Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays

Hey! It’s another game against the Dodgers.

Yeah… I got nothing.

TV: Sportsnet

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
LF Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Los Angeles Dodgers

DH Carl Crawford (L)
RF Yasiel Puig (R)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (L)
SS Hanley Ramirez (R)
CF Andre Ethier (L)
C A.J. Ellis (R)
RF Skip Schumaker (S)
3B Emo Juan Uribe (R)
2B Mark Ellis (R)

RHP Ricky Nolasco

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  1. Marmol’s getting loose? Alright boys chances of a Jays win just went up to 95 per cent.

  2. What the fuck is with that display in the dugout from the red headed stepchild? Fuck, he’s the one who bunted out…what’s his fucking problem?

  3. Was that a weighted ball Johnson was holding?

    • I’ve been considering trading up from my small potatoes.

      I don’t want them to impact my inner core or back.

  4. Anyone notice Uribe is one letter away from urine? Just sayin’….

  5. And there she goes….the fat lady is singing…

  6. Well….turn out the lights, the party’s over. Time to call it a night.
    I gave up Master Chef for this.

  7. Wow Ellis just mashed that beach ball.

  8. Fuck why did THAT have to be his first 2 runs?

  9. How many gyspies did this team cross?

  10. Hey…no worries.
    Just need three to win, right?
    Who’s up, Thole and Itzy??
    It’s in the bag, boys.

  11. aw fuck

  12. Please stoeten, call me a mouth breathing retard… BUT FUCK THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reyes stays, Encarnacion stays, Bautista stays, Lawrie and Rasmus stay, but everyone else goes. THESE GUYS ARE AWFUL

    • uh oh, you are angry that the team is playing the worst baseball in franchise history, odds are you will get banned!

    • Fucking Rasmus takes two more steps and sticks his glove out…and we’re outta here already.
      I’d be opening a bottle of Black Grouse and telling the wife to put on something pretty.

    • Those are the only guys with any value (except for Lawrie, he’s garbage). If you want to get decent prospects and rebuild, they need to be the first to go. The Jays shouldn’t hesitate for a second to trade Bautista and Encarnacion if someone offers a king’s ransom of prospects.

  13. Yahoo!!

  14. On the plus side, the Jays are finding inventive and pretty comical ways — puig just went yard — to lose these games…

  15. Unfuckingreal. Scratch that. Totally expected.

  16. Dodgers guys just said the Jays have seen enough of the Dodgers. Hate to ruin for ya bud, but the Jays have seen enough of the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles, Tigers, Railriders, Brantford Red Sox, Edmonton Cracker Cats, Blue Jackets and Phil’s Tire Service softball squad.

  17. puig would hit 50 hr in skydome

  18. Props to Gibby for not quitting mid season.

    • Gibby will be lucky to be managing single ‘A’ next season. Fuck Stoeten for endorsing his hiring earlier in the season. “He’s the guy. The only guy.” Or something approximating that.
      He’s a fucking hick who can’t demand his guys play motherfucking small ball, and it enrages people who know the fucking game.

  19. Drank the found beer. Looking under couch for more. ‘Cause the alternative is turning back to the tube to watch the end of the game.

  20. We need a live rooster to take the curse off this team.

  21. I gave up watching “Honey boo-boo” on the PVR for this…

  22. I need a subscription to mlb.tv to I can follow a different team.

  23. What can you say about this team anymore?? Jusy laugh. Its all you can do.

  24. Lets toss Valancunis on the mound tomorrow, hes the only reason I watch the Raptors and it will give me a reason to watch the Jays!

    • a-fucking-men to that – buying a JV jersey this year, love that guy – 100% pure hustle

  25. This is an extremely talented team that just isn’t playing well right now. Alex is doing an excellent job.

  26. Puig has soft hands

  27. So, of course the bullpen is going to regress to the mean but not the fucking rotation. Nope, they’re gonna keep shitting the bed cause fuck this season.

  28. You know you suck when guys in Toronto are looking forward to another Raptors season.

  29. So I’ve got both Casey Janssen and Kenley Jansen on my fantasy team…..

    And I got fucked on a save for each of them tonight.


