There were a couple of rather interesting Jays-related tidbits in today’s Keith Law chat over at ESPN.com, and since there’s a little bit of a party going on in the office at the moment, I’m… uh… I’m just going to go ahead and pass those along here, since it probably behooves me to do at least a little more work before calling it a day (apart from the Game Threat, that is)…

Bret (Toronto)
Hey Keith, I know you saw Marcus Stroman last weekend. What were your thoughts?
I did indeed, and apologize for failing to turn it into a post. He was good, but I’m quite convinced now that he’s a reliever down the road. He had some more life on his fastball than he did in college, but still isn’t missing enough bats with it – he misses bats with the slider, and the changeup will eventually do that for him as well, but between his height and the contact on the heater, I think he’s a future closer or setup man.

If the Jays are smart enough to trade some of their relievers – Janssen and Cecil jump out as obvious candidates – there will be a spot for Stroman soon enough.

The last part here sounds pretty bang on… unless you can convince some team that Stroman is a starter and trade him. I still kinda see him– or Sean Nolin– as the Zach Stewart element of the potential 2013 edition of the Colby Rasmus trade. Darren Oliver is then Octavio Dotel. Rajai Davis is Corey Patterson. Delabar, Janssen, or Cecil are Jason Frasor. Shit, maybe even Aaron Loup is Marc Rzepczynski. Turn all that into a quality MLB ready infielder or a rotation piece that you can actually count on to be an above-average three or better in 2014? Damn right you do that. Is it possible? That’s what AA gets paid for, isn’t it?

Chris (NY)
Is the hype surrounding Noah Snydergaard legitimate in your eyes? Reports state numerous teams are trying to acquire him more so than Bobby parnell.
Syndergaard’s a way more valuable commodity than Parnell – likely mid-rotation starter, slight chance of more, versus a pure reliever who’s already arb-eligible and has two years left before free agency. As for the hype, I think Syndergaard needs to tighten his curveball significantly before he justifies the hype around him, but even if he doesn’t he’s a damn good prospect.

This, unfortunately, seems to be a slight change from Law’s previous talk that Syndergaard might end up a reliever. So… yeah, ugh.

Adam (Dallas)
Have you had a chance to see/hear about Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez? Does he project as a front-end starter or something lesser?
Haven’t seen except a little video. Have talked to several scouts who did, general reports seem to have him as a likely above-average MLB starter, fastball up to 96, plus slider, four pitches, arm works. I can’t imagine dealing with the inflation in Cuban free agents, but he’s got to be worth $40MM+ in this market.

Do it, AA! I mean… you’re already all-in!

Dave C (Albany, NY)
Is d?Arnaud still a top 100 prospect in your eyes?
Yes, when he’s on the field.

So… no?

Anthony (Milwaukee)
Where do you anticipate Jeff Hoffman going in next year’s draft and where would he currently rank in your top 50?
Top ten pick, based on what he’s done on the Cape in five starts. Hearing 92-97 with plus CB, below CH. Also heard he wasn’t very good this spring at all, so it’s fairly speculative until he shows he can do this for at least a full college season. He’s not in Rodon’s class, IMO, but sounds like he’s better than Tyler Beede.

Note to fans of schadenfreude: Law doesn’t think so highly of Beede. Based on this year’s slot value, he’d have to come in at pick 14 or better, or go over-slot, if he was going to make back the $2.5-million the Jays reportedly offered him.

Jed (Denver)
Who is the best example you remember of a prospect who turned it around by changing/fixing a mechanical issue?
Bautista, Samardzija, Ryan Zimmerman (had a brutal leak at the plate as a prospect). Actually happens quite a bit, but the only common thread among players who do it is that they tend to be good to very good athletes.

I’d think Edwin might be on that list too. #EdwinTheBest

John (Toronto)
Aaron Sanchez was throwing 100 in his last start, What is his ETA and celling?
Two years away, at least. Potential ace, but the command and control are still works in progress.

