Now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pippp, as we talk about the trade deadline, Jose Bautista’s “antics,” and definitely not (allegedly) about any kind of (alleged) civic wrongdoing (allegedly) or anything. We wait until all the facts are in around here, we do!

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  1. Another stellar podcast.

    To further Drew’s point, here are what our “top 3″ starters have done by rWAR.

    2012: Dickey (5.8), Johnson (3.3) & Morrow (3.2) = 12.3 rWAR
    2013: Dickey (0.6), Johnson (-1.2) & Morrow (-0.5) = -1.1 rWAR

    Getting little from Melky & Lawrie has been offset by the surprising production from Rasmus & Lind.

    Reyes was hurt but has been a beast when healthy and Kawasaki filled in exceptionally well.

    JPA & Bonifacio have been underwhelming but it’s not exactly surprising.

    Buehrle has been solid as a midrotation innings eater.

    Happ was fine before his unfortunate injury. Rogers has been solid. Romero sucking hasn’t made much of a difference. Redmond and Wang have had there moments.

    It’s really all about the big 3 pitching below replacement level with some help from shitty defense.

    Everything else looks the part of a contending team even with a couple of holes in the lineup.

    • +5.

      If the Big 3 had a normal season, the Jays would be in the playoff race .

      At a minimum I would have thought the Jays would be less than 5 games behind the second wildcard spot.

      Morrow in 2014 could be recovering from Tommy John.

      • Stop.

        • What’s the” stop” about Stoeten.?

          I read somewhere that Morrow is shutdown for 2013 & may need surgery to fix his forearm soreness. Perhaps it isn’t Tommy John but surgery is a good possibility so it’s not looking good for him.

          Cut me some slack. I was in Europe for a couple of weeks & it took me some time to get back to some Jays baseball info.

  2. Good podcast. I mentioned this a week or two ago in some thread that got buried right away but I remember AA saying he sort of looks at each player on the roster and figures a reasonable “Worst case scenario” for that player.

    I’d like someone to ask him how badly Johnson, Morrow and Dickey exceeded his worst case scenario.

  3. “Oh, and we still want to hear from you! Call us (hammered) at 1-855-FOUL-TIP”

    I cannot remember the last time this happened. We need to inject some more fun into this site, this team and season. God knows we need some humour.

  4. So many thoughts. Reading these revewis is so stressful. Part of that is because I don’t know where any of the chapter breaks are. I don’t pay attention to that when I’m reading. It means the cliffhangers barely affected me. It also means that I have no idea how much the review will cover. So I though this chapter ended with Gale’s capture. And then it didn’t. And reading just got more and more tense until, ugh. Poor Prim and Katniss! There was a lot of discussion in yesterday’s comments about the similarity with Twilight’s infamous tent scene. And I think Katniss’ reaction to it in this chapter is what sets it apart and makes it much better. Even though it still cries out for comparison, HG absolutely comes off favorably. Because while Bella is consumed with deciding which guy she wants and can’t think of anything else, Katniss just steps back and goes “screw you both”. Not defining herself by which man she ends up with, or which one she wants, and recognizing that there is a lot more important shit going on. I think that’s a pretty powerful statement, especially for young female readers. That doesn’t stop me from shipping KatPee, of course. The idea that someone got beaten to death simply because he kind of looked like Peeta? And not by peacekeepers or rebel soldiers, but by ordinary frightened citizens. That’s pretty powerful. People motivated by fear and ignorance can make some pretty awful choices because of snap judgments based on appearance. And that’s true everywhere, not just in a war zone. But it’s certainly heightened in a war zone. And the rest of this chapter is just horrible amplified. Collins takes it all the way to 10, then bumps it up to 11, then finally admits that her scale actually goes to 50. Ugh.

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