  30. I think we need a Fans only meeting, to discuss our options

    • I’ll open up the Skydome..er..Ted Centre..and have free beer for everyone. Hey, BTW I just traded AA for some Souvlaki and Gyros

  31. Another game about to be closed out by the wrong Jansen.

  32. Can somebody please explain to me why JPA did not advance to 2nd on that throw from Uribe? I watched the play again and swear he could have made it to 2nd safely.

    • J.P runs like my fucking grandma……that’s why!

    • no kidding. Ball rolled all the way to the wall and he just stood there. The LA player would have had to retrieve it and make a turn around 140 foot throw to get him. Mostly impossisble and he didn’t hustle-that is the bottom line. Then Boni stands on first. Some Fukin pinch runner. JP could have done that by hisself

  33. Gibby looks numb as fuck in the dugout

  34. JUST NEED 5 runs guys, dont fret

  35. Wow, they’re not just imploding, they’ve gone super-fucking-nova.

  36. No need to panic

  37. Lind has dropped .50 points in batting average in the past month, discuss.

  38. evanka osmak should take off a piece of clothing for every jays loss

  39. Welp, that was an INTERESTING series..

  40. At least all of our trading chips have inflated their ERA and ruined their worth over this homestand!

  41. this team is a train wreck. I’ve been trying to hold out hope, but they basically need to play 1.000 baseball at this point. Trade the entire bullpen!

    • Yeah, that should solve everything. Have you ever considered becoming a GM for an MLB team?

      • well, i’ve sent around my resume, but nothing so far. I would think it is clear that the team’s best chance to get something is selling off pieces of the bullpen without giving up a key piece next year. No?

  42. 20 bucks says they get swept by the astros this week

  43. So..does anyone think we can win ONE game against the ‘Stros?

    • well, I think they win 3 of 4 but who cares. They can’t beat any decent team and have proven it all year. Looks like we are aimimg for a protected pick again next year (top 10).
      Doesn’t matter though, as we never attempt to try and sign the significant free agents anyway

  44. Fucked up shit. But you know what. At least now they cannot go into next year with the same crew of donk and pretend there was no way they could see mediocrity coming.

  45. Safe to say Astros will take 3 of 4 atleast?

  46. On the bright side: “A huge problem for baseball fans, especially those who go to the ballpark in large part for the beer, is that once you get your frosty beverage back to your seat it is no longer cold. And then you have a large, warm, semi-flat beer.Luckily, Dodger Stadium has installed maybe one of the most brilliant inventions of all time: A machine that makes frozen beer foam. It’s like having a mini-cooler on top of your beer.

  47. http://i.imgur.com/stMMurx.gif
    the 2013 toronto blue jays baseball club


  49. The Jays may have looked terrible these past two series, but if there’s one positive to take from it, we got swept by two of the hottest teams in baseball.

    Next we face the Astros. The Astros are not one of the hottest teams in baseball.

  50. Right on!!

    Trade everyone with value. Fire Gibby. Fire AA. Keep all our shitbags that nobody wants. That worked for the Red Sox. That’s what they did. Right?

    Or we embark on an epic rebuilding effort like the Royals. They are awesome now after years of winning “best farm system” awards. Right?


    This team has more talent than maybe any other team in baseball but has ridiculously underperformed all year. Unfortunately it happens. It’s not because “they don’t know how to win” or “they have bad fundamentals” or whatever.

    It’s some shit luck combined with shit performance from some key players that have never been that shitty before and likely will never be that shitty again.

    Trust me. I’m pissed about the way this season has worked out…. But it’s ridiculous to start blowing it up. We’re likely rolling out a similar roster next year and that’s likely the best decision.

    • Don’t forget that wearing the Yankees uniform automatically makes a player better! Toronto’s problems are also uniform related, dontcha know?

    • Big time

      A few tweaks next year and the Jays are still a top 5 team overall in the AL (Tigers, Rays, Rangers, O’s, and Jays).

