Hey, is this season still going? Uh… cool?

I don’t know… the Jays are hitting the west coast, so at the very least, if we’re not watching a winning ballclub, we’re at least watching it at a humane hour for those of us inclined to live at the hour where life gets nailed. And yeah… yeah. Late night baseball. That’ll do.


Darren Oliver tells Shi Davidi of Sportsnet that this is his last year, that Alex Anthopoulos hasn’t approached him yet about permission to be dealt to a contender.

“Speculation, but informed speculation,” tweets Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. “NL exec who has spoken w Amaro lately thinks Phils move Cliff Lee. Chose Boston as likely destination.” Ugh.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Oakland A’s

CF Coco Crisp (S)
2B Eric Sogard (L)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
1B Brandon Moss (L)
3B Josh Donaldson (R)
RF Josh Reddick (L)
DH Seth Smith (L)
C Stephen Vogt (L)

RHP A.J. Griffin

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  1. “Pitching Change: Brett Cecil replaces Brett Cecil.”

    Nice work

  2. Great ab.

  3. Wow. There are some teams that do the little things. There are some teams that do the big things. There are some that do both. There are some that do neither.

    This team does two things well.

    1.hit for power
    2.relief pitching

    That is it. They are completely unskilled at any other aspect of the game.

    Four times tonight they could have turned double plays only to either get nobody out or only the trail runner.

    For every error this team actually records, they commit about one or two others in the field that are not recorded.


    • Hyperbole (/haɪˈpɜrbəliː/ hy-pur-bə-lee;[1] Greek: ὑπερβολή hyperbolē, “exaggeration”) is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally.[2]

      • What part? Bc i fail to see it!

        • spoon9z:

          None are so blind as those who will not see.

          • Ok, stop with your nonsense and explain or be labeled a fucking fuckwad fool. Bottom lone here is you came on strong to the guy and backed it with a fucking fortune cookie line. Speak up mumbles.

            • What nonsense, spoon9z?
              I accused him of hyperbole (is that coming on strong?) and included a definition if anyone required it.
              It was measured and succinct.

              “It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally.”
              ~~~Sounds a bit like like trolling to me, not that I care. If he (or you) actually want others to take his initial post as gospel, that’s one thing. If instead, he (or you) agree that there was a fair bit of exaggeration involved, then what is your problem?

              And Sport–I don’t mumble. Ever.

              • Also spoon9z, I see that you have taken potshots at me below, instead of here, mano a mano.

                Don’t be such a twat.

              • You should touch on the definiton one more time mumbles, bc you sure as hell didn’t address his question still. No hyperbolic statements at all, as this team has little in terms of fundamentals and relies heavily on the power game as it continues to lose. Still waiting to hear of our great fundamentals in the field, moving baserunners, situational hitting, getting deep into counts/working counts, drawing walks, going the other way, calling a game behind the plate/ in the dugout, defensive abilities behind the plate…basically he nailed our only two assets this year…unless you count hr celebrations, not seeing pitches and uninspired play. Then my marble filled mouthed friend, you have a point!

                • spoon9z, just for starters, he never did present a question to address.
                  Therefore, no answer was required.
                  Use your mad skilz and verify this.
                  (I’ll wait while you mouth all the words out loud.)

                  Now let’s do away with this straw dog you’ve conveniently formulated for me. Stop putting words in my mouth. I never said any of this. I never hinted at it. I don’t think it. Enough!
                  I labelled his post as “hyperbole” because I thought his exaggeration was on purpose, but I may be wrong. Maybe it was just plain exaggeration. Who knows? Not you; not I.

                  My glass is half full wrt the Jays. I suppose that means I’m still somewhat optimistic.
                  Others see a half empty glass. They stress the problems to overcome. Fair enough.
                  What I took (mild) issue with was the exaggerations in his original post. To say that “they are completely unskilled at any other aspect of the game” is ridiculous, and so I pointed it out (and rather nicely too, I would add. No name-calling.) The point of increasing the number of errors by an order of 2 or 3 also piqued my interest, albeit negatively.

                  All of the stuff that you’re “still waiting to hear” should be addressed to someone else who believes it and cares to continue this conversation.

                  • Yet u were asked a question and should mouth out the words yourself mumbles.

                    ” Tell me SP, is there anything about this team that you find flawed or is it just the worlds worst lbad luck streak?”


                    Avoidance and diversion much? Please do continue not having this conversation!

                  • Yet u were asked a question and should mouth out the words yourself mumbles.

                    ” Tell me SP, is there anything about this team that you find flawed or is it just the worlds worst lbad luck streak?”


