As you can see from the 4/5 and 5/4 next to the names of Brett Lawrie and Maicer Izturis above, some funny stuff from John Gibbons today, who I’m guessing is trying to lighten the mood around his club, especially among the media that– myself included– has been hanging on every single slice of minutiae they can find, and trying to divine from it content of great significance.

Or maybe he’s actually pulling a Jimy Williams, and intends to have Brett Lawrie play at third base tonight when right-handed hitters are at the plate, and then swap him with Maicer Izturis at second when it’s a lefty facing R.A. Dickey.

Based on their tweets, the media hordes seem skeptical Gibbers would actually try something so unorthodox (thereby solidifying his position as… y’know… the best). They seem to figuring he’s actually just fucking with them. Which… actually is kinda fantastic too.

Either way, then, eh?



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  1. I will now be disappointed if they don’t switch positions every at bat tonight.

  2. At the “place.” Holy fuck, that might have been my most infuriating typo ever– and that’s a long, looooooooooooong list.

    Fixed it now, though, so you probably don’t see it.

  3. I don’t really understand how you can have an aversion to defensive shifts and then go and pull a Jimy Williams. (Defensive shifting AND pulling a Jimy Williams would be fucking awesome, on the other hand). He’s probably just fucking with people.

  4. Anyone who wants gibby fired is an idiot. Simple as that. He’s been the best

    • uhhh….no.

      “Clamoring” for his to be fired is stupid because none of this can really be blamed on him. However he hasn’t done a whole lot that makes him “the best” either.

      I’m pretty blase about Gibby. I’m fine if they want to keep him. But I could care less if they fire him either. He hasn’t done much that sticks out as good managing, in my mind.

      • Personally, I think Pete Walker should be more of a fall guy than Gibbers. I know there’s been some rotten luck with injuries and all, but even when the pitchers have been healthy, they’re still shitting the bed as a group. Walker’s responsible for preparing a game plan for the pitchers and to help them make adjustments when needed. The pitchers haven’t made the adjustments, so that’s on Walker.

        Jays need a pitching coach who knows how to make adjustments and isn’t afraid to get into the faces of a pitcher who isn’t going along with the program, and while we’re filling out shopping lists, can we also get a bench coach who is very into fundamentals (both offensive and defensive) and positioning?

      • If you could care less, then why don’t you?

  5. Great, now I’ll actually get pulled into watching this game instead of doing something semi-productive.

  6. Something something, can’t have fun when you’re losing. something, something hurp derp da derp. ashamed!

  7. Gibbers [...] solidifying his position as… y’know…the best [...]


  8. Gibby trollin

  9. Latest tweets have Gibby claiming he didn’t do it and doesn’t know who did.

  10. My brain just laughed at me for trying to imagine Cecil Fielder playing 2B or LF, as apparently he did for a few innings in 86-88. But I have no clue what he looked like as a 22 year old.

  11. I think it was 1987 that on 2 successive games the Jays had Cecil Fielder and Pat Borders at 2B. Depending on the batter they would switch with 3B Kelly Gruber.

    Tony Fernandez was once asked what was his worst memory as a Blue Jay and he said those 2 games

  12. Threat?

  13. I don’t ever recall watching a season where there have been so many calls against the Jays, and so few for them. I said earlier in the season that it will likely even out before the end of the season…… But the seem quite content on screwing us over repeatedly… Grrrr.

  14. RA Shitty can’t even get the fucking astros out

  15. I was about to post that at least Dickey probably won’t give up a HR today. Giving him too much credit I guess.

  16. 84mph and it eats Lawrie up.

  17. Here we go

  18. Reyes is a Golden God

  19. Honest question, who is worse with runners on? RA or JJ?

  20. Dickey continues to be awful. They should seriosly start experimenting with the roof closed for his starts. Just to see if it has any impact on his knuckleball.

  21. Is anybody as sick and tired of R.A. Dickey as I am? He just irritates me. I’ve said this numerous times, but I think Gibbons totally mishandles him. It’s extremely obvious when the ruse is up, and the hitters have figured him out; and yet every time Gibbons has to wait until we are 4 or 5 runs behind to go to the pen. It’s a little fucking late at that point. We had a CG pitched last night, so the pen should be fresh.

  22. looks like we’ve about reached the peak of not giving a shit about this season. maybe a few call ups or deadline trades will warrant more interest later on.

    watching Dickey pitch sucks. I wanted AA to go after him but was a little shocked at the package it took to get him, watching Dickey :minimizing the damage” like Buck says is not what I envisioned when Dickey was officially traded.

