Alex, just pick a damn position for me and stick with it, bro!

As mentioned in the previous post, John Gibbons was on Sirius XM radio this morning, and apparently he had an interesting tidbit to offer about the Jays second– er… third baseman.

I guess that’s one less thing for Jeff Blair– who has been banging the Lawrie-to-second drum all year– to pat himself on the back for. (Don’t worry, he still has not picking the Jays to win the division to cling to.)

But yeah… so there’s that.

And it’s another what the fuck? moment for the organization, because here’s Alex Anthopoulos last night, via Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star:

“Should we leave him at one position and stability,” Anthopoulos asked, rhetorically. “How’s it going to impact things? That’s fair. I can definitely see the school of thought where stability is important. People believe in a lineup, a set lineup day in and day out. There’s a lot of successful players in this league, Zobrist being one. He’s an all-star that can play multiple positions. (Jose) Bautista was one early on. You have a lot of good players that bounce around.”

. . .

“It opens up things from my end,” Anthopoulos explained. “If a third baseman becomes available in trade, if a second baseman comes available. A lot of people that have seen Brett play second base at the minor-league level really believe that he will be a plus-defender and a Gold Glover there. My whole point is: What’s the down side? We all know that Brett can be very good at third.”

Yeah… about that.

Now, in Griff’s piece he notes that John Gibbons had said at the time of the switch that he’d prefer it if Lawrie settled into one position or the other, so I guess you could say that this is all part of the plan. It’s just… y’know… Anthopoulos… last night… still talking about trade flexibility.

Sigh. Again.

Ultimately, though, I think Griffin makes a compelling point that may hint at the very reason Gibbons is saying he’s now being returned to third base for the rest of the year.

“Stop the experiment now,” he implores the club. “The Jays now already know he could play second base next year if needed. He would have a full spring to work on that fine-tuning. But on this night, back at his best position, he made difficult plays look easy. For now, the decision should be made to leave Lawrie at third. This team needs stability.”

The cynic in me can’t help but wonder if maybe Griff saw this coming and decided to get on board early, but whatever the case, unless something like a Chase Headley trade materializes out of nowhere in the next week, he’s right. And even if it does, I guess the Jays just move Lawrie back. It’s not like they haven’t gone back on their word when it comes to him before.

2013, you guys!

Hey, but at least Lawrie appears to be tinkering with his stance a little bit, looking a little more upright than he was earlier in the season:


Here he is, thanks to @chrisjlund being much less lazy than I, hitting his first career home run. “Looks much more upright, like now,” Lund says, and I’d have to agree.


Hitting the ball hard lately, too. Not all is lost with Brett, it’s just… for fuck sakes figure your shit out, Jays.

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  1. I’d swing better with a pizza behind me.

    • Shitty pizza or shitty beer?

      Tough choice

    • Well I’m glad that experiment is over. It was stupid to even try when the team is trying to get somewhere in the standings (well that was before the allstar break).

      But why does it matter now? Play Brett at catcher for all we care. The Jays are toast this season so if they are going to go into experimentation mode, now is the time.

      This is why I get perplexed at management. Before the all-star break, when things mattered, they tried experimenting with Brett at 2B. Brett returned the favor by blowing a double play or two and commiting a couple of errors, one of which cost a game. Meanwhile, balls went flying by Izturis and DeRosa at 3rd base that Lawrie might have been able to field. Those games still mattered.

      Now, when it doesn’t matter, it’s announced that Brett’s going to play 3rd for the rest of the season. Who gives a rat’s ass at this point? Put Ace in at 3rd base for all I care.

      • Ace`s wing only grades a 45 on the 20-80 scale. They`d never put him at the hot corner.

      • I think management was a little more realistic in assessing the team’s chances than most of the fans were. By end of April they likely knew they were toast.

  2. Popping the Red Bull with this news.

  3. Leaving him at 3B for the rest of the season makes sense. Let him develop some confidence and concentrate on his hitting without having to be distracted by learning a new position. As Stoet says, if they want him at 2B next year, that work can be done in spring training.

  4. Griff’s totally right about one thing: the plays Lawrie made last night were incredible. I still think he’s be very good at second as well. It’s nice to have that sort of flexibility on the roster, for sure.

  5. They have given up quite a few runs this homestand because the defense at 3rd allowed hitters to reach on what would have been outs had lawrie been there. He is an awesome 3rd baseman. I can understand the concerns with the bat but I think they need to keep him there and acquire a 2nd basemen.

  6. This team is so exhausting

  7. Why now? Shit is over. Now is the time to tinker. Better to get an extended look now than to still wonder about things going into the next season. I entirely disagreed with Griffin when I read what he wrote this morning. Think of now as extended spring training. Results don’t matter.

    • Enh… you make a good point, actually. Fuck, I don’t know.

