No matter how bad things can get, there’s always the thrill of beating the everloving piss out of the Houston Astros. The Blue Jays look to make it three in a row versus the American League West’s n00bs. It’s Dallas Keuchel versus the ghost of Josh Johnson. Gimme some double digit strikeouts!


Edwin Encarnacion became just the second Blue Jay in 37-years to club two home runs in the same inning last night. How about that?

The great John Lott on the great Tom Cheek finally getting his due in Cooperstown.

Jose Reyes posted a photo of himself and Jay-Z to his Instagram account on Friday. I suppose that’s soemthing.

The Phillies appear to be the winners in the Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez sweepstakes. They can have him at that cost.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Josh Johnson

Houston Astros

SS Jonathan Villar (S)
2B Jose Altuve (R)
C Jason Castro (L)
DH Chris Carter (R)
1B Brett Wallace (L)
LF Marc Krauss (L)
RF Jason Maxwell (R)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
CF Brandon Barnes (R)

LHP Dallas Keuchel

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  1. Why are “International” signings considered different than Japanese signings? Is it because of the posting process whereas a Latin American can just…sign?

    • Japanese players that are posted are still under contract. Their baseball “rights” are still owned by the Japanese team. This team is whom the posting fee is paid.

      Cuban baseball talent has defected from their country. They do not belong to a team.

      • I guess my question was more about the language used to describe the signings rather than the actual process. Thank you though

    • So how about that first inning

  2. The money for Gonzalez does not seem that steep at all to me. If the total is around 50 million that’s less than 9 million a season. Seems like a steal to me if he’s any decent, which hopefully the Phillies have carefully evaluated.

    • 9 million a season for a player that people have no idea how he will perform seems like a lot. Add in the fact that most scouts seem to see a ceiling of a #3 but more likely a backend starter, and 9 million a season starts to sound like a big gamble.

  3. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/07/phillies-to-listen-to-offers-on-cliff-lee.html

    I wonder if Anthopoulos would look at this, if the Phillies were willing to take Buehrle back. Obviously prospects on the Jays’ end would be involved.

    • I dont think the Phils want to add more age and dollars. I dont really know what they are planning on doing, if they want to contend they’d need to look to bolster their pitching which is 13th in ERA, so trading away Lee doesnt make a ton of sense. They are in a similar boat as the Jays, where they have some pretty good offensive #s but are way underperforming in the starting pitching department.

      With the Miguel signing I think they’d entertain offers more on Lee, but ultimately I still think they havent decided if they feel they are out of the playoff picture. Even if they are I think like AA they will look at moving pieces in the winter more than now.

    • @Encarnacion’s Parrot
      “I wonder if Anthopoulos would look at this, if the Phillies were willing to take Buehrle back…”

      Buehrle has only played for The White Sox and The Marlins before the Jays.

  4. Who does Reyes think he is!? Having fun?? They’re eight games under .500!!! He should go home immediately after every game and cry himself to sleep after watching tape for six hours!!

  5. Does anyone know if the Jays have a sports psychologist on staff?

  6. Trade lind

    • Mauro Gomez jacked another one out last night – well on pace for over 30 dongs for the Bisons.

      I’d definitely have no problems selling Lind at peak value and calling up Gomez to be DH, platoon it with Melk – DeRosa can spell 1b for EE when Eddie needs a rest

      Gomez is only 28 and so long as he avoids playing any defense, who knows, the guy could be a half decent bench bat

  7. Lets go Jays… time to play some .700 ball in these final 60!!! #BlindOptimism

  8. nibble monster

  9. If only we played the Astros for the remaining 60 games…..Then playoffs would be in our future

  10. Johnson is seriously fucked up. Like Romero mentally fucked.

  11. right down the dick.