      Oakland has little cash flow to work with. Little bit of regression in their pitching and they are done. Guys like Cespedes and Reddick haven’t been too consistent.

      Red Sox just shelled out a shit ton to lock up Pedo, doubt they make many FA signings and they have been extremely reliant on career seasons from almost all of their players who will definitely regress.

      Royals, Indians and Yankees are decent, but on paper no way they are better than the Jays.

      O’s could be good again, but who knows if Davis regresses and they still have a really poor pitching staff, they will need to spend a chunk of dough to reinforce their pitching.

      Jays really don’t have much they need to do. More guys underperformed this year than overperformed, that won’t happen again next year

      • Just amazing. Given what we’ve witnessed this year, how can you say with a straight face that performance variances won’t happen again next year?

        People are constantly complaining about Trolls on here but that comment is more stupid than the comments of 20 Trolls put together.

        • It’s not a terrible idea to stand pat. Better to stand pat and have a reasonable chance for playoffs than to blow it up and give up.

        • Definitely could happen again next year.

          The odds of this happening next year are just as good as they were this year.

          Thing is the odds weren’t very good this year….. But here we are.

          Fuck I don’t know.

          One of the more talented rosters in baseball. General manager that half of the other teams would love to have. And Gibbons is way better than dickhead from last year.

          Not sure what fundamentally you want to change about this.

    • Yeah, it has so much fucking talent it’s in last place.

  51. Firing Gibbons would be dumb. The guy has handled all this shit with such moxy. That’s a good thing to have because even the best teams go through losing patches and if this team wants to contend next year they will have similar rough patches at some point, albeit nothing as drastic as this year.

    I do think AA would be a fool to not trade anything at the deadline and wait until the winter, relievers especially. I’m hoping his comments about this year’s deadline were his typical smoke and mirrors to downplay.

    Rays brought in a pile of new pieces this year and it hasn’t impacted them one bit, both position players at key positions as well as bullpen pieces. I don’t buy for one bit that a GM should keep good bullpen pieces because that is one of the most volatile positions. Almost all of the bullpen guys have been exceptional and should be at peak value.

    • Gibby handled shit, because he is a piece of shit manager.

      Nice guy though, so that makes him OK right?

      • You’re an idiot

      • um no

        Dickey and Johnson seem like nice guys but they have been shit and deserve to be criticized thusly

        Gibby has done a great job of managing a team of underperformers, handled the criticism elegantly in what has easily been the most hyped Jays season in years, maybe a decade

        he’s ok because he’s earned it

        • Dickey’s pitched the most innings and has the most wins on the club. Granted, that’s faint praise in this bunch…but he’s far from being a piece of shit.

          • Given the expectations on Dickey, I’d say he close to a piece of shit. Too many walks and not enough K’s. The HRs will happen, I can accept that.

          • Dickey is the 13th-worst qualified starter in mlb by ERA, the 9th-worst by SIERA, the 7th-worst by xFIP.

  52. Glad I got to miss this stinker

  53. The baseball gods despise the 2013 toronto blue jays. I dont want to say they are where they are simply because of luck but holy shit they have hardly had any.

  54. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m blaming everything from here on out on that fucking abomination of a statue.

  55. Hi Stoeten
    Sorry you saw them lose.
    Glad you weren’t on line to have to read this crap.

  56. Still curious why JJ was in the ‘pen tonight. Hoping for some light to be shed on that tomorrow.

  57. Well, AA’s got a better idea if he’s going to be a buyer or a seller now, doesn’t he?
    Now it’s all about salvaging some positives for the rest of the year…and finding another piece or two for next.

  58. So what’s the grand master plan for the fire AA commenters? Hire JP riccardi again?

    • Yes I don’t think the fire Aa brigade are thinking it thru. Maybe they mean “Uncle Buck”?

    • Some gonorrhoea infested twat seriously suggested Dicknose Ricciardi was way better than AA after last night’s clusterfuck, so it isn’t a remote possibility that such a thought is being expressed.

