Blue Jays! Astors! Derek Bell! This right here is going to have to do for your game threat today!

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Todd Redmond

Houston Astros

SS Jonathan Villar (S)
LF Robbie Grossman (S)
C Carlos Corporan (S)
DH Chris Carter (R)
1B Brett Wallace (L)
RF Marc Krauss (L)
CF Brandon Barnes (R)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
2B Jake Elmore (R)

RHP Jarred Cosart

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  1. What a daunting lineup the astros have.

  2. That picture of Bell is scary; it looks like a mug shot.

  3. Agreed, that does look like a mugshot. Derek is one of only three people who had ties to the Jays World Series teams to have sold his ring. Minor league hitting instructor Lee Roy Stanton sold his ($10,000), someone in the front office sold theirs (they chose to remain anonymous) for $8,000. Derek posted his on ebay and it sold for $7,700. He had a reserve on the auction, so he kept the ring. Later he sold it to an auction house for $14,000. The auction house put the ring up for sale and their best offer was $11,000. Last I knew, they still have the ring.

  4. Catcher hits third. Check.

  5. Derek Bell looked old when he played for Toronto in 92.

    I thought he was like early 30s or something. He was 23.

  6. I preferred the Astors classic top hat and monocle logo myself.

  7. Also: Lind isn’t playing against the righty?

  8. Here we go… 3 of 4!

  9. “Trenches, trenches, trenches.”

    – Derek Bell, 1992 World Series videos

    • I get this reference, I must have watched that ’92 World Series tape and the Back 2 Back tape about the ’93 season 20 times.

  10. No Lind or JPA and Boni MIA for a while now. Rope run out? Has Thole always caught Redmond?

  11. So Jose and Raj are both in RF?

  12. If the Jays agreed to pickup his 2016 option for $27.5 million, would Cliff Lee agree to come to Toronto?

    • Good heavens. That will probably be the combined payroll of 15 Miami Marlins teams in 2016.

    • With our luck Cliff Lee would probably randomly lose the ability to pitch once he came to Toronto.

      • I doubt it. There are too many other teams that are willing to take on that entire salary and still give something of value up. I don’t think the Jays will get him. I bet we are going to see something along the lines of “you can have Lee if you take Howard off our hands and pay all of his salary too.”

        If I were the Phils I would have Colletti on the phone reminding him of how “brilliant” he was to take on all of those BoSox contracts and that he should do the same with the Phils. Take on Papelbon, Lee, Howard, Utley, shit maybe even Halladay. What GM wouldn’t make that deal and basically get a redo and a chance to build anew.

        • So should AA attach Bautista and/or Encarnacion to Buehrle, Dickey, Johnson, Romero, Morrow & Happ?

          Heck, maybe he should!

  13. Bell had a couple of fine seasons with Bagwell and Biggio…that photo makes me sad.

  14. Hey, i got a home run ball that Derek hit while in St. Catherines . Any offers ? i could use a bump.

  15. 6 k’s for Redmond

  16. Brett Wallace is fuckin fat.

  17. anybody with any theories as to how Redmond has continually (throughout all of his starts) got swinging strikes in the zone on his 91-93 fastball? he just throws that thing down the middle and batters of every type (not just Astros) have been waving through it like it’s 98. He can put good 2-seam movement to the arm side on it (same with his changeup), but I’m still boggled by the Ks he’s been getting using that FB. Can flash a tightly-moving slider, but he doesn’t seem to use that breaking ball as his strikeout pitch.

    Todd Redmond: Low-90s Fastball of Mystery

    • Let the mystery be.

    • Apparently Brett Wallace watched that episode of unsolved mysteries lol

    • like…are his mechanics so deceptive that MLBers are being boggled by 92 mph pitches in the zone with movement? I can see them getting plenty of bad contact/groundballs, but the swinging strikes are so puzzling to me. Does he get extension and increased effective velocity on his pitches, so they seem like 95/96 stuff to the batter? my clearly amazing amateur scouting eye can only tell that it’s a little strange, not why or how it’s happening.

    • Here’s another mystery: what ever happened to Jo-Jo Reyes?

      My own mystery q: who gives a fuck?

      • and answering the “why”: because baseball is more fun to watch when you’re not just mired in mindless, nihilistic fan angst, but actually interested by it?


      Fangraphs on The Redmond Deception. No real good explanations either, though noting the slinging motion in his delivery, lower, reliever-style arm slot, and the arm-side run.