  12. Time to just put JJ on waivers and see if anyone will take the contract.

  13. Are you kidding me?
    4-0 still none out.
    Has JJ caught the same disease as Romero?

  14. How is it possible for Dickey and Johnson to do this shitty.

  15. I can’t recall ever seeing anybody in line for a $100+ million deal in the spring shit the bed this badly in their contract year. Unbelievable.

    • I have heard this before but I can’t see what on earth he’s done to even get that sort of consideration on the free agent market. Not including this year of course.

      I think if he pitched like last year he would have gotten similar to Anibal Sanchez but not more.

      Now I think the Jays will just pick up that option but he could be pitching himself even out of that. His performance is beyond words right now.

      On the bright side his xFIP may have gotten better last inning.

      • Probably the fact that 2012 Josh Johnson (despite being abnormally by his standards up to that point) basically pitched with identical effectiveness to 2012 Anibal Sanchez (K/9, ERA, FIP, xFIP are basically indistinguishable). Prior to 2012, Josh Johnson blows Sanchez out of the water. I think if he replicated his 2012 season in 2013, Johnson would be getting a Sanchez-type deal at the absolute minimum and working his way up quickly depending on how much closer to pre-2012 Johnson he looked.

    • If I remember correctly, didn’t Tim Lincecum get offered a huge extension by the Giants last year, turned it down and now………. It runs in my mind it was something like 5 or 6 years and 100-120 million.

  16. when Johnson was long tossing before the game started he looked to be muttering a lot to himself and shaking his head – the guy seems to be really in a fucked up place mentally

  17. As I said, AA needs to get another starter
    Cough lee peavy cough

  18. in the span of 2 years we’ve had 2 pitchers become 2 totally messed up fucks (jj and RR) and others ( dickey) become mediocre and others just develop arm shittness. Maybe next year we can have some positive regression because we certainly have had enuf negative shit.
    Speaking of negatve shit, here’s Melky the 275 singles hitter who can’t play D and gets 8m. He needs Benylin or something because he is a glorified Kawaski

    • Listen guys, ‘roids have no impact at all on a player’s performance.

    • You’re disguising it rather well fukstik, but methinks you’ve found your next fukstik.

      • You’re right there SP-he;s heading in that direction . Still marginally positive on my homegrown scale because he is a SH and is at 275. But he has no D, no speed, hits into a lot of DPs ( which fuck up innings especially after Reyes gets on so often) and bad for a guy making 8m, no power as I said last night.
        Wouldn’t bother me if he was dumped or suspended. Hell Pillar could do just as well for a lot less.
        have to laugh when we put Davis in as a defensive replacement for Melky. Just a year ago , we always took Davis out for Eric Fuckin Thames!. So…how bad is Melky?

    • 2 all stars and a Cy Young winner. Does NOT reflect well on the pitching programme.

    • +1. The key is to avoid players who have two initials with the same letter, i.e. JJ, RR.

      On a more serious note, I was looking at RR’s stats from 2009-2011 & am shocked that he is till in AAA.

      Will AA bring him up in August or September to see if he can get some innings pithed against MLB hitter?

      Josh Johnson’s regression is shocking. No one should give up 4 runs to the Astros in 1 inning.

      Brett Wallace was supposed to be one of the the crown jewels of the Halladay deal.

      He looked horrible against Josh Johnson

  19. MY hamstrings hurt watching Melky try to make the turn at first.

  20. I find it amazing that we’ve had two guys go from opening day starter to entirely unplayable within the span of a year. Unbelievably fucked. Fuck.

    • Fuck having a sports psychologist on staff. We need a fucking brothel to help get JJ/Romero’s head straight.

      • Yeah, they aren’t paying these guys enough to afford their own whores.

      • @japaneese.

        The good news about Romero is that he is dating an Oakville native, Kara Lang.

        Jason Frasor’s career was in trouble & he started dating an Oakville native, Laura Frasor.

        Frasor has gone on to have a successful career in the MLB & I would expect Romero to recover now that he is dating someone from Oakville.