  59. http://jaysjournal.com/2013/07/24/st-louis-and-the-trade-that-makes-sense/

    i like this idea a lot – been bantered around by a few people here

    • Janssen and Rajai for Kolten Wong essentially

      • A 23 year old second baseman with lots of upside, that sounds good

        • i think so

          better overall tools than Hech had too

          Lawrie seems capable of handling 2b, but there’s no denying the guy is a fucking boss at 3b – he made all sorts of plays that Izzy isn’t quick enough to get to and throws harder than DeRosa.

          I can handle DeRosa and Izzy being back with the club next year as back ups to both 2b and 3b respectively . . . hell, toss Kawa in the mix too and put DeRosa in as backup 1b and I can handle that

          Lind has to go

          Boni can fight for the 4th OF spot with Pillar

        • I’m not sure you can say “lots of upside” when it comes to Wong.

          I’d try to look for some higher ceiling talent first but I guess that wouldn’t be too bad.

          • I wouldn’t say Wong’s upside is huge but he appears to have the makings of a solid pro. The Jays already have enough boom or bust type players so it would be nice if they could add a potentially consistent bat towards the bottom of the lineup. Not sure if this is the right comparison to make but I see Wong as potentially a poor man’s Pedroia.

    • that would be a horrible trade for st. louis.

      • Using BA’s rankings, Olt and Kong aren’t too far off. I’d say Janssen and Rajai is worth less than a Garza rental.

  60. Not sure if posted already but:


  61. Ryan braun is a supercilious cunt.

  62. Jays make me sick.
    That is all.

  63. Will gibbons be back in 2014?

    • He should be back.
      While some want him fired.Those same people have yet to present solid reasons or indications why he should be.
      Line up construction has been good.
      Bullpen management has been good.
      In game strategy has been good.
      He’s not a Saber guy but Hale is and in an interview,Hale said they discuss the stats and usually come to the same conclusion.
      He doesn’t throw the players under the bus publicly.
      He uses the players strengths rather than forcing them to to fit his plan.

      What exactly are his faults and which manager are you gonna get to replace him and correct those faults?

      • Don’t even bother.
        It’s mob mentality. Three hundred years ago, these same skidmarks would have been running in the streets with pitchforks and burning torches….demanding that Gibbons and AA endure the tender administrations of Madame Guillotine.
        I’m sure GIbby is feeling like he’s been kicked in the nuts all week. But to that segment “fanbase”, the APPEARANCE of doing something is far more important than the effectiveness of that action. To the rest of the fanbase with an baseball IQ of more than room temperature – all you can do is shrug and say “what’s Gibby gonna do?”
        Granted, I HATE doing that year after year…hell, I’m as frustrated at the next guy who had big expectations of this season. But whaddayagonnado?

      • I disagree that the lineup construction has been good. But I agree that his bullpen management has been beyond excellent. Gibby isn’t to blame for this shit season, but as captain Kirk would say, “as Captain, I am responsible for the actions of my crew”. Of course, my qualifications to make this statement is fuck all.

        It wasn’t too unlikely that the Jays were going to get swept. They ran into two very hot teams in Tampa and the Dodgers, who where on a 20-5 run BEFORE they hit the Ted.

        And the team is playing worth shit right now in all facets which happen to change from game to game – it’s either defense, the bullpen, the hitting, or the starting pitching — the teams have had a massive fail on one of those facets in each of those six losses. The Jays couldn’t manage to win despite two massive Dodger gifts from last night, both on throws to first base which were missed, one allowing Rajai to score the go-ahead run, and the other allowing Arencibia to reach.

  64. I hope astros sweep them too.This team has to be broken up.

    • What’s your plan genius ?

    • Because if at first you don’t success, fuck it…right?

      • Would you keep the core and improve?

        • Occam’s Razor says the usually the simplest solution is the correct one.
          I’m sure AA would try to upgrade the positions that have been giving us a headache all year.
          LF would be a big one…I think upgrades over Melky shouldn’t be hard to find. Second base…well, that’s been a bit of a black hole all year. And catcher…Aaron Cibia either parks it, or whiffs. Defensively, I’ve seen better, too.
          Getting another decent starter would be tops, too. I don’t think Morrow will ever come back and be a reliable starter. Happ is what he is…a number 4 or 5 guy in the rotation. Rogers will be back, probably later in the rotation. Johnson and Beuhrle…I dunno.
          They still need a couple of guys off the bench…DeRosa, I’d keep.

