No, you’re mailing in a post.

Here we have Jose Bautista appearing on Intentional Talk with Kevin Millar and Chris Rose on the MLB Network, talking about lil’ Bautista, dunking our old friend Cabbie into a vat of eggs, wearing McCutchen dreads, and answering questions about hidden talents and ugliest teammates, among other things.

It’s Friday, what of it? Check out the clip after the jump…


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  1. Nice to see him having a great time joking around when his team sits last place in the cellar. Enjoy sitting on the couch come October while teams built on less payroll compete for a championship.

  2. Yes, Bautista should be miserable, on or off the field, every year in which his team doesn’t make the playoffs. That’s a good way to live.

    • I know that when I have a bad day at work I go home and kick my cat, insult my friends and yell at my girlfriend.

  3. Lighten up slowfastball.

  4. Actually a good time for the mailed in post.
    Something to lighten everything up a litlle.

  5. Fuck Jose – his team is in last place, so he should be drowning in sorrow instead of pinpointing my beautiful boy.

  6. Bautista’s shirt is jokes.

  7. I just realized that I had completely blocked Kevin Millar’s Blue Jays tenure from my memory. When he said Bautista was his teammate, I figured it was with one of Bautista’s previous teams until Rose specifically mentionned Millar as a Blue Jay.

  8. Bautista’s shirt looks backwards to me, don’t they use their right hands doing the vista?

  9. five days i guess

  10. What do you have to say about this quote from Griffin Mr. Stoeten?

    “What was strange about the ongoing Morrow saga was the obfuscating way that the Jays kept fudging the news, throwing up smokescreens as if the media and the public were the sporting equivalent of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks.”

    • i don’t know about Stoeten’s response, but when i found out Morrow was hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy it was like wikileaks deja-vu.

  11. Rosenthal says AA did look at Beckham earlier this season but no talking now.

  12. “his team isn’t winning!!! how dare he enjoy life! he should be as miserable as i am!!!!!”

  13. Bautista should commit suicide if the Pirates win the WS this year.

  14. Seriously — where do I get that shirt?

  15. Hmmm
    @Ken_Rosenthal: Minor note: Sources tell me and @jonmorosi that #BlueJays asked about #WhiteSox’s Beckham earlier this season. No active talks now.

  16. belisario rofl

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