                    Avoidance and diversion much? Please do continue not having this conversation!

          • Also, i would see better if this team didn’t make me look away in horror so often. That and the heavy puking making my eyes water. Two eyes on cup.

      • Yes, you are correct. This team is all about fundamentals and playing ball the way its meant to be played. That is why they beat themselves as often as the othe team beats them. Tell me SP, is there anything about this team that you find flawed or is it just the worlds worst lbad luck streak?

        • I accused you of exaggeration.
          Nothing more.
          Nothing less.

          One example:
          “They are completely unskilled at any other aspect of the game.”

  4. Need to get some men on base here and drive em home! Top order top results?

  5. On the board!

  6. Here comes that 5 run hr!

  7. Listened to a good portion of this on the radio and to say Jack Morris is pissed at their defence is an understatement. He attributes the lack of it as a significant contributor to the starters being so lousy. He said in the first inning “that Cabreara tooka week and a half to ge to that ball” talking about Cespedes triple. He stated it should have only been a double which ultimately cost us an extra run as did a poor play by EE
    The piss poor infield defence is somethinh I have railed about for weeks so it was interesting to hear Jack not be a homer and say how lousy it has been.
    I must say that in my opinion I think Melky is mostlya waste of time. 275 singles hitter, who can’t even run or field anymore , in fact, he is sort of turning into a liabilyt in my view.
    Anyway, another great hitting performance by the Jays. Hr or bust-pretty much the same as it ever was. Next hitting coach is……? Maybe no one

  8. Things are looking up!

    Can’t wait until the 10th!

  9. Glad gibbons and Derosa think this shit is funny.

  10. How will Wilner spin it tonight? Bad luck? Talented team under-performing? The fact that Gibbons can’t play all 9 positions at once? How patience is still needed after 20 years of mediocre to horrible baseball?

    • This just in from small beanbags…”Patience is a virtue.” Came up with all on his own over some sweet potato pie Chinese food.

  11. Another thing. In the last 10 days alone, I have seen fuckface out arguing vociferously with umpires including tonite where he got thrown out arguing an out call at the plate.
    Saturday it was about a Hr call. I mean alll of last year he barely left the dugout and even then it was just to have a fireside chat with the umps b4 returning to the dugout. He obviously checked out of toronto about last June that thieving cunt
    I thnk AA may have had to fire him and so him fucking off to Boston got the appropriate lip service but secretly I think he had a lot of people angry with him here. Very disingenous cunt. I didn’t know he could yell and crap like he did tonite

    • I don’t like Farrell, but what goes around – comes around. I’m not going to let him rent free space inside my head. If the Sawx end up in the shitter at the end of the year it will be well deserved.

      I’m noticing less repies on these threat’s. Time was we’d get 4 or 500 replies. Yesterday there were 148, tonight barely 200. Could it be interest is waning?

      • At the risk of pissing a certain editor off.
        The amount of comments seem to go down a bit at this time of year and with west coast games.But no doubt, interest from the non diehards has waned a bit.
        Still it’s much busier in the comments than a couple of years ago.

        • True, last night was a late night west coast game (I did think of that), but the day before was a Sunday afternoon home game, and at last check there were only 148 replies. I haven’t been around here long enough to make comparisons to previous years.

    • Farrell is not good enough of a person or a baseball man to work for the Jays organization. It is that simple.

  12. I know I will get shit for saying this, but in my opinion the defense, particularly the infield defense and Cabrera is at least as responsible for the demise of this team as the starting pitching. Tonights game was a great example of this. First inning, an error by edwin, which should have been a double play, leads to four runs..two earned, but in reality there should have been NONE.

    All year there are errors or balls otherwise not gotten to that have lead to myriad runs for the other team that seem to get lost in the shuffle because of the other isues with the team.

    A few years back when we had Thames in the OF , we had OF issues…really bad ones. The next year was not much better. I recall all this hype about how Thames had improved his D during the offseason and spring, and yet there he was vs cleveland on OPENING DAY butchering a ball that lead to several “earned runs” that should have been unearned because his misplay was so bad he did not even get a glove on the ball.

    Now its the infield defense that is pathetic. and that is even more reprehensible since they are involved so much more often. Again, its not just errors, its plays not made, balls not gotten to, double plays not turned. These things add up to ALOT of runs and alot of extra pitches..and hence a LOT OF bullpen innings as starters pitch counts are driven up.

    Just imagine that all the games we play are against one other team. How many games have we played where the opposition defense handed us a game? OK, not think of how many games our defense has handed the opposition one.