        Josh Johnson should be sent by Limo to Glen Abbey Golf Course after the game & he should start mingling with some of Oakville’s finest women.

        • As long as he doesnt run in to any of my cousins. (They’re all in their 80′s and have bad attitudes)

  21. Looks like Lind is back to swinging and junk down and away.

    Can Johnson get out of the 2nd inning? My guess is no.

  22. Josh “Ricky Romero” Johnson vs. Dallas “Dallas Braden” Keuchel.

    • I completely forgot that Dallas Braden ever existed. Apparently he’s been hurt for 2 or 3 years now.

  23. A much needed present.

  24. Presents!

  25. On the bright side, the Astros still suck.

  26. Man the astros jesery in the post is PRIME

  27. “fifty ribeyes”

  28. Did I just see Abraham take a 4 pitch walk?

    • I’m guessing he actually fell asleep standing up at the plate. We awoke when he heard the catcher cursing that they had actually walked him.

  29. Naturally all of the runs scored so far today against Johnson were from the stretch as Stoeten pointed out earlier this week…

  30. Melky got hittibuttered.

  31. Sweep this, then miracle west coast trip.

    just say’n.

  32. Why didnt the Yanks just try and pick up Pena off waivers instead of trading for Soriano?

  33. One hit in 16 ABs for Marisnick, OPS+ of -65. I declare the Jays the winners of the mega-trade.

  34. Wow

  35. Get this fucker out of the game

  36. I thought Tabby said the Jays were in the driver’s seat?

  37. I’ve been half-paying attention since the All-Star break due to travel…

    Is Lind playing every day against lefties? He’s still at an OPS of .914 against right-handed pitching. Is that why his overall numbers are down?

  38. Josh Johnson is absolutely horrible.

  39. Toronto needs to move the fences back.

    Serioiusly. This is ridiculous

  40. And naturally every fly ball goes for a home run. I will say this though, screw all the peripherals, Johnson sure seems to give up a lot of hard contact. The opposition just whacks the shit out of him…..

  41. Haha even JP is fucking sick of seeing Johnson pitch, mustered up the strength to accurately throw out Villar

  42. Lind’s triple slash in the last 28 days:


    AA never learns – trade this guy before the AS break, before the pumpkin returns

    • Patience… I have a feeling you’ll like Lind’s triple slash at the end of the season.

    • Yeah, because it’s that easy. Look other GMs, Lind is hitting great right now, give me some prospects because even though I’m well aware he’ll probably turn to shit none of you could possibly know that.

      • nobody saying it’s easy but Jays haven’t really ever made a strong push to deal Lind, not like this is the 1st time he’s fallen from a lofty height

        • How the fuck would you know? And your fuckin’ pipeweed is worse than Toronto souvlaki. Douche.

          • @ dildo
            Don’t make shit up. You have no idea who AA is talking to, who he wants to deals and what is on the table. Don’t be a Jackass and complain about shit you have 0 knowledge about.

  43. Guys, I’m totally clairvoyant. I watched Johnson give up those leadoff singles and felt a sense of impending doom like no other, and turned off the TV.

    I check the score now and HOLY SHIT: Johnson can’t even put away the Astros.

    • You might not be clairvoyant. You might have just watched the majority of Johnson’s other starts this year.

  44. ‘Bama Blast

  45. Ribstain Camo to the rescue!

  46. Man these guys must spend so muc time on their celebration moves afte HR. I swear, each player has a different one with every other player.

    Some of them are are pretty complex too.

  47. I wonder if “Touch ‘em all Joe!” has ever been used as the title for a parody prawn

  48. JJ is wading into if no one claims him on wavers, perhaps an out right release to get some of the TJ kids a start come mid August.

  49. With JJ I’ve gone from “well, at least the Jays will get a comp. draft pick in return for him” to “ugh, I can’t believe he’s going to back next year on a 1 year deal.”

    • AA will keep running him out there to try and get something even after the non waver deadline.