  18. and Cosart would be a lot more fun to watch if we weren’t already spoiled by a legion of high-90s hurling young pitchers this year: Cole, Fernandez, Miller, Wheeler, Harvey, Gausman, and so on. Felt the same way about Danny Salazar when he debuted against the Jays a few weeks ago – the dude can throw hard, but he’d stand out much more if he debuted a few years ago. Now, as a spoiled baseball fan, he just seems like yet another generic hard-throwing young starter.

    • Hard throwing young pitchers is, always has been and always will be a huge factor. But I see your point.

  19. Redmond gonna set the 2013 record for most k’s in a game for a Blue Jay . . . what a fucked up season this has been

  20. Brett Lawrie’s swing has to be one of the worst in all of baseball. I can’t understand why no one talks about significantly changing his swing. He leads with his Hans and the barrel of the bat is so far behind all he can do is hit lazy pops and weak ground balls to the right side. Throw him fastballs on the outer half and he will not him anything. Only chance he has is a breaking ball on the inner half.

    • when hes about to swing he does a big dip with his bat, which looks like it messes up his hand/eye and results in frequently bad contact. It also probably saps a lot of power.

      I agree its mind boggling nobidy has tried to fix it. Itd be one thing if he was producing with it. But hes shit.

    • He leads with his Hans

      Is that like me leading with my Johnson?

    • I just think he’s starting too late to get the barrel on the ball in front of the plate.

    • Actually I have talked about it in great deal ever since he came to the major leagues.

      The hitch/pump in his swing is completely destroying his numbers. He is physically incapable of regularly being able to turn on inside or even make contact with inside pitches.

      Having him simplify his swing to a simple A to B mechanism would help him so so much. The coaching staff isnt stupid, they see what we see but remember, Lawrie is rumoured to be stubborn when it comes to being coached, perhaps they are waiting for him to hit bottom and come to them for help.

      Look at all the best hitters in baseball, what do most of them have in common? Quiet in the box, not a lot of movement and simplistic swings with not a lot to go wrong. But as well all know, in history when a hitter’s swing has a ton of moving parts, there’s more that can go wrong.

  21. You know what I havent had in a while?………Big League Chew.

    • I had it a few days ago, good old teeth rotting goodness with flavour that lasts 14 seconds lol .

  22. What is the issue here? That was pretty clearly not a homerun, no?

  23. fuck you you fat fuck west, youre jealous of edwins weight loss you cock

  24. Aside from Brandon Morrow’s 21 starts in 2012, here are the Blue Jays starters that have provided an ERA under 4.50 in the last 2 years:

    1. Chad Jenkins had a 3.95 ERA in 13.2 innings in 2012
    2. Esmil Rogers has a 3.49 ERA in 56.2 innings so far in 2013
    3. Chad Jenkins has a 3.60 ERA in 15 inning so far in 2013

    And as of this writing, Todd Redmond has an ERA under 4 in 20+ innings so far in 2013.

    Also, Carlos Villaneuva finished 2012 with a 4.50 ERA in 92 innings as a starter. Though he had more success earlier in his starter tenure before he fatigued and/or the league caught up with him.

    Aside from being depressing as hell, perhaps there is a solution to our rotation woes to be found in this mess.

    Perhaps the new market innefficiency is to find as many shitbags as possible, ride them until they turn into pumpkins and keep cycling through these guys as much as necessary.

    The solution for 2014 is clear.

    Keep Buehrle as the opening day starter. Trade Johnson & Dickey. Eat as much money as it takes to move Romero, Morrow & Happ. Reinvest any and all savings into position players, an 8 or 9 man bullpen and AAAA starters.

    The Blue Jays are already 30th in starters ERA so there isn’t any downside.

  25. Crazy stat i just saw on the Twitter.

    Most RH HR at YS this year, only one Yankee in top 4:

    Wells 4
    EE 4
    Myers 3
    Longoria 3

  26. Chi Sox announcers just said Peavy clearing out his locker . . .

  27. Just burned an outfielder with melky coming out of the game…good job Jose

    • So tired of this pathetic underachieving team. Tired of the same old bau bau BS. Fuck us.

    • usually could care less about Bau’s outbursts but that one fucked the Jays bad . . . really stupid on his part

      • obviously that spot will get up in the 9th again…at least he didn’t smash the bullpen phone like Ortiz

    • what happened?

      • shit strike call from the home plate ump who’s been garbage all day – Jose didnt like it, promptly strikes out on an outside pitch – said a few choice words to the ump and ump didnt hesitate to toss him

  28. Please Cletus, take this bad taste away.

  29. I just started watching, has the ump’s zone been this shitty all day.

    • yep

      and cunt-ry Joe West also fucked the Jays on a SB from Reyes where he was clearly safe

      bad umpiring all day but Jays have just pissed on all the RISP chances theyve been given

  30. Way to be a team player Joey Fuckin’ Bats.

  31. Wow,,, that slider was like a foot outside

    • I almost can’t blame the hitters when they don’t get on base after seeing that, there’s almost no way you can protect that much of the plate and still make solid contact.

