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Here’s the real kicker about the downward trend in Jays’ TV ratings I wrote about earlier: In a piece by Michael Oliveira for the Canadian Press in late March, Rogers Media president Keith Pelley was dreaming much, much bigger. “The Blue Jays decision to add money and payroll was not in isolation, it was done in a decision that, if we can play meaningful games in September, what that will do to Sportsnet,” Pelley said. “[Last year's final] numbers of 507,000 would creep up to in the neighbourhood of a million viewers.” Big if there, Keith. Apparently.

Speaking of Rogers, Shi Davidi reports at Sportsnet from the unveiling of the statue of Uncle Ted yesterday, quoting the late owner’s son– who is chairman of the Blue Jays, apparently– as telling the crowd, “We’ve re-invested in the Rogers Centre and put many tens of millions into it, and we’re going to put a lot more money into it.” So… that’s good?

Davidi also takes stock of where the players are at following yet another loss last night, and relays whatever possible about yesterday’s doors-closed, players-only meeting. If you’d rather the Twitter-ized version, spiced up with a few swears of commentary, I had ya covered in last night’s Game Threat.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun reports that there were only two scouts at the Rogers Centre on Monday to watch Josh Johnson’s start. Surprise translation: there isn’t a whole lot of interest there.

In the K-Rod trade the Orioles gave up “probably a top-200 prospect” in Nick Delmonico, which is why Keith Law of ESPN.com (Insider Only) pans the deal for Baltimore. Shortly after the piece went up, he tweeted, “if a two-month rental of K-Rod gets a mid-level prospect, the Jays should shop Brett Cecil and Steve Delabar.” Of course, that doesn’t mean they have to take whatever’s offered, but yeah. Those two guys are found money for the Jays, and as much as fans want to keep them, they’re relievers. They’re fungible.

John Lott of the National Post went to Buffalo this week, in order to speak with Anthony Gose, who is tired of answering the same questions about his lack of hitting, his promotion and demotion, and his attitude. “Until I figure it out,” he tells Lott, “I’m going to have to keep answering these questions.”

Poor Daniel Rathman of Baseball Prospectus had to watch last night’s Jays-Dodgers shittacular (actually entertaining as it was, despite the loss), and summed it all up, depressingly, thusly: “In PECOTA’s eyes, Toronto now has no chance of coming back to win the East and only a minuscule shot of making a miraculous run at a wild card berth. Closer Casey Janssen, who has only one save to his name since June 22, told reporters, ‘we need to play good ball, and just see what we can make of this thing.’ With less than $2 million left on his contract in 2013 and a buyout-less, $4 million club option for next year, he might be one of the first to go.”

Speaking of, at Bluebird Banter, Jays182 argues that it’s time for a bullpen fire sale, which… like I’m saying, he’s probably not wrong.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Nick Ashbourne singles out “the other guys” as the problem with the Jays’ lineup, noting that the solid five members of the club’s offence– Reyes, Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind and Rasmus– have a pretty impressive combined line of .274/.351/.497.

Avert your eyes: Jake Marisnick, along with Marlins teammate Christian Yelich, is today’s prospect of the day over at Minor League Ball. (Actually, don’t worry, it’s not all gumdrops and horseradish.)

At Sportsnet, Dirk Hayhurst says that the Jays won’t give up without a fight. So… there’s that.

In the Toronto Sun, Steve Buffery says that J.P. Arencibia’s “complaining wouldn’t have been such a big deal if not for the fact that he is doing very little to help the Jays at this point.”

Late addition: I spoke about the Jays today with Matt Galloway on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning. Have a listen.

Lastly, some site called theScore.com passes along a wacky headline from Sky Sports in the UK, where readers were told that last night the Los Angeles Dodgers edged the Toronto Raptors. B- b- b- but that wasn’t who played!?!!!?!

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  1. Anybody following the Soap Opera that is Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees?

    Now ARods second opinion doctor has said that ARod doesn’t have an injury at all.

    So either ARod and hsi doc are lying or baseball is. I could see MLBPA having a HUGE problem with that if itrue.

    • I think everybody (the Yankees, commissioner’s office, the union) aside from A-Rod is on the same page. Keep this guy away from a major league stadium and away from reporters and cameras until his Biogenesis suspension is resolved. This is probably for the best for everybody involved including A-Rod, but A-Rod won’t play ball.

      It’s no coincidence that MLB waited until after the ASG (to keep that event from being crushed by the Biogenesis circus) and waited until the Monday after to announce it so that it would get at least a full week of play in the news cycle.