    • Yeah, I was never really confident about the whole situation. I think it’s always a mistake to trade young talent for 37 year old guys coming off career years. Especially wholesome authors with the same hairdo I had in 1992 when I was 12.

      • You’ve made a real science out of this Moseby.

        • Beauty

        • I know. I should shop my opinions, maybe I’ll be the inspiration for the next Moneyball.

          I jest, but I truly do resent giving up young talent for guys that have probably seen the best part of the career. In my eyes it should have been alarming that he pitched in the NL, in that ball park, and was going to have to transition to the AL East, in this friggin park. It just screams trouble.

    • i thought for sure we were only going to have to give up JP, maybe a norris and a raajai, but TDA and syndergaard was just fucked up! makes me fucking ill

  23. That was nice to see, Brett.

  24. I don’t believe Cletus is going to oblige those waiting for his second half collapse.

  25. Colby Rasmus is a good baseball player and not part of the problem* in Toronto

    *see: JPA, Lawrie’s growing pains, an under performing rotation

  26. So about this Rasmus-good-defender thing …

  27. Thanks for tying it up for me guys! Let me just go allow a bunch more runs to put it out of reach. I’m just not comfortable unless we’re way behind!

  28. Dfa walker

  29. Weird to see Lawrie hit with power again.

  30. seems telling the guy in Anyplace TV advert didn’t recognize Lawrie

  31. Bunting is more infuriating when it fails. Like my goodness, you may as well have swung away.

  32. so the every time the jays have gotten dickey runs, he gives em back

  33. Has any player that Anthopoulos acquired in the off-season done much? Reyes is a beast, but he was hurt for pretty much the entire season (fluke injury, mind you).

  34. I hate that Melky is hitting 2nd again.

  35. Izturis is (now) what he was billed to be.

  36. Got to say, was confused when “Clemens” came up pitching for the Astros.

  37. we have, in cabrera, just a singles hitting, slow,275 hitter prone to DPs.
    I almost hope he gets a long suspension, we can save some $$$ and spend it on someone else.W/o his drugs he’s fukin crap. 14 doubles,0 triples,3 HR. Fukin Kawasaki was close to that for 5ok. Might as well let Gose play FFS

  38. Fuck it, let’s trade all of the prospects for Cliff Lee. Maybe they would also take Arencibia and throw in Ruiz. Dingers!

  39. Is anybody else starting to get concerned with jbats production? Hes been slumping for most of the season it seems. His overall #s are still good but not great. If the jays are going to turn things around next year they need him back to his .900 ops+ self.

  40. Wing a ding!

  41. That was pretty sweet

  42. boom motha fuckas

  43. mew mew mew mew mew mew mew

  44. FLOW!

  45. Holy Shit the Astros are fucking terrible.

  46. Rasmus gonna get paid.

  47. Homer, homer, double, double … who’s pitching, Josh Johnson?

    • I take it back. Homer, homer, double, double, walk, HBP, still nobody out … that’s a Ricky Romero inning if I’ve ever seen one!

  48. Watching the astros makes me feel good about the jays.

  49. Not sure how to feel that it took the Jays 7 innings to get the lead against the fucking Astros.

    With the defending NL Cy Young winner starting…

  50. This game is fun if you’re smacking the ball like a pinata at a Mexican kid’s birthday party.

  51. Time for Reyes to hit a triple.

  52. Rays take over 1st in the ALE. Fuck you Farrell.

  53. pretty sure pillar can provide more than melkey. maybe a slightly lower average but more power, more speed, and better defense.

    • Exaactlty. Melky is an 8m$ singles hitter who can’t play defense any more. Go with Pillar or even Gose

  54. Yankees haven’t hit a HR since the game before the AS break.

    Since June 28, Alfonso Soriano has hit 10 HR. The Yankees: 8.

    Something to hold onto

  55. Salami!!

  56. Holy shitballs!


  57. Eddie decides the parrot needs a walk more than he does.

  58. Why can’t we play the Astros every game?

  59. SQUAWK!!!! x 4.

  60. Fucking Edwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. The way this game is going…they’ll need every one of those runs, too.

  62. All u suckers that decided to stop caring..u just missed something really special

  63. Me likes the grand salami

  64. Lind.

  65. Please don’t bring in Juan Perez

  66. A great 8 run inning, tremendous effort to pick up the recently struggling relievers and welcome to the record books, Edwin!

