So… apparently last night’s game went into extra innings? I was there, so you’d think I’d know a thing like that, yet… here we are.

The Jays try to avoid making it seven rock bottoms in a row as they welcome Buns and the Houston Astros.

Cue people losing their shit if the Jays don’t sweep. Or… actually, I bet most fans are too apathetic to be upset about a thing like that, at this point. Not that I blame them.

And actually, as the mayor of Tank Nation…


Because it’s going to take me forever to look up the first names of the Astros players and which way they hit, I’ll leave you with this as the lone piece of scuttlebutt:

Also: Brett Wallace!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Houston Astros

SS Jonathan Villar (S)
2B Jose Altuve (R)
C Jason Castro (L)
LF Chris Carter (R)
DH Jason Martinez (R)
1B Brett Wallace (L)
RF Jason Maxwell (R)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
CF Brandon Barnes (R)

LHP Erik Bedard

Comments (142)

  1. JD Martinez, possibly?

    • ?!

      • Houston’s Martinez is Juan Daniel (JD). Jason Martinez is the lead writer at Baseball Prospectus. Stoets was a little quick on the ol’ Googling before rushing off to the party.

  2. Holy fuck, is Bedard ever slow on the mound.

    • I was going to say the same thing.
      He looks bored to tears. As I will be as this game progresses just watching this guy.

  3. Here we go, oh wait, crap.

  4. Wonder how much longer they keep batting Lawrie at 9 spot?

  5. Former Blue Jay first baseman of the future, Brett Wallace, turns 27 next month. That seems nuts to me.

    • He’s a fantastic Quad-A player.

      Turning Taylor into Wallace into Gose may turn out to be one of AA’s best steals yet… assuming Gose remembers how to bat. On the other hand, Rajai Davis has had a pretty good career milking the one tool, so…

  6. Jays hittibuttering again.

    Two rockets to 3b result in three outs.


    • I couldn’t be happier seeing hittibuttering brought up.
      Really happy to see the Jays finding holes, rather than being stung by the hittibuttering bug tonight.

  7. jays are gonna be so good in 2017.

  8. Buck, Wallace was never used in a trade for Oswalt you dipshit. He was traded straight up for Gose after that trade was completed.

  9. Jesus fuck, Buehrle with five Ks through two.

    • I smell a no-no

      • He’s on tonight no doubt. From the first few pitches I had a feeling he’s going to put the team on his shoulders tonight. Can’t ever predict a no no but I think he’s going to be awesome this game.

        He’s in his element anyways, pitching against a crappy NL team.

  10. Pitching to the astros is like pitching to 9 jpas’

  11. Dodgers just DFA’d Ted Lilly today, the Jays should totally reunite old sparring buddies Gibby and Lilly.

  12. Well it appears we have met our equal tonight. Should be a tight series.

  13. we gonna get swept!

  14. Jays, Astros in late July. This is can’t miss baseball right here.

  15. lol pretty balkish move there. You;’re not allowed to move your leg towards the plate. I think that was pretty questionable.

    Not that I’m complaining.

  16. I’m positive Jays have already lost 7 straight (no wins since July 13). This will make 8. But whose counting…

  17. Let’s see what kind of damage the meat of the order can do now.

  18. pretty big crowd for a AAA game tonite between these two fuckups.
    I had 5 tix left on my flexback (including this sunday) but like a bad stock have decided to get off the boat ahd cut my losses. Sold 5 games for 300 and will absorb the loss.
    NowI’ll just watcn on TV and hope to see some prosects.
    C.monm Bedard is shit-lite hom up FFS or it’s 8 in a row. How can this be happening?
    We get our injured back and really still can’t win

  19. I’m wondering how the Jays will manage to lose tonight. I’m guessing an 8th inning gaffe by Buehrle throws 7 scoreless innings and the Jays lose 3-2.

    I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  20. Weird fact….not that I’m getting too far ahead of myself but I figured I’d look up most no hitters in a career (Buerle already has two) and the guy in 2nd place for NL no nos is…………………Alan Ashby.

  21. This gane nay be over by 9 FFS

  22. OK I can’t help myself…..Bautista, Buerhle and Delabar for Kinsler and Holland?…..yes? No?

    • ahhhhh……it’s actually not ridiculoua.

      The fact most are either overpaid or underpaid makes it tricky.

      Jose is pretty crazily underpaid, while Buerle pretty crazily overpaid. Kinsler is overpaid, but not by a ton. And holland looks about right.

      I don’t think I would.

    • Given we’d be giving up the best player in that deal, hell no.