  65. I’m not only finding the team unwatchable right now, but unlistenable too. I literally turned off the Fan this morning because they were talking about the Jays. This is the worst season I’ve seen in the last 25 years. Brutal. Bring on the prospect porn please.



  67. Up until this point of the season I was very very very angry at how crappy this team is.

    But now, I’m starting to feel a little sorry for them and just how pathetic they are.

  68. @BVHJays: Sosnick, after blowing some smoke up AA’s ass, STRONGLY implies that Johnson would accept a qualifying offer from the Jays.

    • I think it’s still worth offering it. Either he doesn’t accept and you get your pick, or he does and you get him for one more year to see if he can sort himself out.

      • Note: one more year AFTER an offseason of the heavyball work out

        • One camera shot of him tonight showed him holding what i think was a weighted ball. I think that’s his best bet for the future. If and when he gets his FB back, then it’ll made his other pitches harder to hit as well.
          Of course he should’ve been doing it 3 months ago, but maybe because of that AA could possibly get him for a very reasonable price. At the stage he’s at now, I’d be amazed if anyone would pay 14 MM. for him.

    • Sosnick’s going to get more money for his client if teams don’t have to forfeit a draft pick to sign him… what *else* is he going to say?

  69. So if Mike Wilner says Mr. Gibbons can’t take ANY of the responsibility for the failure of this season, does that mean that the manager shouldn’t take any responsibility for a teams success either?

    And if that’s the case, why even have a manager at all, seeing as the have no influence on the team according to the Master Mike Wilner.

    • Think of the manager as water bottle. The real value is in the water, but if the bottle has holes then it really sucks. No holes? Just enjoy that sweet sweet water, unless it’s tainted, like this team is.

    • People of that ilk would like you to believe it’s all luck. People of that ilk have probably also never been on a team of any real kind in any sport.

      The opposite end of the spectrum would have you believe they’re a terrible team with terrible management and players.

      They’re also wrong.

      The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between.

    • He has to say that. Otherwise he’d have to give Cito Gaston some credit for the last two times this team won more games than they lost. That’s a bridge too far for Wilner. Among others.

      • It’s a bridge too far not because of any personal failing of Wilner, but because the idea is ridiculous.

        • How about some posts today?


        • You were one of the others.

          That said, I don’t think this mess can be blamed on Gibbons. Obviously, he hasn’t done anything that actually helped. But I don’t think it’s his fault.

  70. Good analogy. Thank you.

  71. This article is fucking brilliant. Really states everything wrong with this team.


    • Listing everywhere the team is struggling:
      Carthartic? yes.
      Brilliant? not so much.

      • Brilliant in the sense that he didnt miss one thing wrong with this team. Cathartic is a good way to put it.

        • I was with him til Reye’s defense…maybe i haven’t seen him make enough plays, but he looks pretty good, and his bat surely makes up for any deficiencies.

          Melky, I love his approach, not sure how people can be so down on melky’s at bats.

          Dickey, I was tired of him talking during his press conference.

          • Reyes has a strong arm but he definitely lacks range compared to yunel. Which is odd considering he is much quicker and explosive than yunel. But i guess range is different from running speed. As for melky, he swings at a a lot of crap outside the strike zone. He makes more contact than jpa but he should really take more pitches and find ways to get on base (ie walk more).

            • but he takes lots pitches, until he has two strikes

              I tried to look at his plate discipline numbers at fan graphs and here’s what i see.

              -When he swings the bat he makes contact (87.2%, 30th in league)
              -He is 15th in the league for swing percentage (probably inflated due to him fouling off pitches)

              I have no problem with him wasting pitches with two strikes, but i can’t find splits for how many he takes earlier in the count

      • I’d agree with that statement. It’s not brilliant.

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