  67. Phillies get Gonzalez. Apparently the Red Sox bid high as well. Jays nowhere to be found, as usual.

  68. Question for the masses:

    Shouldn’t Bautista have appeared more enthused for Edwin’s HR?

    Rest of the dugout celebrating, dancing, and Jose is sitting right beside Edwin with a scowl. Yah, he had about 10 swings at a HR and ultimately blew it, but…

    • The most enthused JBats I’ve seen is when he’s boosting some Booster Juice…I guess his teammates would think it more strange when he suddenly starts breaking into dance moves

  69. For whom the bell Tholes

  70. At least the Astros came into town at a good time right before the trade deadline.

    Hopefully JJ has a complete game shutout tomorrow and can be moved for a decent prospect.

    • Probably old news (or rumor):
      According to CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler, the Rangers have now not only inquired about the Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton but have also cast their net north of the border, calling on both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays.

      • We should feel both flattered and smug.

      • It’s amde up BS. What does calling mean?
        “Hello, Alex” we like JB and EE. Trade them to us”?
        Laughs for 45 minutes, then hangs up phone.
        Those 2 are staying here and Knobler is an idiot to think there w/b anything to Texas “casting a net” whopty fuk-casat a net and get air

      • I would expect nothing less.

        Daniels is a great GM and if he didn’t call a team 10 games under .500 about their ridiculous sluggers he wouldn’t be doing his job.

        Of course AA will ask for Profar, Holland, and their top 5 prospects for EE or JBats… But still worth a call I guess

        • Let them think they’re getting a super deal, get ‘em all worked up….and then ask for something truly whacko, like striking the letter M from the alphabet.

          • First off,,, Texas doesnt have close to the prospects left that would be required to pry Bautitsta or EE loose. Look what they paid for TWO MONTHS of Garza,,, sure everyone will start saying Profar Profar but honestly, you folks should read up on this guy before tossing his name all over the place. He’s never hit over .300 at any level of pro ball, he’s also never hit more than 14 homeruns either. Sure he’s a good prospect and the Jays do need a 2nd baseman, this is all true but Profar and….. what else? Same as Stanton,,, do they have enough prospects left to even begin to talk to teams about players like Jose, EE, Stanton etc? Personally I don’t really think so.

            Wow Texas is really trying their best to flush their whole future down the toilet. When this team fails to win the world series (which it will), then what?

    • So youd rather trade Johnson for what would at this point be next to nothing than keep him, have him stay with the jays on a dirt cheap deal and more than likely have him return to some type of form? Even as a 5th starter, he would be useful.

      • A dirt cheap deal? I read that JJ’s agent think he can still command a huge contract despite a down season

        • Well we all know that is simply an agent being an agent. What’s he gonna say “yah Josh has pitched the shits this season so I am looking to get him a bottom dollar deal”.

          There’s time left for JJ to turn it around and be worth something but as of now he’s not looking at a big deal.

          • I don’t think you can assume that, the market for starting pitching is crazy, and if he is going to sign with someone for “dirt cheap” why wouldn’t he do it with a contender?

      • I’d rather the Jays eat up every last penny remaining on JJ’s contract and get a top 50-75 prospect (if that’s possible) than go through the qualifying offer process.

        The more I think about it, the more I think there are better ways to use $14 million considering the makeup of this rotation.

  71. So in the post game

    Zaun is convinced his eyes are more accurate at determining balls and strikes that the pitch tracks lasers.

    Hes probably right. Lasers are biased sons of bitches and when the building gets “shaking” from all the cheering it’s hard to trust the lasers accuracy.

    Wait. What?

    • I’m sure that they adjust for the batter’s height crouch and movement, and we just dont know how. But some pitches do give me pause to wonder how accurate that thing is.

  72. Liking the outcome of this game but did they really need to give up all those runs to possibly one of the worst teams ever assembled ?

  73. Indians are looking for lefty relievers, I hope AA is dangling Cecil and the loogys. Cleveland has a good chance at staying up there with Detroit if they can shore up their bullpen.

    • If they’re talking Cecil, or Loup (probably not..) I hope there’s at LEAST an MLB ready A prospect coming back. If theyre talking Oliver , I’ll take what I can get.

  74. Dont look now, but Henderson Alvarez is out pitching Buehrle and Josh Johsnon and out hitting bonfifacio

  75. Anybody catch Wilner’s HR call on the EE Grand slam?

    He actually said “there’s Edwin, taking the parrot for another walk”.

    DJF and it’s comment section, where we may hotly argue and debate baseball but it’s where even the experts come to measure the pulse of the true Jays fan.
    It’s how real fans of baseball talk.
    Raw and with lots of passion.