      Like we learned in the Rasmus deal, it’s usually best to get the best player in a deal.

  23. Since this is Drunk Jays Fans after all, you might find this amusing. Or perhaps I’m late to the party and everyone’s seen this already.

  24. Jays lost 7 in a row twice last year. They lost 9 in a row in 2009 from May 19 to May 27 when they got swept on the road at Atlanta, Boston, and Baltimore, so not nearly in uncharted territory, yet.

  25. Hittibutter

  26. Sweet Clete

  27. Tabler just said you have to worry about Mawell’s arm because “he is second on the astros in outfield assists”

    really? he’s second? that means that he has more assists than one other OF on the team?

  28. Must have been painful.

  29. Not as painful as watching Cibia strike out…way to bring the runner home JP!!

  30. Hey, does anyone have any recommendations for watching the game on my laptop? No TV, in the process of moving. Never done it before. And we don’t have Rogers. Suggestions?

  31. Altuve would look good in a Jays uniform, albeit one we’d need to buy at Baby-Gap.

  32. So will this performance raise Buehrle’s value or does it not count because it is a AAA team he is facing?

    • Buehrle’s been the best of the disappointing pitchers this season, he’s had a few good games, I’m sure he has some value. Enough value, in fact, that we’re probably not looking to trade him for merely salary relief.

  33. I thought Buehrle was pitching for one?

  34. If the jays dont win this series, I am straight up fucking DONE with this season. I look at this Astros line up and wonder who the fuck any of these guys even are apart from Wallace and Altuve.

  35. Quick midget.

  36. is it just me? blue jays hitters look alot like astro’s hitter, with one exception.. jose reyes?

    • Reyes is really the only jays true “hitter”

      Bautista and Encarnacion are sluggers. They arent trying to hit singles. They can be pitched to.

      But reyes, good luck trying to pitch him a certain way and consistently get him out. I really thought when he came back we were going to take off.

  37. That might have been the best “ask the experts” of the year. Zaun nailed it with his answer.

  38. Buehrle should be allowed to try for his ninth career complete game shutout, in my opinion.

    Bullpen needs a break anyways.

    He gets pulled if someone gets into scoring position.

  39. Time for some RISP action.

  40. Don’t give up on Lind just yet.

  41. i sense another 11 game winning streak….

  42. Now that we have a four run lead, Buehrle should definitely be allowed to try for the CGSO. Only at 90 pitches with only 2 innings to go.

  43. I am glad that my prediction of a 3-2 loss with a blown lead in the 8th was wrong. But as we all known, the game ain’t over until Colby catches a ball.

  44. That was a quality AB there Brett.

  45. Wow, Lawrie just had one of the most pathetic at-bats I’ve ever seen. Third strike was a meatball right down the dick and he didn’t even make a move. What the fuck was he looking for?

  46. Pull the trigger!

  47. Reyes is the kinda guy I would tune in to watch. I never used to miss Halladay’s starts, now my attention always ratchets up when Reyes comes to the plate.

  48. can’t wait till reye’s full season……. 2014 can’t come fast enough..

  49. The Houston Astros, just as the doctor ordered.

    Getting swept by the Dodgers and Rays sucked, but the Rays were 14-2 coming into the Dome while the Dodgers were 20-5.


  50. Go the distance… Ease his pain.

  51. Tidy game by Buerhle.

  52. only if we are playing the Astros for rest of the season…..

  53. I want to rethink my hate for Buehrle, but it was the Astros who he threw that CGSO against.

  54. CG Shutout by Buerhle…he’s the staff ace for now.

  55. Against my better judgement I’ve grown to love old Marky Mark!!!! watching a guy with an 85 mph fastball dummy MLB hitters, albeit shitty ones, is surprisingly entertaining!!!

  56. Remember, now that Tim Hudson is out forever, Atlanta will be looking for a dependable starter so maybe he gets looked at seriously bu the Braves. They are a lock for the playoffs unless they go 20-45 or something

  57. Only 10 games out of the second wild card!

  58. A win is a win but the astros would have trouble beating the dunedin blue jays.

  59. 11 more and they’re right back in this thing, this thing being a .500 ball club.

  60. Hittibutter

  61. Buehrle sonned those upstarts.

  62. Hello Canada, my Eskimo neighbors to the south. Vote for me to be your next president!

  63. anyone else think Buehrle pitched his best game just before the deadline in hopes he’s traded by Wednesday?

    • Wait. These guys can jus choose when yo have their best games? Why the fuck haven’t they been doing that every single game?!?!

    • or you know, he’s a veteran pitcher going against the AAAstros. One of the two.

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