      This is where his value whore ways become annoying.

      Releasing him would be a better signal for management to send.

  50. How much better would the organization be if Dickey and Johnson were Villaneuava & Jackson.

    The money would pretty much be the same. The team would still be luck and a piece or two short assuming Romero & Morrow still had writeoff seasons.

    But TDA, Syndergaard, Marisnick & Nicolino would likely have given the Jays the strongest farm system in baseball.

    Sure, it’s mostly revisionist. Although the Dickey trade was always extremely risky.

    But it’s hard to look at this team and believe it’s any closer to contention aside from the fact that Rogers opened up the wallet.

    Let’s just hope the wallet stays open.

    • And I should have purchased stock in Apple in 2001.

      • +1.

        I have owned AAPL since 1997, pre the days when Jobs called up Bill Gates for help.

        Back then Microsoft needed to keep the AAPL operating system alive so that the Justice department wouldn’t accuse MSFT of being monopolistic.

        • Drinks are on you in that case.

          • +1.

            AAPL was trading around 5$ a share adjusted for splits back then.

            It now trades around 440. It was as high as 700 last fall.

        • I generally like your attitude this season, but no one gives a fucking shit about your investments. It’s like talking about your fantasy team, but somehow even less relevant to the issue at hand.

          Honestly, no one cares. Congratulations and fuck off.

    • Stop

    • Did you even look up Villanueva before you typed this? He lost his spot in the Cubs rotation back in May. He’s back in the rotation now, since it’s, you know, the Cubs, and he’s been terrible in the rotation.

      • Have you looked at Dickey & Johnson?

        The point is that the prospects would still be here if history could be revised…

  51. First off,,, wow Johnson,,, talk about bed shitting. But we all know that next year he will sign a cheap deal with some team and magically be awesome again just because that’s how it goes with the Jays. But seriously man… THE ASTROS!!!?? They shouldnt get 4 runs in a game nevermind an inning.

    Next, LOL @ the writer that believes that not only is Jose Bautista in play but that the Rangers have enough left in the system to get him or a guy like Stanton. They traded their 2 and 5 prospects for 2 months of Garza which sets too high a benchmark for a trade for a franchise face type player, there’s just not enough in their system to do it.

    • pure posturing – Rangers are fools if they think they can get Stanton or even Bau – writers are either trolling or Rangers are really reaching

    • Profar and Holland would be a start if they were REALLY serious.

      But I don’t buy it either.

  52. Eddie is heating up like mad

  53. Jj is worse than ricky

  54. Lind’s hiting into a double play to end the inning makes me sad.

    BadLind against LHP is back.

  55. Lind will be hitting .265/.315 by the end of the year . . . second half black hole

  56. Jose canseco is a block away and I’m stuck at work. This is real pain

  57. I smell a comeback :)

  58. Wow. Today’s loss will really set the Jays out of the pennant race.

  59. Another fantastic performance by jj. I hope this is the last we see of cabrera and lind in the lineup vs lefties. I dont get why davis wasnt in the lineup instead of melky. Davis smashes lefties. Not like it would have mattered today but gibby didnt exactly create the optimal lineup today.

    • Meh. Even with Davis in the lineup the Jays would still be shitting the bed because of the starting pitching. It’s really depressing to see aces pitching like shitbags and shitbags pitching like shitbags.

  60. The game suddenly becomes interesting.

  61. How the shit did he pull that?

  62. Jbats!! Fucking astros

  63. Half of Jose’s HRs this year have been reached out power bunts like that. Incredible if you think about it. He’s not swinging axe like Eddie, those are breaking balls and low balls that he just reaches out and guides over the fence with one arm almost.

  64. I don’t know about you guys, but I greatly enjoy listening to Matt Delvin rather than Martinez. Sure, I miss the blunders, but I have the sounboard here if I need my fix. I’m tired of hearing the same stories of how Buck was a shit player, and the tiresome cliches of professional at bats he starts up that Tabler can’t help but run away with.