    • I’m sure he loves how much we bash him too. Personally, i don’t blame him for being short with people sometimes. The majority of the callers are idiots.

  76. One of the talking heads on MLB network said on Friday the Jays were talking trade with Detroit and one of the players involved was Emilio Bonifacio. Just sayin”…..

    • If thats true it could also mean they’re not interested in resigning him…which is fine by me.

  77. But some good news. Stroman made the Baseball America prospects of the week.
    To me the strikeouts pop as Keith Law and others have had the only knock on Stroman being that he doesn’t miss enough bats.

    No. 12 Marcus Stroman, rhp, Blue Jays
    Team: Double-A New Hampshire (Eastern)
    Age: 22
    Why He’s Here: 0-0, 1.98, 2 GS, 13 2/3 IP, 9 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 16 SO, 5 BB

    The Scoop: Stroman has shown he’s not far from being ready to contribute in Toronto, and he may already have gotten there if he hadn’t begun the year serving a 50-game suspension (he tested positive for a stimulant). Since a disastrous outing on May 29 in which he gave up seven earned runs and failed to make it out of the second inning, Stroman’s gone 4-1, 2.12 over 59 innings, ranking fourth in the Eastern League in ERA during that time. Command was the question coming out of the draft for Stroman, but he’s held Double-A hitters to a .216 average while walking just 19 in 69 innings on the year.

    • That sounds great but another knock on him is his height which is making some analysts (Law, Hulet, etc.) to project him as a reliever going forward. Whatever happens, I’m excited to see him in toronto.

  78. If only we could have played Houston 24 times a year…

  79. This Houston slump buster is just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps it’s the beginning of another long streak.

    • That tough 10 west coast road swing is going to be…uh…well tough. Be nice to see them go 6-4 or 7-3 or something.

      • The 2 -10 stretch versus Cleveland, Baltimore, T bay and LA sunk the season unfortunately

      • The month of August is going to be a bitch, but hope springs eternal.

        • I’m hopeful too, but the last 12 games before Houston stung alot

        • I know it doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things but if JJs and RAs of the team turn it around, and Lawrie has a strong month, and Rasmus keeps raking, it’ll go a long way in making me feel better going into next year.

          • Plus prospects and young pitchers doing well in September

          • That’s what I keep waiting for – an indication of what this team is capable of when everyone plays their game. I’m not even looking for outperformance.

            Going into next year, assuming Izturis plays to his career norm out of the gate, where are the question marks? Catcher, LF, and starting pitching?

            • Yes you’re right jays need to upgrade catcher due to jpas suckage, a lf because of melky’s situation and add a number three starter

            • Need a solid starter

            • Really there’s only two questions about LF: can Melky can revert to career norms? .270/.331/.380-ish with 10-13 HRs on a one-year (as it will be), $8-mil contract is value for production.

              Two, does he end up suspended for the entire season?

              There aren’t a lot of interesting names on the FA market. Unless you believe The Great McLouth Resurgence is real and the Orioles aren’t going to let him go to the market.

              • The only thing I’m interested in on the FA market is a catcher, which is funny considering the jays were rich in catching in October.

                I really wish JPA had been flipped to Texas when they were desperate for catching.

                • Adding a starter via trade/FA is important as well

                  • I wouldn’t mind adding a starter, but I’m also curious to see what we have when everyone is healthy, including Hutch, Drabek, Perez, Santos, etc.. We can afford to move Rogers to the rotation with Stroman and Santos coming back.

  80. #freemarcusstroman / #freeneilwagner

  81. @RealGMBaseball: #Braves ‘Willing To Pay’ For Pitching —

  82. This team is going to have a difficult road trip. The Jays are flush with relievers and with it being a seller’s market, I could see 2-3 relievers leave the ball club. AAA has Lincoln and Wagner. Happ will probably be back in 2-3 starts and Redmond will move to middle relief. Jenkins is also available for middle relief and Santos will be back.

    I could also see the Jays letting go of Adam Lind but I can’t see them letting go of Colby anymore with the career that he’s having and a poorly performing Gose in AAA. I think that Melky will come around but that he would serve better as a DH rather than LF at Rogers Centre.

    There’s no point now of AA acquiring the #2 starter that he needs until the offseason, so he’ll likely end up loading up with prospects in trading the relievers, then trading the prospects in the off season for a 2B and SP.

    • As Izturis returns to career norms, I am increasingly fine with him starting at 2B. I would rather see AA address the black hole behind the plate.

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