      • thats not really the issue.

        from how I understand it, if he’s suspended while on the DL he still gets paid all or some of his salary..

        if he’s not on the DL he’s suspended with out pay.

        So this could be faking an injury so that in the event he is suspended, he still gets a check

        • no, it’s the other way around. What you’re saying is ARod is faking the injury to stay on the DL.

          ARod says hes healthy and wants to play. It’s the Yankees who are saying he’s still injured.

          • Why would ARod play ball? The Yankees signed him to that contract, and unless there was a specific PED clause they should be on the hook for it. It looks dirty on everyone else if the Yankees get to conveniently retire him and put that money back in their pockets.

            I don’t love ARod by any means, but he’s the one getting screwed here.

      • I agree with what you say, but I don’t think MLBPA can stand aside and allow a team to keep a healthy player out who wants to play and is not injured.

        It’s hard to separate this from the Biogenesis thing because it’s ARod, but really, it’s a completely separate issue. I don’t see how it benefits MLBPA to not have ARod play.

        IT’s been reported he’s not cutting a Braun like deal and will appeal a suspension. So it’s going to be month and probably not until next year until it’s resolved.

        Tough to keep out a healthy ballplayer with a big contract who wants to play. Don’t think MLBPA wants to set that precedence.

        • I agree with you, but the whole situation is very fishy. We already saw the PA basically roll over and serve up Braun on a platter for the league. From the team’s perspective, I don’t see how the Yankees could possibly see themselves as benefiting from David Adams playing over A-Rod. They don’t want to pay out the rest of his contract, but if they’re going to pay it out, as they would be if he was on the DL, why put him out with a phantom injury when Adams and Luis Cruz are populating the 25-man roster? It just doesn’t add up. I think it’s all tied to the other shoe dropping in the Biogenesis stuff.

        • The thing I see here is the possibility of ARod being given a lifetime ban. If that happens the Yankees would be off the hook for about $150 million dollars. That’s what I don’t like. Someone in MLB’s offices is trying to bail their ass out.

  2. I’d trade Delabar, Oliver, Janssen, if the right deal came across.

    Janssen should bring back a pretty decent return.

    The tigers have to be desperate for some bullpen arms going down the stretch and in to the playoffs… if you think lawrie can stick at second, Janssen + Oliver + R.Davis for Castellanos would make a lot of sense for both clubs.

    Castellanos has no where to play in detroit for the foreseeable future. and bad teams don’t need good closers (were a bad team)

    • we are SUCH a bad team.

    • Trade back Brad Lincoln for Lunchbox. Free Travis Snider!!!

      • But seriously, the Pirates will be shopping for a closer. Unfortunately there’s not much offense we can give up. How about KC + Arencibia for Russell Martin? ;)

      • Snider still isnt being played against lefties. As of today he’s hitting .095 with a .304 ops in 21 ABs. Overall his BA is .226.
        Free him if you want but Jays wont be trading for him.

    • I imagine something like that is possible but I’m hoping for some patented 3 team AA action where we pick up more then one useful player for next few years, something good to happen to the team this season because we need it.

      • if you can get a top 30 minor league prospect, who is MLB ready and plays a position that you do need (again assuming Lawrie can play 2B)

        then you take it and run… luckily for us, detroits one glaring weakness is our one and only strength

      • AA does like his three-ways…

    • great idea…and so then you can start up the endless cycle again of fixing one part at the expense of another! genius! yeah…then we’ll end up with perhaps a 2009-2011 type decent starting rotation and a POS bullpen again!

      • do you really think losing janssen will set the bullpen that far back?

        We are second in bullpen innings and janssen has pitched 31 innings.

        granted he’s been great, but if Santos can come back, even if he cant. bullpen will be fine.

        • Raise your hand if think Santos will ever come back and have a meaningful impact.

          • he’s a reliever not a starting pitcher..

            to come back as a 29 year old and put a few seasons of 50 innings together hardly seems impossible.

            especially given the fact that he’s currently back, pitching well and based on velocity and stuff is not showing any effects of the injury

          • *raises hand*

            • *watches highlight reel of his 2010 season*
              *watches highlight reel of his 2010 season again*
              *raises hand*
              “Raise your hand if you think he won’t and have ever seen his slider.”

          • Santos will be fine.