    • Fundamentals… this team lacks them. Why are teams like the Rays so fucking good year in and year out? They feature few “above average” offensive players. Their game is built on great defense and great starting pitching.

      The Jays will probably not have a “great” rotation for a few years… the same could probably be said for the team’s defense.

      I just don’t see how the Jays run out there in 2014 with this flawed roster and expect different results.

      • There are many ways to skin a cat. The Tigers, for instance, have atrocious D. The Jays’ defense is bad. It was also expected to be that way. It was a compromise to have those great offensive players on the team. Now, if the pitching was halfway decent, the fielding issues wouldn’t be nearly as apparent.

        So, yeah. Fielding is an issue. But, god damn, the pitching stinks.

        • The pitching is the biggest issue. It dwarfs everything else.

          I don’t see many ways to fix it by next year either.

          • Agreed. The starting rotation is near the bottom of all 30 MLB teams in most pitching categories.
            The fact that the defence is below average definitely aggravates the problem, but opposition batters hit poor pitches in the zone and lay off on poor pitches out
            of the zone.

      • It’s sad because where before we sucked with a low payroll we now suck more with a large payroll.

        Nothing worse in sport than sucking with a huge payroll.

        • Is the Jays payroll really huge?

          I haven’t looked at the numbers but to me a huge payroll is in the top 5. Obviously this is a case of attaching a quantitative measurement to the term “huge” but there does have to be a cut off point.

          Off the top of my head, Yanks, Red Sox, Angles, Dodgers, Phillies, Tigers are have bigger payrolls and if I were to look it up I’m sure I would find more.

          • Jays are 10th in the league in payroll and as close to 12th as 9th.

            To me this is a slightly above average payroll and nothing close to huge.

            • Ok, fair enough. But they added over 30 million. So I think my point stands.

            • Agreed. And I’ll add that when you account for the 8 mIllion the Marlins sent their way, the Jays payroll is actually very close to league average. As always with Rogers, it’s all hype and clever accounting.

  13. This has nothing to do with whether Melky did roids or not. His legs are gone: period. Because of that , he cant hit for power. If his legs were better, he might be able to get some doubles or maybe even the odd dinger.
    As for being a cheater, absolutely he was. But I give credit to AA for giving the guy a second chance. He can still get a much needed hit at a higher rate than a lot of his team mates.
    It’ll be interesting with regard to MLB’s Biogenisis suspensions what happens with his future. If he is suspended, it’ll probably be for 100 games and AA will probably save 8 mill. Meantime, he better wrap up Rajai with an extension and hope Pillar is close to ready.

  14. AA and Paul, come in here, I want to talk to you. Look, I don’t know sweet fuck all about baseball but I was golfing the other day with a couple of guys that do. I asked them, what the fuck is up with my baseball team? They didn’t want to say anything at first but I told them I wanted the fucking truth. They said okay, here’s the problem as we see it:

    1. You can’t change that much in one offseason and expect harmony in the clubhouse or success on the field. It rarely happens. But, many of the moves were solid moves, just too many at once.

    2. Dickey doesn’t fit at Rogers Centre. He came from a different situation, much bigger ballpark.

    3. Who’s playing second? Strong up the middle of the diamond is the name of the game.

    4. Starting pitching looked good but injuries and poor performance let you down. That needs to be fixed.

    5. Who’s catching? You need a solid, defense first catcher to guide the pitching staff. Forget the offence of JP, it’s nice but his role is defense first.

    6. Not relevant at this very moment but they said we have to put fucking grass in here pronto!!

    How do you propose AA, Paul, assuming they agree with the boss, go about fixing this situation(s)?

    • Easy…they do it like they always have: spin doctoring!!

      First, they’ll sell us on how injured Dickey was all year. Trumpet his grit and toughness, and tell us he’s had an awesome spring. “And man…you should see Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero…they’ve really bounced back. You won’t miss JJ at all.”

      Then, they’ll move Lawrie to 2nd base and tell us how great he’ll be there instead of just spending money to bringing in a quality second baseman. You see, it gives them more roster flexibility!!! But don’t worry, they won’t grab a 3B either! They can move EE back to 3rd (but don’t worry, he’s so much better defensively now) and exercise Lind’s option to fill the hole at first (what a great bounce-back year eh Kids?!). It will save lots of money for a Colby Rasmus extension! Fantastic. Of course, Melky will have to become the league’s least powerful DH and which means Gose in LF, but wow…what a defensive outfield!

      You see, the tag line next year will be: Continuity. 2014 you guys!!

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