Two years!?! Gah! But… yeah. Probably true. Though with the way the Jays call up pitchers will little experience at Double-A, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Jed (Sacramento)
When Corey Vaughn and Rowdy Tellez are both slamming homers out of big league parks, will you man up and come to Sacramento to give a full apology to and to cook dinner for two guys you have skewered more than anyone else the past few years?
Corey Vaughn, who hasn’t hit well anywhere since he was too old for low-A? This is the best you’ve got?

Hey! No shots at Tellez… this time. Maybe KLaw got it out of his system after calling him a softball player five-and-a-half years down the road. Still, though!

Andy (Madison, WI)
You should have Nate Silver on your podcast, now that he’s a co-worker again.
I intend to. Hoping I can get Keith Olbermann at some point too.

Watch out for his squid hands!

Comments (27)

  1. What about Halladay fixing his delivery? Doesn’t he have to top that list?

  2. When I read this part :

    “Turn all that into a quality MLB ready infielder or a rotation piece that you can actually count on to be an above-average three or better in 2014? Damn right you do that.”

    …I heard it in Carl Weathers’ voice from when he was on Arrested Development.

  3. “Though with the way the Jays call up pitchers will little experience at Double-A, a guy can dream, can’t he?”

    with the way Jays manage their pitching prospects, you can expect him up next week

  4. One true Ace Calibre pitcher coming up through your system changes the complexion of your organization, Felix, Stras, Wheeler

  5. No Melk in lineup tonight? He tweak something?

  6. Making Stroman the Zach Stewart equivalent piece in a larger trade doesn’t sit well a year after using a first round pick on him. Stewart was old with a year of middling results behind him. Stroman’s got about a half season in the system after being one of the top college arms coming out in 2012.

    I’d rather see what he can do as a starter at this level. They’d done that with Stewart by the time they shipped him out.

    • I like where Stoeten was going with that packaged idea, but that’s probably what AA meant when he said there have been active discussions that probably wouldn’t be resolved until the winter. No team right now has stood out as being willing to move a significant position player, be it current MLB’er or MLB-ish ready top prospect or a top pitcher.

      Pittsburgh probably the only team desperate enough to swing a deal considering they probably want to avoid missing the playoffs despite such a solid record.

    • The Jays fucking stink

  7. Realistically, what is AA going to do? If AA can’t grab a starter in the next 6 days, likely he will need to free up a spot or two in the bullpen for long relief (think Jenkins, Weber, Lincoln) to deal with the lack of starting pitching and the strain on the current bullpen. That means he will need to dump a couple of relievers. Two of Oliver/Delabar/Cecil/Janssen make sense.

    AA pulled such a trade to get Colby Rasmus a couple of years ago to help the Cardinals out and he’s certainly capable of filling the hole at 2B even through a three way trade.

    • Might just be semantics, but none Cecil/Janssen/Delabar should be dumped. They have value + control. If any of those guys go out without an MLB ready player or top 100 prospect coming back, it’s a bad deal.

      • They do, but the key thing here is that they can be replaced with players providing similar value rather easily. Lights out over a full season, these are players that are 2-3 win players.

        • Maybe unrealistic… but I think GMs still place a bit of extra value on a player reliever they can hang the closer tag on. Delabar and Janssen are definitely that. On top of that, Delabar comes with four years control, which also has value. He’s not Jason Frasor at the end of his contract.

  8. One name that I am surprised has not come up in trade talks is Rogers. Many teams may be interested in a pitcher that is having a good year and has team control.
    Though he has been good this year for us, I don’t believe in him long term as a starter. His mechanics look shaky and could lead to injuries. I think he is going to have a tougher time the 2nd time through the league, as the hitters make adjustments.

  9. The Astros are scrappy and they have a good manager.

  10. Jays should package Janssen and Deck McGuire in return for Mike Trout.

  11. Deck McGuire remains AA’s ace in the hole.

  12. Trade it all for David Freese….he’ll fix everything

  13. Might be able to pry Dustin Ackley out of Seattle considering they are using him as a platoon OF.

    Can’t imagine the cost would be too high. Pillar and/or Gose?

  14. I think you may have forgotten how incredibly fucking awful Corey Patterson was that half-season for Toronto. He was so bad that season he hasn’t been in the big leagues since, and he’s only 33.

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