        • insert injury pun santos joke here

    • A couple weeks ago I’d have given your idea a thumbs down, but realistically, you’re right, they need to make changes. How ironic that Indians announcer Tom Hamilton has said “the Blue Jays can’t lose enough” and “I love it when Toronto loses”. The Blue Jays failing could be a boon for Detoit’s bullpen, which would ultimately hurt the Indians. Don’t think I won’t send that idiot a nasty tweet if that happens.

    • I’d move Cecil as well. I suspect ,IMO< that he may regress badly. Sell now while the getting is good

      • I see a good future for Cecil as long as he keeps his FB up (due to the weighted ball programme). It helps that nasty curve of work better.

  3. I hope they move out some combination of Jansen, Oliver, Delabar and Cecil. Maybe not all of them. But maybe yes, too. (Jansen to Pittsburgh for Jameson Taillon anyone!)

  4. oh god. this crap again. seriously? cecil and delabar are found money so ship them?

    that’s the same nonsense idea that lead people to think it was ok to let folks like villan and molina walk.

    when you find something that has value…sometime you just keep it.

    people get so wrapped up in the optics of ‘value’ for players that *should* be worth something…ie the JJs out there. look, evidence shows he’s not doing well. that is not the guy we want to hang on to. It is cecil and delabar we want…so that next year we might still have a good bullpen. they’re faltering now…but I do believe what’s been said that they are being overworked.

    the name of the game here…as its been for 2 years is to solve the starting rotation.

    we need 3 starters. maybe draybek or hutch can fill in one or two of those. maybe stroman can. but we best not get rid of happ or redmond or rogers because it looks like there’s a chance we’ll need them just like we sure could have used villan this year. we should probably dump JJ unless there is some way to keep him cheap. and if it comes to money then I guess burhle too…though he’s about the only pitcher who’s come as advertised.

    we need a 2B or 3B. bonifacio has to go. and derosa. keep izturis.

    and we need a catcher who’s defense and bat is playable. JPA has to go.

    • so, you acknowledge the starting rotation is the big problem, but think it’s crap to ship out a reliever or two who may not be with the club next year anyway to potentially help solve it?
      you do know there isn’t a free agent store where you can go select what you want off the shelf at the price you want right? sometimes you have to give something up to get that, and it absolutely makes the most sense to do it from a place of depth.

      • “You people are all stupid, see. You think its some great genius idea to ship out our good players for other players who are good. Don’t you simpleton morons know that the goal in baseball is to win baseball games? And to get as many good players as possible? How are you getting good players if you give away just as many good players? One plus one is two, guys, and maybe you don’t realize what one minus one is…. Clearly you haven’t considered all the options that I have. What we should be doing is calling up the GM of [SOME OTHER TEAM] and being all ‘hurf-a-durf I’m the ninja GM and I’m gonna send you [GOSE/JOHNSON/BUERHLE/DEROSA] and in return I guess I’ll take [ALL YOUR BEST PLAYERS FOR SOME REASON AND ALSO SEVERAL TOP PROSPECTS] kthxbai!!’ Obviously if you guys knew baseball like me, and I’ve watched for thirty-odd years since their days in Exhibition Stadium, you’d see that that’s the problem with this team. Never realizing which of their prospects are going to bust, never fielding a team that can stay healthy, a manager who can’t get his team to [MESH/GEL/CLICK/COALESCE]. You think you can use your fancy WAR and BABTTLE stats to tell me whose the best player but did you ever think of [CHEMISTRY/GRIT/PLAYTHERIGHTWAY/WTW/WANT]? These Jays just don’t have it, and I should know how important that is from the days I played the game at a high level. Batting average with runners in scoring position, Run Producer, Clubhouse Guys and fucking Unicorns”

      • Since Molina has been traded he’s gone from Charlotte AAA to Bristol AA and now Birmingham AA.
        As for Villanueva, he’s pitched 84.1 innings for the Cubs with a 4.16 ERA. That’s not that bad, but if you’ll remember his beef with AA was that he wanted to be paid as a starter, which he isnt.

  5. i also think Cecil will be good NL trade bait, if people can ignore his last 11 appearances.

    I’m surprised there have been no bullpen roster moves today given who is on the mound tonight.

    But I have another issue. I want to go to a game but I am divided over the RA Dickey bobblehead giveaway in Buffalo vs watching the Jays play the very talented Dodgers. What do you think?

  6. Thing is, the Dodgers probably would beat the Raptors.

  7. You pretty much have to trade Oliver for whatever you can get since he is a useful reliever and will not be back next year.

    Janssen would probably bring back the biggest return since he is awesome and has an affordable club option for next season. However, the same reasons why he brings back the biggest return are the same reasons why the Jays should keep him.