      • I dont blame lefties that cant hit lefty specialists like that. It looks impossible to hit those guys with the sweeping breaking stuff to the outside corner. They dont ever seem to throw a fastball.

        • Yeah. It happens so often they come in and throw breaking ball after breaking ball. Easier said than done I guess, but if I were a lefty hitter, facing most LOOGYs I would sit off speed.

  32. 25 % of MLB players are foreign born Latinos, 4%. of MLB umpires are Hispanic. Just sayin…….

  33. Rich Harden released. Got that maple dong on the weighted ball program, he’s only 29 yrs old. May as well go with that shitballer idea another poster mentioned earlier.

  34. Dear God, this is close to the worst strike zone I’ve ever seen, especially for lefties.

  35. I suppose it’s easy for me to say from my couch that Bautista (or anyone for that matter) needs to be more composed in that situation…but I really think he kind of does.

    Overall, I tend to think the Bautista v. umpires storyline is made into a bigger issue than it would be if the team were remotely close to being in the playoff race, but still, in the bottom of the 7th of a tie game, with the chance to have another at-bat, he really does need to bite his tongue there.

  36. That’s my take on it as well.


  38. WOW… that was a brutal fucking throw to 2B. Why the fuck would you throw that ball? Davis from your knees? What a dumb shit.

  39. Brett Lawrie reminds me of Derek Bell. Lots of talent, dumb as a post.

  40. Rajai should have straight stole home with this pathetic display of hitting w/ RISP

  41. Does anyone else think Bonifacio would sound cool being said by Antonio Banderas?

  42. Bo Porter is the best.

  43. Come on Cletus, you ugly but beautiful son of a bitch.

  44. Gibbons the tactician leaves in lind to face a lefty with masher derosa on bench.


  46. And that interview is why rasmus is my favourite player

  47. I’d say this was a good afternoon. Watched the first few innings, saw the first two runs. Then went outside and drank beer and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Made it back inside in time for a Jays walkoff.
    Cheers to summer Sunday afternoons!

  48. Rasmus has come a long way. Lock this feller up longterm, AA.

    • Indeed.
      The sooner the better.

    • Wonder what would seem reasonable? I wouldn’t mind a four year deal. $12 mil per?

      • Sounds decent. Guys like Ellsbury and Gomez making about 9 mil per but Ellsbury is one a 1 yr arb raise and Gomez contract was prior to his big breakout. Rasmus isn’t quite in Jones territory (13-16 million per) in terms of name recognition or sustained #s so something like 12 mil could probably do it

        • Wouldn’t want anything longer than 4 years though, I think. With his bat he’s not a legit corner infielder and while he’s a good fielder now it wouldn’t take a lot of lost speed to change that. Though he does seem to make good reads and has, for the most part, good instincts, so maybe that can mask his loss of footspeed.
          Plus, he’s fairly fearless out there and goes all Jim Edmondsy.

          • 4-5 yr deal would work fine – similarish window of time as the others are locked up for and you got a guy in his prime years too

            6/75 is pushing it, hopefully the 5 yr and 75 deal that BJ Upton got scares most teams from putting that much investment into a underachieving former top prospect. Not that I dont think Rasmus could be a better bargain than Upton, but reducing the yrs and dollars would be a plus for sure

            • If he plays around this level for 18 more months, Rasmus would go into free agency more valuable than Upton though. He trending in the right direction offensively and provides more defensive value.

      • Someone’s going to be willing to pay him big boy money- 6/75 I’m betting

        • And I wouldn’t mind it being Toronto.

          • I suppose if he keeps it up for the next year and a half. I was thinking what it would cost now/at the end of the season. Buy out his final arb year and the first three of free agency.

  49. Rasmus with a gif worthy interview there. A cliched country boy, but seems genuine and humble.

    Good job on fighting off the jersey tear off too, as it appears Lawrie was hopped on another tallboy Red Bull running out there long before Boni touched home.

    • I don’t get why some people think he has an attitude problem similar to JPA or Lawrie. I never got that sense ever, even met the guy twice (once during BP) and he was very polite.

    • fucking hilarious interview, definitely need a gif of a Rasmus fully covered in shaving cream just placidly staring at the crowd, then slowly raising his arms. Seems like a one of those quiet dudes that would be funny as hell whenever he piped up.