    I’m also tired of hearing how pitcher’s wins are the best measuring stick for a pitcher’s talent. Oh, how I’m really tired of it.

    More Matt Delvin please.

    • I hate devlin for basketball but hes way better suited for baseball.

    • I’m a Raptors fan who has heard more than enough of Matt Devlin. He starts off alright but eventually becomes a stupid cariacature. A worse “cliche robot” than Tabler.

      Buck is alright. Tabler is the useless one in that combo.

    • yea its weird, Devlin is blase as a Raps announcer, but I do enjoy him for the Jays

      could be that in basketball, there are far more dunks and big 3′s which would the equivalent of a HR and Devlin tends not to get as excited and sell the dunks in a way that gets you out of your seat whereas Buck is a bit trigger happy and gets overzealous on routine deep pop flies

      but definitely hate all the schmoozing and oldtimey stuff Buck and Tabler do together – alone, I find Buck much more enjoyable . . . Tabby brings out Bucks worst for some reason

  65. Kill it colby

  66. My thoughts on this game: Fuck you Josh Johnson.

  67. Challenge trade: Josh Johnson & Ricky Romero for Chris Capuano & Chad Billingsley

    • Done

      • Why would the Dodgers do that. Billingsly is more helpful to the Dodgers on the DL for the rest of the season than JJ would be pitching every fifth day.

        • Because Johnson pitched perfectly fine in a big NL ballpark last season even with reduced velocity.

          If I’m an NL team in a big ballpark, I’d take a chance on Johnson.

  68. Another 2013 game where starting pitcher gave team no realistic shot at winning. Terrible.

    • +1 with sadness. It’s unbelievable that Johnson would give up 4 runs in one inning against the astros.

    • Qualify him

      • +1.

        I expect AA to make JJ a qualifying offer. It’s a 14 million dollar lottery ticket.

        If JJ pitches 200 innings at less than 3.50 ERA in 2014 , it c/b the difference between playoffs or no playoffs.

        AA needs a playoff appearance in 2014 or at least a 88 plus win season.

        • my worry is that JJ has gone full on Lincecum on us – can still rack up k’s but cursed with control issues and a bloated ERA

          Lincey has yet to recover fully from his disastrous year and although he’s better this year, Giants are probably still loathe to trade him for such a small return

          I’d rather have the comp pick then, but I’m really hoping weighted balls or something in the offseason turns JJ back into something of a reliable trade piece for next year’s deadline

          • The weighted ball programme is the best way to get his FB back up to a 95mph avg which he had in his best 2 years. That would not only make his out pitch (slider) more effective, but save his career and quite possibly protect him against nagging injuries.

  69. One positive from this game is, well, at least bonifacio wasnt in the lineup. They finally figured out he cant play baseball.

  70. 27 outs, 14 of those by strikeout and we lost 8-6? That’s telling.

  71. for the encore, Romero pitching for Bisons tonight

  72. Josh Johnson is Joey Hamilton


  73. Who gives a shit eh Johnson, u are a multi-millionaire, we are just minions hoping for success for our team!!!! We have more passion than this team, excluding Lawrie is way to over-hyper.

    Take Buhrle & his fking pitbull, take fking Jack Johnson & his guitar & tell them to get the hell out. We need winners, not sadsacks that are just in it for the paycheque.

  74. I’m back Stoeten you arrogant, fat fuck!! The only thing more pathetic than you is Josh Johnson.

    • This comment made my night. Something about his PC BS. More annoying than a boni bunt pop out.

  75. Man the comments section is shrinking each and every game. Is the weather nice or something? Or is it just the Astros?

    • Weather was shit today – rainy and dreary

      but yea comments are reduced mostly because Stoeten banned a whole pile of people like the above stoeten diaper aka wilner jizz pump or whatever the fuck alias d’jour that guy uses

    • It’s a long season, even longer when your team underachieves as badly as the Jays are. I’m taking a bit of a Jays break these past couple weeks. Keeping an eye on things and still checking into DJF, but not like I did earlier this year.