    IMO if the Jays can upgrade at 2nd or Catcher for 2014 or even 2015 by trading Janssen, then they should do it.

    • The thing about bullpen arms is that their trade value tends to jump around this time of the year while their actual value remains the same. In other words it’s a good idea to try to get more than they’re worth.

      The year of control sounds a lot better in this circumstance than it actually is. The teams in the market for bullpen arms are not exactly hung up of the years of control like a certain GM might be. Teams that feel that they are in the process of winning are not trying to gather assets for next year. In many ways a rental like K-Rod makes more sense for them, in their view it gives them more options. This could cut down potential trade partners as well as the return when another team has someone who fits their needs just as well, comes cheaper and without a contract.

      • But it’s not like teams won’t need bullpen pieces next year, and since they’re giving up assets, getting an extra year of one in return is a good thing. K-Rod makes sense because it’s a motivated seller, and thus a lower price, not because Baltimore wouldn’t have preferred someone who’ll still be around next year.

    • If I was another team, I’d pay more for Delabar than Janssen.

      • Perhaps you would and you might have great reasons for doing so but that doesn’t actually mean that Delabar has more trade value in this market.

        For whatever reason GM’s do look at the save stat and for a good reason they look at track records.

        Delabar’s unsightly walk rate might preclude him from the closer role in many eyes.

  8. I really don’t get the Ted Rogers statue. Maybe I would understand it more, if he bought the team with his own personal money. But he didn’t want to dip into his bank account for the team, and bought the Jays with company money!

    And it wasn’t perhaps the greatest acquisition for the company at the time, as they didn’t even have a sports station when Rogers bought the Jays. Rogers didn’t buy Sportsnet until a few months after buying the Jays, and didn’t buy the Fan 590 until a year after buying the Jays.

    The Teddy statue should be up at Bloor.

    • Maybe it should be in a different place.
      But Ted bought the team at a time when no other Canadian was interested. He was one of the few who could and would buy the team.It was a bad investment from a business standpoint ( except for an eventual rise in value when sold). Operationally the Jays were bleeding cash due to the dollar and apathy.He bought the dome for a song because it was dark a majority of the time.
      If they figure that’s where they want to put a statue,that’s their perorgative.No big deal.
      I’m not offended.

    • I live a block away from the Rogers campus…it’s a ghost town outside of Rogers employees milling around the building at 9 AM and 5 PM. They put it next to the Rogers Centre so that someone other than a Rogers employee would actually see it.

    • This would make a good statue outside of a baseball stadium

      Ted Rogers’ statue would make a good statue buried somewhere along PATH under a very tall building. Hell, a statue of John Labatt has more relevancy to the existence of the blue Jays than Ted fucking Rogers. Or how about a statue of Premiere Davis who built the expensive monstrosity that Teddy saw as a keen investment.

    • Is it a guarantee the statue has been urinated on by now? That piece of bronze is going to be a lightning rod for some vandalism I’m betting

  9. I just dropped my daily duece. I looked to see if I was healthy but what I saw was a long, stinking, sinking log with the 2013 Jays on it with Hillenbrand hollering crazily at the helm.

  10. In fairness to Pelley, they have had some pretty Good Friday night numbers in June, 837 k verses the Red Sox and 907,000 verses the A’s.

  11. Re Sky’s excellent baseball coverage, it’s a case of life imitating art, or something like that.

    This being literally the funniest thing I have seen all year:

  12. “….only two scouts at the Rogers Centre on Monday to watch Josh Johnson’s start.”

    How many were left after the 3rd inning?

  13. Maybe you don’t know this in the A.L., but that’s not a strike when I’m batting, bro.

  14. Thank you for your blog. I heard you on the cbc radio today and i need somewhere to vent. I currently hate the BJ’s. I invested so much into this season ie., flex pack, merchandise, over priced beer.. And gained very little value. Personally, there are only 3 untouchables on the team: Reyes, Jose and Edwin. They should trade the bullpen pieces which have value, jP, Rasmus, maicer, Emilio can all go. I hope my son will see a winning team in Toronto sometime in his life, I don’t foresee a winner anytime soon. There must be a Toronto curse!!!!

  15. Art is everywhere downtown as you notice the colorful hanging baskets and vintage street lamps.
    Having often travelled between Tsawwassen and Victoria, I definitely recommend it for a pleasant excursion.
    ” Yes indeed there are; there are also those who may wish to use your transport for less honourable reasons.

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