    • Results don’t matter, but buy-in from the players matters. Lawrie will probably be back in 2014. If he thinks the team is going to dick him around, then he won’t perform up to his capability. Think Snider. Hell, think Ducey.

    • Totally disagree Ernie.

      Learning a new position is more difficult at the MLB level.There’s a learning process in positioning,different angles,cutoff postions etc. and that’s just the basics.
      They don’t do infield nor do they spend the hours and hours neccessary.
      Hell it took quite awhile for Lawrie to learn third.
      And his reaction time is better suited for third rather than any range he may have at 2nd.
      Leave it for spring when there’s time to work out the kinks

  8. I tweeted lawrie a few days ago to change his stance. He took my advice and it’s working.

  9. I don’t see any problem with this being looked at again in Spring Training next year.

    It’s not fair to set a guy up for failure in the spotlight of The Bigs.

  10. It’s not that the Jays season isn’t over, it’s more that, fuck, their unbelievable shittiness is starting to worry me for next year too. I’m worrying about the Greg Zaun stuff – is this just a core of fucking losers? Should they just back up the fucking truck? They’re fucking miserable. But maybe I’m just panicking. (I’m a fan. I’m allowed to do that.) But you know, Bautista isn’t getting any fucking younger…..

    • I’d give it another year before thinking about blowing it up. But it is clear that the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit and that they’ll have to make some changes. Maybe they can do it by keeping the core intact and replacing the lesser guys (eg. JPA, Lind etc.)

      But maybe they have to trade a core piece to get back the talent to make the pieces fit. Not expecting it to happen, but if they moved Bautista or EE, the pieces they got back could radically change the way the team approaches the game.

      You are what your record says you are and after 100 games their record says they are the 4th worst team in the American League. Nobody should be safe and while not everybody will be moved, some will be moved else this discussion will be happening again next year.

  11. I’m saying a bunch of shit there (literally). But the original point I was going to make was that (I think) the Jays need to stop sucking in order to go into next year not thinking they’re a bunch of fucking losers.

  12. So keep Lawrie at third.

  13. four beers into a thursday afternoon already – time to get off the computer, and back into the pool.

  14. This team should be tankin’ for picks at this point.


  15. Hopefully the jays next year are the 2011 d backs

  16. I hope AA is targeting the Pirates. They are in the playoff hunt for the first time in 20 years and their system is loaded.

    • And they suck in RF, 1B and their closer just hit the DL.

      Lind, Janssen, Oliver and Rajai for Jamieson Taillon.

      Fuck yeah.

      • Get in the boardroom and get that done.

      • Yeah, this isn’t a video game. You can’t just keep adding more garbage until the numbers somehow balance out and the other team gives up a stud. Pirates would have no interest in any of those guys except Janssen.

    • I don’t want AJ Burnett back

    • We could use a catcher. I wonder if Robinzon Diaz is still floating around their system?

  17. I hope they don’t Travis Snider this guy. He has his issues, but he’s talented and I truly hope we don’t break him

    • Has anyone ever considered that maybe Snider just wasn’t any good? He’s not the first and he won’t be the last can’t-miss-sure-thing prospect who turned out to be a pumpkin.

      • Of course that’s possible, but the well-documented mishandling of him couldn’t have helped

        • Well, to be fair, he could get better in Pittsburgh, i.e. an above average everyday OF, but I’m very much doubtful about that for a host of reasons.

      • But wilner said he would be a monster. Wilner is never wrong.

        • You know, if you subtract all those ABs that Snider never got a hit, he was hitting 1.000 for us!

  18. Why don’t the jays sign that cuban pitcher and make us all feel better

  19. Asked this is yesterday game threat but it goes better here.

    Should the Jays just offer Lawrie a LonGoria like extension to buy out his arbitration years? With a few options of course.

    Not saying he will turn out to be as good as Longoria but Does anyone really think he will never hit?

    Even if his bat is just above average and his defense remains ridiculous it could be a great contract for the Jays. And it has tonnes of upside.


  20. Jeus fuck! Listen to this fucking numb nuts on The Fan talking about how every single batter needs to be an excellent hitter. Fuck, I hate hockey analysts who analyze baseball.

  21. Just heard Friedman saying the Jays need to find out which player will “go on a tear” when they new them to. This isn’t hockey – a 30 second shift doesn’t cut it. Im sure they decide when to go on a tear. Moron.

    • Hey man! Just keep swinging too. I mean, in hockey, if you keep shooting the puck on the net, you’ll eventually get a goal. So why not keep on swinging at every fucking pitch because you’re going to hit the ball? That should fix Lawrie good! Am I right or am I right?

  22. Hey Lawrie, how bout save the finger point to the dugout after hitting a double bullshit when you are 10 fucking games below 500.

    Jesus Christ.

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