      • I’m guessing that there are still frequent visitors but maybe not commentors. Most people read a novel before bed, i read djf comments. It has become an evening ritual for me. I have an 8 month old so after he’s in bed, I hop there myself and read for a bit.
        It’s possible that, like me, there are plenty reading your wise words but not commenting because its later that we are reading them.
        By the way, love that djf is part of my life. Great stuff folks!

    • I bailed on frequent commenting after Stoeten expressed his opinions on the “cesspool” that consists of his most loyal readers. Can only speak for myself, but that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I think y’all are still the best baseball fans on the planet, but the folks at Bluebird Banter actually seem to think that comments are good for their site.

      Go figure.

      • Ya his insults do get old quick.

        BBB is alright but there are way too many comments from the regulars that have nothing to do with baseball.. just personal chatting about their lives which I couldn’t care less about.

        I bounce between the two since both irritate me until I find a decent 3rd blog. Reddit is ok but not quite organized enough sometimes.

      • @Ray

        I do think the Cesspool comment was over the top, but I could see why Stoeten gets frustrated. From a stats point of view, what percentage of page visits come from regular posters? Do comments generate more page visits or do people just want to get Stoeten’s opinions on issues?

    • Many bannings of trolls have thinned the herd.

  76. Rosenthal is about the only guy I trust when it comes to Jays related trade rumours that’s not a TO regular (Davidi, etc) – he tends to not troll and post stupid stuff

    No doubt they are dangling Bonifacio to any takers and the Johnson stuff makes sense too

  77. I’ll be disappointed if AA doesn’t make some sort of trade by the deadline. A few of the relievers have to be worth something.

  78. @southto.

    AA has to give Oliver a chance to pitch for a playoff team.

    I am not so sure about Casey Janssen because Santos hasn’t been able to pitch more than 4 or 5 innings per year in the MLB.

  79. Romero with another loss last night for the bisons. Now is 2-5 with a 6 ERA. Can people stop asking to see him back up? He’s getting killed in triple A. A major league visit would not be good.
    Also, just noticed Gose is batting .227. In AAA!
    Shouldn’t he be learning how to hit soon?
    Maybe he just needs more at bats lol

    • With Gose shitting the bed in AAA in a neutral environment (ie not PCL) I don’t see that AA has a choice but to lock up Colby long-term. Pillar is an interesting piece (who has similar enough minor league numbers to Mr Aaron Hill that one can dream that KP one day develops some thump too…) but have seen Pillar play and don’t see him profiling higher than a 4th OF on a good MLB team at this point — I think best case he’s David Murphy in 3 years. By trading Marisnick we are now in a holding pattern waiting for DJ Davis with fingers crossed for the next big thing.

  80. @Poons

    I know Ricky isn’t pitching well in AAA, but at some point he has to come up here to save wear & tear on the rest of the rotation.

    Isn’t he a more valuable trade chip if he can show other teams that he can pitch in the MLB again?

    I think Ricky may be better off on another team, but given that the Jays are no longer in a playoff race, why not give him a couple of starts???

  81. @ oakville
    Wear & tear?
    Starting pitchers throw every 5th or 6th day, depending on off days. Most of our rotation has either been injured or didn’t start in the rotation. They don’t need a break. If they are big league arms, we really don’t need to bring up anyone else unless we have injuries or are completely out of the playoff race and are happy just playing out the rest of the season.
    In my opinion, Ricky hasn’t shown anyone that he can pitch to AAA batters so I wouldn’t think he can do it to big leaguers. I suppose things can change but it’s definitely not happening right now…

  82. @Poons,

    How long can Redmond stay in the starting rotation?
    Happ should be coming back soon.

    I just want to see what Ricky can do.

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