing the HR trot ona flyball.

    And hey, Esmil Rogers is fucking good. There’s been enough data for this not to be a fluke.

    • 7 HR and an ERA over 5 in his last 5 starts? Too lazy to look at the advanced stats.

      Hope you’re right but the trend is not in his favor.

    • Good enough to be a 5th starter? Maybe, but he hasnt had enough innings to make that conclusion yet.

      • 3.62 ERA as a starter over 50 IP.

        Maybe he’s just a 5th starter, but he might be more then that possibly.

  58. Meet the new Lind..same as the old Lind..

    • You’re probably OK with ‘The Who,’ but icksnay Burt Bacharach, sensibilities being what they are.

  59. Was it just me…or did HanRam think that ball was out?
    Nice little bat flip there.
    Cletus tracks ‘er down.

  60. Haha Melk with the TV dive of the year right there

  61. That’s our Cletus!!!

  62. If this new Lawrie is for real, it is a huge boost for next season, get either a new 2nd or 3rd baseman and a new catcher, and suddenly we have a real lineup

    • Does anyone really think Lawrie will never hit?

      I mean it’s definitely possible with any young player…. But I think it’s pretty unlikely that he doesn’t turn into atleast an average offensive player.

      Would a Longoria type extension to buy out his arbitration years + options be way off base here for Lawrie?

      Not saying i think he’ll turn into Longo, but even if his numbers are just above average his defense would make it a great contract.


  63. Tie game and its 10 hits vs 3….whatthefuuuuuck

  64. Wow, Tim Hudson’s career just ended. Gruesome.

  65. Gruesome injury for Hudson.

  66. Reminded me of the Kevin Ware injury. Really shitty way to end a career.

  67. guy stepped on his achilles heal full blast on close play at first

  68. Is it just me….or is Belariso uglier than a can of smashed assholes?
    Jesus….what a face.

  69. O Boy!

  70. Great AB from J Bau. Another 7th inning or later clutch RBI for Joey B

  71. Here we go guys!!!

  72. I can’t watch this pitcher pitch. I have to turn away.

  73. good at bat by Jose,you rarely see a jays batter willing to give himself up to move a base runner.nice to see!

  74. When was Linds last HR?

  75. I used to think Colby Rasmus was worse than JPA. WTF was I thinking?

    I also thought:

    - Romero would be the best #5 pitcher in MLB

    - Santos would take the closer job

    - Josh Johnson would win 20 games (contract year)

    - Gose would be on the bench

    - Dickey and Morrow would be good

    - Adam Lind would continue to be shit

    - The Jay could win 100 games…..

    Wow, how things change…

  76. Watching the game earlier with a buddy. When Rogers had bases loaded and 1 out I said “if he gets out of this the Jays win”.

    So I called it.

  77. The Los Angeles guys were talking about Cletus’ hair and said that mullets never went out of style in Toronto. Is that a dig or mildly clever hockey reference?

  78. I feel in my gut that LA at least ties it here.

    Dunno if they win, my crystal ball doesn’t go that far. But they’re getting a run

  79. wtf was Puig doing in that at bat?

  80. Wow the Dodgers bullpen is shit.

    Let’s trade them some of our relievers and get some young guys.

    Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Zach Lee. Not top tier prospects but likely attainable for some bullpen pieces.

  81. Oh Cletus.

  82. Clete, you fucking dink . . .

  83. Game over

  84. Fuck me in both ears.

  85. Hahahhahahahahaha

  86. Once again…finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.
    Cletus. FFS – lay out and grab it. Get fucking dirty, would you?

  87. You know what, im not going to kill rasmus too much for that. In any other ballpark, puig doesnt score on that. Its the fucking turf.

  88. Ouch. It hurts when your heart stops beating.

  89. Only reason to watch the rest of the season is for the “lolz”

  90. Sad

  91. need a walk off here . . . been a while since Jays had one

  92. emo Juan Uribe

  93. “Again: Colby Rasmus does not have an abundance of winning baseball instincts.” – Jon Morosi.

    Holy shit, this guy is such a clown.

  94. Oh jesus

  95. I dont even know if I agree with Lawie bunting in the first place, let alone the shitty execution.

    The thing about bunting with one on and nobody out…you still need one more hit to score the runner.

    with a man on first and nobody out..guess what, you still might only need one more hit to score the runner. why not give yourself the third chance?

    • Plus, Lawrie is not exactly a typical 9th hitter… Off I go to look up whether he is any good at bunting… Nah, forget it, found a beer.

  96. If they were going to bunt at all, it should have been once Boner had stolen second.

  97. yea that was stupid . . . with Boni on 1st, makes no sense

  98. Well, maybe they can hang in long enough that the Dodgers will pack it in and give up, what with the upcoming cross-continent flight…

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