  50. The sight of Lawrie sprinting out of the dugout towards Rasmus after the game-winning hit – all buggy-eyed, arms windmilling and foaming at the mouth – jesus…it’s enough to make a country boy start running the other way.
    Then he wants to pull Cletus’ jersey over his head, a la a hockey fight.

    • Can people at least admit that both lawrie and JB are emotional, passionate players? I like that about them. At least they care and genuinely want to win. You could see the pure elation all over lawrie’s face after that walk-off. He seriously was the happiest guy in the park.
      People rip on them both all the time to grow up. I’ll take 25 guys like them, that want so badly to win, over a group of guys who ate indifferent and just going through the motions.

      • I know they are very passionate, but their outbursts seem to cast some awkward chilling effect on the usual dugout goings on, like everyone staring blankly into space beside either of the two seething and puffing, sort of opposite to what Reyes and De Rosa bring to the overall chemistry. It is just my observation over watching games over the weekend.

        I commend them on their willingness to win and make this season respectable but in the end it is only a baseball game not to be so visibly upset about.

      • @Poons.


        Lawrie may have his faults but I do think he does want to win.

  51. Lotta potatoes in here today.

    Yay win!

  52. I am right, you are wrong. I love having debates.

    • Jays need Rusty to hit one for Bobby early on this trip. No downside. A good ol dust up to galvanize the team further on a long trip, ideally kicking off an improbable 2nd half run(0he can dream). At worst it should provide some gifs and talking points for a few days.

  53. Trade Lind. Try and trade JPA. Trade Boni. Trade Buerle and Johnson. Get prospects back. Then in off season…sign a couple of free agents or make a trade or two. Also…trade Jansen. AA would get descent pieces in return. Maybe steal a top
    Young prospect.

    • I understand the desire to trade JJ, but why would any team give up anything worthwhile for him? If he’s traded, the team getting him wouldn’t be eligible to get a pick for him if he walks, right? So who is going to give up anything valuable for a rental of this (shitty) version of Johnson? The best return the Jays are going to get is by keeping him and giving him a QO… or am I missing something?

      • If he keeps pitching like this he’s not getting a QO. Meaning he walks at the end of the season and we lose him for nothing.

        I’m sure there are a lot of teams out there that would take what’s left on his contract, but wouldn’t give up anything good for him. What’s potentially more interesting would be to find a team that needs some pitching for the rest of the year but can’t take on any salary. The Jays cover the rest of what JJ is owed and, by doing so, maybe get a B prospect out of it.

        The money is sunk anyway — I’d take a B prospect now vs. a very uncertain return next year. As a bonus, we don’t have to watch him piss away 10 more games.

  54. Happ got shelled hard today in Buffalo

    • Was hoping he would be back next turn in the rotation. Now, not sure.

      • I know that Redmond is right now the pitcher to be holding the fort at least temporarily, but if Happ needs more time, there is still Wang, who last time I checked was doing pretty decent at 2.60 ERA.

  55. Howie Kendrick still remains my most coveted 2b trade candidate. Jeff Passan says Angels are open to trading him but I don’t buy it. They dont really have any alternatives at 2b and his contract is great for the value he gives.

  56. AA should be all over kendrick if hes available. The perfect guy to improve the bottom half the lineup.

    • Angels want a starter with years of control for kendrick. Give em buehrle, a reliever, and bonerfellatio. Even eat some of buehrles contract if you have to. That has to be intriguing for the angels.

      • I would think LAA wants some prospects/salary relief – can’t see them taking on Buerhle’s contract and age considering how shit Hamilton has been and w/ Pujols on the DL and done for the year.

        They are one of the worst teams in AL for SB’s, so I think tossing in Boner is a no brainer, gives them speed and a cheap replacement 2b

        Otherwise LAA will want pitching, they are a very similar team to Jays, but with a better starting rotation so I think young pitching prospects, possibly someone like a Stroman who could step in a 5th starter quick for them, plus some long term relief help so possibly a Cecil

        I’d be fine with parting with any of those above names and also sending cash.

        Otherwise, I think to get a deal done you probably have to involve a 3rd team

        • They might view stroman as a reliever. In that case, nolin, one of cecil/delabar/jannsen, and boner would work for me.

          • You are correct

          • I could handle losing Nolin too. Nolin seems kind of like a Hutch type guy, potential to be middle of the order but nowhere near an ace. Obviously I could be way wrong, but with Drabek, Hutch, Happ and the corpse of Romero on payroll, there’s slim chance Nolin can really make it through spring training as a top candidate to make the starting rotation, even if he pitches well.

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